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Varuru vs Gobbsage

By GoldenBane#8588 - MEMBER - July 10, 2014, 03:50:21

(pre-fight); Varuru held his breath as he crept closer and closer to Gobbsage. He had to kill her, it's what the client wanted and it's what he would do. He got his executioner's mace ready, before he could even swing though, Gobbsage looked behind her and muttered. "You should be more quiet when you're trying to eliminate someone". They both knew why Varuru was here, they both knew who had sent him, neither of them could let the other live. This had to be setteled, right here, right now.

Gobbsage dropped to her feet, in a feline-like position, and tripped Varuru. In her left hand a full house of cards in a fan-like formation were held. She threw them at varuru, Varuru quickly got to his senses and melded into shadows, dodging the razer-sharp cards. Gobbsage readied the cards again, thinking, looking. Gobbsage felt a sunden rush behind her, she turned and ducked just in time for Varuru's blood-red scythe to miss her. She threw all 14 of her cards at him, Varuru ducked left. Horizontilly arcing his scythe, he swung, Gobbsage threw her body forward,away from Varuru, the scythe barely grazing the tip of her spinal cord. Flipping on to her side, catching herself with her left palm, she rotated her body, kicking Varuru in the face. She summersaulted forwards, turning herself mid-roll so that she was facing the still-stunned Varuru, and threw her cards.

When the cards made contact with varuru's body, the green sram evaporated into a thick red mist. Gobbsage had hit a double. She wasn't done though, Gobbsage grabbed one of her cards and tossed it to the ground. Varuru watched from the shadows," What Is She Doing" he thaught to himself. Then he saw it, he saw fleas all over the card, practicly covering it. She threw more and more, every time missing Varuru, after she had thrown about ten cards or so she stopped, Gobbsage closed her eyes, as if waiting for him to attack. Varuru stayed in the shadows, waiting for an oppertunity.

They stayed that way for about five minutes before Varuru suddenly felt tired. He felt almost like he wanted to sleep, just as he was slightly drifting off Gobbsage opened her eyes. Looked immedeatly at Varuru and threw her full hands of cards at him. Varuru was quick to dodge, but not quick enouph, Gobbsage's cards sliced a clean cut a quarter of the way through his arm, just above the elbow. There was also a card halfway dug into Varuru's ribcage, but he kept moving. Varuru gripped his two scarlet-red daggers, and charged, crossing his arms and slashing in a criss-cross formation while rotating his hips. Allowing him to create a tornado out of himself that could shred Gobbsage to bits.

Gobbsage didn't have enough time to prepare for Varurus sudden attack - leaving her open and exposed to his bloodthirsty fury, now even more fueled by anger and revenge. The blow came quick, and before Gobbsage even knew it she was on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Varuru was quick to follow up, pinning her to the floor.

With a glint in his eye, he pulled out his daggers and swiftly put them to Gobbsages throat. Pressing them against her tender skin, he let out a low growl as a smile traveled across his lips - he was about to fulfill his agreement, and his heart beat hard with the rush of battle. His mouth opened as if to speak though no words came out. He looked shocked - taken by surprise, as if he had seen some sort of otherworldly spirit. Soon enough he was coughing up blood and his strength was fading.

Gobbsage was not out of the count yet. Using the last strength she had, her daggers had been pulled out at the last moment. She dug one deep into Varurus ribcage, twisting and turning it as best she could manage in her predicament. The daggers shredded any flesh that they had caught, but Varuru wasn't done. He began to press his own daggers into her neck - fueled with anger and frustration. Gobbsage looked up at the sram with her piercing blue eyes, and let out a low feral growl as she continued to fight.

A small flood of crimson red dribbled out of the Ecaflips neck as they struggled, but yet it still wasn't over. Varuru was covered in fleas. Somehow among their struggle he had managed to collect quite a few, and they were eating him alive, transferring his strength to the cat. Feeling himself fade, he applied more pressure to Gobbsages neck, but before he could slice open her throat, the ecaflip fought back. With a burst of strength thanks to her fleas, she kicked the sram off of her and swiftly rolled onto her feet. Varuru, gravely taken back, wearily looked up at the ecaflip. Unable to stand - he knew the fight was over.

Weakened, Gobbsage staggered off to lick her wounds. For now, this was finished. But would it truly be the end?

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