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Shiel's Story - Part 4

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 08, 2018, 16:49:26

"So, you're telling me that they brought our head guard to the laboratory and infected him with something? And you cured him? Shiel, I'm so proud of you" Chalsea smiled and held Shiel’s hands "You used to care less about other people. You've changed a lot since we've first met"
"It's all thanks to you" Shiel forced a smile.
"Tell me what else happened"
“They somehow figured out that I know Loren. I thought they think I’m a spy and want to kill me for that”
"How did you get out of this?" Chalsea was concerned.
"Pure luck... She told me I'm her favourite so she won’t harm me. Except… Except she tried to kiss me. And this is when I opposed her and she did that to my face”
"I can't believe she did this to you for such a banal thing. That's ruthless"
"Yeah, but what can I do, she's my governor. I have to respect her"
Chalsea shook her head.
"I think you should really reconsider finding a better job in Amakna"
"Only if it would be necessary”
"Either way... is it all that stressed you so much?" she looked him in the eyes, but Shiel avoided her sight.
"More or less” he answered.
“You know what? Tomorrow you’ll go there and tell her you’re leaving the job”
“What? No, I cannot do that. She’ll give me another ‘lesson’ ” he frowned.
“If she tried to kiss you, It means she has feelings for you… I don't believe she'd be capable of harming you more than that”
“You might be right, but I wouldn't risk”
“I think it’s work giving a try”
“Please, do it for me” she begged.
“Okay, I’ll see what I can do” he replied resigned.
“All you have to do is to be firm and assertive about it when you talk to her”
Chalsea embraced Shiel with one arm, at the height of his stomach, then took his head in her hand and she kissed his forehead.
"I’ll go take a bath” he decided.
“That's a good idea, maybe you’ll relax a little” she smiled.

Shiel lied in a bathtub. He immersed himself into the water as much as he could, only leaving his face and knees on the surface. Although he wasn’t lying to Chalsea, his heart was aching from hiding the truth and letting her believe that he was doing the right thing.

The very next day, Shiel went to governor Grace. He stood in front of her looking confident.
"I came to tell I want to give up on my job" he began.
"You think you can this way run away from your responsibilities?"
"I don't care what you say. There's nothing keeping me here anymore. I already made up my mind. I'm leaving" Shiel tried to stay firm.
"I don't think it will be that easy." Grace gave a signal to her guards, which they understood right away. They sneaked up on Shiel from behind.
In no time the two feca guards grabbed Shiel and immobilized him with their abilities. Shiel grunted and wanted to struggle to run away, but he couldn't even move a finger.
"I didn't think it'd come to this... I really liked you, Shiel. Guards, throw him to the prison cell, and Derek, you prepare the guillotine"
"No!! You're kidding, right? RIGHT?" Shiel started to struggle as soon the fecas let him off the immobilization spell and started to pull him away.
"I'm sorry Shiel. It was nice meeting you" Said Grace, with a touch of sadness in her voice.
"Fine, FINE. I'll stay! I beg you, please!" he almost cried. He knew Grace was serious.
“Will you? Are you this scared of death?”
Shiel was breathing heavily, he didn’t know what to answer. But Grace took the silence as a ‘yes’.
"Guards" the fecas instantly stopped pulling shiel away.
"You're really lucky that I've got a lot of sympathy for you. I'll give you this one chance… And you won't leave without a lesson. Derek, prepare your whip"
"Yes, ma'am"
“No please, don’t…” Shiel begged, falling to his knees. The guards grabbed him, and resigned he didn’t try to resist anymore, knowing that it’s no use.

“Shiel! You’re finally home. How did it go?”
“Not… Well…” his face was wry from the pain.
“So she didn’t allow you to leave your job in the end…”
“Not only that. She gave me another ‘lesson’, like I said she would”
“But I don’t see any scars on your face?”
Shiel turned around and pulled up his shirt to show his back. The wounds after getting whipped still were red and fresh. Chalsea gasped and hid her mouth with hands.
“Oh my god… Shiel… I’m so sorry…”

