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Shiel's Story - Part 8 - The Final Fight

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 16, 2018, 01:01:05

Charging at the door Shiel bursted through the doors of the throne room gliding in the air with a hexa-shield in his arm as a battering ram. Shards and pieces of the door fell to the ground and Shiel slided across the floor regaining his footing with his head faced down. He looked up to see Grace laying across the throne. She lazily opened her eyes unconcerned about the sudden intrusion. Shiel’s and Grace’s eyes locked.
“Grace, it’s all your fault!!" Shiel yelled outraged at the top of his lungs. Grace only smirked.
"Whatever could you be talking about, my dear?" She closed her eyes taunting him.
Shiel’s hand glowed blue and ice started to form instantly into a staff which he grasped with both of his hands. He then teleported directly in front of the throne and striked down towards Grace. Vines wrapped around the staff before it could make contact. Grace opened her eyes.
"Really, did u think it would be that easy?" The vines constricted the staff until it cracked and shattered, then a vine came from under the ground wrapping around Shiel’s leg, lifting him up off the ground and throwing him back across the throne room right into the wall.
“What happened to your pretty face? I almost didn’t recognize you. Where did those horns and tail come from? And what’s up with this abhorrent colour of your skin?” Grace began to ask mockingly.
Shiel grunted and picked himself up off the floor and looked up. There was a sudden mass of seeds in the ground.
“We’re not here to chatter about my appearance. Better get ready because you’ll be the one to beg me for mercy soon” he groaned.
“Oh you’re so funny… What’s gotten into you?”
A vine stretched to the ceiling where a large fire-lit chandelier hanged. The vine whipped at a hyperspeed motion cutting the chandelier down. It crashed on the floor, glass and fire going everywhere hitting the seeds and summoning The Dolls Of Sacrifice. Shiel was now facing a small army of dolls and not just any dolls but dolls that could explode. There were too many of them and teleporting became too dangerous. They were like little explosive mines.
“You… You turned my life into a hell!” Shiel yelled at Grace.
“You could’ve stood by my side right now, if you didn’t turn your back on me…”
Shiel’s hand glowed blue once again and he summoned an ice staff, while the dolls were running towards him. One of the dolls lunged towards him and he dodged to the right and hit it with his staff that freezed the doll to prevent an explosion but as he did that, two others from the right and four on the left hand jumped at him while the rest begin to swarm him.
“I’d rather die than do that!” he continued the conversation while fighting.
“By daring to face me, you already have chosen to die”
Shiel hit two dolls on the right with his staff which froze them before they could hit, while the other four he dodged to the right touching the floor with the ice staff allowing him to slide even further out the way of the three dolls falling to the floor and exploding. Grace smirked as the sudden explosion caused a chain reaction and all of the dolls started to explode all around Shiel until it engulfed him entirely. Grace was sitting up completely chuckled. Debris and smoke filled the throne room. But after few seconds Grace could see a blue light coming from the smoke.
"Hmph..." she frowned.
Shiel was able to create a shield in the nick of time. He coughed up blood as he wasn’t without wounds. His shield wasn’t big enough to cover him completely. He had burn wounds on the left side of his arm and legs and some of his hair was seared off. Grace giggled with glee seeing Shiel wounded. But Shiel already had a plan.
A drop of water hit Grace’s head and it suddenly started raining.
“Wh.. What…? "
"Crashing wave!" Shiel yelled from far away.
Grace could hear him yell but the rain was making it difficult to see. She began to glow a purple-pink glow and a sudden powerful wind began to blow the rain away, but as visibility was regained Shiel was above her riding on a wave. His shield used as a board with his ice staff in his hand spear-like came riding down towards Grace.
She stood up and stretched out her hands and a massive amount of vines grew around her and like spears themselves headed towards Shiel and the wave of water. Shiel watched as the vines entered the water under him. He turned the shield upward to shield himself from the few vines aimed at him and dropped his staff in the water. The water froze and with it the vines, and because of the rain it also froze the vines not currently in the water. Shiel glided down the vines toward Grace.
“Hmph, what a fool” Grace thought as more vines started to appear from her. But Shiel smirked.
“You really don’t pay attention to your surroundings, do you?” he said as four meteorites headed directly on top of Grace. She looked up and quickly glowed. Meteors hit her and caused an explosion blasting Shiel back, burning the vines and melting the frozen wave. Smoke dust fire from the meteors filled the air, not even Grace could have survived such a direct blow. As the dust and smoke cleared a tree stood in the place where Grace stood. A huge crater was beneath the tree roots keeping it above the hole. It was Grace… She was now in a defense mode and Shiel realized he had the upper hand. He crouched and touched the floor with his hand and the floor under Grace was set on fire, not letting her recover. Shiel knew she’s soon going to come out of the tree she covered herself with and he was prepared to defend himself with a shield. He just had to be vigilant.
