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Chapter 1

Junior year: the most important year of any high school student. Instead of doing volunteer work or any forms of academics or athletic activities, Shawn spent his summer playing Wakfu. He started in May, the month of AP tests, not the best time to start playing a game especially if it was time consuming. As expected of his mediocrity and his lack of effort to study, he had gotten a low score. His grade was average, but among a school for the elite, he and his grade were looked down upon.

“I never should have entered this school of back-stabbing traitors.”

Personally, he was not meant to be in a school like this. It did not have bullies who picked on the weak but rather groups that shun the socially unaccepted. Shawn never found his place where he belonged. It was not because he felt uncomfortable with speaking to people but the cynical views he developed as a result of this “survival of the smartest” competition. Everyone expected high grades, making an 85 seem worthless.

That summer he had no friends. In his neighborhood, there was no one. He had already lost trust of people, so it was hard to meet anyone without casting doubts on them. For he who turned to Wakfu, a socially introverted person he became, Wakfu was a world he divulged into.

He spent that month of May leveling Jeweler profession to level 100. In June, July, and August he had Armorer, Leather Dealer, and Area of Effect Weapon Mastery each to level 100 while raising his account level to 135. His enjoyment was short-lived for school was starting early this year.

Arriving on time to school was always a difficulty and Shawn barely makes it on time. The new scanner system implemented marks students late even if it was by 1 minute. Shawn had been its victim many times over the last two years and even was marked “absent” because the machine did not fully scan his card correctly. For a school of over 3000 students, the faculties never took the initiative to call and confirm student’s attendance records, nor did they penalize the students. This school for the “elite” most of the times generalized that all students were well behaved and academically successful.

“Class 7Z,” Shawn repeated as he scanned the list. His homeroom once again was located in the same floor and same room. “Nine flights of stairs up,” he said with a sigh of exasperation.


I will not say what happened for no one knew exactly what happened. Shawn and the rest of his home roommates gathered together to take attendance. Even though they spent 2 years together already, Shawn did not know 90% or more of the people in his homeroom class.

It was as if a strange mist with the swirl of the whirlpool and the shattering of an earthquake surrounded the class. The floor became empty darkness and or a moment everything was silent. The next, they were dropped hard on their bottoms on a strange tiled floor.

“It was succeeded. All hope is not lost,” a voice said, “May the gods blessing be with us.”

There were a circle of around 20 figures wearing white hooded robes. A tall upward standing figured lifted his hood down to reveal his ash gray hair and beard. His eyes were filled with concern and delight.

“My name is not important. I am the high priest here and the head of this temple. Through times of calamity the gods would shower their protection. We call upon you because you are our last hope. New creatures have emerged from the depths, those we never seen before. It is with my deepest sincerity and humbleness to ask for your help, chosen ones.”

The class listened to the priest’s introduction with panics, anxiety, and fear.

“Are we going to return home?”

“What about school?

“What if my grades drop?”

“How many classes will I miss?”

“Who are these people and what do they want from me?”

The high priest put aside the waves of questions in each person’s eyes, and continued his explanation.

“Please, this world needs its saviors.”

“The 15 races that once coexisted on this world belonged in each of our 4 once prospering nations: Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, and Sufokia. Strange creatures have come into each of our 4 island and caused unrest throughout our land. Their strength and power are like nothing we have ever seen before. The last wave of monsters has wiped out the last remaining warriors. There is only 3 seasons left before the next wave hits. Only you the summoned ones are blessed with the last of the gods’ fortune and protection. Our fate lies in your hands.”

The names of the nation stroked a chord to Shawn.

“Is this… Wakfu?”

“No, it can’t be. It would be a huge coincidence!” Shawn replied back to himself.

A group of priests and priestess all wearing the same white robe with hood handed each person a dice. But it was no ordinary dice for it had 15 faces, one for each of the 15 classes. The high priest instructed,

“Please, roll your fate. Your destiny begins with it.”

The dice were blank in the hands of the priest, but as each person received one, each face on his or her die revealed one of the 15 class symbols. However, imprinted on each of Shawn’s die was the mark of the Osamodas’ tail. “Maybe I got a defected die”, Shawn thought and let the die drop to see what happens.

As expected of a die with all the sides marked with the Osa symbol, the result was an Osa symbol. His eye bulged as he didn’t know what was going to happen.

His classmate watched as Shawn’s skin turned blue and 2 small horns shot out of his head. A long tail magically extended out from behind.

“Cool,” one of the students shouted.

Another whispered, “disgusting,” but it was loud enough to be heard in a silent room.

