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Some guys, or a clever way to tell others about your writings!

By DJKac#8308 - MEMBER - January 14, 2014, 22:26:31

Well, I thought, you can't go back now.
The audience was there, ready for a new person to present his story. I looked at Sam.
- I'm stayin' here - the knight replied - This is a fight you have to do by yourself.
Well, I thought, that's right. So, taking a few breaths, I moved forward. The spotlights were extremely bright, it took some time to get used to it. But before it happened, someone appeared next to me.
- And now, the World of Twelve, let's greet this young man that follows his desire of writing, no matter what! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you.... Mihnik, the Eniripsa!
A loud round of applause came from in front of me. I really don't like being in places like this. But there's nothing I could do right now. Especially when those big screens were showing my very ordinary face.
The man that introduced me (it happened to be an Ecaflip; I wonder why) continued:
- So, Mihnik, you're a pretty regular person, right? What made you start writing all those stories?
- I... umm... - it's really difficult to say anything, but I tried to overcome this - I wanted to write something for a long time... but I didn't know what to write about.
- So, why it happened to be about our World, and your adventures?
- Well - damn it, I thought, do not repeat words like this - It's the thing I know quite well, so I thought 'why not?'
- Okay, that sounds quite fair. - small laughter from the audience, some comments containing words 'dumbass' and 'yeah, right'. - But why do you write?
- I don't know. - I shrugged my shoulders - I just wanted to do something, and it feels quite natural.
- Alright - Ecaflip checked another card with questions prepared before I came here - What do your friends think about your -how you call it- 'a nice wall of text'?
- They say it's okay. Though Johny...
- About Johny, it's very good that you mentioned him; what is his role in your stories? You mention him quite often.
- Well... - in a situation like this it's difficult to keep a poker face - he torments me...
- Oh? How?
I tried to keep somehow serious face.
- He... every time I finish writing a part, he reads it. Out loud, so I can hear it.
Loud laughter from the audience. Blush. It's really disturbing when you know someone's reading your work, but it's even worse when you witness it.
- Ohohoh... that must be very annoying. Whoah! - he tried to calm himself down - Anyways, let's take a peek at your writing plan. No great evil. - some people started shaking their heads - No big love - more people joined them - No life-changing journey. You actually happen to not have a plan! How is that?
- Well, I... - suddenly, the crowd started showing their disapproval. It was pretty loud, and very annoying. Suddenly, a female voice was heard from the stage:
- Aye! He's not here to please you all, you know!
I knew she'll say something, but I wasn't sure when. A pistol I was carrying jumped out of my pocket. Poof! A small cloud of purple smoke appeared, and when it was gone, a girl, looking like a Iop made of hardened clay, with painted lines.
Sarah may be a weak Shushu, but annoyed can be very dangerous.
All those jeers suddenly were changed into cheers. From the male part of the audience, at least. The female part either tried to make their partners to not look, or were staring at the scene with the eyes full of jealousy and hate. Or both.
- Wow! - the Ecaflip was surely worried - Is... is everything alright?
- People! - Sarah was still looking at the audience - you don't have to read his stories. Noone makes you to do so. But at least appreciate the effort! He's doing what he wanted to! He won't regret doing it! - some people were not happy, as it was told directly to them. Perhaps they wanted to write, but were too lazy or shy...
- W...well, that was surprising. Now I feel jealous, Mihnik! - he came closer, winking - You're a lucky guy!
- You don't know how... - I didn't want to disagree. It wouldn't be tactful.
Sarah morphed back into a pistol. I whispered 'thank you.' 'You're welcome' was something I really needed.
- So, back to your story, Mih... I can call you that, right? Back to the story. You put it on your page, right? Are you going to post it here, where everyone can read it?
Suddenly, the screens displayed the address. The letters were so bright, like you could simply click them
- I'm... more used to putting it there, but if people would like to have it here, I think I could.
- You also put some other stuff there.
- Well - I already had enough - I am a normal person, too. Can't I have any other interests?
- Oh, of course! It's a nice thing to see something different from time to time.
- Thank you that you think so.
- But are you going to write more?
- Of course! It's pretty good, and I hope the audience will like it too!
- Fantastic! Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, Mihnik the Eniripsa!
- Whoooh, it's already over.
Sam was waiting for me behind the scenes.
- You did great. I think people will surely like your stories.
- I hope so, actually. - I straightened my back. - That's the reason I came here.
- You were so nervous there - Sarah joined the dialogue - your clothes are as wet as if you were in a lake.
- Well... yeah - now that she noticed that, I felt a little less comfortable. But that was not important. Important was the fact, that somewhere in the World of Twelve, people took a look, and began reading: "The sun was high, up there. It was bloody hot on Bontarian fields..."


Well, let's say you read this probably-non-canon-episode-(I-must-think-if-it-will-be-canon,-I'm-not-sure-yet)
Let's assume you said "Yes, it's kinda good, but we're lazy, we don't trust external links, and it's more convenient to have it here"

Okay. Let's have a deal.
If I remember, and when I have some new chapters, I'll put it here. In packs of three-to-five. They may contain some mistakes (English is not my first language, but I'm doing my best). You can post your reviews and opinions here. I may read them.
Meanwhile, why don't you visit this tumblr page? There may be some not yet released here chapters, some graphic (not always connected to Wakfu) and other random stuff.

ANYWAYS! Some guys, a Wakfu fan-fiction created by DJKac aka sir Mihnik Hangover! Official forum re-release, Post #1 (yes, that's the style of each tumblr post's title)

(what's worth noticing, I've explained few things in two first chapters for anyone who is new to Wakfu. Then I got mad and put a short note at the beginning of 3rd one)

P.S. Why everytime I press 'preview', it copypastes here the previous post?
EDIT: now I get it.

Chapter 1

The sun was high, up there. It was bloody hot on Bontarian fields. All you could find in thirty meter radius was dead birds, some with missing beaks, feathers, or entirely gone.

- I think we’re done here - said Johny. He was propably smiling, but he was the only one who was sure; he was wearing wooden mask, covering his face. - Finally, the end of Tofurby plague.

- I hope so - said I. I sat on the grass - I am too exhausted fighting those fatties.

- And what should I say? You are that supporting guy, I’m the ‘fighter’ here!

He was right. Zobals, or Masqueraiders, are pretty powerful. Their power comes from varies of Masks, each one having different emotions and abilities magically sealed within. Who wears the Mask, posseses it’s power.

- Anyways - I changed the topic - we’re gonna get for that 500 Kamas, I think.

-Eeyup. That gives us 5000, if we count all those previous jobs.

- And what with that crazy Ecaflip? - Ecaflips are human-cats, and gamblers. Although, you don’t want to make them angry. Especially, if you hurt their Bow Meows. Johny seemed quite relaxed. - Calm down, everything’s fine.

But it wasn’t when we were leaving. We had to take care of her cat. It was John’s turn…. and he lost it.

- I found one on the street. Like water drops, you wouldn’t tell it’s not that cat.

- YOU REPLACED IT? - I thought we’re so dead. That crazy cat lady had trophies on walls. Tons of Arachnids. And that was just the top of the list.

- Reeelaaaax… everything’s gonna be fiiiine…

- You know she’s gonna be furious when she realizes that?

- IF she realizes that.

- ehhh…. Okay, I got no more questions.

We were at the bay. I had no plans for next few weeks.