“You’re probably wondering why are we fighting?” he said angered “I’ll tell you. Because of you I had to betray my friends, the love of my life left me… Because of you the whole Amakna wanted me to be dead, and I had to hide myself from the outside world. All thanks to fucking you. You tore my life apart. I despise you”
As soon as Grace came out of her hideout, she was burned by the fire, but she summoned a powerful poisonous wind that toxicated the air around Shiel. He involuntarily generated a hexa-shield with his gauntlet, but he was not prepared for the poisonous gas. Whether he wanted it or not, he inhaled the poisoned air and started to cough up blood. While he was distracted by the poison in the air, Grace stomped her heel on the ground and from it large cracks started to form heading towards Shiel unprepared it threw him off balance. He fell on the floor crumbling around him, and from the cracks started to come out another vines. Shiel quickly used another flaming carpet under himself to burn the vines, but as he burned them he yelled from also injuring himself. Grace laughed seeing as he struggles.
“Stop blaming me for your weakness and mistakes. You have chosen on your own to work for me, and you could’ve predicted the consequences. After all, this is Brakmar, and everyone knows that Brakmar governs by its own law. This is fucking life. Shit happens, you know? And if you’re strong enough, you just live with that. Not blame the others”
“Just living with it? That’s exactly what a weak person would do. But I instead decided to face the one who’s responsible for ruining my life” he snarled.
Shiel created an ice staff in a few seconds and hit the floor with it, creating a wall of icy spikes running towards Grace, which she barely avoided by growing out a huge and thick branch under herself. She stood on the branch and looked at Shiel from above, who tried to burn the branch with fire, but it was too thick. Grace laughed at him, but while she was laughing, Shiel saw this as an opening, teleported behind her and hit her with his staff, throwing her off the branch and quickly summoning a wave under himself to soften the fall.
Grace hit the floor and groaned.
“You’re pretty good, I have to admit. But you’ll never stand against me when I’ve got this…” she slowly stood up turning around towards Shiel, reached in her pocket and pulled out a flask with the extract from the dofus.
“What? How… How does she still have dofus extract left? We thought it’s all gone” Shiel thought “I’ll have no chance against her”
He had to think quick how to not let her drink the extract. He was too far away to try to pull it out of her hand, but he could shoot an ice spear in her direction, and so he did, but grace stopped it with another huge branch coming out of the cracks in the floor. The spear pierced the branch, and the end of the spear almost touched Grace’s face. She quickly drank the extract from the dofus and threw the flask on the floor. She then suddenly curled up and started glowing red, then she stretched out, yelling and laughing.
“Ahhh I can feel the power! I’m done with you, Shiel!” Out of her skin started to grow out thorns and vines that started to spread out.
Shiel gulped and backed off, looking at her attentively. He was scared and it wasn’t for no reason. This is the first time he saw someone using a dofus power, and he had no idea what is he going to fight against now. He reminded himself of the huge power flow when he held the dofus once.
From the bottom of Grace’s feet grew out thick vines that started to cover the floor in the room. Soon, the room was whole covered with vines, from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling. The vines even broke through the windows and started to wrap around the whole building. Grace couldn’t control and contain her powers.
“You gonna regret coming here...” she said, while still laughing.
Out of the nowhere, two fire flames lighted in her hands. She looked right and left at each of them. The dofus energy gave her so much power she just obtained a fire elemental spells.
“This is going to be fun…” she said and set all of the vines on fire. The fire was all around them and even above them. Grace just turned the throne room into a hell.
Shiel was looking around and was trying to figure out how to get out if this.
“Poor little boy, he has nowhere to run~” Grace laughed.
She began to form a glowing orb of pure energy in her hands, and when it was ready it bursted towards Shiel with a huge speed. Shiel was so frightened he was almost immobilized, but in the last second used his hexa-shield, but the impact was so huge his shield couldn’t hold it and he was thrown into a wall covered with vines which were still on fire. He yelled having his back burned and his face and chest injured from the orb.
“Stay still, I’ll make it quick and painless…” said Grace, being sure that she is already victorious. She then threw another orb towards Shiel, but he teleported behind her and tried to hit her with meteorites, but she suddenly covered herself with a feca-like orb shield. Her power was unlimited. It was like if she could create anything she imagined.
Grace was getting serious. She finally decided to stop toying with Shiel and to use all of the dofus power to create a flood of water in the room. She then formed the water into a huge wave that bursted towards Shiel, and which she intended to finish him with. Shiel had nowhere to run away from it, he already used his ability to teleport, and before he could form an ice staff, it was too late. The water pushed him with an impact on the wall and making a huge crack in it. Once the water he was pressed by slowly faded away, he fell down hard on the floor. He tried to get up but he was too exhausted, his ribs and jaw were broken, his whole body was sore from the fight.
