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Shiel's Story - Part 6

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 10, 2018, 17:44:09

Shiel looked through the window and saw soldiers on their mounts being on their way to the battlefield. He looked at the clock. It was 30 minutes past 5 am. In half of an hour Grace and her army should arrive at the Holey Forest. Shiel has told Chalsea about the raid but she didn’t want to listen about the most important thing - Grace’s plan. Altair had no idea that Grace’s plan was to get to the other side of Holey Forest through The Drhellery mine. Amaknian soldiers probably were not prepared for this, and not only that. They also headed off to the Holey Forest way too late. By the time they arrive to the seaport, the brakmarian army will be already in the Fertile Prairie. And then they’ll get through the to the Crusty Road, then Hugo Prairies and finally arrive to the Village in front of the outpost and the royal palace. Why Grace has chosen the long way around? Wouldn’t it be quicker to get through the Farle’s Fields? Grace liked to consider every circumstance. And that meant expecting the amaknian army. Shiel only hoped that Altair didn’t send his whole army to the Holey Forest, and besides the guards, left at least a few units of soldiers in the outpost.Three hours have already passed. In Grace’s plan, they should already be here if everything went well. But it was quiet outside. It looked as if Altair didn’t warn his citizens. He probably didn’t want people to panic, and assumed that his army can deal with brakmarians before they get to the Village.

Another part of Grace’s plan was to keep the sadidas at the front. Their task was to attack everyone with their dolls, so the sram and rogue soldiers can quickly run past the amaknians while they’re busy fighting with the army of dolls. As soon as rogues and srams get to the Village, rogues will use blinding bombs to blind the guards and srams will use their invisibility abilities to sneak into the royal palace. Eniripsas were going right in the middle to heal soldiers in front as well as those behind them just in case, because the whole plan of the raid was built up on the assumption that Shiel is going to betray Brakmar, which Shiel didn’t realize until now.
As he was thinking of the Grace’s raid plan, he slowly started to put the pieces together. They were exactly prepared for amaknian soldiers… Just now he realized how inattentive he was during Grace’s meeting. But if so, then why hasn’t Grace stopped him from warning everyone?

She wanted to test Shiel’s loyalty.
Grace knew exactly why Brakmar had lost the previous war. The former army general was simply stupid and didn’t know how to guide the armies, which were fighting thoughtlessly. Grace wasn’t going make that mistake. Together with her army general she created a plan.. a near flawless plan of a raid that even if Shiel betrayed her it wouldn’t matter, the amaknian soldiers won’t stand in her way. And even if he tells anyone about the raid, she knew that people would start to question him and he will get himself in trouble. The decision to betray her would be his downfall. She already got all she wanted from him, so she let him choose his own path. Besides, facing the amaknian soldiers would be a good way to test her armies strength, and there would be no fun for Grace if there was no challenge.
But what if Shiel stayed loyal to her? She had in plans to promote her army general to a vice governor and her head guard to an army general. Shiel would become her head guard.
But he wasn’t destined for that.

While Shiel was sitting restless in his house, Loren was already on the battlefield. Besides being a head guard, he had to fill a role of an army general because Altair couldn’t find anyone else for this role. This was Loren’s first battle on such a great scale and he not only wasn’t prepared for it, but also was distracted by his thoughts. He couldn’t believe Shiel has betrayed them all. He was doing his best to lead his army, but it wasn’t enough. They were losing. He understood Grace’s plan of action only when it was already too late.

It was 10 am, when Shiel started to hear yells and screams from the outside. He went outside and noticed an army of sadida dolls attacking the citizens, and feca’s meteorites falling from above and burning the houses. He couldn’t believe it, how could have this happened? He went outside and looked around, he was stunned. This was the second time he had experienced the war with own his eyes. He suddenly had a flashback to the time when he was little and his parents were running away with him to Amakna. “This… This is all my fault” he thought. He looked to to the left, from where the brakmarians were coming from, he couldn’t believe his eyes. At the very end of the army was Grace. He was paralyzed. Grace didn’t run past Shiel. Instead, she stopped by him on her boowolf mount, and looked disappointed at him.
“You didn’t think you would stop me, did you?” she said and left, leaving Shiel behind.

Altair wanted to deal with the raid as quietly as possible. He believed that Grace’s army wasn’t as strong and as large as his army, and he assumed his armies will deal with brakmarians in no time. He was underestimating Grace, not knowing her and comparing her to the former brakmarian government. Besides, he was assured that he can count on Loren.
He went to the balcony in his palace and he noticed a brakmarian army moving through the outpost. He was in shock. How could they get here through his amaknian army? He quickly ran downstairs, but it was already too late. The brakmarian srams surrounded him. He couldn’t turn into a dragon in his palace because of how huge his dragon form was, compared to the regular osamodas, but he wasn’t helpless. He summoned a badgeroxxor and a badgerage and dealt with the srams. But while he was fighting, the army general disguised as a regular soldier hid in his shadow.
Altair ran to the place where the dofus was hidden, entered the room, and before he could grab the dofus, the army general has emerged from his shadow and held a purple scythe made of stasis right next to Altair’s neck.
“One more step and you’re dead” said the general. Soon, the rest of the soldiers came into the room and Altair was surrounded. The general was pleased with how uncareful the amaknian king was. If he only knew how easy it would be to hide in the king’s shadow, they wouldn’t even need Shiel as a spy.

