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Shiel's Story - Part 1

By PunkSimon#2897 - MEMBER - July 02, 2018, 04:44:05
The story takes place in my modern-ish version of the World of Twelve. 
In my story, the Ogrest Chaos has ended long ago, classes and nations have evolved and changed, mostly becoming more modern (no, there are no smartphones or computers) but still keeping their old roots. Everything about my characters revolves around Amakna, Brakmar, the 13 years long war between those two nations, and a following civil war in Brakmar that has ended just recently.

Brakmar, the secret laboratory located in underground headquarters. This is where Shiel Chevalier got hired when he came back to his homeland, after growing up in Amakna and graduating from Amaknian university. Getting hired there was easy, just as he expected. At that time Brakmar was in need of people like him, and he knew about it very well. Otherwise, he would not dare to aim so high. However, at first, a thought between the brakmarian cabinet members occurred; perhaps he could be an Amaknian spy. But thankfully that thought has vanished quickly after a few flips of paper pages. There was no case of any national betrayal in his documents, and through his veins was running pure brakmarian blood. It seemed to be enough for the cabinet to trust Shiel and accept his job application. Besides, who knows if his amaknian connections wouldn't come in handy one day? The Brakmarian government cabinet welcomed him with open arms.

Today he was sitting at his workplace in the main laboratory, reading a report about test results on his latest invention. The room was large, with all necessary machines, devices and storages, and of course desks to work on. There was still a lot of free space around, as there were less than half of expected amount of hired scientists. Shiel turned the page and continued reading. His prototype SCN-03 was a magnetic trap, in general called a net cause it basically worked like one. But that's not all about it; its special feature was feca orbs passing-by. Figuring out how to make it work was just a matter of testing it on several shield devices, including his own. What was more important though, was in fact improving his own gear to prevent the net-trap from being used against himself and other brakmarians. That meant mass producing new gear for the whole nation army. A lot of work, before the project can come to life.The coworker ouginak who just delivered the report was still standing next to Shiel, leaning towards the document and reading along with him.
"What do they say?" asked a feca, sitting nearby.
"Well, it's said it was tested on a few types of equipment and so far there are no complaints" Shiel replied, and then continued "Moreover, they request to keep producing the nets and suggest to work on adapting it underwater"
"That's a success! Let me know if you need any help, I specialize in water branch and environments" said the feca and grinned with a gleam in her glasses, looking like a total nerd. Both fecas decided to talk about it during the lunch and got back to their work. Right now Shiel's task was to repair a few prostheses belonging to soldiers from a brakmarian army.

He was focused on connecting wires together when someone from behind shouted his name.
"Look Shiel, you've caught some amaknian scum!" Shiel turned around and saw a few fellow workers in white outfits, dragging someone with themselves.
"I did? What are you talking about?" he questioned, confused by the sudden situation.
One of the guys threw a net towards him, which he caught in his hands. That was enough for an answer. The slim male silhouette he saw within a couple of meters, of someone who first appeared to be a stranger, slowly has become more familiar. Shiel got up from his chair and walked across the room to see the person closer and as soon as he saw his face, he opened eyes wide in disbelief.The whole situation had to be quickly evaluated now; anything could arouse suspicion, and little to no control over the situation left him no other choice but to act impassive.
„Who is he?” he asked, pretending to not know.
„You lived in Amakna and you have no idea? You must be kidding me!” said one of the scientists who dragged the amaknian over there.
„He’s working for the government, all ecoterrorists have got him up their asses. What was his name? Soren?” someone said with contempt while others laid the amaknian on a white chair and immobilized him by forcibly buckling few belts over his body.
„Roux. Loren Roux, you dumbass. He’s the head guard.” a female voice has answered and Loren opened eyes as he heard his own name. His vision was blurry for a moment, but the second he could see all the people around him, his skin turned paler than it was already. A sudden cramp in his stomach, followed by a huge headache from a hit in his head. He groaned and closed his eyelids tight, with a face wry from the pain.
"Oh, so it's that guy..." Shiel peeked at Loren while looking through phials filled with various chemicals, more or less harmful.
„What are we going to do with him now?” he asked, although he already knew the answer. His colleagues weren’t hiding their passionate hate to the amaknian, mocking and insulting out loud Loren and his kind. „Let’s make him regret being amaknian!” shouted one, but Shiel turned down his enthusiasm.
"We rather want him in one piece though, he might come useful" he said smiling and rubbing his fingers at the height of his head, suggesting they might get paid for it. He pulled out a phial he looked for and handed it to a person standing the closest to him.
"This should be good enough... Have fun with him, I'm getting back to work now" Shiel looked one more time at his old enemy, with sympathy, and sat back at his desk feeling disturbed. He looked back at the past and the reasons he hated Loren for, have lost their old, and silly now meaning. The fecas have met in high school and were rivaling with each other until 2 years older Shiel has graduated. And this is the first time they see each other after years."I have to get him out of this", he thought, grabbing his chin with a hand and looking pensive.

