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Quitami's Short Stories

By Harvest-Bee#5320 - MEMBER - April 18, 2015, 18:01:01

My short stories here are totally not Wakfu related but I want to transcend my imagination into words so please bare this amateur writer wannabe to entertain you for a few minutes of your life.

I am not good in art but in general terms I am confident with my writing skills so if you felt that you wanted to do an art for my stories I will gladly accept it and collaborate with you. Also if you find some errors in grammars, punctuation, spelling and etc. you can pinpoint it so that I can edit it for the possible future readers.

Thank you and have fun reading!

Table of Contents:

  • Long Distance Relationship


WARNING: This story may contain explicit and strong words that may not be appropriate for young readers. Please be guided according before reading it.

Long Distance Relationship

It’s three in the morning as my alarm continues to sound its bell just to wake me up. I opened my laptop without even fixing my messy hair. Half-awake I log in my Skype account after a few minutes he gave me the same smile and greeted me “Baby, Happy Anniversary!” I smiled back rubbing my eye trying to look beautiful even in a hazy feeling. “Looks like you didn’t sleep well today baby? Bet you have been thinking of me all night long.” He continued as I nod telling him I am not, that made me laugh as if he is my coffee in the morning.

As I carry him inside the bathroom I gestured him a moment of silence. He is excited but then to his surprise I am just there to wipe my face and gargle my mouth. He seemed disappointed and after a few minutes of wait I dive into my bed together with him. As I unbutton my sleeves he furiously focused his eyes in the screen. I laughed as I tease him as if he is a puppy that will obey anything that I will say.

“It is just hot you know, don’t get dirty things in your mind now.” Taunted him as he was about to sniff his camera.

To my surprise I heard a moan different from mine, he then smiled partly and laughed with partition as he look in different direction. That then I furiously changed my laptops’ point of view. Sulk in the corner of the room as he speaks “I didn’t mean it baby, yes I am watching other girls but you know I am just doing it because I don’t want to violate you. I am doing this to lessen my drive for other desires and give in my temptations into imaginations.”

His words never failed to seduce me and every word he told me becomes a song that enchanted me, as if I am a siren that is being manipulated by a man. I satisfied his desire as I play myself with my yearning from him. I missed him so much that the only way for me to feel him is by touching myself and make my fantasies my reality.

“So, this is long distance relationship huh?” he mumble as we dress ourselves.

The door creaked as I brooch my last button and to my surprise I saw my mom. She entered the room with a face that cannot express. She looked at the screen for a second and then she hugged me with her might; whispered in a word with senile telling “I don’t want you to suffer like this my dear, please delete this video because he is not with us anymore and it will only make things worse if you continue this.”

That night I don’t know how to react. I just felt like my tears are too dry to cry as my mother flooded her tears into my head, as she continues to hug me. I smiled, patted her back and told my mom “Alright, I’ll get ready for work.”

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nice story biggrin 

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