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Purple Tears

By - MEMBER - October 28, 2017, 12:39:02

Destruction. Desolation. Devastation. Death was everywhere, embodied by these imposing machines full of destructive energy. Bodies were lying as far as the eye could see. She was present at this macabre show, she attended the end of her people, powerless, not understanding why this absurd war had suddenly broken out. She wanted to act. It was necessary, but She was already too weak. She lowered her head, lots of blood flowed down her abdomen. She was going to act. She was able of it, she felt more powerful than others. At least as powerful as Them. A female voice then called out a name. Maybe Her name? Her mind was confused by pain, sadness, hate. She wanted to avenge her brothers. She rushed. This time it was a masculine voice that shouted a name she recognized as her own. She disappeared thus in a purplish halo.

* * *
“Can you hear me?” 

The man's insistent voice made her open her eyes at once. Her head hurt, she was breathing loudly.

 “It starts again, isn’t it?” He asked, obviously worried about the health of the girl, a hand resting on her cheek. 

The little one nodded, and snuggled up the man.

 “Damien, I saw…” 

“We don’t have time, we will talk about it later.” The man seemed to be distracted, as if he feared that someone might see them. His face was distorted by anguish. The little girl tried to insist, but he didn’t listen to her, looking for a hiding place, a direction to take. Distant voices he heard brought him back to reality. 

Those two began to run again. They were noticeably on the run. The little girl trembled like a leaf, she was terrified and she was cold. After a short run through the forest, the girl let go of her guide's hand, she was completely out of breath, she wanted to take a break. From the moment he no longer felt the touch of his palm, he turned to her to find out what was wrong. What an idiot. Many things were not going, and for too long. But it would soon be over, he thought.

 “You're wet…” He took the little one in his arms, so that she could blow a little, but also to try to warm and reassure her.

 “It's almost over.” He kept repeating. 

After several minutes of carrying the child, the man could no longer do so. It was necessary to find a hiding-place where they could rest for a few moments, and especially so that he could think of a plan so that the girl can get out alive. They finally took refuge behind a huge rock. He wanted to put the child at his side, but she was firmly clinging to him. 

“What's wrong?” He asked.

 What a silly question. Lots of things were wrong. She was wet, cold, terrified, they were on the run, with little chance of surviving both, and he dared to ask that. 

The little girl hesitated before answering. She understood very well that it was not the moment, but she wanted to talk about it, she had to talk about it.


An explosion nearby cut her off and gave her a cry of surprise. Distant voices cried out: 

“They are there! We found them! This way!” 

With eyes filled with anguish and tears, the child looked into the eyes of the man, as if trying to find a solution in his eyes. Still holding her firmly in his arms, he stood up and started running as fast as his legs allowed it. The detonations became progressively more numerous, closer. The little girl could now see the purplish halos at each of the shots of their trackers. A new deflagration, this time near, projected the two fugitives to the ground. The man let go of his grip, the little girl waltzed a yard or two from him. She stood up and walked scared towards Damien. He stood on the ground, didn’t move. His back was completely calcined. Yet she had nothing.

 “Damien…” She named, worried. She squatted close to the body, began to shake his shoulder, pronouncing his name ever stronger each time, her sobs becoming more and more powerful.

 “We got them!” shouted a voice. 

“Idiot! I hope you did not touch the girl, we're dead if not!” Replied another. 

“She must be brought back in one piece I remind you, look there, that she does not escape!” A third added. 

The child was frightened by fear. She didn’t want to go back there, not after all Damien's pains. Instinctively, she ran straight ahead, as fast as she could, without looking behind her. She had to escape. For that she had to go faster. She heard her trackers follow her, they would soon catch up with her. 

There was still an explosion, which expelled her forward. Just before hitting the ground, she disappeared miraculously in a purple halo.

Hi everyone, here is the first chapter of my fanfiction, I wanted to post it on this forum, to share it to an english public. I'm French, so if I made some mistakes in the translation, please tell me !
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