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Oakly vs Luore

By GoldenBane#8588 - MEMBER - June 21, 2014, 05:38:47

(Pre-fight) Oakly was shivering as she stood atop mount zenit. It was winter in wakfu and she knew she shouldn't be up here, it was forbidden. Oakly had lost her favorite Beacon, and she coudn't find it. Oakly didn't exactly follow the rules anyway. But just as she was about to head down, she saw a rouge. She'd only seen her a couple times at the temple of scriptures, this rouge's name was Luore. You could hardly tell it was her though, she was completly cloaked and you could barely see her face. Oakly said in a very loud voice that could barely be heard over the wind "Hello?! Luore?!". Luore walked over to oakly very slowly, as if to intimidate her. She silently whispered in Oakly's ear, "you know, now's the perfect time for you to die, nobody's watching, nobody will ever know... Oakly knew she would have to fight for her life, Luore wasn't kidding, if she didn't fight, she was going to die.

Oakly vs Luore
Oakly immediatly jumped back, pulling out her bow and arrows. Luore simply stayed calm and pulled out her gun. "It's do or die" Oakly thaught to herself. Luore fired countless shots at oakly, oakly, being the nimble cra she is easily dodged all of them, but the violent windstorm was so harsh the bullets were starting to go faster and faster, their aim also getting sloppier. Luore caught oakly off gaurd though, firing two shots at once. Oakly quickly reacted to this by aiming an at the center of one of the bullets. "If i miss this.." oakly thaught to herself. She fired, the arrow hit dead center on the peircing bullet, causing an explosion that created a smokescreen. Oakly took advantage of this and jumped onto another part of the mountian a little lower. But Luore wasn't done with her. As oakly got to her feet from the fall, she looked up in absolute terror, as she saw seemingly hundreds of little boomerangs,( half of them accompanyd by another bullet). Oakly drew back her bow,mustering all the destructive energy she could, and let go.

Almost all of the little sharp boomerangs were destroyed, almost. Oakly screamed as the blood from the sharp discs ripped through her arms and legs. Luore just kept firing seemingly unlimited rounds of bullets, almost all of them were hitting nothing but the air,(thanks to the wind), but the ones that were making contact with the rocks were blasting them as if being blown up by a c4 or two. Oakly knew if she got hit, it was over. And then she heard a noise that struck fear into her soul.Oakly realised she was standing in a strait line to Luore. The sound of Luore's fusilade,"She set me up!"Oakly said, with tears being ripped from her face by the harsh wind. Luore loaded a pulsar into her gun. She smiled and said in a cold voice, "Bye" as she pressed her finger on the trigger and fired.

Oakly's screams were lost in the violent wind as the violent plasma irraticated a gigantic neighboring mountian.Luore smiled,and then turned to walk down the mountian. But what she saw wasn't what she was expecting, Oakly was standing there, with a destructive arrow at full force pulled and ready to fire. Luore fumbled for wards, as she could not phathom what had just happened. She then realized it, but not before Oakly said the last words that Luore would ever hear, "I found it".

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