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Lord Stasis(Daft) vs Mantine

By GoldenBane#8588 - MEMBER - June 23, 2014, 04:51:10

(Pre-fight); Daft was laying down in the dirty tunnels of wabbit island, as happy as can be, he had finally hit 140! Daft sat up and looked around,he saw a shadowy figure approaching him. With glowing white eyes and, a mask. He instantly knew who it was. He ALSO knew he coudn't take this masq right now,he was at half of his health and could barely stand. He quickly fumbled for his scriptures teleportation book. The shadowy mask kicked the book out of his hands, then grabbed Daft by his chest pipe. All of Daft's memories of Mantine flooded back, all of the hate, all of the rage. He had enouph of it, He burned his hand. Mantine stepped back, mantine knew Daft was done being Mantine's doormat.

Groups that were grinding above the surface of the island were almost scared at the violent explosion that happened underground. Daft was not about to play around with Mantine. This was the perfect time, the perfect place. To take him down. Daft began to burn the flames under his feet, causing him to float a good foot off the ground. Daft got into steampalm position and started firing steampalms. Mantine, being the agile mask he was dodging the explosions to the best of his ability. The fire was turning the tunnels into a volcanic pit, but neither of them cared. Mantine began to get a hang of Daft's firing, and started kicking the overheated balls of fire as if it were a game of kickball. Daft began to overheat, causing the fire to get hotter and hotter. Mantine switched to his psychopathic mask and pulled out his burning chains. The next steampalm that came at him he wrapped around with one of the chains, run around it, and threw it back at Daft. This collided with another of Daft's fireballs and erupted the tunnels into fire. Sending daft halfway across the underground wasteland. The Psychotic mask began to charge, only to get his foot burned because Daft was so overheated at this point he was melting the ground. Mantine quickly came up with a plan B though. He began to beat the living essence out of Daft, once he finished pounding the life out of the fire fogger. He then grabbed both his chains , stomped Daft's shin pipe, wrapped the chains around his neck, jumped up and put his feet to daft's face and pulled. This was Scorching Daft's neck and Mantine's feet. Mantine let go while doing a log flip in the air ,tripped daft, used his hands to push himself up, then slam his foot down on dafts chest, causing it to crack, and causing daft to go two feet into the ground. Daft let out a violent burst of fire that knocked Mantine five feet in the air. Daft knew this was his only chance.

Daft fired Steampalm after steampalm knocking Mantine higher and higher in the air with each strike, Mantine could hardly catch his breath as the searing balls of fire were burning him alive. Daft was burning up too though, his overheat had gone on too long. Daft was literally burning himself alive. Mantine was a good 60 feet above the island, Daft went fogginator, and fired one last giant steampalm into the air. Mantine could barely make out the words from Daft as he was engulfed in the magmotic flames, "Who's the doormat now".

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