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Terminatrix: Back for the Future

By Gunnerwolfang#2406 - MEMBER - April 09, 2018, 05:34:58

Year 11xx
The world of twelve is coming to an end.....

The planet destroyers have succeeded in draining all the lifeforce in the planet. The plants stopped growing, withered and died. The animals are dying. The people are slowly weakening, drained of power, unable to fight back the planet devourers.

The final hope rest on the last group of rebel force who still have a few spark of stasis left in their body to fight the enemy. Fight, but not win.

Knowing that they cannot hope to defeat the destroyers, the four last machine foggernaut, led by Commander Orion Ax, his faithful friend Fumble B, the enigmatic Mega Thor and the silent Soundscream, set out on a final mission, to penetrate the enemy stronghold and somehow find a way to destroy it.

Using every ounce of skills and ability that they have, they have managed to fight their way to the most secret chamber of the destroyers' ship, and in there they found a mysterious device. It pulsate with unknown but powerful energy. 

Before they could fully study what the device do, the leaders of the planet destroyers arrived... Their leader fired a powerful blast towards Commander Orion Ax. Quick on his feet, Soundscream jumped in to take the full force of the blast and was disintegrated. Mega Thor uses his last energy to erect a force barrier around them, knowing full well that it will not last very long.

Orion Ax try to help the dying Mega Thor, but he told him that it is too late. Their last chance is to use the device and hope that whatever it does will be enough to defeat the enemy.

Orion Ax along with Fumble B, activates the device. Bright lights engulfed them. They both start to fade away. Before they disappear, they saw Mega Thor's barrier disappear as Mega Thor die.

Then the world spins.... Orion Ax and Fumble B struggles to hold unto each other as they spin into oblivion.

And then there is darkness....

As they slowly drift in space, Orion Ax saw a small flicker of light.
The light started to glow larger.
He reach his hands towards it. He realized that it was the spark that was powering the device that they recently used.

When he touched it, it began to merge with him, assimilating him, changing him. Making him more powerful.

He passed out.







Orion Ax wakes up.
Orion Ax: "How long has it been?"

He saw Fumble B who himself is starting to wake up.

Orion Ax: "What happened?"
Fumble B: "Where are we?"... "What happened to you?, You looked different."

With the power and knowledge stored in the eliacube that is now inside him, Orion Ax started to realize what has happened.

Orion Ax: "We were sent back in time. Into the very distant past, before the world of twelve was formed."... "We now have a new mission, to find and destroy the planet destroyers before they become too powerful. We must seek out the Prime Eliatropes and terminate them".

As he place his hand in his companion's shoulder, Orion Ax spoke with determination..

Orion Ax: "We must first establish our civilization. No longer foggernauts, we will be known as "Mechasme", and I will lead them towards a new future. From now on, with my new appearance and new powers, I will be known as "Orgonax",  

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