- What now? - I asked.

- Well, I’m going to Brakmar. Maybe they’ll finally change my citizenship. And you?

- No idea… I think I’ll just head to Sufokia.

- Oh… kay then. See ya next time!

When I was sailing back home, my head was rather empty. Random thoughts were appearing in my mind, then they were replaced by others. Anyways, what other things can you do? The era of Dofus is now the past, everything’s flooded, thanks to Ogrest. Poor bastard, in love, but unable to do anything. Gathered enough power to defeat all gods and month guardians, all for Dathura… Now he’s sitting atop Mont Zinit, crying his eyes out…

But where are my manners? Allow to introduce myself - my name is Mihnik. I am Eniripsa (or Eni), one of many species living in the World of Twelve. If you’ve never seen any Eni, they looks like elves with wings. Females haven’t change since Dofus; quite nice-looking, with big fairy wings. Guys used to have ones looking like BatBat wings… now it’s like only bones remained of them, and were replaced by sticks and twigs…. Well, main benefit of being an Eni is great healing predispositions. Many of them were progressing in that direction, but nooo - I had to be different. I had to be a war handyman. I had no be constantly undecided.

Anyways, maybe I’ll think of some kind of plan before I land at Sufokia… Johny usually has a plan. He propably also knows what underwear will be wearing in next two years… I don’t have to worry about Lopez either; he’s an Iop - dumb; but powerful enough to survive. Maan, all this sucks…

Chapter 2

Sufokia! The most empty nation in the history! Even Sufokians are away from here.

Well, if there was any more empty place, it would surely be Ga Ga Island, with its Trool Fair. Honestly, I don’t get it. That place should be full of life and joy, while it’s nearly the opposite.

On my way home, I was thinking about the past. I was one of those ‘special ones’ who weren’t simply born, but incarnated. With head full of nothing, I made my first steps, rescued my first Gemlin, fought Crazy Lumberjane, minted my first Kama, learnt about the Ecosystem, trained for any future fights. Incarnam back then was an awesome place… I almost didn’t want to leave it. But, there wasn’t much else to do, so I asked Sokay to let me down.

Before I landed, I felt something grabbing me. Instead in Asturb, I found myself at the top of Mont Zinit. The one who grabbed me, Ullu, said “I am the chosen one!”. Master Bossowl, a giant owl, was there, telling that dumbass it’s not the time, even if I am the one.

But, well, I was there! I knew nothing about what to do. But “the chosen one” can defeat Ogrest, and return the peace.

I was defeated with a single blow.

Later I’ve learnt that I was not the only one. There was a time when Ullu was grabbing all new Incarnates and bringing them to fight Ogrest.

After that, more owls appeared, each representing four nations: Sufokia, Brakmar, Amakna and Bonta. Of course, I chose the first one, so I was taken to it.

It was when I met two folks who helped me a lot: Lopez von Somonino, a go-getting Iop, and Vladinir, young, but experienced Osamodas.

I mentioned the Iop race earlier - brave warriors, but not the smartest. Osamodas, on the other hand, are animal summoners. They have small horns, short fur, and a pointy tail. Each one have their own pet - Gobgob, allowing them to catch other animals. Skilled warriors, however, can create some weird form of symbiosis, and become a dragon for short period of time.

Maan, I remember when Shin Larva was the most powerful creature I’ve ever seen… Now, I could deal with it by myself. How long was it? I don’t even remember…

Those times were great… there weren’t many Rogues or Zobals… and noone even knew about the name Foggernaut…

Oh my… more explaining? Why won’t you look for the explamations by yourselves?

Ehh… Okay…

Rogue is pretty easy - it’sa bandit, master of traps, expert of DIY. Foggernauts… They were mostly people, at least in the Dofus era… Techno-freaks. Machinery was most important. When Ogrest’s Chaos appeared, they were safe under waterproof domes… under the sea of tears. But then, a new concept was made - a mechanical body, powered by Stasili, crystalized energy of Stasis, representing civilization, progress, machinery… destruction. Now, most of new incarnating Steamers take that cyborg appearance.

Poor folks.

Oh, I landed. Finally.

That small trip cost me 30 Kama. That’s not much, but when you have to sail every few days, it’s a fortune. But it’s still cheaper than taking a Zaap.

The only free-of-charge way to travel (except on foot, that is) is DragoExpress. But dragoturkeys are dumb, too. They can take you to the wrong place. So I decided to stroll a bit. I wanted to feel the well-known grass under my feet, the smell of water, salty like nowhere else, the contact with nature.

Okay, not that close.

Some examples of frutti di mare hit me in the face when I had my eyes closed. Alright, I said, it seems like my dinner’s here. Bastards were a bit faster than I expected. But yet, it was delicious.

I checked my gear, my pockets, my bags. one thing reminded me of Johny. It was Makabrafire ring I have. Some time ago, we’ve met a “Shushu Dealer”, selling some items that were supposed to be Shushus sealed in items.

Oh crap. Another term. Ehh…. Shushus are demons from Shukrute, imprisioned in objects. They can assist you in battle, or even give you their strength… if you gain their respect. Otherwise, they can possess you (for real) and make you their tools of destruction.

Johny bought two rings, because he was hoping to get ‘twins’. What’s interesting, one of them happened to be real Shushu. His joy was incredible! He even gave him a name - Richard - though the ring was against it. Quite loud. He even was treated like a little boy. “Dicky” was furious, but couldn’t do much. He wasn’t used to possessing people, so his first try ended with him sounding like seasick. He tried to scare us with his real name, but it was some sort of gibberish. So, from that moment, it’s Richard Percy von Pickle.

The other ring was rather useless, so I got it. I upgraded it a bit, so it’s useful a little. But still, that bastard is lucky.

Not like me. Most of the time I was wandering through islands by myself, getting experience and money alone. Ehh. What time is it? It’s already night… I should find a shelter. I hope no monster attacks me anymore today.

And what’s that? When I made a campfire, I noticed a small object in the grass. I came closer. A pistol? What is it doing here? I picked it up. It wasn’t looking like regular one. It had some ornaments, and painted lines in two colours - cream on the right side, and mauve on the left. It also seemed like it had eyes, on both sides… closed, but sad. Because of my nature, (collect everything! It may be useful later) I put it in my pocket. When it went there, I felt a warm… something… in my chest. Why so? No idea. Anyways, it’s quite dark here, I should go to sleep…

Chapter 3

Before we even start, I feel like I need to put some text here, or we’ll have tons of unnecessary lines below. So, most popular species to meet in the World of Twelve:

  • Feca - Protectors, magical constructors
  • Osamodas - Animal keepers, joyful and serious
  • Enutrof - Greed treasure hunters
  • Sram - Deadly from shadows
  • Xelor - Tick, Tock.
  • Ecaflip - Heads, or Tails
  • Eniripsa - Skilled healers
  • Iop - Brave, powerful, light-headed
  • Cra - Perfectionists. Quite skilled
  • Sadida - Plant lovers
  • Sacrier - Laughing at the pain
  • Pandawa - Drunk masters
  • Foggernaut - Full of steam
  • Rogue - Handymen of survival
  • Zobal - Always themselves
Now, that we have this behind…






"Thank you."

I woke up. I’ve not had any dreams then. But I remember a voice… no, two of them… but… nah, it definitely was one person, but voice… two tones of them. But one voice.

