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Shiel's Story - Part 7

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 15, 2018, 00:30:30

The Bermuda Triangle… It’s a well hidden place on the sea where only riktus know how to get in there. It’s not even an island, it’s just a place made out of bigger and smaller wooden boats and ships connected with each other through wooden bridges.

Shiel was on a tour through it, lead by Marcus. After Shiel got accepted by the riktus chief and officially became one of the riktus, Marcus could show him the whole place and explain to him what every thing is for. Shiel already knew where the nursery room was. Then he showed him where the weapons, ammunition for the cannons, the explosives. Another wooden ship that was meant for storing various resources, like food, wood, grain and wheat… All of it of course came from small raids made on the nations that were destroying their ecosystems and were leaving people with no food. People stealing those resources were called ecoterrorists.
There was also a huge ship that was designated as sleeping quarters for everyone. Except there was no place to sleep for Shiel. He had to sleep in the stable with the mounts on the hay meant for eating. While Marcus was guiding Shiel, he began a conversation.
“You need your own shushu… You would have to go to the Shustuft Crust and seal a shushu into a weapon. It’s a little dangerous but I know you would make it”
“Don’t you have any shushu weapons left?
“I’ve got a few left but they’re lower class shushu, except one that is old and grumpy and refuses to work with anyone. He’s been lying in dust for years. He’s really strong but stubborn”
“Could I give it a try and talk to this shushu?”
“Sure, why not. Good luck with that though”They went back to the ship where the weapons were located. Marcus reached to one of the shelves and grabbed a huge sword with spikes on both of its sides. He blew at the sword to blow off the dust.
“Hey Claymus, someone wants to talk with you”
“Who dares to wake me up from my sleep... Another selfish person trying to use me and my strength for their own purposes?”
“Wait… Isn’t that.. Isn’t that Claymus Shushu? The shushu of that famous sacrier, Raek Vaenn?”
“Oh yeah that’s him. I actually stole him from an old legendary weapon collector”
“Damn… Let me hold him for a second”
“Hey I’m not your toy” said the shushu annoyed.
Marcus passed the shushu to Shiel. Once Shiel touched the handle, some strange feeling passed through his mind and body. He started to feel anger, rage and wrath and he became overwhelmed by it. Suddenly everything turned black around him then flashed with blinding red. He hid his eyes with a forearm and when the light stopped flashing, he saw an enormous shushu in front of him.
“What… Where are we? Are you the Claymus…?”
“Yes, it’s my true form… Your mind is now inside the weapon I’m imprisoned in”
“But... How?”
“It appears we’re connected… You… Somewhere inside of you there is an essence of my previous owner. I can feel it...”
“How can you feel it?”
“Believe it or not, I have a very strong connection to my old master. I could sense him anywhere. And the moment you touched me… I could sense it once again. But now that you’re in here… You have to prove me that you’re strong enough to wield me”
Claymus didn’t wait for Shiel to ask more questions, he rushed towards him at his full speed. Shiel involuntary used his hexa-shield generated from his gauntlet to protect himself. The shushu rammed into his shield with a huge impact, Shiel got pushed back and barely kept the balance to stand on his legs. This was Shiel’s first encounter with such a creature. Claymus was a two and a half meters huge black skinned shushu. His whole body was covered in spikes and his eyes were hollow white. Shiel’s attacks did not impress the shushu; he showed no sweat and was repelling every attack with ease and attacked the feca with his huge claws. The feca was getting exhausted trying to defend himself but wasn’t giving up. He was breathing heavily. Somehow, he managed to summon the last of his strength and attacked the shushu with all force, the biggest crashing wave of his. But it wasn’t enough. The shushu hit him with his massive tail and the feca got thrown away and fell on the ground. He didn’t get up.

Shiel opened his eyes. Marcus was waving his hand in front of Shiel’s face.
“Hey, you listening to me? You there?” the rogue asked concerned.
“...What just happened?” Shiel was confused “I thought I’m going to die there”
“Die where? What do you mean?”
“I have fought with Claymus, but I’ve lost… Was it a dream?”
“It was certainly not a dream. As you might know, I belonged to a powerful sacrier” said the Shushu “I have the power to give berserker strength to the one who wields me, so we made a great team. And you’ve proven there’s a berserker spirit in you… You’ve proven to be worthy of me”
“Does that mean… You allow me to guard you?”
“Yes… I want to fight alongside you. I have waited for someone like you”
“What the heck Shiel? You only held him for what, a second?!” said Marcus confused “But whatever, now that you’ve got your own shushu, you have to join my guild, where each member learns to fuse with their shushu”
“Marcus, it's forbidden. I already told you once I’m not doing that...”
“Do you want to get stronger or not? One day you might want to have revenge on Grace”
“Revenge on Grace? No way… That would be a suicide mission, she’s got the power of dofus”
“She’s going to run out of the essence someday. And by that time you and your shushu will be strong enough to defeat her”
“That- ...Actually sounds like a plan”

