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Shiel's Story - Part 2

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 02, 2018, 05:47:57

“Alright. I’ll go see her” Shiel got up from his seat “but first, I’m going to bring our amaknian guy some food” he decided.
“Food? Are you taking pity on him or what?” the girl laughed and gave him a questioning look.
“Uh… We cannot just let him starve?” Shiel tried to look confused, as if he was playing innocent.
“Damn, you really feel sorry for him. Oh what a good boy you are, Shiel” the ouginak gave him a pat on the back “I guess that’s one of the outcomes of being raised in Amakna.”
“Looks like I have a privilege to being nicer than other brakmarians Shiel thought “That might come in handy later too”

Shiel brought a glass and poured the remedy from a phial into it, then dissolved it in water. He had to put extra effort into making this remedy drinkable. Injecting it with a syringe would be so much easier, but he wouldn’t want to quarrel with Loren who apparently had a fear of syringes. Why was he even doing it for Loren? He was slowly forgetting. Ah, right… “Promise me, to never hurt any amaknian, or any living at all, Shiel” he reminded himself Chalsea’s words. Chalsea would’ve wanted this. And besides, somewhere deep inside him, without being conscious about it, he wanted to prove himself to be a good person despite being born brakmarian.
He looked around. No one seemed to pay attention to what he was doing; it was early and not everyone was present yet. The two other employees in the lab seemed to be busy with their own stuff.
He picked up the glass and his lunchbox with food that he intended to share with Loren. “Well, time to visit the patient he thought jokingly. But he was soon to discover there was no time for joking. As soon as he entered the hallway of cells and cages, he heard pitiful and miserable crying and yelling. The sounds made him concerned so he speeded up the pace of his steps. And then he saw Loren, lying right next to the metal bars. He was looking much worse than earlier, with his hair messed up and eyes red from crying.
Shiel couldn’t open up the cell with Loren being so close. He could easily run away. But thankfully the intervals between the bars were wide enough for his hand to slip through them.
He kneeled in front of the bars and moved the glass towards Loren, close to his mouth so he could take a sip. Loren looked at the glass and for a moment stopped crying, then he looked up at Shiel, who saw something in his eyes. His eyes were asking ‘is this supposed to help?’.
“Here, drink this” he said to Loren. “It’s a medicine, it’ll make you feel better” he assured. Loren looked once again at the glass. He slowly moved his shaking hand towards it, grabbed the glass and started to drink.
“I also brought you some food” said Shiel, as he put the box with food inside the cell. “For now, I have to leave. I’ll come back later, and I hope you’ll feel better by that time”.

As Shiel was leaving the corridor, he was about to open the doors, but someone on the other side was quicker.
“There you are, Mr. Chevalier” said the army general, who was a sram.
“Oh, were you looking for me?” Shiel sounded surprised.
“Yes, you have to see the governor, right away. I’ll lead you”
They even sent the army general after Shiel. Was it really something this important?
He was passing through the long corridors, along with the army general. Both of them were silent for a while, until the sram began a conversation.
“You better admit already you’re friends with that feca”
“With who, Melissa? I never denied that, I like her as my co-worker.” Shiel responded. It seemed like a pretty weird question to him. Why would the army general be interested in their relations? But that was not it.
“No, no… the other feca. You know which one.” he whispered to Shiel’s ear, who looked then at the army general with a frown. “Is he talking about Loren? No way… No one could’ve seen me. I was cautious” Shiel reassured himself.
“I really don’t know what you mean” he replied after a moment.
“Oh everyone talks like that~ But I know what you’re hiding”  he was toying with Shiel further.
“That’s a nonsense” He pretended to be indignant “I’m not hiding anything”
He couldn’t tell if the guy was just playing with him and the topic was a coincidence, or if he really does know something. Either way, he had to keep playing his role in this no matter what.
Suddenly, the sram turned into a liquid and melted away on the floor. Shiel kept walking, but he kept an eye on the place where the sram disappeared, wondering where he could’ve gone all of the sudden. He could sense something's not right. They touched such… a specific topic. Either way, Shiel finally had him off his head... Or so he thought, until the sram appeared right in front of him, scaring the hell out of Shiel.
“Keep that stupid mask off your face. You’re not going to fool me”
Shiel flinched and stepped away with eyes wide open. Those words made the feca lose his composure. He was terrified and his chest was throbbing rapidly.
“Oh what a beautiful look on your face. Now that’s better, finally showing your true emotions. Surprised we are, aren’t we?” the army general grinned and showed him the doors to the hall with his hand. “Now, go there and tell her everything…” he said, while melting away once again and disappearing, this time for good.
Shiel chuckled in panic looking at the doors in front of him. “That guy… what was this whole scene just now?”  he thought in distress “He somehow knows I have connections with Loren… What if… What if the reason why I’m being called here, is because he told about it the governor? He told me to admit it…” Shiel stood lost in this thoughts like this for a few moments, until he had finally decided. He’s not letting that weird guy have an impact on his actions. He has to keep being calm and collected. He’ll act like if none of those things from a minute before have happened, and see how things turn out. Even in the worst scenario, there’s still a chance he can turn things around.