I grabbed the pistol. The eyes were stlil closed, but now seemed so calm. Could it be? I whispered “You’re welcome”. Lines on it got brighter for a moment. Was it real? No idea. Anyways, I put it back in my pocket.

That morning was rather cold, but I wasn’t freezing. I was used to a bit lower temperatures. Also, Gobbal wool and Tofu feathers can keep you warm even in the coldest climates. But has also a very characteristic smell.

I was about to go, but someone blocked the way.

- Ah ha! A challenging foe!

- What. - There was a chance I knew what he is about to do. And I didn’t like that.

- Fear the xXlordMasterKiller69Xx! The bravest, most powerful palladin in the world!

- Excuse me? - He was about to attack me, to kill me, and loot my corpse before I reappear at Phoenix. Seems like I had no choice.

- Prepare thyself! - The person revealed itself.

Then I knew I’m in big trouble. It was a Cra. What’s worse, he was very skilled archer. His sniping was powerful enough to break the stone behind me, but… his aim was crappy enough to let me prepare my counter. You see, a skilled Eni like me doesn’t only heal, but also knows the secret of Unnatural Remedies. I made him slower and weaker for a moment, then sent a nice fireball in his direction.

A free-style short flight, not watching the explosion. Eight out of ten. Maybe eight and a half.

But after few seconds, another strike missed me. However every next one was better and better, each arrow being closer and closer. Suddenly, I became a target dummy for magic testing. It became extremely difficult to avoid all arrows, or even any of them. I hid behind my shield, slowly approaching some big rocks nearby.

Bad luck! When I reached it, explosion! Targe’s away, rock’s gone, I’m pretty damaged.

- Ha! No evil shall be unpunished! - that guy really was weird.

- Cut it, pal, you know I am no evil. - I wanted to get myself some time. But what could I do?

- The only thing that shall be cut, is thy head! - he took an arrow, aiming at me.

Think, think, what to do? Magic? Won’t work that well. Sword? But he’s too quick to let me swing.

Hey, what about that pistol? It seemed alright enough. I grabbed it; lines were getting brighter.

- Pal, I’m just warming up. - I raised my arm to be sure that he won’t get not damaged from that.

- Prepare to die! - he was about to shoot, and so was I, when:

- Take THAT!

I felt being filled with magic, but not only mine. That energy flowed through me, accumulated at the pistol, and then I heard that bright female voice…

The shot was powerful. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that guy is unconscious.

- Well, no hard feelings, mate. - I ‘borrowed’ some cash from him, and left.

But one thing still was bothering me. I looked at the gun. Eyes were wide open, but not moving at all.

- Hey - I said - I know you can hear me.

No reaction. - Allrighty then… - It was maybe dumb, but I started tickling the handle. At first, no reaction, but then it seems like it couldn’t handle anymore.

- Ahahaha, stop it, stop! Pleahahahase! Pwahahaha!

- Finally! So, will you talk with me now?

- Okay, okay, but stop!

Honestly, I didn’t want to (tongue) but, well, she asked. Okay.

- So, may I know your name?

- Oooh, how about introducing yourself first, huh, gentleman? - her voice changed from rather childish to tomboyish.

- … alright. I’m called Mihnik.

- That’s it?

- Yeah… what did you expect, anyways?

- Okay… seems fair enough. I’m… - her voice changed back - …Sarah.

What a nice name, I thought.

- Thanks - she replied. Wow, reading in mind?

- No, just from face expressions. - For a moment there, I felt like a dumbass.

- Anyways - I changed the topic - Why were you laying on the ground?

Her eyes went down. Uh oh, I thought, sensitive topic - Well, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…

- I’m simply weak.

- What? And that blast just a few moments ago?

- He wasn’t that challenging after all, and I used mostly your energy for that.

- But that’s still nice! It can’t be true! Right?

- But it is. - her voice was changing back and forth - Back at Shukrute, I was the weakest from the weak. I wasn’t excited about destruction. All my energy was used to manifest and maintain my actual true, original form, and all my memories. When I was sealed, I had no problems leaving that prison, but it was safer being that pistol. At least I thought so. All I could do is channelling energy, so many people called me worthless…

That story was amazing. I don’t think any Shushu can simply leave impriisonment and go back. But the sadness in her voice…

Sheet, I am too empathetic.

- Come on… for me, such abilities are amazing.

Poof! Cloud of violet smoke, and she appeared in front of me. She was looking like a normal girl, age 18-25, whole body (along with long hair) painted caramel, except lines - cream on the right half, and mauve on left. Also eyes were those colors. Whole eyes.

- Really? - she shouted, but then she blushed. - I… mean… umm…

- Yeah, it seems pretty difficult! I am impressed!

She was really happy to hear that. Well, it was honest, but many girls usually are like ‘you’re just saying that to cheer me up’, and I hate it, personally.

- Well - she continued - other Shushus usually gain respect and help with their powers after yo beat them, so…

- Umm… what? - I was pretty confused. She didn’t look like someone who could punch hard.

Correction - her shy side. I got a straight punch in my chest, I almost lost my breath for a moment. I replied with kicking.

- Ouch, ouch, ouch! - it surely wasn’t pleasant - I’m going to break those legs.

That fight took more than an hour, and after that we were too exhausted to do anything.

- So… what now? - I asked.

- Well… I don’t know…

- For me… It was a tie.

- Eh… Let’s just say you won.

- You… you sure?

- Yeah… - another cloud of smoke, and she was back a pistol.

- Allllright then… - I got up, but when I wanted to put her back to my pocket, she said:

- But let me at least see the road…

- Allllrighty - I somehow attached her to my belt, and continued my stroll…

Chapter 4

The city was quite close, so I got there before sunset. It was quite good day, got lots of gear and cash, so I decided to leave some at the market and guild bank.

- Why do you throw so much cash to that pot?

Sarah was looking at me, not really convinced.

- Well… I don’t like having too much money with me, also, it may be useful later.

- For what?

- Right now, our goal is to get ourselves a Haven World.

- Umm, “our”?

- Well, our guild, that is, or at least mine and Johny’s.

- Aaand you can take out the cash whenever you want?

- Eheheh… no…

- So, how can you be sure it will be used when it’s needed?

- Well… I trust John. He is a good mate of mine.

- Yeah… - she really didn’t like it. Well, I couldn’t help it. I found a hotel, and booked a room for one night. It wasn’t really big, but cozy enough for me. I wanted to take a bath (there was a small bathtub there. Nice), so I brought some water, and when I started undressing myself, I heard Sarah complaining:

- C-could you at least do it somewhere else?

Wow, I almost forgot she’s here. I was used to travel alone, so at first I didn’t know what she meant. Then, sudden realisation.

- Oh, right. Sorry about that.

She refused being placed in a drawer, wardrobe, or chest. I had to take off the rest of my clothes in that small ‘bathroom’. Very small bathroom. I felt humiliated, listening to what a pistol says. Uurgh.

At least the bath was pretty relaxing.

The next morning, I really didn’t want to get up. Well, propably like everyone else, every morning. But I knew I had to. I looked at the table, checking if everything’s there. I really didn’t want to get up. But I had to. Well, somewhen. I can still be there. It’s so warm, so nice, mmmmmmm… I tried to focus on what’s on the table. Clothes? Check. Armor? Check, Bag? Check. Weapons? Check… wait. Something’s missing…. what could be missing?