And so Marcus and Shiel began their training. Marcus already had a lot of experience and he could teach Shiel a lot. For the first month Shiel was learning how to fight with Claymus in his imprisoned sword form. Another month Shiel spent on learning how to fuse with Claymus and withstand this form. The pain from shushu’s spikes growing out of Shiel’s body was giving him even more strength. When Shiel was finally ready, he spent many months on dueling with Marcus almost each day. Shiel lost each of the duels, until half of a year later…

Shiel was close to losing, just as always.
“I’m never going to beat him…” he thought.
“You still haven’t learned how to release your whole power… Each time you’re restraining yourself” Claymus replied to him telepathically.
They bonded so much they could communicate with each other without speaking.
“Are you scared of my power? Scared of releasing it? Scared of hurting your friend?” shushu pressured him “Maybe you’re not worthy of me afterall!” he yelled so much Shiel could feel his head hurt and those words echoed in his mind.
“I am worthy!” Shiel responded and attacked Marcus, but his attack was repelled.
“THEN PROVE IT!” Shushu yelled even louder.
“ENOUGH!” Shiel screamed out loud. He was feeling furious, he started to feel his blood boiling. Suddenly more spikes started to grow out of his body. His eyes turned white and his body started to bleed from where the spikes grew out. He dashed at his full speed towards Marcus and hit him with a full force. Marcus was thrown meters away, his body hit the ship behind him and he almost fell off the wooden bridge. He looked shocked at Shiel, who has just released more power than ever before and showed his full potential. Marcus was in such pain he couldn’t stand up, he was finally defeated. Shiel was breathing out and in quickly, he almost couldn't catch a breath.
“We… We almost went beyond our limits” said Claymus in shock.
“Beyond our limits?” Shiel asked.
“Yes… Never do that again”
“Why is that…?”
“Once we go beyond our limit… We can never fuse again” Claymus explained “Once that happens, you can never fuse with me again because we won’t be able to go back to our regular fusion, and your body won’t endure a second time of going beyond the limit. From now on, you’ve got to learn how to control your power, now that you’ve reached your full potential”

Three years have passed in total since Shiel ran away. In this time Shiel never stepped outside of the Bermuda Triangle. The amaknians have never stopped looking for him. He was getting informations from the outside through Marcus, his riktus friends and traveling merchants, who Shiel also befriended. While Shiel was hiding, Sufokia tried to take over Amakna while it was weak, but Grace stepped in their way and with her army powered by the extract of dofus, she conquered both Sufokia and Amakna. However, one day…

It was early night time. Shiel, as always during this hour was waiting at the seaport for his riktus friends to get back home and to hear from them about what happened each day. Today he was very impatient, waiting for a very important information to be confirmed.
The boat has finally arrived. Marcus was the first to step out of it.
“Shiel! It’s true… Grace is out of the extract of dofus. Her soldiers started to protest and a rebellion has born from it. She doesn’t know how to deal with it, she’s helpless”
“No way… Marcus, do you know what it means?”
“Yeah… This is the best occasion to attack”
“We should start the preparations”

The next day, as the sun raised everyone was already awake and were working on the preparations for the assault on Brakmar Headquarters. The whole Marcus’ guild was practicing their fusions with shushus. They also prepared their other weapons and the ship that they would use to get to the headquarters.

“Marcus… I was thinking a lot about what happens if we defeat Grace”
“Hmm? Sufokia and Amakna are going to be freed, you’ll be redeemed. What else?”
“But who will govern the Brakmar without Grace?”
“Well… Someone for sure is going to want to take the power over it”
“Yeah, we can’t let that happen. Another tyrant would lead the nation”
“So how would you want to prevent it?”
“I’m going to prevent it by becoming the new governor”
Marcus looked at Shiel.
“You’re kidding, right?”
“No, I’m being serious. I was born in Brakmar and raised in Amakna. I’ll be the perfect candidate to make an alliance between those two nations”

The next week in the morning, it was already midday and Shiel was still sleeping. Something started to wake him up. He could feel something warm and humid on his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes and heard a bark. It was his boowolf mount. Shiel turned to the other side and tried to fall asleep again, but the huge wolf-like creature was in a mood for playing. The mount started to poke Shiel with its nose and paws and barked two more times.
“Mhhh…” Shiel made a sound of displeasure as the mount licked his whole face with its tongue. “Alright, alright…” he sat on the mattress and gave the wolf a pat on the snout and stroked his fur, then scratched it behind its ear. He smiled. For the first time in a while for a minute he forgot about his worries and felt a little happy. He almost forgot that today is the day they are going to assault Brakmar Headquarters during the night.

Shiel was stressed about this the whole day, all the time repeating the plan in his head. He didn’t want to make any mistake. It had to be done perfectly. If they get caught in the act, they all will be done for.

