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AU fic: diverges from storyline after season 2. Almost all of the characters appear.

By Crash22#4226 - MEMBER - December 26, 2017, 11:13:38
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When the death of their father makes Amalia and Armand the joint rulers of Sadida Kingdom, it doesn't take long for the two to clash. After a couple of years of battling his sister and being under pressure from not-so-friendly neighbours, Armand gladly accepts the offer of an alliance from Frigost... and with it, sees the solution to his Amalia-problems. All he needs to do is add one more condition to the treaty: a marriage to seal the deal. That and make sure Amalia doesn't find out what he did... at least until after the wedding. Anyway, there's not much she can do to get back at him when she's hundreds of miles away in Frigost... right?

Meanwhile, Harebourg is having troubles of his own as he tries to juggle his ambitions within the Brotherhood of the Forgotten and his obligations to the flourishing, but vulnerable new settlement on Frigost. At least Djaul hasn't shown up to wreck it all... yet (and that 'yet' is starting to weigh on the Count's already slightly-fragile mental health).

Neither Harebourg nor Amalia asked for this marriage, but could it be exactly what they need?

[Diverges from canon after S2; story is set several years after S2.]

Not Amalia/Harebourg. They'll be friends, not lovers (also, he hasn't been stalking her: the OVA's never happened in this plot! Also, Oropopopo is not a Yugo-clone emotrope. Time to wash away the sins of S3 too).
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