While Shiel was lying on a bed with a naked back, and Chalsea was healing his wounds, he began a conversation.
“Tomorrow I want to visit Loren. I need to know how he’s feeling”
“I thought you cured him?”
“Yes, but I didn't test the remedy. It could have its side effects. But it was worth risking, because who knows if the bacteria wouldn't kill him. It was a shushu bacteria that our immune systems are not prepared for”
“I see…” Chalsea got lost in thought for a second and touched Shiel’s wounds a little too firmly. Shiel moaned from pain.
“Oh I’m so sorry, darling…” she apologized “I’ll try to be more careful”
Chalsea healed Shiel’s wounds as much as she could, but his back was still sore. He disliked sleeping on his stomach, but he had no choice tonight. It was tough for him to fall asleep, waking up every half of an hour. He decided to get out of bed at 5 am. Chalsea was still sleeping. He drank two cups of coffee and went off to visit Loren.By the time he got to the amaknian outpost, it was already 6 am. He wasn’t sure yet how he’s gonna get to either Loren or the king, he had no plan. But it was worth giving a shot.
He finally stood in front of the gates to the royal palace, guarded by four guards.
“Greetings. I’m Shiel Chevalier and I would like to talk with Head Guard, Loren Roux”
“He is not present. He’s on a sick leave”
“I know. I’m the one who cured him when he was imprisoned in Brakmar”
The guards looked at each other.
“Just go and ask him if he wants to see me. Please” said Shiel.
“First, tell us what you’re coming for”
“I just want to check if he’s alright”
“He’s under a medical care. You don’t have to worry”
The guards wanted to get rid off Shiel as soon as possible, but he wasn’t letting go.
“I am the one who cured him, and I reserve a right to see him”
One of the guards groaned.
“I’ll go ask him” he said.
And so Shiel waited for fifteen minutes in the presence of guards, who were staring at him so attentively it was making him uncomfortable, until the other guard came back.
“You’re allowed to enter” he said.
Shiel was lead into the royal palace, accompanied by two other guards. He was looking around impressed, being there for the first time. The palace had a nice beige color, was decorated with beautiful gold ornaments and was surrounded by wonderful gardens.
Soon, he was brought to a room where Loren was resting on a bed, and Altair was sitting next to him.
“Hello, Loren… a-and, Your Highness… I didn't expect you here”
“Welcome, Shiel” the king has welcomed him.
“Hi, thanks for coming” said Loren “Guards, could you leave us alone?” The guards listened to him right away.
“So, how are you feeling?” Shiel asked.
“Still a little weak… But feeling a lot better than before”
“I’m glad to hear this” Shiel smiled.
“It’s so nice of you that you came to visit me. But I have to ask you one thing… Do you know what was that thing you cured me from? It was terrifying... I thought I’m going to die there…”
“You probably were close to dying. It was a shushu bacteria. Our immune systems are not prepared to fight that type of bacteria”
“So they did try to kill me... “ Loren was shocked.
“Shiel… I… I don’t know how to thank you” said Altair “You saved him”
“No need to thank me. I’m just glad I saved a life…”
Altair stood up “I believe Brakmar needs more people like you” he put a hand on Shiel’s shoulder and smiled. Shiel smiled back.
“Yes…?” Shiel waited for Altair to finish his sentence.
“I heard from Loren about the war that Brakmar wants to begin, again”
“Oh… It's… It's complicated”
“Did you bring that device you've made?” Loren asked.
“No, I have forgotten about it. but I promise to bring it the next time I visit you”
“Alright, that's fine”
“Shiel, could we ask you for another favor?” asked Altair “Please, let us know if you hear of the Brakmar governor’s plans, and if you’ll know when they plan to raid us. We need to be prepared. Can we count on you?”
Shiel had to give it a thought.
“...Yeah, I guess I can do that” he lied.
“Thank you so much… If you ever need help, don't hesitate to come to us” Altair smiled.

After that day, Shiel began to build up his friendship with Loren, who was quick to trust him after he was saved by him. Shiel was helping Loren with his guard duties, and by that he learned a lot about his work. They were also often going out for a beer and talked and laughed for hours. Shiel not always agreed with Loren and didn’t even liked him as much, but his perfect facade and acting let everyone think they’re best friends. Shiel was indeed a perfect subject for the mission he has gotten, he was good at deceiving everyone.
In the meantime, Shiel and other scientists working along with him, were requested to build a massive machine that Grace came up with. The machine was supposedly going to extract energy from a dofus and transform it into a pure and drinkable extract. But they needed something they could test the machine on, so Grace entrusted her scientists with a fake dofus she has obtained before the war. By the time the machine was finished, half and a year have passed. Shiel was befriended with Loren so much he could ask him for anything, and Loren would do that for him.

A day after the machine was finished with success, Shiel got ordered to get the location of the Crimson Dofus. The same day, Shiel met with Loren. They decided to chill on a hill in Fertile Prairie, after a day full of work.
“...You know what, Loren? I was thinking about the love...”
“Yeah? What about it?” Loren asked intrigued.
“The love between two dragons, two majestic beings…”
“Mhm?” he was listening carefully.
“Who would’ve think something so powerful, like dofuses, can come out of a love”
“Indeed… But you know, a lot of powerful things get born out of love, not only the dofuses”
“Yeah, but there’s something special about dofuses. Only a few had a chance to have a dofus in their hands and feel the dofus energy and power run through their mind and body. It must be a fantastic feeling”
“I’ve held a dofus once”
“Really? Altair let you?” Shiel looked at Loren “How does it feel?” he asked curiously.
“Just like you described it. A powerful energy running through your body… You feel like if you could do anything with the help of it”
“And what did you do with it?”
“Nothing. I didn’t want to demolish the royal palace” he laughed.
“Loren… Do you think Altair would let me see the dofus?” Shiel finally asked.
“Hmm… Sure, why not? It’s not like you would tell anyone where it is, right?”
“Oh, if only you knew, Loren…” Shiel thought, almost feeling sorry for him.
“Of course not. I’m not one of those tainted sufokians” he laughed.
“Then let’s go get on our mounts, and go to the palace!”
“Right now?” Shiel raised his eyebrows.
“Sure, why not!” Loren said with enthusiasm.