After a couple of minutes, Shiel finally snapped out of it. He realized he has to act, and he ran to the palace. But the palace was swarmed by the soldiers, outside and inside. He hid behind a wall. It was too dangerous to get closer, the soldiers could assume he’s amaknian. He reminded himself that Altair was informed by Chalsea that Grace knows the dofus location. Altair probably has either hidden it somewhere else, or kept it with him. Shiel was praying to the Feca Goddess to see Altair coming out of the palace and defeating everyone with the power of Crimson Dofus.
But instead he saw Grace, holding the dofus. The army of brakmarians raised their hands and made a loud shout of victory. Grace was victorious. Shiel was devastated.

One week later, Shiel still couldn’t come to terms with what happened. Grace went back to Brakmar with the dofus, and Amakna was left demolished. Thankfully, Grace decided to not conquer Amakna. Apparently, the Crimson Dofus was all that she wanted.

“Shiel!” shouted his mother, as she got inside his room.
“What… What’s going on?
“Look, look at this…” she gave Shiel a sheet of paper. It wasn’t any sheet of paper. It was an arrest warrant.
“W-wha… What is that supposed to mean? It says they want me dead or alive?!”
“I’ve noticed those just today. Shiel, you have to run away from here, you have to hide somewhere!” his mom almost cried.
“No way…” Shiel was looking at the arrest warrant astounded. His hands were shaking “How did they know it Chalsea...” he couldn’t believe it. He quickly realized that only Chalsea knew he was spying for Grace. Chalsea has exposed him to Altair.
“I can’t believe… How could she…” he crumpled the arrest warrant and threw it to the other end of his room “Ugh… I… I cannot believe it” he was upset and disappointed “I trusted her…”

Shiel wore a cloth with a hood covering half of his face and a bag with food supplies and water. His look was suspicious, but this way he would gain less attention in the crowd than if he showed his face right next to the arrest warrants hung on the walls in all of Amakna. He said goodbye to his parents, grabbed the reins and ran off on his dragoturkey. Shiel knew where he was going - he had to see his riktus friend, Marcus. He was headed to Kelba, where Marcus’ guild hideout was located.
As he was passing through the bridge between Amakna and Kelba, the amaknians walking through the bridge were staring at him suspiciously. Then, a sudden blow of wind blew the hood off his face. He looked around in panic and wore the hood once again, but it was too late. Some cra on a gobbalrog has recognized him and started shooting explosive arrows under his dragoturkey’s legs.
“It’s him, the traitor!” yelled the cra. The other cras started to shoot even more spell arrows towards Shiel as he was running away. One of them managed to hit Shiel right in his arm and Shiel almost fell off the mount.People started to run after him. Another arrow hit his mount. The poor animal yelled from pain. Shiel was hit one more time, this time in his spine. A piercing pain ran through body and he fell off the dragoturkey which frightened ran away. Shiel got up and teleported as far away from the people as he could and tried to run away, but he was stumbling. His powers let him teleport two more times, and he could see Marcus’ hideout. He looked behind himself. The people chasing him were far away, but they were still running towards him. Shiel started to crawl. He couldn’t get up from the pain in his spine.
“Marcus, MARCUS!” he started to yell in hope that the rogue would hear him.
He turned his head behind once again. The amaknians were getting closer and closer. He called out loud Marcus’ name a few more times. He was desperate, afraid, lonely, betrayed and in pain.Marcus finally came out of his hideout. He was confused by the shouts. Who the hell would scream his name like that? He looked at the person lying on the grass and then looked at the people running towards the person. Marcus wasn’t the one to give a helping hand to strangers, but something was telling him this was no stranger. This voice was familiar. He hopped on his boowolf mount and ran towards the hooded person and grabbed them on his mount.
“He’s ours!” yelled an amaknian from few meters away.
“No, he’s not. I was quicker” and without hesitation, Marcus started to run from them to the other end of Kelba where he jumped through the zaap and teleported away from the amaknians. He breathed a sigh of relief when he was finally in a safe place, then he jumped off his mount and took the hood off feca’s head.
“...Shiel?” he looked at him astounded.
Shiel looked up at Marcus with his tired eyes.
“What the fuck does this mean? What is going on? Explain yourself, Shiel! What the hell did you get yourself in?!” the rogue was upset.
“I’ll… Explain everything”
“You’re fucking lucky I was there to hear your yelling. I’m pretty sure those guys wanted to kill you”
“You’re not wrong…” Shiel sighed.
Marcus helped Shiel get up from the mount. He had to hold him tight, Shiel was barely walking.
“My chief is going to kill me… We’re not supposed to bring here people who aren’t riktus”
“...Are we at the Bermuda Triangle?”
“Yup, this was the first place I could think of when going through the zaap”
“Marcus… I have to stay here. I don’t know for how long”
“No way, my chief won’t allow it. Unless… Unless you’re a criminal”
“I was running away because there are arrest warrants sent after me… does that count?”
“Shiel, what the hell have you done?”
Marcus quickly took Shiel to a nursery room where an eniripsa Fenris took care of Shiel’s wounds.
“You two better have a good excuse” said Fenris, as he bandaged Shiel’s back and arm.
“Yeah, Shiel. What’s your excuse?” Marcus asked “You’ve got to tell us now about everything”
And so Shiel started to slowly explained everything, from the very beginning.
Later that day Marcus talked to his chief and explained the situation, and they let him stay.
It was a blessing in disguise for Shiel.

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