“Oh, we got an impatient fellow here.” The high priest lifted down his food to reveal his machine like face and hands. Immediately, Shawn recognized that the high priest was a Xelor. The others followed suit to reveal their faces. Shawn’s saw some eniripsas, sacriers, Pandawas etc.

A silent snickered loomed and spread. All eyes were on Shawn once again. This time, it was on his half naked body. What’s the big deal, Shawn thought. It was typical to start out without equips. The priest nearest to him handed a white robe lightly decorated with a blue streak on the edges. He placed the robe on and a message formed:

Do you wish to bind this costume?


Shawn reached his hand to touch yes and the costume box opened up. There was not just the white robe that he just put on, but all the costume he collected this entire summer!

“This… this..”

He stuttered and was taken back. It was like a fantasy, but he didn’t want to make a scene. His baffle would draw even more attention to himself.

The sound of many more dice rolling on the floor all at once echoed in this confined temple. Once everyone’s class was decided, the high priest continued on with his “tutorial”.

“You can use voice command to open up your profiles, inventory, and perform other vital functions. I will stop here today and you can take the rest of the day to get yourself accustomed. Feel free to ask any of our master professors.”

The first on his list to check was his profile so Shawn popped up his profile with the profile command. He didn’t want others to hear him so it was easier with the shortcut motion activator.

“Level 135 Exp 16,429,449/136,376,110!” It was the exact level at which he left off. His stats were weakened because he had no proper gears on. “Let’s see if my armors and weapons are in my inventory!”

A summoner osa without equipment was no summoner osa at all. It would be hard to get across proper gear for summoner osa Shawn bet. A wave of relief washed over him after opening up his inventory to see all his equipment and resources were all neatly organized. Having 3 vampradas sure gives plenty of room! Nothing was missing at all and if there really were something missing, it wouldn’t be something to stress about. Most importantly, Shawn still had 1 million Kamas he stockpiled this summer.

Even his crafting and gathering professions were not reset back to level 0. Moreover, his hard-earned jeweler, armorer, leather dealer, and area of effect weapon crafting were all level 100! The rest of his crafting professions such as baking and cooking were regrettably low since Shawn had not diligently leveled them. Seeing that everything from his Wakfu account remained untouched made him less worried.

No sooner, it was buzzing with loud chatters and discussions.

“Typical” his school known for its high academic expectation was also well known for its high achieving students. Among the group, there were always exceptions to such generalizations. Shawn was the only mediocre of his school teleported into this Wakfu-like world for he always lagged behind in each of his classes.

He couldn’t trust anyone in this school. The students were all silent backstabbers who mainly cared about their own grades so it was reasonable for Shawn to be cautious when someone approached him for something.

The chatters between students grew louder, and they were not talks of complaints but information. He saw people passing and sharing their class books around, a big fat book-ironically with only two to three pages.

It outlined what the class was briefly but not into full detail of every specifics. But for Shawn, he already knew all the classes but not that intimately since he only played Osa. Some classes he still had no clue what their spells and attack do. He only got the gist of their purposes. He knew the basics but for his classmates who knew absolutely nothing about this world, knowledge was essential.

An eni approached him. Her name was Lya. Shawn knew who she was and the type of person she really was behind that mask that you would call a face. She strove for high grades and didn’t care if she had to submit herself to others for it.

“May I see your class book please? She asked.

Shawn didn’t want to give it, nor does he even have it.

“I trashed it” he said blatantly. It was true of course because it was long gone from his inventory.

“Oh.” His disappointment was directed mostly toward the book and off she was to find someone else. She said farewell but Shawn already had many bad impressions of her. It was not the first time he met Lya. Behind his act, he also saw what she and everyone her type are: manipulative and will even step on top of other’s kindness to pursue his or her goal.

Shawn already can see that each class had the same spells as from the game. For him, his osa spells did not change, not even slightly. All his spells’ levels were preserved.


She was transported once again. This time he found himself alone. “Ah. It’s the respect room.” The owl with white feathers appeared, who Shawn never even bothered to look at his name. By speaking with the Owl Shawn can reset his stats and change how the levels on his spells can be distributed. Usually respect rooms are available to players at level 10 and level 30, the priests nonetheless, wanted the summoned ones to reset their stats for a fresh start.

