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Monophobia meets the mighty Mantine!

By IVTea#8139 - MEMBER - December 22, 2015, 14:56:58

YO! Just wrote a thing for fun about how my toon met my friend mantine on Nox. Enjoy I guess? I didn't proofread so you will probably see a billion typos.

The winds howled across the Thicket of Yurbut carrying with it the strong smell of blood. This was a known battleground in the world of twelve. People from all over would travel to these parts just to test their steel against one another.

Journeying across the thicket was young Masqueraider who went by the name Mono. Treading carefully, he was lead by a flapping tuft of orange. A tofu named Admiral Thunderbolt who sported an aged pinwheel hat.

Guiding the blind Masq through this dangerous land the tofu would keep its eyes focused. Its pupils darting about, manic. "Peep...", its voice was like gravel, deep and rumbling. The tofu spoke to him, warning him that the area felt off.

Mono adjusted his Classic Mask and nodded slowly, " is much too quiet today."

The thicket was abnormally silent, carrying only the songs of the wind and the gentle dance of the trees.

Mono was on full alert, he knew something was off...and just like that it happened.

A loud whistle could be heard coming down from above. Acting on reflex, Mono drew out his Asse Shield and guarded himself.

A powerful boom echoed throughout the land as something collided with his shield. What was it?

Whatever the threat was, it gave Mono no time to breath. Immediately after he had guarded the attack Mono was struck by a heavy blow to his back. The strike sent him spiraling weightlessly.

The masked man clenched his teeth tightly as he would adjust himself and land on the damp sound, not so smoothly. That hurt...He thought to himself as he kept his ears open and went on full guard.

Where and who was this attacker? Mono lifted up his mask just enough for his lips to kiss the open air. With a soft exhale he would part from his lips what seemed to be a bubble. The bubble expanded until it formed a small dome surrounding him.

"Peep, peep!", Admiral Thunderbolt warned his friend of what the threat was. It was another Masqueraider! Dressed in a dark hood and with eyes like a Shushu, this Masq was perhaps the reason Yurbut was in dead silence.

Being extremely cautious about the bubble, the hooded masq attacked from afar! Spitting from underneath his hood a thick needle. It shrieked through the air like a hawk after prey and homed in eagerly.

As it moved through the bubble, ripples would form and a sound would generate helping Mono get the general idea where the attack was coming from. Acting accordingly, he turned his body a full 360 degrees in order to build up momentum.

Kicking swiftly he created a gust blew the attack away but it didn't end there. It was as if the hooded figure was simply testing the waters, learning, adapting. Seeing what Mono's bubble was capable of because within seconds of his kick the figure had already torpedoed its way through Mono's comfort zone and once more struck at the young Masq with a mighty kick of its own.

CRACK! The kick slammed down into Mono's ribs but the result wasn't the same as the first time. Mono's body was rooted to the ground, barely moving an inch as his bones absorbed the shock and taking the abuse.

Wasting no time at all, Mono would grab the leg of his enemy with a firm steel grip. Shifting his weight, he'd toss the hooded masq downward into the ground with a loud thud.

Like a guillotine, the blue dreaded man lifted his leg and as high as possible before dropping it with all his might.

The hooded figures eyes widened as he felt a horrible pressure coming down. This is no regular kick! he thought to himself. His body disappeared and reappeared behind Mono, a flaming whip fully drawn ready to attack...but then it happened...

Mono's foot hit the earth, a powerful shockwave blowing away everything within a good distance of the combatants. Trees being uprooted, large boulders being thrown several yards away, nothing was safe!

The body of the attacker was sent flying back, it felt as though he had the wind knocked out of him despite the attack not connecting.

The hooded figure landed moments after the explosion, his eyes in complete focus. A dark aura emanating from his body. His thirst for blood was beginning to show and now the fight was going to get serious...

Mono assumed his battle stance, under his mask he winced a bit at the pain of performing that kick. His opponent is significantly faster than him...he knew now he needed to save attacks like those for sure kills.


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Will there be a "how I met the slicky Slicky" laugh

Masqs are so strong though

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The drama! The excitement! Oh how I anticipate for the next chapter *over dramatically faints*

(but all in all mono this is really suberb keep up the good work csmile 

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