- Oh crap, where is she? - Sarah was the only thing I hadn’t noticed.

- Sarah?! - I shouted.

- Yeah? - the answer came from the bathroom.

I was like petrified. I thought someone came here at night, and took her away. Meanwhile, she was enjoying herself in the bathtub, like nothing serious happened.

- What. - I didn’t know what to think.

- Well, I wanted to take a bath too, but I fell asleep when you were. Also, I tried to wake you up earlier, but I couldn’t, so I helped myself.

Yeah, I thought, she’s going to be an interesting companion. Then, I heard knocking.

- Excuse me, sir - a young boy entered the room. - I have a message for yooouu… - he noticed Sarah in the tub. He blushed, turned around, said “sorry, ma’am”, gave me the letter, and left.

I didn’t even have to guess who had sent it.

"Hey, pal! C’mere to Monk Island! We will be riiiiiiiich!"

- What is it? - she left the bathroom, clearly intrigued.

- It’s from Johny. We’re going to Monk Island!

This time, I took the Dragoturkey. I didn’t want to face again any folks like the last time. The weather was really nice, just a few clouds visible on the sky. But that wasn’t anything to worry about. We set sail, and after some time, we reached the Monk Island.

The island is pretty dark and sad, like it was one, big funeral. Everywhere you could see monks, either neutral, or agressive. Those old folks are pretty difficult, though, so don’t let their appearance fool you.

Soon after landing, I saw a friendly face (or should I say, mask) getting rid of dangers.

- Oh, HEYthere! You got the letter! - It was Johny. His face was behind blue (usually it’s red, but… it’s Johny), horned, smiling mask of the Psychopaths. The way he was using against those poor bastards (even though they were hostile, dangerous and blah blah blah) was terrifying. His main weapon - mask’s horns, usually used as whips, though he is also using them as two swords.

- Yeah, I did… - I frowned, looking at what he did. Well, I’m still not used to that… mayhem. - why did you call me?

- Too many foes! Citizens (and Clan Member) will pay for gettin’ rid of ‘em! Lots of cash! (and experience!)

- Wow, really? - I was surprised. That offer was pretty amazing. - Oh, I almost forgot. - I showed him the pistol - This is Sarah.

- Ooh, you got your own Shushu? Niiiiice… can I seeeee? - he snatched her out of my hand to look at her closely. She didn’t like that.

- Hands off! - she exploded in his hands, revealing herself.

- Ouchouchouch0UCH! - he was waving his hands in pain - heheheh… niiice, I like her already. SO! Let’s get to work! - he ran at the closest pack like nothing happened.

- He’s always like that? - Sarah was rather astonished.

- Well… at least when he’s wearing his Psycho mask. You’ll get used to it. I hope so. I’m trying, at least.

- So, how did ya get her?

- Well, uh… - I didn’t know how to tell him that. After all, I found her laying on the ground.

- He had to fight against me in order to be my Guardian.

I was surprised. I don’t remember asking her to say such things. Yet, I felt kinda thankful.

- Nniiiiice… Lopez’s gonna be mad to see that even you got your own Shushu.

- Wait - Sarah couldn’t miss the word ‘even’ - what are you implying?

- Oh, I forgot to tell you. Johny is a Shushu Guardian, too.

- Eeeyup! - that cheerful response always creeps me out. - Here’s Dicky. He’s not very talkative, but is a fiiiiiiine buddy.

Appearance of the ring visibly scared Sarah.

- H-how did you get HIM? - she was definitely terrified seeing that ring. What’s propably worse, he noticed her.

- Oh, look who we have here. - Very deep voice came from Johny’s hand. - It’s our little Sarah! How did you, weakling, survive here? And you - now saying to me - how foolish are you to have so useless moron filling place with her fat ass by your side?

That demon has guts. However, Johny was faster. He hugged him so hard that he was squeaking like a squirrel.

- Isn’t he cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute? - he asked.

- Stop it! Now! Or you’ll be cut into pieces and fried in hellish flames!

- I love you tooooo! - I have no idea if he was entirely serious, or simply insane. Both me and Sarah were just staring at him, hugging his own hand, with demonic ring who was trying to scare him.

A group of monks appeared. Their attack was so surprising, I was almost hit. And Johny simply was standing there, getting hit by everything. Seriously. He was like, standing there. Still hugging that ring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But then, he took both horns, and started spinning. In every direction. It was like in slow motion: both swords hitting every single monk that was near. Everything was exploding with cold, because though many Zobals were using fire, Johny prefered ice.

- Awesome. - Sarah was clearly impressed.

- I know. - So was I.

But there wasn’t much time to simply stare. I started throwing flasks at everyone in my way. It wasn’t as useful, but still managed to help him a little.

- Hey, how about simply using me to help?

Oh, right. Still forgeting stuff. I filled Sarah with prepared flask ingredients, aimed and fired. The effect was better than I expected. Way better.

- Whoa, seems like someone is stronger here! Hihihi…

Monks were gathering around us, coming in waves. Few first were quite easy, but every next one was bigger and bigger. Eventually, we had some troubles. Then, I got an idea.

- Hey, Sarah, how about I borrow your powers for a moment?

- You mean…. what?

- You know… - I smiled. She finally understood, and disagreed.

- That posessed form? No way! I have never tried it before!

- You’ll have to try it eventually… - Icicles hit a wheelchair. Darn, he blocked them, I thought. - So?

- Okay, let me try… - she focused, and then I felt something… weird. She was, like, glued to my hand, then she grew into my arm, and disappeared. In the same moment, my skin, starting from my right arm, became as brown as brick, and lines, similar to Sarah’s, appeared on my body. I felt her inside, and that was really strange feeling. Her eyes appeared above mine, on my forehead, I could feel that.

- Whoa… - I said - this… is weird.

- You don’t say - she agreed - at least you are still yourself.

- Kinda - shouted Johny - you didn’t get bigger - he was surely disappointed.

- Okay, let’s get this party started! - I felt the magic around me. All spells were being casted now so easily, and I could tell who’s going to use what. Everything went fine, until we managed to get rid of all monks arround.

- Wow… huh… wow - I was exhausted. Sarah changed back to pistol, but she was also very tired - I say we need to train this a little.

- I say… you are right this time… - deep breaths. Everyone but Johny.

- I say we get our cash! - so joyful. Really creepy.

Chapter 5

We have bought a Haven World!

That is rather impressive, if you know we had to pay a lot for it. It’s on Monk Island, though it was a plan B. We were interested in one on Calmar, but folks didn’t want us there…

Having a guild base like that is a great step forward. But, any building you would like to have there costs money, and you need materials.

We came in. The amount of space inside was amazing. There is no doubt, Enutrof technology is great.

- Whooaa… This place is amazing – Sarah was really impressed. Well, I’m not surprised, because so was I.

- Wow, we really bought this? – Johny went to Calmar Island, so we had more chances to buy any Haven World before auctions ended. Still, it seems like he couldn’t believe this.

- Yes, we did. – I said – Now it’s like we’re a real strong guild.

- Hihihi, we need some fitting animals here! – he took an animal seeds flask, and started throwing them everywhere. – I wanted to get those Boowolfs from Frigost, but Brrbli should be good enough for now.

Then, someone entered the Haven World. We thought it’s someone who wants our world, but, luckily, a friendly voice could be heard.