First, Shawn reset all his spells to level 0. Then the total experience points were redistributed to each spell. All of Shawn’s earth, fire, and air spells were above level 80 with his “Whip” spell capped at maximum for his level. In his new reset, Shawn decided it was best to keep his secret a secret by lowering his whip spell to level 3 and strengthen the rest of his spells to level 90 +. One can say this was a foolish choice to handicap yourself and severely weakening your most used spell, but Shawn’s situation called for it. He must keep it a secret, even by taking this huge risk. Not only did he not trust his classmates but also these people in this new world.

After he finished his spells, it was time for his stats and support spells. For Summoner Osa, he already knows which support spells to max out. At level 135, he had just enough points to max out everything but prespic hair, critical synergy, and symbiosa.

Gobgob 9/9

Gobup 9/9

Possession 9/9

Critical Synergy 0/9

Symbiosa 0/9

Osamodas’ Blessing 0/20

Animal Guard 20/20

Prespic Hair 0/20

Animal Link 20/20

Phoenix Spirit 20/20

For characteristic points, Shawn wasn’t going to be a calculative freak. Critical Hits maxed out to 22 was a must have so he would have 22 % more chance at critical hits. He stated 1 Action Point (AP) and placed the rest on Block (22/25 reduces damage by 30% if succeeded) with 4 points leftover. Call it laziness, stupidity or whatever you want to call it but Shawn never needed neither 1 extra range nor movement point (MP).

He was the only osa so his classmate would not easily know about his maxed out support spells unless they had contact with another osa. The only spell he would ever use was his level 3 Whip spell, so all was fine for now.

Each person had an instructor or master. The sacriers trained with the Sacrier masters. The enutrofs with the enutrof master. Everyone had one, except for Shawn.

“Where is my Osa master?” Shawn questioned. He knew it was a silly question to even ask for he knew exactly what his class was about.

Whenever he approached one of the other masters, each would become silent for a moment can give no response. Some apologized and cast their gaze away.

It was finally when Shawn stepped into the presence of the high priest that he learned the truth. Very few are chosen to be osas since it requires a bond with a gobgob. No one had seen a gobgob for years and it looks like with each generation there is less hope of an osa. The gobgobs were the weakest and most vulnerable among all species without their osamodas. A bond between one and a gobgob must be established before one can roll the fate die. The last osa passed away a century ago and ever since then, there never been a gobgob for anyone to bond with. The high priest told Shawn how astonished he was when he saw that Shawn was an Osa and his gobgob that appeared.

The high lord persistently asked Shawn questions he could not answer definitely. All his questions were turned down eventually by the vague response, “I don’t know!” It was essentially true since Shawn guess that it was because he played as an osa in Wakfu. This link between gobgob and osa was already established and would explain why all 15 faces were that of an osa. It was as if he had already determined his class when created his osa account.

“I deeply apologize for my curiosity. There is nothing I can do for you and for this I am truly sorry,” The high priest said humbly.


Shawn didn’t need a master. He was confident that he knew everything there was to know about osas. The spells and range limit, he had already got accustomed to using. He watched as his classmates struggled to cast a single spell, taking as long as even 5 minutes. For his own spells, he got the gist of how each was to be cast. The only difficulty lies in knowing the range of the spell the one’s lion of sight (LOS). A spell usually required a line of sight so it cannot be cast if you are casting it while something is blocking your view. Usually one assume there is space behind an object and can picture what is there, but many spells do require a line of sight.

“Crobak”, an air spell with no line of sight, was the osa’s only spell without LOS and the range and damage were not very impressive. Each spell he had knowledge beforehand of its range and what it does so he had no trouble mastering them.

The Iops with their AOE spells were recklessly friendly firing each other. The eniripsa master on the other side had to cast his healing spells so his lessons were disrupted for a while. The teaching process was unbearably slow for average people, but these elite students accepted the knowledge with open arms.

“I guess there is nothing to do here. As a summoner osa, he had to capture a monster first be able to summon that monster later. “The strongest monster here is probably a bow meow, but it would give suspicion if I were to capture a level 8 bow meow. I better stick with piwi.”

The pink piwi was probably the most useful and Shawn decided that the woods are nothing to fear. Off he went, in search of a pink piwi. Everything about levels was hidden but a benefit that comes with being an osa was that he could check the level of the monsters below him. The popup also read that higher level monsters would read “lvl ???”.

“Hm. This is something new.” It was becoming to him that this world was not as simple as a game. After he had reluctantly “digested his high-leveled level 122 black wabbit and replaced with a pink piwi, it was time to return back.

The first person he met asked, “What level are you?”


“It’s okay if you don’t want to say.” The blonde-haired girl was a cra and her name was Ruth, known for her self-centered motives and condescending air. She was a big show-off in Shawn’s mind.