Shiel couldn’t believe how easy that was. Loren was so blinded by their ‘friendship’ that he didn’t suspect anything even for a second. That’s one of the things he disliked about Loren. Sometimes he wasn’t enough careful and at other times he was acting recklessly. Too light-minded and too happy-go-lucky. That’s exactly how you get yourself into problems. Of course when it was coming to his duties, Loren was careful and serious. But in Shiel’s opinion it wasn’t enough. You have to keep your guard up even around the closest ones, because you never know what might come to their minds. Of course that was a little hypocritical of Shiel, because he trusted his parents and Chalsea boundlessly.

Half of an hour later, they’ve made it to the royal palace. They left their mounts in a stable and went inside. They were about to enter the palace when someone has shouted.
“Hey, Loren! Hi Shiel!”
It was Altair, he was sitting in the garden in front of the palace.
“Oh, we didn’t see you!” Loren ran towards altair, while Shiel walked calmly after him “We were actually looking for you” Loren sat on a bench next to Altair. Shiel stood next to them and hid hands in the pockets of his pants.
“You’re always looking for me, aren’t you, Loren?” Altair laughed.
“Oh, shush” Loren turned red “We came to ask you about something”
“What is it?” asked the osamodas.
Loren started to whisper something to his ear. Altair raised eyebrows.
“...Dofus, huh?” Altair whispered and Loren nodded.
“I… I don’t know. I’m not sure if this is a good idea” he looked at Shiel and then back at Loren “You know it’s a huge source of power, it’s dangerous…”
“But nothing bad happened when you’ve shown it to me!” Loren tried to change Altair’s mind.
“It’s fine, it’s not that important after all” said Shiel.
“Yeah, but… It’s so great… I think you should experience it” Loren looked at Shiel.
“Alright, I’ll show you the dofus, but we’ll be holding it together”
“Sounds good!” said Loren.
Altair and Loren got up from the bench and together with Shiel went to the royal palace. The osamodas was leading the two fecas deep, deep inside the building, going downstairs deeper and deeper where there were many corridors leading to different rooms. Shiel was wondering what they’re hiding there. He’d never expect there would be a place like this under the royal palace. It was almost like a labyrinth. While they were on their way to the room where the dofus was located, Shiel was looking around and was focused on remembering every detail so he can later draw a map for Grace. Finally, they stood in front of small doors which didn’t differ from any of the other doors. It was a very inostensible place to hide a dofus.
“Turn around” Altair ordered, and Shiel and Loren had to listen.
“Goddammit. How am I supposed to tell now how to get inside? I should’ve predicted that” Shiel has thought.
Altair opened the door and went inside. Inside there was a pedestal on which was placed a dofus, covered with a piece of fabric, which Altair took off. The osamodas carefully grabbed the dofus with both hands and lifted it up. He closed his eyes and his whole body started to glow in a red color.
“So, this is the Crimson Dofus… you can touch it now, Shiel”
Shiel reached towards it with a shaking hand. He was scared that the dofus power might be so great it might awaken his brakmarian instincts. What if he won’t be able to control the power? What if it takes the control over him, just like it did with the Ogrest?
“I… I can’t” said Shiel.
“What’s wrong?” asked Loren.
“I’m scared that something bad will happen, what if-”
Shiel didn’t finish his sentence, because Loren grabbed his hand and together they touched the dofus. Shiel opened his eyes wide and his iris started to glow red. He could feel the thrill, as the huge power of dofus ran through his entire body. Suddenly he felt like if all the barriers of this world that were holding him stopped existing, and there was nothing that could stop him. Except he had to stop himself, from letting this feeling control him. As soon as he started to feel it was too much for him, he moved the hand away.
“This… This was indescribable…” he was looking astonished at the dofus, until he looked up at Altair.
“How can you be so calm while holding it?”
“One has to learn how to embrace this power”

For the rest of the day, Shiel was wondering about the feeling he has experienced. With such a power he could easily oppose Grace. If only the dofus was in his hands… He could only dream of how much that would change everything, if only he was the one in control.

Part 5 -

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