- Hei thar! – Well-known, ear-hurting voice.

It was Lopez von Somonino, an Iop from Bonta. Like usually, he was wearing a heavy armor with many guild/nation ornaments, carrying his guild standard, upgraded with bontarian flag. But this new one was kinda odd. It was bigger, resembled a cross with both flags, had some kind of orb in the middle, and a pointy, steel ending.

- Hey there! – I shouted. Two more helping hands are always good to have – How are ya? And what’s with this new standard you have?

- I bot it in Bonta, of kors. De selling man sed it kan bee used as a sper – his speech was like nails – you don’t want any of them in your ears.

- Vov, yu guiz reely bot de Heven World! Asum! It kood only be beter if yu where from Bonta. Hehehe. Kuz oder nashons suk.

- Who is this guy? – Sarah asked me. You could see that she doesn’t really like that ‘hobo’ here.

- Oh, it’s Lopez – Johny was faster, again. He came closer and then the two began some weird greeting ritual.

- End hoo iz dis? – Lopez asked afterwards, finally noticing my companion.

- Oh, this is Sarah – it seems like I have nothing to say. – She’s Mih’s Shushu.

- O rly? Imma punch her, den she’s my Shooshoo – he wanted to do that. Before he managed, though, she became a pistol. Which landed in my hands. Aiming at his forehead.

Seriously, it’s like I’m not even important here. Just a background/supporting character.

- Try something like that again, and you won’t have a hand to do so! – he surely pissed her off.

- O rly? Den Imma kik. – Iop’s brain…

- Oh, I thought that Johny is weird, but you’re just irritatingly stupid!

He didn’t answer that. Instead, he showed her a middle finger. And It would end really bad, if not the Johny.

- Hey, lovebirds! ~♥ We have a visitor!

We went outside. There was a young Sacrier, armed like he wanted to burn down a village.

- What do you want here, kid? – I said.

- I am Wolfgang, the Mighty! And it looks like some weak guild has got a Haven World….

- Yeah, we did – you could tell Johny is ready to fight. He always seems like that.

- No, guiz. – Lopez stepped forward – Let mee handl dis.

- Oooh, a fight with a moron! It couldn’t be easier.

That kid misjudged him, badly. He just got in a fight with our guild’s weapon master and vice-close combat master. When both of them were close enough, Wolfgang began with tattoo magic – something only Sacriers can do – and used them as sharp blades on his own skin. Luckily, Lopez had his standard, so he could hit the head without getting too close. However, tattoo spikes were growing bigger and bigger with every Lopez’s hit. Sacrier tried to grab the flag, but our Iop was like dancing in a trance, and there was no way to stop him. We were watching that, and it was like two tornadoes, each trying to devastate the other one. Eventually, the spikes had grown too big to avoid them; but Lopez had one more trick in his sleeve. He simply stood still, waiting for the next thing.

- Ohoho, is that it? – That kid stopped his aimless attacks. He was visibly tired, but still able to fight. – You disappointed me, dummy. Goodbye! – He was about to finish him, but right before he was slayed, Lopez released a powerful burst of blazing energy, known as a Wrath.

- Whoa, whoa, what was that? – and orb on the standard has opened, revealing an eye. – Some respect for the elders, alright?

Wow, another Shushu, I thought. This will really be an interesting story.

- Vov wat – Lopez was visibly surprised. – U R Shooshoo?

- But of course I am, young boy! – the standard replied with an elderly – I am one of the older Shushus, even! I am… I am… ehh… give me a second, shall you? – he surely didn’t remember – Umm… damn you, memory! You unreliable companion! Why do you always fail me?

- Okai, so you shal bee Jolomano Bontarini – Lopez announced.

By the way, you could probably tell why Bontarini, but why Jolomano? The answer is simple – our guild is named Jolomi, after the three of us – Johny, Lopez and Mihnik. Though it was Vladinir who founded it, he’s now its VP. He gave the power to Johny so he could do “his things”.

The nickname seemed to fall to his taste

- Hmm… Jolomano…? Yeah… I could’ve been called something like…. – he started snoring, so the dialogue ended there.

- Wow –Johny noticed something – a ring, a standard, and a pistol. Seems like only you got an useful one, Mih.

- Eeeeyup

The day was really nice…


Post-chapter note

We really bought a Haven world when I was writing chapter 5. It was pretty surprising, but, well, for a guild with 3 active members, we're pretty badass tongue

Javian has passed, same for Flovor, and now, Martalo is here! That means, somewhere there I have a Very Special Anniversary Every Person Has! And that means, since I said so, I shall post here some pieces of text (you can still use this link to read everything I put there (link now shows only tagged posts, so you don't have to see everything I put there) Anyways! #2! More 'Chapters'!

Chapter 6

- So, wat now? - Lopez asked.

- I’m heading to Asturb - I had some plans, at least for now - I got a newsteller telling about mercenary recruitment.

- Sounds nice! Tell me if those mercenaries are good enough - Johny was surely excited. Unfortunately, someone, somewhen, had to deal with Brrblis, residing in our Haven World. Seriously, you are there, nothing happens. You leave for a second, and your guild base is full of animals.

- Welp, I’m goin’! Laters! - I grabbed my gear and went to old Asturb, a place everyone knows. Despite the flood, Master Bossowl still manages to make this nice location cozy.

But you might not know what’s going on. Let me explain you.

Long time ago, in the Dofus era, there was a man named Erezial Melkewel. He had seen what Shushus could do, so he wanted to create beings able to fight them. He created so called ‘Multimen’. You could buy a spell allowing to summon a double of either one of them. However, because of Ogrest Chaos, those spells were lost, and forgotten for a long time.

Not so long time ago, there was a plan to recreate Asturbian Knight Barracks, to train fighters, so they could help people. Then, accidentally, someone rediscovered those powerful summoning spells. The price is incredibly high, while knights, being not so powerful, but affordable to everyone, still wanted to be hired. Now, you can stop being a lone adventurer. However, there was a mad guy who kidnapped some knights. Luckily, by the time I made it to the place, all of them were freed. And most of them were taken.

I entered the Asturbian Barracks. There was one knight, waiting for anyone. The Knight Trainer, Matt, greeted me.

- Hello there, adventurer! I understand you’re here looking for a companion?

- Indeed - well, what could I do there?

- Excellent! Sam, come here! - the knight came closer and said:

- Good day, sir! How do you do? - the voice was kinda odd, sounded a bit too young for me, but Matt must’ve noticed that, because he instantly responded:

- Don’t let the voice fool you, my friend! Sam was fighting many battles, and is very experienced! I’m sure that’ll be a perfect companion for you!

- O…kay then… - I didn’t know what to say. However, the knight was still looking at me, though the helmet was covering entire face, I could feel those eyes aiming at me - oh, and I’m fine, why thank you. How do you do?

- I’m doing well, thanks. - That response was as quick as an order. I was kinda amazed.

- So, Sam, (I can call you like that, right?) tell me, how well do you fight?

- Sir, my main weapon is this lance, but I can fight with any other weapons as well.

- Great! (you can call me Mihnik, you know) There’s some job still to do at Monk Island, can you assist me in fights?

- Of course, sir, but first I must adapt to your fighting style, so there will be no problems.

- Geez, you’re pretty nervous, ain’t you? - Sarah finally have spoken. You could tell that Sam was pretty astonished.