The whole water slowly washed away, sinking into the cracks on the floor.
Grace’s sight was focused on Shiel’s body lying limply on the floor at the end of the room. She finally stood in front of him and looked from above.
“It was nice knowing you, dear Shiel” with the leftovers of her powers, she covered Shiel’s body with thick and thorny vines, from his legs up to the shoulders, and lifted him up. The pain of the thorns was piercing and even though Shiel was half conscious, deep inside it was waking up his last powers. Grace had no idea that the pain she just inflicted on Shiel only caused him to gain more strength.
“Claymus… Let’s not hold ourselves anymore” said Shiel telepathically to his shushu.
“You know the consequences…” warned him Claymus.
“This is our last chance. We do this now, or never”
“Then let’s not waste this chance”
Shiel opened his eyes and adrenaline rushed through his body. As more spikes started growing out of his body and his body started to visibly enlarge, the vines started to rip apart. His claws became bigger and sharper. His heart was thudding and the visible veins on his body were pulsing. This was their last, and at the same time the strongest form of their fusion.
“You… How are you still alive…” Grace quickly moved backwards. She wanted to run away, knowing she doesn’t have the dofus power anymore and realizing that Shiel has just gotten an advantage over her by being in close combat, but before she could run away, Shiel grabbed her by the neck, successfully immobilizing her and pulling her closer, and with his fist covered with spikes ready, he rammed it through Grace’s body.
He opened his mouth and was breathing heavily, looking in Grace’s eyes which were wide open. She looked as if she saw a ghost. Shiel then looked down. His forearm was deep inside Grace’s stomach. He quickly pulled his arm out of her body, and the deep open wound in her stomach started to bleed heavily, her insides were leaking down on the ground. Grace coughed up blood right on his face and started to choke on her own blood.
“Y-you little shit… I am... Not done with you yet…” She groaned, and her body fell on Shiel.
He was confused and frightened that she might attack him any time right now so pushed Grace away, but her body fell to the floor. He looked her in the eyes one last time. She was still alive for a minute, still choking on her own blood and looking at Shiel with hatred, until she finally closed her eyes.
The flames slowly started to extinguish on its own, and the burnt vines started to crumble. Shiel and Claymus went back to their original forms.
“Man, I’ve given you my whole power and you’ve only ripped out her insides? You know, you could’ve like, tear her whole body apart and-”
“Shut up, Claymus…” he silenced the shushu.
Shiel was staring at Grace’s wound in her stomach, then he looked at the blood around and finally at her insides lying on the floor. He suddenly turned around and covered his mouth with a hand, trying not to vomit.
“Not used to views like those, huh? I’ve seen plenty of it, back when I and my old master have fought together”
Shiel ignored his shushu. He wasn’t in a mood for talking. He picked up Grace’s body on his shoulder and got out of the building, where in front of it his friends were waiting.

Shiel, Marcus and their people went towards the outpost in Brakmar. They squeezed on their dragoturkeys through a crowd of people that didn’t even look at what Shiel was holding. Shiel went upstairs on a platform for everyone to see him.
“Your governor is dead” he shouted loud enough to gain everyone’s attention. Every pair of eyes started to stare at him. Shiel threw Grace’s body off his arm in front of himself. People looked at their governor’s body and started to whisper between each other. They all were astounded and didn’t know what to think. Shiel heard some of the things that people were saying. “Governor grace is dead!?”, “How could anyone defeat her?”, “That guy… he must be amaknian!” “He doesn’t look amaknian though….”
Shiel frowned hearing those last words.
“I am Shiel Chevalier, a feca born in Brakmar, and I am now your new governor” he said with confidence in his voice. Deep inside he was still shocked and feeling traumatized, but as always, he had to play his role.
“Why would you kill her?!” someone from the crowd has shouted.
“No one is going to question actions of the new governor, who has proven to be stronger than the former one” said Marcus.
Shiel put a hand on Marcus’ shoulder.
“From now on, this is also your new vice governor, Marcus Firley. I and my vice governor’s guild, The Allies of Shushus are taking over the control in Brakmar”
“And you do with that body of your former governor whatever you want to…” added Marcus “For now, we’re leaving to spread the word. We’ll be back, so expect us soon”
Shiel, Marcus and their guildies rushed towards the exit of the outpost. The people moved to make a way for them.As they left the outpost, Shiel started to feel dizzy.
“Marcus, I… I’m not feeling well…” his hands were slowly letting go of the reins.
“Shiel, we all are exhausted… Soon we’ll be home and we’ll get some rest”
“No, I really….” he said as his sight started to get blurry. Everything around started spinning, then slowly turning black. His body started to refuse to keep the balance. Everyone stopped and looked at Shiel, and in a matter of seconds he fell off his dragoturkey and hit the ground.

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