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Nalon Vs Mama Drhellington

By GoldenBane#8588 - MEMBER - June 20, 2014, 09:50:10

(Pre-fight); Nalon was exausted, he had just farmed the living heck out of dark vladd epps and had finally gotten them. He was laying outside black spore dungeon and logged out of all of his alts. It felt wierd to him only singleboxing, he was about to post his achievement when he saw Mama Drhellington. He waved to her, completley exhausted. Mama walked over, she was singleboxing too for some reason. She looked over at Nalon, her silver eyes were hazy and almost hypnotizing.Joe knew immediatly that something was wrong, he readied his Scepter. Mama smiled, and started to walk over to him, staggering as she got closer and closer, still having her unwavering smile. She tossed some bread over to him. Joe ate it, instantly restoring his health, he then asked her why she gave it to him. She replied with her sitll creepy was well as warm face, "it makes it funner".

Nalon vs. Mama Drhellington
Mama didn't hesitate one second after she had finished her sentence to create and throw a magma spear strait at Nalon. Nalon immediately dodged and his gobgob fell out of his (You will never know where we keep our gobgobs (heart)). He immediately merged with it and went into dragon form. As soon as the synergetic mist cleared though, another spear was coming at him, and fast. Nalon rolled left until he had evaded the spears. As soon as he got up though, mama was coming at him in a synergetic form of her own, she swiped at him with her razor sharp claws, scratching his face, causing blue blood to ooze out. This didn't phase Joe at all, He grabbed his scepter and swung at mama, She ducked in almost a helix fashion as she tripped nalon. Almost unrealistically, she changed form as soon as she tripped him. As they were both mid-fall she created another spear or two. Nalon's skull hit the ground, and as soon as snapped out of his haze Two spears made of out magma were already imbedded into his left wing. Nalon cried out in pain. Mama simply laughed as she re-merged with her drellzerker ready to Kill Nalon. Nalon screamed in pain as he forced himself up, tearing his left wing off. Mama missed, Nalon immediately took advantage and grabbed mama's throat. Breathing burning hot fire in her face.

Mama dropped to the ground, burned and charred. As Nalon began to open his book to teleport to the temple of scriptures. He felt heat behind him, as he turned around, a flood of Hot Magma flooded over him. Scorching the entire mouth of spore dungeon, instantly killing Nalon. Nalon then burst out of the lava, seconds after with his neck bulged, as if something was trapped inside. Nalon roared, seeming to have lost all sanity erupting a violently burning ball of fire into the sky. The ball came down seconds later, engulfing mama. Mama was fine though, seeming to be okay from the fire, she limped towards him. But she was cut short as Nalon threw an orb of Purplish mist at her. She closed her eyes as the mist hit her. When she opened them, she was facing away from Nalon, She grinned as she already knew this was the end. She muttered something under her breath with tears rolling down her face, as Nalon Howled fire at her hotter than any fire a fire foggernaut could create. The words, Nalon could barely make out, were "make sure to hold your breath".

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