- Sir, you are a Shushu guardian?

- Umm… yeah?

- It is an honor, helping you, sir! - Sam has instantaneously gained some respect for me. I don’t know, this thing is going to be really weird… I’m sure.

- Geez, calm down, okay? - such voice surely wasn’t in Sarah’s taste - I’m friendly, alright?

- I am still going to keep my eye on you - wow, real knight, I thought.

Well, we made it (back) to the Monk Island. Wow, now hostile Bellaphones. I really don’t like fighting against them; they can make your double, which really means trouble.Well then, I thought, let’s deal with it.


Crap, I have their attention now.

- Oh look, another fool! - those voices surely weren’t friendly.

I prepared myself. Sarah was ready too.

- Sam, if you’re done watching, you could help a little, ‘kay?

- Sure thing, sir. - those responds were still kinda odd, but I could get used to it. I think so.

The combat began. The thing was more difficult because they can move you arround with their spells. But I was prepared to fight, so I could take them by surprise.

Having Sarah by my side is really useful. I still needed to learn what could I do, but, so far, the effects were amazing. The most important thing is - she could understand what I wanted to do. You could tell which Bellaphones were crazy attackers, and which were dragged here by force. Some of them had to disappear, but some ended lying unconsciously on the grass. Sam was watching all that very precisely.

Suddenly, when I was near finishing, a new one appeared.

- Well, well, well, seems like my girls have met an obstacle! Let’s see how difficult it was!

She summoned some grass eggs. Oh crap, they’re my soon-to-be-clones! I yelled to Sam, still standing nearby.

- Hey! I need some hand here! - But the knight wasn’t there now. Hell, where is that knight? But there was no time for that. I could hear some cracking. Crap, I realized, that was quick. Five faceless copies were aiming their wands at me, with fire spells prepared. One of them almost released it. Almost. It noticed a big lance, sticking out of its chest. Poof, and you could see Sam, ready to impale the rest.

- Aaaaargh! You shall pay for that! - She wasn’t enjoying that. But those clones were pretty easy to defeat. I was amazed. Every punch was imbued with magic, and that was really great. I have troubles mostly with the element of earth, but I can fight with other spells. Having a companion like that is really going to be useful, I thought to myself.

We defeated the clones, and pinned her down. But it seemed like she had another trick in her sleeve.

- Heh, you think you won? You know, it’s really nice you have left some of my dear girls… See. before we came here, I made every single one drink some “magical juice” for courage… Now, when they’re lying here and there, I can make all that place go boom! Hehehe, It was n— -she didn’t finish that sentence. I had one Lethargy Flask prepared, and she was the one who got it. It was an overdose, so she fell asleep instantly, but I don’t believe she would wake up.

- Ehh… I don’t like crap like that. - I looked at the Bellaphones lying on the ground - also, those poor girls would have that “juice” digested right now, and got rid of it from their organisms. - I picked her up - You’re goin’ to prison, mate.


One of them woke up. Huh, I am alive, she thought, and she was filled with joy. Next ones became sitting up, quietly moaning because of small bruisers or headaches. What happened, one asked. That guy, another one responded, he got rid of the fanatics. May Sadida bless him, said third one. Let’s go back home, said fourth. Most of them agreed, and disappeared.

One was left. She didn’t understand why he was so kind for them.

She had nothing to do with her life.

She hid herself in the shadows.

She hid herself in the trees.

She started to follow him.


After leaving the prison, I noticed a thing I hadn’t notice earlier – Sam’s armor is in pretty bad condition. I have my stuff changed (Infernal/Divine Tofu gear), but the previous one was still intact, so I asked:

- Hey, your armor is kinda damaged, maybe you should…

- I’m fine, sir. - the knight replied quickly.

- But I have a spare with me, pretty nice…

- IS FINE. - Sam denied my help. That wasn’t good feeling, so I frowned, but what could I do?

- Alright then - I responded. But there was one thing bothering me. Scratch that, two things. One - there was something my companion wasn’t telling me; two - I hoped I was wrong, but someone was following me. I could feel someone’s watching us.

Well, it could be just my imagination, after all.

What I was worried about, was the knight’s armor. One could tell it was used in many battles, because its state was… well… to say it was ‘pretty bad’ is like to call a missing limb ‘just a small cut’.

Anyways, I wanted a small break. I’ve had enough fights so far. Welp, I needed some profession training. We headed to Sufokia. Right there, I could try some crafting.

My job in guild was to be a jeweler, and long-distance weapon master. The problem is, I am too lazy to get the materials myself, and noone else would do that for me, and I don’t want to spend cash for that. So, I had to get some stuff first…

I gathered some iron, some coal, and went to the jeweler’s workshop. The thing isn’t that difficult; you just need to do everything right, like in the recipe. Some iron loops, some subtle clasps… those components are really useful for any other recipes. I just need some time, and everything’s done.

I noticed the knight looking at me. Seems like Sam has nothing to do for now.

- Hey, could you give me a hand? - I asked.

- Sir, I’m not a handyman, I’m just a mercenary.

- Eh, so, at least do me a favor and go buy me a few things, kay? - I threw at Sam a bag with some money - Oh, and, Sarah, you’ll go too, kay? You know what I need.

- Allllrighty! - a cheerful voice, a cloud of smoke, and so she appeared, ready to go. This may have shocked the knight, because of the sudden reaction.

- What? - it wasn’t surely a common thing to see, but I was used to it already - What is this?

- Oh, calm down, mate - she tried to calm Sam down - I told you already I am friendly, right? So, let’s just get him what he wants.


The two walked away. She found it fitting perfectly, because that guy was now alone. She approached him quietly, so he wouldn’t try to attack from distance. She was scared that he can be a formidable foe in close combat, though. But he was nice that day. When she was near, he noticed her. He said “What the heck..?”

Meanwhile, Sam and I (yes, this narration is ME. You have no idea how boring it is to be a pistol, sometimes. Especially when you’re so weak… but now it’s kinda better!) were going to the market. That armored dummy still didn’t trust me enough, I could feel those eyes staring at me, almost all the time.

- So, what are we going for? - that cold voice tried to make a small talk, at least. I appreciate it.

- Well, Mihnik needs ingredients for his flasks, health kits and something to eat.

- Flasks? I’ve never seen him throwing any.

- Well, that’s mostly because he’s using me for casting most spells. Ingredients are still necessary. They are SOOOOO tasty….

Maybe I had a weird taste, but HECK WITH IT. Sam seemed to understand that.

- I’d rather to not try that… - I laughed at that; finally our stiff knight has chilled out.


- Umm… hi there? - that Bellaphone was looking scared, but something made her come here, that was sure.

- Uhhh… hai. - she answered quietly, but calmly - I came here to say thank you.

- Oh, uh, you’re… welcome - I was surprised she made it here just to say thanks - No need to say thank you, actually.

- But you saved many of us who didn’t want to fight!

- Well, I just did what I did. As I said, you’re welcome.

- Here, please take this as a gift - she pulled some hair, and gave it to me. I was kinda shocked, seeing something like this. However, when I reached it with my left hand, it wrapped around my arm, forming some kind of sleeve or band.

- It will help - I heard more warm words - it can be used as a tail, sort of.

Suddenly, we were interrupted by some traveler.

