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A final goodbye for Pax

By Suspect--#9680 - MEMBER - January 30, 2018, 22:29:52

He never liked beaches, they didn't look good with him, and the feeling of sand beneath his feet was a pain in the ass, yet there was something oddly comforting about the sandy plains of Sufokia, his grey skin and spiky white hair felt every shift in the sea breeze, it was actually a little bit cold, making him regret only coming in his fur shorts. As his eyes scanned the setting sun that bathed the docks and ships in orange embers, he felt a bit at ease, his once half lidded and tired eyes were open and attentive. He sniffed briefly.."Salty" The sudden footsteps snapped him from his musing, the wait was over as he turned to face the other he couldn't help the wistful smile that graced his lips, even if small. "You know how to keep people waiting Pax" he greeted with a semi-mocking tone, his hands never leaving his pockets, his smile slowly vanished as he gazed upon the Xelor. "Didn't think i'd let you go without a goodbye didya?"
Pax stopped in the front of Suspect, leaning on the cane, keeping the weight off his left leg which was injured long time ago. He looked into Sacrier's eyes, just for a second, then his gaze wandered away. He never looked people in the face, something that would be unnoticeable if he still had his mask on, but Pax took it off together with his bandages, only a pair of small glasses sat on his face to correct his shortsightedness.
In a simple black hat and his usual waistcoat, he didn't even look like a Xelor anymore. He didn't feel like one either, not anymore.
He allowed himself to respond to Suspect's smirk with his own, even that it didn't correspond his current mood at all.
He greeted him with a little handwave.
"I should have expected that you will come, even though I didn't tell anyone."
He put his bag on the ground and moved towards Suspect.
"I wonder how you do that," Pax laughed, but it didn't come from the heart.
Actions without emotion, Pax surely was an enigma, He had never really taken the time to understand the 'why' in the Xelors actions, more focusing on the 'is', they never ceased to surprise him with what they could do, and just when the grey berserker thought he had seen it all, he saw the others face.
Skin, porcelain, as if it had never touched the sun before, he was looking upon a very human-looking individual, an adjective he had never used for Pax, as he always seemed more than such to him.
As his eyes widened in shock it only lasted for a moment before he schooled his features, his eyes once more becoming half lidded as if just that emotion of surprise had tired him out.
He slowly approached the other, feet leaving small imprints in the yellow sand, he stopped just a few steps in-front of the man, eyeing them evenly before speaking.
"We all have our secrets, Xelor" he spoke with a calm and calculating tone, before releasing a soft breathe from his nose and closing his eyes for a moment
Seconds passed, or was it a minute, time had always seemed off when around his kind..
"..So.." he decided it would be best to address the elephant...on the beach
"You're leaving, huh? I know i know, always secrets with you i shan't waste my breathe asking the why or what you have planned" he raised a hand from his pocket, shaking it in a 'shoo' gesture lazily.
"Don't suppose i can talk you out of it?"
Pax shook his head a few seconds before he spoke, his thoughts faster than his words.
"No. It has to be done," he said, and closed his eyes, subcosciously mimicking Suspect, but he left them closed. Pax was tired, and his eyes felt dry like the cactuses of Oohwymi. It was odd to feel the breeze on his face, but it was a feeling that was not entirely unpleasant.
Finally he opened eyes again, and for a split second he looked almost surprised that the Sacrier is still there, in almost the same position as before. Almost as if he forgot that they just met here on this sunny Sufokian beach.
"I... apologize for not letting you know," he said, unsure if this is what should be said in this exact situation.
Pax took a step forward.
Tiny specks of golden sand covered his black boot with white lances as he got even closer to Suspect, face still expressionless, but his eyes, that was a different story...
He hadn't yet opened his eyes, yet even from the wind, he could hear the other step forward, Suspects hand raised and placed itself on the others shoulder, his grip was firm, yet gently, an odd combination yet it held all the emotion that he was too tired to express, opening his eyes he allowed his gaze to meet the others, seeing a flurry of emotion that he could not truly comprehend.
There was so much going on in the xelor's mind, even he could see such.
"Then ya better do me a favor, Pax" he said bringing his other hand up and tapping his nose with his index finger while leaning forward a bit.
"You keep yourself safe, i don't care where you go or what you do, so long as wherever you end up, you're alive, ya get me?" he spoke with a bit more emotion in his tone, raising an eyebrow as if evaluating the other to see if they had heard him, before letting go of their shoulder, his hand now in front of the unmasked xelor, fingers outstretched to them
"You have a lot to live for, a lot of people will miss you, the best thing you can do is stay alive to grace them with the chance to see you again"
The corner of Pax's mouth twitched as he felt the strong tattoed arm of the Sacrier land on his shoulder, and then he smiled for real.
He felt a single teardrop gathering in his eye until it was too heavy to stay in it's place and ran down his cheek.
It threw him off. 
Now he missed his mask again, but he had decided that it's time to stop hiding behind it, especially that it didn't have any function anymore...
"That I promise," he said and then tried to hide his face anyway, in the best way he could think of - and he squeezed the Sacrier in the strongest hug that his toothpick-like Xelor arms were capable of.
The greyskin froze, his body going rigid at the sudden action, it was not that he was truly unused to this action, he had a few friends who were equally as touchy, but this was Pax, The xelor had never been for such open displays of affection with him, it was normally him to initiate such acts and even then it was rare to have them returned.
But even if it was different
Even if it was odd
Pax still meant a lot to him
He wrapped his arms around the glasses wearing man, returning the sudden embrace, one hand around their back and the other at the back of their head.
A smile of his own graced his features, as tired grey hues closed themselves once more, as a word left his dry lips, barely above a whisper
As if he only now realized what he actually did, Pax became stiff for a second, and then slipped out from the embrance as suddenly as he started it. He wasn't even sure what to do now, so he put his arms behind his back and he tilted his head slightly, sun getting under his black hat and shining on one of his brown eyes.
"This is not the last time we see each other, I promise that as well," he said to the sacrier and backed away a few steps, still watching him as he took the bag that still lied there on the ground.
Pax blinked.
"The ship is close to departing," he remarked and threw a nervous look over his shoulder. 
Loud honk filled the bay.
He snapped from the moment when Pax jumped away, a grin sprouted on the Sacriers face as he saw how nervous they were, it never left his face even when he heard the noise of the ship horn.
With a subtle cast of lightspeed he closed the distance and blew air just by the others ear before walking past them with his hands in his pockets.
"I suppose it is~" he spoke teasingly
Slowly he let the grin drop before it becoming a small smile
"Farewell Pax, I will see to it that this place does not forget your name any time soon" he allowed himself to bow his head to the other in respect "Take care"
The Xelor moved towards the ship, bag on his shoulder and the ebony cane with engraved ivory skull handle in his hand, his steps firm even despite the limp.
He got to the door to the cabin, wide open and painted in green paint that was peeling off here and there.
Just before he'd step inside, he turned and looked at the sacrier one last time.
The Xelor raised hand in a simple gesture that could be a salute, but it could be as well one of the countless hand movements that were almost undistinguishable for an outsider, but each of them bore a slightly different meaning.
He didn't do anything more.
He didn't say anything more either.
Just because he knew that if he did, he would lose control of his emotions for good.

Just this one last look at the Sacrier standing down there, feet burrowed in the golden sufokian sand, and the dark figure in a black hat disappeared in the dim cabin...
[This is a goodbye to not only an incredible xelor in wakfu but a good friend of mine, may wherever he goes from now bring him fortune and favor, and let the world of 12 know that this xelor was a blessing to have, we will all miss you pax <3]

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