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Shiel's Story - Part 9 - The End

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 17, 2018, 00:31:10

Shiel slowly raised his eyelids and blinked a few times. Everything was blurry for a couple of seconds, and then his sight slowly started to sharpen. He looked around, without moving his head. Everything was white. The bed sheets, the walls, the curtains. His hearing sense started to enhance, he could hear the sounds of piwis and tofus outside of the open window. He slowly turned his head to the left and he saw through a window in the wall people passing by. One of them stopped, looked in his direction shocked and hurried inside the room.
“How long I’ve been here?” Shiel asked right away.
“It’s… It’s been a month. It’s a miracle you’ve awoken so quick”
“A… month? What… what happened to me?”
“You don’t remember? You have fought governor Grace…”
“Oh right… Grace… I recall that name. Have I lost?”
“No, quite the opposite. You’ve become the new governor of Brakmar”
Shiel opened his eyes wider. Something in his memory started to flicker.
“I… I killed her” he realized.
“Yes, you did. You seem to remember some stuff, that’s very good. I have to call the other doctors”
“Wait, could you… Call my parents? I want to see them…”
“Of course, Mr. Chevalier” and the eniripsa left the room. Shiel got left alone with his thoughts in the hospital room, and the silence in the room was soothing. He shut his eyes and began to try to remind himself what happened, and slowly put together the pieces of his memory. It was harder than he thought; his brain was refusing to bring back some of the memories. But he could remember the most intense moments, like each of the times he feared the death. That one time he had to run away to The Bermuda Triangle. Or the time he faced Grace and have pierced his hand through her stomach. He still remembered the heat of her insides.

He looked to his right and noticed his shushu weapon lying on the bed table.
“Good to see you’re fine, bro” said the shushu.
“Haha… Don’t tell me you’ve been worried about me” Shiel smiled a little.
“Oh, quiet” the shushu looked away.
Shiel grabbed his handle and tried to pick him up, but he was too weak to do so.
“Hey, careful. You might drop me down”
He used his second hand and managed to pick him up with both of his hands. He lied down the shushu on his chest.
“I owe you my life. Thank you…”
“Psh… No need to thank me”
“No, you really saved me there. I was so close to dying... But you lent me your powers”
“You have to thank Grace for being so uncareful. All the time she knew how to keep you at distance, but then she let her guard down, being so sure of her victory. Our last fusion would do nothing to her, if she wasn’t so close to us”
“You’re right… She died thanks to her own mistake”
“Underestimating us from the very beginning was her biggest mistake” 

Soon Shiel’s parents have arrived. He smiled weakly at them.
“Mom, dad… I missed you” he said quietly with his weak voice.
“It’s fine, we’re here now” said his mom, and kissed him on the forehead. Shiel looked at her eyes red from crying and tears running down her cheeks.
“I’m so sorry for what I’ve done…”“We know you went through a lot… Marcus told us about everything” spoke his dad.
“Could you… Tell me about everything?
“Oh, don’t you remember?”
“Not everything…”
His mother sobbed and rested her head on Shiel’s father chest, who embraced her with a hand.
“He’s got a partial amnesia, but it is possible the memories will come back to him. It just might take a little while” said one of the eniripsas standing in the room.
“We’ll tell you everything when you get home, sweetie…”
“I’m afraid it won’t happen any time soon” said the eniripsa.
“Why would you say that?”
“After a coma patients usually have to go through a rehabilitation”
The other eniripsa pulled the quilt away to show Shiel’s legs.
“Could you try to move them? she asked.
Shiel slightly raised his leg and bent it at the knee. He did the same with the other leg.
“This looks promising. You’re a lucky man. You could’ve been completely immobilized.
“Could I try to stand up and walk?”
“You should rest for now. We can see later today”

Shiel’s parents sat next to the bed he lied on. They started to tell him about everything they knew, and after a couple of minutes someone opened the door and interrupted them.
“Shiel, I’m so glad you’re finally awake…” said Chalsea, and walked towards him. She also greeted his parents. “How do you feel?”
Shiel was silent for a moment, but then he spoke.
“You… you told them… and they sent arrest warrants after me. They wanted me dead.” he said with reproach.
Chalsea covered mouth with her hand, she didn’t know what to say.
“...But I wasn’t any better” Shiel looked down “My parents just told me what I have done… I worked for Brakmar as a spy to hunt down the dofus. I don’t even know if I can forgive myself”
“You did a horrible thing… But I think you have redeemed yourself. At least in my eyes. And I apologize for not trying to help you… I’ve made a huge mistake judging you without listening first”
“Then I guess we’re even” he smiled a sadly.
Chalsea moved closer to Shiel, she bent above him and kissed him on the forehead. But Shiel took her cheek in his hand and kissed her lips, forgetting that his parents were looking.

Later that day, the doctors finally let Shiel try to stand up from the bed with a help of a rehabilitation walker. Shiel’s whole body was shaking. His hands were too weak for the weight of his body. He took a few steps, but then almost fell down on the floor. However, he didn’t plan on giving up. He was stumbling and falling every minute, but he was determined. Finally, an ecaflip nurse told him it’s enough for today and helped him to get back on the bed and covered him with a quilt.
“You’ll try again tomorrow. I’m pretty sure you’ll have more energy when you finally eat a full meal” said the nurse and smiled with compassion.