As the night came, they all went on board and hid in the wooden crates. Riktus and brakmarians had a deal where they exchanged resources for weapons. Marcus had brakmarian friends in there, who took the night shift today to receive the “weapons” hidden in the crates. So once they arrived to the headquarters, Shiel, Marcus and few more persons from their guild were under the cover. They exit out of the crates and sneaked in from the ship to the land where headquarters were placed. The guards who were on their side let them slip through the gates and then Shiel lead everyone to a crate in a wall that lead to the sewers. They took out the crate and slipped through the hole in the wall one by one and they found themselves under the headquarters building. Shiel knew the whole place, so he lead them through the sewers and corridors. He also knew how to pass by other, not friendly guards. They were getting close to the throne room, when...

“We were waiting for you…” said the head guard, Derek, who stood behind them with a purple whip in his hand made out of osamodas energy. Everyone turned around towards him.
“Waiting for us?” Shiel looked at Marcus “How did they know? You told me no one would know!”
“Oh we didn’t know how and when, but we knew you’d come here eventually and we were always prepared for that…” he whipped the floor under their legs “You’re not going any further”. The osamodas called the guards who immediately arrived and attacked Shiel and his companions with water spells - crashing waves. Shiel used his holographic shield made of hexagons to protect himself and his allies, but the water pushed them away, right into air traps set by a sram that hurt their legs.
“The traps…!" Shiel just realized that Derek was not alone. The army general was also around here. He looked around and there he was, behind them all. He attacked one of Marcus’ people stabbing them right in the back with his dagger and ripping apart their spine with one quick move. One person was already dead.
Marcus’ people already knew what they’ve got to do. They rushed towards the guards and it was a fight twelve on six, while Marcus fought with Derek and Shiel took the care of the army general. He knew they cannot let them cooperate so once the army general tried to attack him with a dagger, Shiel managed to avoid it and grab the sram, teleporting with him away and throwing him at the end of the hall. Meanwhile Marcus threw a blinding bomb on the guards to help his comrades fight with them, but this action took his attention away from Derek’s nyl rippers. Two huge crocodiles standing on two legs and holding anchors rushed towards the rogue that was unaware of what was coming. Shiel looked around at his friend and teleported behind him to protect him with a shield. The shield didn’t withstand the hit of two anchors, so he used a crashing wave to push away the rippers. Derek was whipping at his animals to mobilize them to the attack. Shiel summoned an icy feca staff in one of his hands and held it behind himself while he kneeled to touch the floor with his other hand and use fecablades. It was a spell that covered whole floor in vines; the vines tied the nyl ripper’s legs and slowed them down. When Shiel was turning around, army general was already behind him. He aimed for Shiel with his scythe but he repelled sram’s attack with his feca staff. They were grappling while holding their weapons.
“Give up, Shiel… You were nothing but an empty pawn of ours. Almost useless” said the army general.
“And you’re someone who doesn’t even deserve a name!” yelled Shiel
Marcus shot at the sram a few times with his revolver and Shiel could finally push him away. Suddenly, something violently crashed into his back, leaving painful, sting mark. The osamodas raised his whip and striked again, but this time the purple glowing string hit a shield which Shiel promptly raised to protect himself.
“Enough of playing around!” yelled Marcus “Everyone, fuse with your shushus!” he ordered and everyone transformed on army general and head guard’s eyes. They all grew immensely, their bodies metamorphosed, some grew out spikes, some grew out tails, horns and extra eyes. This was a huge surprise to the sram and osamodas. Wielding shushu weapons was nothing impressive, but controlling a shushu fusion wasn’t a daily practice. And Marcus’ guild has trained for years.
In a couple of minutes they have dealt with the brakmarian guards. Few of them flew out of the building by being thrown into huge windows. Marcus had the biggest of all the fusions, he was as tall as the room they were in. The room, that was soon to be whole stained in blood. He bit off nyl ripper’s heads in a matter of seconds and then hit Derek with his massive hand. The osamodas was thrown into one of the columns in the hall and the impact was so huge he lost his consciousness. Meanwhile, Shiel finally managed to catch the Army General’s neck and immobilize him. He slashed his claws through his face and cracked his skull which then started to bleed. Shiel didn’t wait for him to regain his balance and attacked one more time, this time making with his claws four gashes on his chest. But before he could hit the third time, the sram ran away by hiding in the shadows. He was gone. Shiel could only hope he would bleed to death. Next, he looked at the head guard.
“You done with him, Marcus?” he asked.
“He lost his consciousness, but isn’t dead” the rogue replied.
“Then what are you waiting for?!”
Shiel didn’t wait for Marcus, he grabbed the osamodas by his jaw and crushed his skull against the column. Derek wasn’t meant to regain his consciousness ever again.
“Marcus… You and the rest. You stay outside. The next fight is mine only”
The rogue didn’t question the feca. He knew this was Shiel’s revenge.

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