Shiel finally grabbed the handle of the huge doors in front of him. He entered an enormous hall, which had a length of twice its width. On the black walls there were hanging symmetrically vertical flags and pennons, all with brakmarian emblems, while the floor had a red-and-black chessboard pattern. At the end of the hall there were wide stairs that were leading to a throne that governor Grace was comfortably sitting on.
“Governor Grace” Shiel began as he kneeled in front of her, lowering his head to show her respect “I was told to come here to see you”. Grace crossed her legs and looked at Shiel form above.
“Yes, I’ve got something to tell you.”
“I’m all ears” he closed his eyes and waited for the worst. He was already shivering and could feel tightness in his chest “If they already know about my connection to Loren, they must consider me a spy. And I know that any spy in Brakmar would instantly get a death penalty. Would they drop me into a volcano? Let the hungry rats in the mines eat me alive? Or would they just drown me, or maybe the army general wants to stab me to death?” The blood pounded in his ears. His heart thudded in his chest.
“You’re officially being promoted, Mr. Chevalier” she announced.
“I’m- ...being promoted?” he raised his head and looked at the governor astounded.
“Yes, my dear ‘Knight’ ” Grace said playfully, referring to Shiel’s surname meaning “I find you being worthy of taking a supervision on our laboratory.”
In a matter of seconds Shiel’s whole stress and tension slowly began to vanish. It was not only positive information, but also a huge relief to him.
“Whoah... I’m really, really pleasantly surprised. May I ask, what made you choose no one else but me?”
“I have noticed your devotion to the work, and how often you stayed after hours. And your invention helped us to catch that nasty amaknian Head Guard. Thanks to you, The King of Amakna will have to pay us a few million kamas to buy him back. But that’s not all. I still remember from your job interview how motivated you are to rebuild our nation. Your intentions are pure, and I appreciate them. I really think you deserve a promotion”
“I feel… Honored” he lowered his head once again.
“From now on, you can watch over your coworkers and command them. That means more responsibilities for you, but I’m convinced you can handle it. Besides, I give you a weeks time off to use at your leisure, for the after hours that you have spent at work.”
“Your Grace, you’re being too kind to me”
“Of course I am kind, to those who deserve it. But remember, I expect a lot from you. You better not disappoint me.” she said decisively “Now, come closer to me.”
Shiel stood up, without thinking much and with no hesitation and came closer to Grace, just as she commanded”
“Closer. Stand right next to me” she ordered.
Now that seemed weird to Shiel, but he listened anyway. He took a few more steps, went upstairs and stood on her right hand side.
Grace grabbed Shiel’s cheek. He could feel gentle touch of her long nails as well as a warmth of her lips on his other cheek. His face instantly turned red.
“Wha-” Shiel tried to say something, but before he could finish, Grace put a finger on his lips.
“Shh. That’s it. You can go now”
Shiel stood stunned for a few seconds, after what he finally spoke.
“Y-yes, Your Grace” he bowed hesitantly and slowly moved away.
“What was that just now?” he thought, grabbing himself by the cheek and feeling a little disturbed “She gave me a kiss, like if it was nothing”. He could feel the head guard’s look on himself, as he was exiting the hall. The doors have closed behind him, but he could still hear through them as Grace said: “Did anyone see anything? No? Good. Cause if you did you’d be thrown into the lava”.Shiel could safely assume that no one is going to talk about it. It was widely known in Brakmar that governor Grace didn’t tolerate any form of gossiping. Death penalties were a common thing in Brakmar, although the percentage of them decreased since Grace has taken over the Brakmar government. Unlike the previous governor she’s been more rational, knowing that unnecessary killing citizens is no good to the society. But that doesn’t mean she’s any less ruthless, which Shiel will see for himself soon.

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