The next day, Shiel had another visitor.
“Loren… I did not expect you” Shiel looked surprised.
“And I didn’t expect myself to talk to you ever again, but after hearing what you went through…”
“Don’t feel sorry for me. I deserved it”
“Maybe you’re right. Anyways, I’m still unsure how to feel. We went through a lot, because of you… But I guess it wasn’t easy for you either. I don’t think I can forgive you for what you’ve done, but I wish you to feel better, and I hope you won’t disappoint us as a governor”
“I understand that… and thanks. I’ll do my best“ he reassured “Altair didn’t come with you?”
“He’s got a lot of work to do, since the Brakmar has devastated Amakna. Besides, he’s still upset at you.”
“No wonders…” he sighed “I don’t know if anyone told you… But I have a slight amnesia. I’ve got already told a lot of what happened... But no one else but you can remind me of the relations we had before”
“Why do you care, if they weren’t genuine”
Shiel was silent.
“Our friendship was built on the assumption that I’ll tell you where’s the dofus”
“I believe a part of this friendship was genuine…”
“A friendship cannot be only “partially” genuine”
“I guess you’re right” Shiel replied resigned.
“I won’t remind you of what happened between us, because it doesn’t matter anymore. But… I might give you another chance, but I have yet to think about it.”
“Forget it. I know you cannot trust me after what I have done. It showed that I am capable of doing bad things”
“But I think you’ve learned your lesson”

With the help of eniripsa doctors’ magic, who were each day slowly healing his body, Shiel managed to stand on his own legs after a week of rehabilitation. He could then finally meet with Marcus, who was overwhelmed by the vice governor’s work. He had to arrange everything for Shiel’s speech almost by himself.
“Shiel, It’s so good to see you” said Marcus, embracing him with arms, and then grabbing him by shoulders and looking at him “You look well”
“Thanks, it’s good to see you too” Shiel looked at the desk with a stack of papers “I see I’ve left you with a lot of work to do… Sorry about that”
“It’s fine man. What wouldn’t I do for a friend?” he pat his shoulder.
“It’s great to have a friend like you” Shiel smiled “When will the speech begin?”
“You’re just in time, it begins in ten minutes” answered Marcus “But first you have to wear the governor clothes and armor that we prepared for you. You’ve got to look impressive”
“Sounds good” replied Shiel.
The feca went to quickly change his clothes to black pants and a bloody red blouse with long to the elbows puffy sleeves. He then wore gloves with metal parts that were supposed to protect his hands and forearms, and were customized for his feca gauntlets. An assistant helped him to get the rest of his armor on. The armor was dark bronze, almost black, with golden and dark red details. Shiel took a look at the mirror and looked proud at himself.
“Alright, let’s go then” he said when he was ready.
Shiel and Marcus went to the outpost, along with a new army general and head guard. They were surrounded by a lot of guards, to make sure no one dares to assault them.
He stood on a platform in the very middle of the outpost and began his speech.“Dear brakmarians, my citizens. Thank you for waiting for my arrival. After my long absence, I am here to announce the soon to be changed Law. But worry not. Although I was raised in Amakna, I know brakmarian traditions and culture, and I respect them”
Suddenly, Shiel got hit in the head by a rock, thrown by one of the people from the crowd. He groaned.
“You’re not our governor!” an ouginak yelled, and some people from the crowd yelled “Yeah!” after him.
“Guards, get me that person” Shiel pointed out to the ouginak. The guards listened with no hesitation and forcefully brought the ouginak to their governor. Shiel then grabbed the ouginak by his neck and ‘calmed him down’ using his immobilization ability, after what he used his power of fire to burn his neck. The ouginak yelled, as Shiel continued his speech.
“No opposition, nor rebellions will be tolerated. I will rule Brakmar with a firm but just hand” he finished, and then let the ouginak go by throwing him towards the crowd.
“Any questions?”Shiel got instantly sworn by a lavine of questions coming from the crowd. He managed to answer all of them without losing his composure. After the questions were answered, most of the brakmarians began to feel more secure and less unsure about his presidency.

After his speech, Shiel went to his accommodation in the outpost where Chalsea was waiting for him.
“I was watching you from a window. You were wonderful” she smiled proudly at him “Although you didn’t have to hurt that man…” she added quietly.
Shiel embraced Chalsea in her waist and kissed her gently.
“Was I impressive and manly enough?” he said playfully.
Chalsea laughed a little.
“Yes, you were…” she embraced him with her arms around his neck.
“...How do you feel about me being now a governor?”
“Hm… To be honest, I would never expect that. Since when did you plan to become one?”
“Since I knew that if have to defeat Grace, someone has to take over her throne. If I didn’t appoint myself a governor, who knows if someone even more ruthless than Grace wouldn’t take over the Brakmar? There was no other way”
“But how and when did you prepare yourself for this presidency?”
“For my whole life I’ve been learning how to adapt to every circumstances that life was throwing at me… This is nothing new.”
“I see… You know, I still feel guilty for turning my back on you. But now I promise to stand by your side, no matter what” she snuggled into Shiel “I know now that your intentions were never bad and I can trust you again”
“I’m glad… I’m so glad to have you next to me again” he hugged her tight and he wished for this to last. 

After months of his government, Shiel was mostly forgiven for his actions. People said he redeemed himself, but some still judged him for killing Grace. But no matter what some people were saying, he proved himself to be a better person and a governor that everyone waited for by showing his care about the citizens, making an alliance with Riktus while the alliance with Amakna couldn’t work out, and establishing new laws for the betterment of Brakmar.


Wooosh, the final part is here! So, how did you like this story, did you enjoy it? For me it's been hell of a fun ride to write it biggrin and I'm really proud of it!

Huge thanks to my friend Varuru from the Nox server, who's been a huge inspiration to me and my proofreader!

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