“No.” there was no way he could let her know his level or risk letting her now. It was time again to head to the high priest for answers.

“Coward” he could hear. Her cold glare and smile said everything about her.


Q1: Do party members see each other’s level?

A1: No, only if one personally reveals it.

Q2: Do they see your stats and passive skills?

A2: No, only if you personally reveal it.

Q3: Can people see your equipment if you use a costume?

A3: No, unless you personally remove your costume.

The high priest continued to answer each of Shawn’s pesky detailed yet short questions with simple answers. The high priest already understand Shawn’s person: calm and peaceful yet can be short tempered to bothersome and convoluted things.

Everything was working out for Shawn. Partying and fighting matches with others would not reveal his secret, nor with using his high level gears. Unless someone can access his profile, it was impossible for anyone to find out. Just as long as he does not use any powerful attack spell, and have, there will be no deep suspicion.

This time it was his turn to rise. He was going to show Ruth where she stood.

“So you’ve come back.” Her smirk and eyes gleamed as if she had won.

The only noticeable stat that might give his secret away was his hp. Because Ruth and Shawn had 5 times their normal Health Points (hp), the difference in hp between a level 135 and a level 10 was wide. Having 5 times hp closes in the gap but it was still very apparent that Shawn had more hp.

“I see you dumped all your points on hp. Foolish move.” Ruth assumed snickering.

As expected, Shawn had 0 initiatives, so Shawn taken the first hit. Her set she had on gave her a boost while Shawn was bare-naked. Ruth already had a wide grin from dealing the first blood.

Her fearsome cra damage was not to be taken lightly for she can boost her attack damage with her buffs. Luckily Shawn blocked the first attack and taken 10 damage instead. It was only a few points off, would make no significant difference.

Summon Pink Piwi!

Ruth’s mouth made an oval shape. She never had seen a monster of the woods because she only fought with the weak wodents in the temple gardens. Wodents were around level 2 while this pink piwi was level 4 with 3 times as much hp as a wodent. Since this was not a game, Shawn already suspected that monsters’ levels and stats might err slightly.

“I can take that piwi down quickly. It’s going to be no problem.”

Her cra attack spells were strong but Shawn had a countermeasure in mind. He would not let that piwi die. The pink piwi cast a critical hit of 10 dmage too but it was a small fraction of her hp.

“Is this the best you got? Your summon is pathetic!”

“Mock all you want after you lose” Shawn whispered to himself, “12 damage dealt on the pink piwi is not at all impressive. It is not good enough!”

Shawn’s fire spells were all level 90 now because of the redistribution of spells’ levels. One of the perks with his fire spells was that it not only can do damage, but can also be buffs for his summons. One of his fire spells was called “Magpie”. It healed his summons so saw was easily able to restore the 12 hp the pink piwi had just taken.

The method was foolproof and would not indicate that he had a high fire spell. He only has 7 AP. Magpie costs 4 AP to use so he could not use his whip spell, which also cost 4 AP. “I really need to get 1 more AP.” He couldn’t use whip and magpie at the same time.

Ruth was ever more determined to win. She could not lose herself to this trick. “That’s right,” she thought, “If I take down the summoner, then I will win.” She set her target on Shawn, while the pink piwi continued to peck at her hp.

But it proved ineffective. Shawn counter attacked by closing in on her and casting his level 3 Whip spell at her. It still dealt around 6 damage each time, only half of Ruth’s damage. Nonetheless, the pink piwi, known for its healing spells, healed Shawn partially. It attacked too and after several minutes,, Shawn’s hp percentage was more than 90% higher than Ruth’s.

People were spectating the fight, some laughing at Ruth as some was intrigued by the “light” swarm tactic.

The pink piwi finally finished her off. Ruth’s long range spells were at a disadvantage since Shawn had already moved besides her. Escaping was not a possibility for the piwi had plenty of mp to catch up to her.

< Shawn wins> the message said.

The battle was over yet Ruth was still stubbornly biting down on her lip and bared her teethes.

“That is cheating!” she cried out. She knew about Said’s doll summons and Eni’s coney but it was her first fight with an osa. Angered and pissed, Ruth turned her back while evermore biting down on her teeth.

The fight was over and the crowd had dispersed. Everyone was thinking how “lame” that fight was. They could not acknowledge that the summoner osa was a pretty good class, but they were turned off by Shawn’s weak attack spells.

End of Chapter 1

Author’s Comment: Sorry that Chapter 1 is especially long and without the imagery/details of a typical fan-fiction.

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