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Shiel's Story - Part 5

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 09, 2018, 06:46:16

“Your Grace… I know the location of the dofus. I have drawn a map of how to get to it” said Shiel.
“Excellent. You did a great job, I am proud of you. You’ll be rewarded soon for that…” 
“Rewarded? How?” he was surprised.
“As soon as we make the extract from the dofus, I’ll share it with you”
“What? Do you not want it?” 
“No, no. Of course, I want” he responded immediately.
“Good. I want to see how powerful you can get” Grace grabbed her chin and looked at him in a flirty way.

Shiel left the throne room with a lot of thoughts. Getting the extract from dofus, that sounded so tempting… But at what cost? Whole nation getting possibly destroyed? But he’s been deceiving everyone and being a spy for so long. It’s was too late to change his mind. Doing so would be foolish.

The very next day, Grace has announced to her subordinates the exact day of the raid on Amakna and the whole plan of it. She showed to everyone a very detailed plan of the attack and for an hour was explaining it on a map of Amakna. The whole information was top secret, and no one from outside of the Brakmar knew about it. Brakmarians, despite appearances, were a tight-knit community, and they knew how to keep a secret, especially such an important one. 
Except for Shiel, who was different.

There was a whole week until the raid. He lied to Chalsea that he won’t be able to visit her during those days. He couldn’t spend this time next to her, knowing that the raid is coming closer with each day, and pretending that everything is fine.
And so he spent this time in a motel, feeling guilty and depressed.
He sat on a bed, elbows touching his knees and face hidden in both hands. What were the possibilities? If he’s going to keep his mouth shut till the end, he would have to pretend he didn’t know of anything. But Chalsea… Would she believe it? That he knew nothing about the raid, even though the whole Brakmar community knew about it? She’s not that stupid. But if he tells her about everything… Would she understand? Would she forgive him? And even if she did understand, there would be consequences. He would not only lose his job, but also Grace would be after him. Was it worth this risk?

The day before the raid, Shiel finally decided that he cannot wait anymore, he has to warn everyone. Even though it’s at last second, they might still have a chance against Brakmar. He rushed to the zaap. It was a more expensive trip than by a drago-express but he had to get to Chalsea as soon as possible.
When he finally got home, Chalsea was sitting next to a table and drinking coffee.
“Oh, Shiel, you’re home! ...You look stressed. What's going on?”
“I cannot… I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore. I have to tell you everything. I never lied to you, but I was hiding something important. I was-”
“Okay, okay, cool down and sit down. This sounds serious…”
“I cannot calm down” he sat next to her “I know you’ll be upset at me”
“I cannot believe you were hiding something from me...But you know I’ll always try to understand you” she reassured him “So how long were you hiding those things from me?”
“Over a year…”
“...A year. That's quite a lot of time. But alright, tell me more”
“A week ago I heard from Grace that they gonna raid Amakna, tomorrow. And they know where's the dofus”
“Tomorrow?! How do they know where’s the dofus? Why haven't you told it earlier, this is important, we have to warn Altair right away!” Chalsea wanted to stand up but Shiel grabbed her hand”
“No! Let me finish!”
Chalsea hesitated, but seeing the panic in Shiel’s eyes she sat back down.
“Grace told me I’d be killed if I ever told anyone…”
“About the raid?”
“That, and about something else” Shiel took a deep breath “I was spying for her… From the very beginning. I was told to befriend Loren so he can show me where they’re hiding the dofus. It’s me who told Grace where's the dofus…” Shiel finally admitted.
“Get… get out of my sight”
“Chalsea, I…” he tried to say something.
“I said get out!” she yelled at him. Shiel could see the tears in her eyes, that in a matter of seconds ran down her face. His heart was aching from this view. He never thought he’d make her cry like this. 
“You have to understand, I…” he tried to speak to her. She pointed finger at the doors.
“Get out of this house or else I’ll hurt you!”
Shiel stepped back, he never seen her being furious like this before. He was hesitating and didn’t know how to act. 
“Chalsea, please…” he tried to calm her how with his voice.
But chalsea had enough. She threw a few magic spears from her hand that hit Shiel. He tried to defend himself but the spears were so strong he ended up on the floor. Chalsea stood above him and held another spear in her hand. 
“You’ve got 5 minutes to pack your bags and get out of here”Shiel packed everything in hurry and left the house. The doors behind him shut loudly. Where is he supposed to go now? Only one thing came to his mind. He took a drago-express and went to a Village in Amakna.

