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The Tormentor and The Masqueraider

By MiseryDa#2224 - MEMBER - October 08, 2016, 08:03:08

Years ago a masqueraider named Gnije (Nee-gee) found herself in the world of twelve. She was peaceful, her fire red hair, red marked mask identified her. Helping her friends she met she grew more and more as time past. She met a osamodas by the name of Da Scribe on her adventures. They became close and always traveled together.

They crossed paths with many others, some good, some bad. They protected each other with their wit and skills. One day Gnijes' friend disappeared. She heard rumor that the osa went to a reef that lead to shustuft crust dimension to capture a creature. Gnije moved forward to find her lost partner. She began battling the creatures there in search for the osa. The eyes always watching her as she pushed forward. She became more manic as her search continued without an end.

She approached a stairway. At the top of this stairway she met up with Spectrex the Tormentor. She knew she could not handle this beast alone. Those eyes watching her. Something ticked deep within her which made her jump out towards the jaws. She began her battle for her life. Her clone at her side kicking Spectrex and healing herself. Hardship came has a blast from the beast wiped her clone from existence. She got behind this tormentor,the walls watching her. The beast following her movement she laid one more blow. What wiped her clone away hit her ending her life.

Where Gnije last laid a grave stood for many months. She did not reach her lost friend. Today something changed. Black mist hovering over her grave began circling it. A body began to rise from it. Dark hair, a mask with black markings, and clothing of dark color she stood there. She looks down at her hands then back up towards the breast who was wandering the area. She began cackling madly as she cast her clone a complete mirror of herself and defeated Spectrex all her own. This person that had risen from this grave was not Gnije anymore. This new masqueraider, dark, evilness, this Black Syce turned her eyes toward the islands of the world of twelve and made a silent vow. She ran off into shadow to begin again.

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It's as awesome as I hoped. Welcome back.

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