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Hatespawn Vs Lunar

By GoldenBane#8588 - MEMBER - June 20, 2014, 20:35:53

(pre-fight); Hatespawn was sitting in his usual spot at 5th, keeping an eye out for anyone in the area to possibly pvp, suddenly lunar logged in,looking around she saw nobody but hatespawn in the area. They locked eyes and started to converse. Hatespawn could not help but want to fight lunar. He had asked her various times at the almanax temple to battle, but she always refused. Lunar finally snapped after Hate had persisted multiple times at 5th. Saying in a very acjitated tone "im done hatespawn, i'm going to give you the fight of your life and your never going to fight me again". Hatespawn cracked a smile, he coudn't wait.

Lunar charged first, scythe held tight in both hands she swung horizontally, Hatespawn easily ducked. However Lunar used the momentum from the scythe to swing in an arc and smash the blade into Hatespawn's stomach. Hate screamed in pain, but being the sacrier he is, couldn't help but enjoy it. Hate gripped the blade of the scythe, yanked it out of himself, and tossed Lunar's scythe to the side as if it were a paperweight. He lunged at Lunar, gripping her throat as tightly as he could, he slammed her body into the hard limestone that was 5th bond's floors. Sliding his foot under Lunar's crippled body, he threw her up with his foot, and ducked under her. He hit her with a blood rush, but as he was about to rush her a second time, she evaporated into a shadowy mist. Appearing seconds later behind Hatespawn, with her 20 pound scythe blade to his neck and her boot heel pressed tightly on the back of his neck, ready to decapitate him. Lunar pulled back, but before she could finish, Hatespawn threw his elbow back into Lunar's face, breaking her nose. Lunar staggered back, Hatespawn then took one of his fists, engulfed it in flames and stood there for a moment, seeming to enjoy the searing fire that was boiling his skin. Lunar knew what was about to happen, she put her hands together with her dagger pointed downwards in her hands, and began to fade. Hate realized this as Lunar turning invisible. Lunar was standing back, looking to see what hate would do, she always enjoyed these raging moments that made Hatespawn who he was. Hate did something different this time though, he looked at his other hand, it immediately engulfed itself in flames. Hate muttered under his heavy breathing. "Not this time Lunar", He crashed both of his flame-engulfed arms into the floors of 5th.

The explosion could be heard for miles, even the people at the almanax temple had to look up to see the fiery eruption that was Hatespawn's fury.
Lunar was not impressed by this however. "It's going to take more than that Hatespawn." Hate turned around, seconds too late however, all he could feel was a giant scythe hooking into his organs and ripping them out. Hate fell onto the floor in two pieces. Lunar began too walk away, But something grabbed her foot. Lunar's body when cold, she saw hatespawn, still alive. "How......" Lunar exclaimed. Hatespawn simply grinned as he crushed Lunar's foot and she collapsed to the ground. He then took it upon himself To engulf one hand in the burning final that occupied his fury. He made sure to put all of his hatred for Lunar into this fire, making it burn hotter than anything Lunar had ever seen. Hate crashed his fist down on Lunar.

Lunar looked up from her phionex statue, the last thing she saw before passing out again, was an enormous cloud of fire violently exploding from the once populated avenue of 5th bond.

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