- Oh, what do I see here? You weren’t here before, were you? - I could see his hand reaching a sword, so I stood before her and said:

- She’s here with me, mind your own business.

- Oh, alright then, pal! - he shouted, and went somewhere else.

- I can be with you? - I knew it’s going to be something like that.

- Actually, yes. You can accompany me in my adventures! - an outright statement seemed to cheer her up, because she hugged me, and said:

- Thank you, mister! You are very good mister!

- Calm down, calm down - crap, I thought. One more girl, and I could start a harem. Johny might not joke that much about it, but Lopez? Heck, Johny would laugh at it, too, but as a bisexual. UUUGH. - And my name is Mihnik. But first thing’s first; we need to get some clothes for you.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but Bellaphones are usually… naked. Not that anyone is a pervert or so, but they are “uncivilisied” as some may call them, so they don’t have anything. Luckily, we had some spare clothes at the guild bank. I took some Cloudy Tofu - extra soft, plus they are pretty warm, and that’s useful, because it’s not that warm here (unlike in Brakmar). She was so filled with joy when she dressed up.


Meanwhile, we were heading back, with the ingredients. The knight isn’t that bad, after all, I thought. Sam just was rejected few times, so I understand that behavior. I didn’t ask for the reason, though. It will be told when the time is right. For now, let’s just see what happens next…

Chapter 8
(a closer look on Johny Plural)

- Finally! Brakmar! Took them some time (and cash… egh)

Johny received his new passport. Why he migrated, I won’t propably ever understand. He said being a Brakmar citizen is going to give him some benefits, though I don’t know about any. Well, I guess it’s his private thing.

He got also some Brakmarian insignia. They look kinda cool, and are quite useful while fighting outlaws. He didn’t see any so far this week, though, so he put that into his Haven Bag. He have many objects there, but most noticeable are masks, hanging on strings. He doesn’t boast about them; he prefers to keep them hidden. Strings are outside, though, in case of emergency, so he could pull them out quickly. Noone know what masks he have there, nor how many of them. Bloody dangerous guy.

He went to a small village, located on calm plains, one of very few ordinarily-looking places in Brakmar. The entire nation looks like after a cataclysm - there’s even an active volcano there. It’s really a weird choice to be a citizen of something like that. Anyways, the place he was at is pretty cozy. He entered the tavern to get himself some food. It wasn’t really empty; only someone who propably was an owner, few people sipping the beer near the bar, and a lone figure in the corner. He sat near those drunks, and ordered a grilled tofu.

- Hey, you, clown - one of those next to him yelled - you’re sittin’ on Mike’s place.

- Sorry, pal - Johny answered - but they aren’t labeled anywhere.

- But Mike’s always sittin’ here! You better get’cha ass outta here before I do!

That drunken gibberish had Johny annoyed a bit, because he replied:

- You don’t want any trouble, pal.

That made those drunks laugh. Well, it’s not going to end peacefully, thought Johny. He had his Classic Mask on, and didn’t want to risk with the Psycho one. Though…

- Come here, you little bastard. I’ll show you what trouble REALLY means!

He was already holding a chair, and almost hit him, but Johny evaded it easily - he spent so much time on training, he even got an Artful Dodger title - and kicked him in a chin. That made him lose some teeth. Furious about that, drunk tried to catch him, but received a punch in the stomach, and fell on the floor unconscious. His friends were looking quite scared, while Johny got back to his tofu. That guy in the corner must’ve been having fun watching this, because he was laughing, and said out loud:

- That’s a pretty good job, boy! I’m looking for people just like that!

Johny didn’t mind him; he was too busy with eating. He even ordered a second one. Seriously, that guy is always hungry. That individual continued:

- Name’s Ryan. I have a small group of folks who are… currently looking for a new headquaters… maybe you know any place where we could have it? - Johny didn’t show a slightest sign of interest - hello? Anyone home? - He asked few more times, and left, noticeably disappointed.

- Huh, what did he want from me? - Johny asked. The owner just shrugged his shoulders, and the rest was too scared after seeing what he done to their friend - Well, I’ll just go get some rest. - he jumped off the chair, and started looking for a place to sleep. He found one after some time, and it was pretty cozy. And quite empty. Everything in this village seemed so. In the hotel, there were also an Osamodas with tons of animals in cages, a quiet Feca, almost always sitting in her room, and a Foggernaut with lots of machinery. Johny didn’t mind them, actually. It was pretty late, so he just got a quick shower, and jumped on his bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

The next day, it was better to be at least a little social person. Osamodas was pretty dull, non-stop talking about what kind of breeds he has, which one he needs, and how they behave. Feca prepared some tea, which wasn’t that bad, after all. Foggernaut, however, was yelling at him all the time, because he was curious to know what he’s doing. He kicked him out of his room after Johny tried to shoot from his stasili rifle.

He went out to meet the same man that was talking to him in the tavern.

- Oh, it’s you! Are you going to notice me now?

Johny stared for a moment at him, then recognised him from the day before.

- Oh, it’s you.

- Whooaa, what an achievement! - he started slowly clapping - So you actually CAN see me. That’s good news for me.

- And for me? - Johny didn’t trust him at all. That kind of people aren’t good to meet.

- Well, depends if you want to be a part of Night Wolves, or a graveyard.

Night Wolves, a pack of outlaws, always bringing the trouble. Their heads aren’t as expensive as some “famous” criminals, but they are still worth enough.

- Neither - Johny was prepared to pull out his Psycho Mask, but Ryan seemed like he didn’t want to fight. Instead of, he started laughing.

- Well, my friend, I’ll give you some time. - suddenly, some ash appeared in the air - I hope that sudden disappearing of that hotel you’re currently at will make you rethink that. - he turned and walked away. Johny ran in the opposite direction, to see the building in flames. The girl and animal breeder were outside (and all those animals), but robot guy was missinng.

- He’s still inside, right?

- Yes - Osamodas answered - he said he can’t leave his precious machinery. I doubt he can survive that, even though he’s a bot.

Johny didn’t know what to do, but then he decided to be a hero. He had his Classic Mask still on, so when the firefighters arrived, he was already inside, looking for the Foggernaut. He found him inside his room, under some metal pieces.

- Oh, it’s you? What are you doing here? Nevermind, Help me get my machines outta here, before they get serious damage!

This was pretty confusing situation, but Johny managed to get rid of the stuff crushing robot’s legs, put some machinery inside his pockets, and even managed to grab small tank of stasili.

- Now, to get out of here… - he was grabbing one of the strings - I don’t like using it, but… - he changed mask, and with mechanic constructions in pockets, and a Fogger on his shoulders, he was trying to do the only thing that was inside his head: fleeing.


Everyone seeing Johny back then weren’t sure if that was the same person. The one who entered the burning hotel was either brave or foolish, but the one who escaped it was a coward. Or at least they thought so, until he changed his mask.

And what are YOU doing here? I am the narrator of this story! Shoo!

But… I am quite good at it!

What? …you … You were narrating even earlier? Oh… come on! How did you even get here?

Being with you allows me to try mimicking your skills… I guess it works this way.

Uuugh… I guess that if you’re here, then I could let you…

Thanks! ~♥

But don’t get used to it, remember that I’m still the main narrator.

Okay, okay… understood, sir. ANYWAYS! EPILOGUE!