The corridor was long and narrow, and the lighting inside was flickering. Shiel was slowly passing by cells and cages with bigger and smaller animals that were either sleeping or eating or growling at him. He wasn’t in hurry to see Loren; he still was thinking through how to talk with him. “Should I just say ‘Hi, it’s me, Shiel. Remember?’. No, that would be too casual. Maybe I should apologize right away…” he was contemplating “Ugh. I’ll just say whatever comes to my mind the moment I see him.”
He stepped in front of a cell and saw him sitting on the ground. The cell was small and inside there was no place to sit or sleep. Afterall it wasn't a prison, but a laboratory where guinea pigs were kept. No one predicted having to cage in a human.
Loren was all curled up, looking down, and not looking too well. Who knows what Shiel's coworkers did to him while he wasn't present.
"Hey... I'm not here to hurt you, I promise" Shiel has begun. "I know you've recognized me earlier, I saw it in your eyes"
But Loren was not responding. Didn't even care enough to look up at Shiel.
"Ugh. I came to apologize to you. Even though I'm bad at apologizing... Are you even listening to me?" Once again, no response. Loren curled up even more while Shiel clenched his fists.
"Okay, I get it" said Shiel. He was a little angered, but he wasn't giving up yet. "I'll be back soon" he said, as he turned away and disappeared from Loren's sight.While Shiel was gone, Loren was wondering how did he end up like that? Caged and being tested on, like some animal. He could feel on his own skin how sadistic brakmarians are. And now that guy who bullied him in high school comes here "not wanting to hurt him". Although he knew it's not a time for self-pitying, he really couldn't help it. He was tired and feeling dizzy after who knows what they injected into his bloodstream.
Drowning in his thoughts, the time started to slowly distort in his mind. The surroundings were spinning and he couldn't tell if time is passing quicker or slower than before. In a matter of few seconds, he collapsed onto the ground. He hasn't lost his consciousness yet, but everything became blurry. A few moments later he saw someone's silhouette. They were staring at him and looked like if they were hesitating, but eventually opened up the cell and got inside. Loren panicked, seeing how the person was getting closer. He wanted to get away so badly he pushed himself right into the corner, being delusional and imagining more space behind him and still moving, like if he was trying to get away more than it was possible. Suddenly the person grabbed his cheek and Loren could feel a cold glass on his lips, and a liquid poured down his throat. At first, he was shaking his head, but as soon as the water touched his lips, he reminded himself of the thirst. The thirst was bigger than the fear of getting supposedly poisoned, considering someone could've added something to the said water. His gullet was moving quickly with every sip of the water until he choked on drinking last drops.
"Wow, you really were thirsty... I guess one glass is not enough. I'll bring some more later" said Shiel, looking at Loren with compassion. He took a second look at him and became to really worry seeing the state he was in.
“Whatever they did to you, it looks like it started to work” Shiel has concluded “And you look really sick from it" he put his palm on Loren’s forehead and instantly felt the heat “Yeah, you’re definitely sick” he stated.
Loren gave Shiel a tired glance. Even though his vision was still blurry, he could recognize Shiel by his voice.
“Why do you even care?” he finally spoke a word.
“Oh, so you do speak after all... Well, I might have done mistakes in my past, but I’m not that person anymore.”
“And how am I supposed to believe you, huh?” he questioned, staring suspiciously at Shiel, "You're working with them. You've betrayed Amakna"
“You don't know what you're talking about. I’m risking being here and actually talking to you. Someone could come and see me here at any time” he looked at Loren with seriousness.
“I guess…” he looked away, and a second later he closed his eyes and grabbed his forehead that suddenly started to ache.
“My coworkers are at lunch now. Told them I’ll keep on working and keep an eye on you. But you know what? I have brought something with myself" and he pulled out a syringe out of a pocket in his lab coat, "I'm going to take your blood sample and see what bacteria they infected you with. Although I only had a few lectures about this at the university I went to, I'll try my best to find a remedy. You gonna thank me when you come to your senses.”
“You brought a what?" he blinked few times and squinted, trying to focus his sight on the object. He didn't quite listen to what Shiel just said because of his headache, but once he realized what Shiel is holding, he gasped, “Oh no. No, we're not doing that”
“Are you sure? Cause, you know, right now you might have just a fever but with each hour it might be getting worse.”
“I-I'm actually feeling better” he stuttered, not sounding convincingly.
“Don't be kidding. Are you scared or what?"
“Yeah, I actually am" he admitted and slowly moved away from Shiel, keeping an eye on the syringe.
“Wow, I wouldn't guess you're still such a baby, after all those years. But alright”, he put the syringe back in his pocket, knowing that he shouldn't force things on people. Loren would only make some unnecessary noise and bring someone else’s attention to here. “Just lay down and wait here, while I'll go get you some water”.
However, Shiel didn't plan to hurry with that, no. He intentionally waited 'till the midnight, and by the time he came back, Loren was already asleep. He crouched next to him and he could finally take his blood sample.
“Sorry I kept you waiting. You'll thank me later”. He left a glass of water next to him and went back to his workplace, where he stayed the night working on the remedy.As the sun has risen, Shiel was found sleeping at the desk by his ouginak coworker. She grabbed his arm and has shaken him a little.
“Hey, wake up” she said loudly. “Don’t tell me you actually stayed here whole night?”
“Goawayyy…” Shiel mumbled with a sleepy voice.
“Alright, alright... Just wanted to let you know that governor Grace wants to see you.”
“...Wait, what?” it seemed the girl’s voice suddenly has awakened him. Shiel raised his head “Doesn’t she, like, call us only in serious cases? Only when it’s necessary?”
“Yeah, I wonder what have you done?”
But whatever it was, Shiel knew he has to get to Loren first and bring him the remedy.

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I see, a fellow author. Hello and greetings, I have wrote my own story too on wattpad.

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