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Puddliken's Adventures - Comic

By tomistheking#2231 - MEMBER - February 24, 2017, 04:28:40

I'm just throwing this out there as a test! If people enjoy it then I'll happily make more pages for this episode! smile - this is one of very many "Puddliken's Adventures" ideas

This starts with Puddliken being awoken at night, then being told by an adult that the Chief wants a secret meeting with him.

Now we begin. 

It's not very long but I hope you enjoyed it so far! ^^ As I said, there's far more in this comic and more places for puddliken to explore on this adventure. Not to mention all possible future adventures too!

Feel free to leave me ideas and comment here, if you want to contact me in game - I play on Remington and you can find me on Kens Portal or Kens Blood smile <3
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This actually sounds kind of funny. I'd say go for it. smile

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Really nice, I wish I could invite your post.

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I just got the costume, female version. Put me on your list of possible contacts for filling that role if you need it done. Character name is Rezilia on Remington. smile

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Congrats on getting the costume! I'll be sure to PM you if I need anything ^^

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