Shiel stood in front of a house that he hasn’t seen in a year. He hasn’t seen his parents since then either. He knocked on the doors and they opened in a couple of seconds.
“Hi mom…” Shiel smiled sadly.
“Shiel, my dear son…” she hugged him instantly “I missed you so much”
“I missed you too…”“What are you doing here so suddenly? ...And what's up with those bags?”
“I… I messed everything up”
“What are you talking about?” she asked worried.
“Shiel…?” said his father, who just came and stood next to his wife.
“Come inside, Shiel. I’ll make you some tea and you’ll tell us what happened.”
And so they went inside, Shiel sat in the middle of a couch and his father sat next to him. A moment later his mom came, bringing everyone a cup of tea.
“So, tell us what happened…” began his mom.
“Chalsea… She… She broke up with me” he sniffed and shut his eyes as tight as possible. Bitter tears, that he was holding until now, ran down his cheeks as he clenched fists on his knees.
“Oh no… Shiel, I’m so sorry…” his mom embraced him, and his dad put a hand on his shoulder.
“Whatever happened, I believe you can fix it, son” said his dad trying to cheer him up at least a bit.
“No, what I did is unforgivable” Shiel sobbed.
“Why would you say that?” his dad asked confused.
“You have to get away from here as soon as possible. Brakmar is going to raid Amakna… And… And it's my fault” he hid face in hands and sobbed louder.
“Brakmar? Raid Amakna? No way…” his mom was shocked.
“But why are you saying it's your fault?” his dad was stroking his back gently, trying to comfort him”
“I can't tell you… I don't want you to hate me….”
“Son, we love you and nothing is gonna change that, trust me” said his dad. “Remember each time you got into trouble in school? We always were there for you. Now you’re an adult, but nothing has changed since then”
“But… I did a really bad and serious thing this time… You’ll be disappointed with me. You might even want to throw me out of the house, just like Chalsea did”
“I assure you that won't happen. Please, trust us” he hugged him and Shiel leaned head on his shoulder and cried.
“It’s going to be alright” he started to stroke his head.
Shiel started to slowly open up and tell his parents everything, from the very beginning. His wording was chaotic, but his parents understood him anyway. After Shiel finished, the room was filled with silence for a short moment.
“...Just tell me already to get out” he pushed his dad away a little, but he only hugged him tighter.
“Son, we still love you” said his mom “You could only choose between the greater good and your own life. You were in a situation with no way out”
“We're glad you're alive…” added his dad.
“Even if you sacrificed yourself, they could’ve found another spy instead of you. You’d die for nothing”
Shiel wiped his tears.
“I… I guess you’re right…” Shiel grabbed a cup of tea and took a sip “What am I supposed to do now…”
“First, we have to inform the king about the situation” said his mom.
“I bet Chalsea is already on her way to do that. Besides, the king would want me dead if I admitted it was me who told the brakmar governor where’s the dofus. He trusted me enough to show it…”
“You said it’s going to begin tomorrow… Do you know any details?” asked his dad.
“I know their whole plan”
“Then you do have to tell the king about it”
“No, I don’t have to. Amaknian army is strong, they’ll manage it”
“Then you’ll be fighting alongside us” added Shiel’s mom.
“What? No way, they will recognize me and notice I have betrayed them, it’s certain death”
“Shiel is right…” his dad grabbed his chin, looked down and started to think “We have to prepare for tomorrow”
“Mom, you’ll have to give me your gauntlet, I’ll have to tweak it a little”
“Why is that?” she asked surprised.
“Brakmarians have traps for fecas that… That I’ve made. So I know what to do to make your orb shield work against them”
“Shiel, why would you come up with such a thing?” his mom was shocked.
“I was ordered to do it. This was my job. I’m sorry…”
Shiel’s dad shook his head. 
“Next time you’ll work in a bakery. It’s a more safe job”
Shiel smiled a little, being thankful that his dad tried to cheer him up instead of judging. They talked for one more hour. Shiel has told his parents about the whole plan of the raid, then made tweaks to his mom’s gauntlet and later they went early to sleep, but none of them could fall asleep, thinking of the raid. In the morning Shiel and his mom grabbed their gauntlets, and Shiel’s dad grabbed his bow.
“Mom, dad… You’re still not prepared for the battle. You need to go to the king and ask for armors”
“They’ll start to wonder how do we know about the raid” said his dad.
“Then let’s stay home” Shiel hugged tight his parents “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you”
“We’ll be alright, Shiel. Better let’s hurry, soon they will be in the Holey Forest” 
Shiel’s parents jumped on their dragoturkeys and rushed to the battleground while he had to stay at home. He hated having to idle like this. He felt useless. All he could do now was to wait for the outcome of the battle.

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