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Ultramonte(Monte) Vs Xephyre

By GoldenBane#8588 - MEMBER - June 25, 2014, 08:19:22

(pre-fight); Monte meandered out of the Tormented pit, clothes torn to shreds and soul ravaged. Step by step he limped out of the pit, Monte knew this would happen sooner or later, he had taken the risk to wear multiple peice of tomented gear and now he was paying the price for it. He could feel his hatred taking over his emotions, his very existance was being enveloped in his torment. Xephyre walked twords the pit, he was actually in search of the power monte had, the torment. Xephyre wanted it, and he would do whatever he had too to get it, and if that meant killing Monte, so be it.

Tormented aura began seeping down Monte's arm as he lifted his head to see the power-hungry iop standing in front oh him, fully ready to stain his hands with Monte's tormented blood. Xephyre could wait no longer for the Tormentention. Monte moved his left arm over to his shield, the shield began to hum, as if enjoying Monte's arm being there. A water-like substance dripped out of the shield and began to circle the ground below Monte. It began circling faster and faster and faster until it was spinning so fast it was like a small blue cylinder. The blue liquid began to grow until it was a a bubble around Monte. Xephyre got ready, this is where the battle would start. Giant riptide-like water jets began speeding out of the bubble and coming at Xephyre at lightning-fast speeds. Xephyre raised his hand, as if on command red-like plasma balls appeared in the sky. Xephyre crashed his hand down. The plasma balls seemed to target the water jets, creating craters with every collision. The water jets kept coming though, but so did the plasma, Xephyre twisted his hand mid-creation of a plasma burst, causing an explosion that vaporized the water. He charged for Monte, He began to land heavy blows on Monte though the lightning fast spear of water that surround him. Xephyre balled up a fist of power and socked Monte in the face, causing him to fly across the island. Xephyre jumped across the island, balling up more power in his fists. He crashed down into Monte in a Punishment-like fashion.

Xephyre opened his eyes, expecting to see Monte dead. He saw something very different though. He saw Monte smiling, Monte's skin began to turn pitch black. Xephyre saw Monte's shield spark, the blue liquid was back, and it was encircling both of them, he saw another color though, Monte's shield flickered red. He could feel the air around him getting thinner and thinner, he could feel his bones getting weaker, and the orb of water surrounding both of them was getting hotter than the very lava that surrounded Shusnitch Reef. Xephyre grinned, he wasn't going to get a better opportunity. Xephyre clenched his fists, Monte's eyes opened wide as he saw a giant ball of plasma crashing down from the heavens. The ball made impact, the crater hollowed out half the island and split the ground under the two in half. Xephyre used Monte as a jumping pad as he Hopped to safety, causing Monte to sink six feet under the surface of the lava.

"Surely this must be it", Xephyre thaught to himself. He coudn't have been more wrong. A green glow shined from under the lava, Xephyre squinted to see closer. A spike of violent green aura peirced through xephyre and six feet beyond. Xephyre rolled to the right, instantly snapping the pillar. The burned feca crawled out of the crack of lava that he had fallen in minutes earlier. Xephyre looked at the tormented-infected feca in disbelief, the charcoal-black skin was crackling off of him, the look of bloodthirst in Monte's eyes was the most horrific thing Xephyre had ever seen. Xephyre knew he had to end this fight now, the volcanic water had drained most of his ability to fight. The bubble re-formed around Monte, the jets of water kept coming, over and over and over. Occasionally connecting with the weary iop, Monte tapped his shield, A white cracking warped Monte behind Xephyre. Xephyre balled up the last of his strength, and jump dropkicked Monte.

Xephyre was filled with relief as he heard something crack. This feeling was quickly replaced with fear as he saw white electricity surround him, above the fear though,He felt motion sick for some reason. He looked down, he had to be 100, no, atleast a couple hundred feet above the island, and he was falling, very, very fast. Xephyre grinned, he whispered just before he hit the ground, "gg".

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