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Jack's Diary #7

By - MEMBER - May 15, 2017, 12:28:22
Narrator: So…in issue #6 of Jack’s Diary, you’ll know that Jack was adopted. His mother, Aenea, has put him up to some classes. But, I don’t think Jack is very interested in them, as you’ll find out.

Arrr, so many words. I thought numbers were bad…one..two..three..four..five..six…seven..eight. I thought those were bad, not I have to deal with wordsss! It’s a nightmare! A horrible nightmare! Is this what having a mummy is like? When was the last time I had a mummy? I can’t was in the tavern in Astrub ohmy

hat was more fun…I didn’t need to do anything biggrin

But now… I need to do homework. This new teacher, I don’t know his name, gives me homework. No… but…when he’s not there, then I go have some fun biggrin But was kinda disappointing, but some parts were fun.
You see… I went to this place called Gnashville. They were having this event. It was in a whole other world! I think its called Haven or something like that. I saw this biiiiiig red text saying they were looking for investigators to solve some mystery. I got interested so I went. But then I found out it was about a lot of words I didn’t understand. WORDS! Nooooo.. T_T

So much for having some fun. I couldn’t even get away from all these words.

But then, ooooh but then…I saw this room. A big room with lots of stuff. And in there was a vault. So while everyone was busy solving the mystery, I tried to get it to open. I tried but…after 2 hours, I couldn’t get it open. So sad…more disappointment. Maybe there was Kelbab in there, you know. I ran out of Kelbab a few days ago. I need more to stash!

So then, I decided to head to this place back in the fun fair area. I saw daddy there. Well, I heard him there the last time, so maybe he would talk to me again. I still don’t know what he meant by home. Where is my house?
 I found Zip nearby. Actually, Zip found me. I was talking to these rubber duckies. I think their name was Quaquack. Wow, actually… ALLL their names were Quaquack. I wonder how their parents would remember them…how would they know which one of them is being called? ohmy

Quaquack, you do this…Quaquack you go get some food…Quaquack stop crying…Quaquack go get ready for bed…Quaquack go do your homework.

Zip said they weren’t real duckies…

I didn’t know what to think…

I still don’t believe her!

People hook them up with fishing poles. Then they give stuff to people. How can you not be real if you give stuff to people? They got to be real! Well…anyway, Mummy did ask me to give Gob Gob a bath. So I asked him to go swim with the duckies. Swim! Swim! Then… suddenly Gob Gob stopped swimming. I think he started to leak. No… its not leaking, he was crying. Maybe that’s why he ran off after that.

Coz Gob Gob’s been acting weird for a while. He would look at Mummy and look with a sad face. Maybe that’s why Gob Gob ran to this place with lots of grass. But there were a lot of other Gob Gobs there too. They all looked a lot bigger than him though. Some with big horns too.
I never thought of it, but… maybe Gob Gob is looking for his family too…
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