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Yutaka the Cra

By Jtwin#8479 - MEMBER - April 12, 2014, 03:22:36

Yutaka was a young Cra. Born on 2-13-98. He started a career as a Cra at age 8. He had poor aim and weak eyesight. He went to see a more trained and advanced Cra, at the WoT (World of Twelve) Academy. His teacher was named Martinet. Martinet was a full-fledged Cra, he also has the power to shoot arrows consecutively. Yutaka was amazed of the skills that Martinet had. So Yutaka started training, he was awfully impatient! He wanted to hurry and become skilled. After a few tests, Yutaka shot 10 bulls eyes at a target. He was becoming better at aiming. The only problem he has now is his eyesight. So he went to the eye doctor to pay for some glasses. The glasses increased his vision, he felt more smart. After getting a pair of glasses, he went back to the WoT Academy and tested his vision. He was told to shoot a target's bulls eyes at 45 feet. Yutaka was scared. So he aimed his arrow, took a deep breath, and he shot it! Yutaka was now a fully trained Cra. He was so surprised. And now he left the building and showed his friends his new skills. Training can lead to new things.

The End

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