Ehh… I need somthing to drink…


Johny visited the hotel later. It was already rebuilt. Seems like the village was prepared for incidents like that. Luckily, all those outlaws were… dealt with. He checked if all those folks were still there. Out of that trio, only Osamodas was missing, because “those weren’t good conditions for his farm”. However, there were new people there. He entered the robot’s room.

- Oh, it’s you - a cold voice greeted him - what are you doing here?

- I wanted you to help me with this small thing - Johny pulled a string, and then an interesting mask appeared.

- Whoa, so you actually put that stuff in a good use.

The mask Johny was holding resembled a robot’s face, painted white, with some elements blue and violet. On the inside, there was some tiny parts, along with small stasili tank.

- I still need one tiny element to make it work.

- Oh? And you expect me to give it away?

- Exactly.

- Eh, I guess I have no choice - he didn’t see Johny’s face, but it surely was the most serious face he could have. He opened a chest, found a tiny box, and handed it to Johny.

- Here. The emitter. - He turned around - Just… - he turned again - at least show me if it works.

Johny placed the missing piece inside the mask, and then put it on. At first, nothing happened, but then, a bright purple light filled the room, and thick cloud appeared arround Johny. Robot was surprised, and after all that disappeared, he stared at him for a moment, without a word. Then, he managed to ask:

- Is everything alright?

Johny looked at him, suspiciously calm.

- Oh, of course it is. - he put Classic back on. One could tell that was an odd, yet exciting experience for him - it works! Steaming mask works!

Chapter 9

As a tail, sort of, eh?

I was still wondering what could I do with such an unusual gift. Sam and Sarah was already here, surprised when noticed I wasn’t alone. She also was, and couldn’t believe what kind of companion I have with me.

I was sitting on the grass, wondering about the next few days.

- So, what now? - knight sat next to me. The armor damage was terrible, I thought, but no help wanted. Heck with it, I’ll give that armor sooner or later.

- I guess we’ll just move forward. - I stood up. The Bellaphone was still filled with joy, telling Sarah how nice it was that I gave her those clothes.

- Alright! Let’s go! - and so we moved on. I like walking - it’s really nice to feel some fresh air. Sam wasn’t against it, Sarah didn’t have to complain, and our new comrade seemed to enjoy the walk, too. Somehow, her cheerful presence made everyone a bit more happy and talkative. We were telling jokes, stories, and sharing some good memories.

Time was going by so quickly. We entered a small forest. It was pretty dark, so I prepared a small campfire. Then I noticed Bellaphone slighly moving away from it.

- Calm down - I said to her - It’s all safe. - I could notice she trusts me, but doesn’t want to get closer, no mater what. All right then, I thought.

Suddenly, something moved in the woods. Sam had that noticed, too. I grabbed Sarah, prepared for anything. Some stones were thrown at us, with incredible power. Somehow I managed to shoot them down. That was quick, I thought, how did I do that? Or was it her?

- What are you doing in my forest? - an elderly voice could be heard - Go away, before I get rid of you myself!

- We’re just travelling - I began explaining - and it was pretty late, so we made a camp here…

- Ow, what are you doing here, lady? - suddenly, mysterious voice stopped caring about us for a moment. Meanwhile, Sam informed me that Bellaphone was missing.

- You can’t be here, lady… what.. no, stop, you can’t… - the mysterious voice was surely dealing with our curious companion. Soon after that, she reappeared, bringing an elderly Sadida with herself.

- Don’t you bring me here, you’re taking off all my cover! - and that’s how our mystery was solved. I didn’t expect a thing like that. After that, everyone was pretty confused. The fire was out, so that grandpa invited us to his hut. It was inside an old tree, partially hollowed, so it was still alive, but was providing a cozy place to live. He also prepared some tea.

- I am the guardian of this forest - he said, sitting on a carpet. It was made from various leaves, which created very nice ornaments - and I’m protecting it from vandals, thieves, and any unwanted breeds.

It was pretty understandable, because many thinks they can hide in the forest, taking whatever they want, giving nothing but pollution. This man was someone nature needs.

But it was pretty late already, so he let us go to sleep. He didn’t want me to have a weapon.

- You must give me your pistol first, son - he surely didn’t trust us (or at least me) that much. However, Sarah simply jumped out of my pocket, morphing into her humanoid form (with a cloud of smoke, of course), what astonished the old man.

- What now, grandpa? You gonna take me now? - she was surely playing with fire.

- A…. a Shushu? I… I underestimated you, young boy. - he stared for a moment, then, after some thinking, he decided to let her stay. The night was pretty quiet, if you don’t count the wind. And Sarah snoring. Geez, she’s pretty loud; I wonder why doesn’t she wake herself up with that?

The next day was pretty nice. Grandpa showed us his little orchid, and gave us some berries as a breakfast. They were pretty tasty, actually.

- So, kids, I gave you some supplies, so now you should go - he pointed some baskets filled with fresh fruits - I don’t need a pack of tourists here.

The moment he finished talking, a loud howl could be heard. Old man was surely upset about that.

- Boowolves - he informed us - they always come back to where you don’t want them. - he jumped on a tree; I was surprised that he could still do stunts like that. - You kids either go away, or help me gettin’ rid of them. I had some troubles last time, and now I think they want some payback.

Then I noticed he has various traps up there, along with something resembling wooden sentries. I couldn’t notice it before, but when he came close to them, they were suddenly magically exposed! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The howling was louder and louder with every second. Bellaphone surely didn’t want to fight, but wanted to be close (no idea why). Sam wanted to split so we could defeat more of them, but I was still worried about the armor, so I sent Sarah with the knight.

- But…

- Look, Sam is good, but with that equipment, I doubt everything will be fine.

- Okay then… - she wasn’t looking like she’s really convinced, but she agreed to help the knight. So, there was I, with not-willing-to-fight Bellaphone, and grandpa guardian somewhere up there, prepared for the attack.

The Boowolves arrived. They were bombarded with my flasks. Unfortunately, some were still intact, and, what’s worse, had me noticed. But then, a rain of stones fell on them.

- You okay there, kid? - old man was looking at me from above.

- I’m fine, thanks for that.

- Dagnit, then I must aim better next time - he said, and, laughing, went back to his ‘machinery’.

Packs of those animals were defeated one after another. When we thought it’s all over, grandpa jumped down from the trees, and then a giant beast jumped on him. It was so quick. I wanted to get rid of that huge boowolf, so I swang my arm with a spell nearly prepared, when I felt the magic went not into my hand, but this weird band I got from Bellaphone. It extended, and got around the Boowolf above the old man. It surely wasn’t pleasant.

- This surely isn’t what I thought about when you told me ‘tail, sort of’! - I shouted, trying to pull the beast away from the grandpa.

- Sorry! - the girl said - many animals are using it in the similar way, I didn’t know what I could compare it to.

- Well, I haven’t seen any animal doing something like THAT! - I grabbed the rope extended from the band, and sent all fiery magic I could find through it. The beast was in big pain, I’m sure of it; it was loud, like a real flames were around it. After a moment, it fell unconscious. It didn’t fell on the grandpa, that is. I was pulling that beast all the time. Speaking of grandpa, he needed some treatment. I asked Bellaphone to hold him for a moment, and began healing.

- Heh, I’m gettin’ too old for this… - he tried to joke - that beast… I took him an eye last time we met. I’m lucky I still have my both.

His wounds weren’t very serious, but I told him to be careful anyways. Also, I told th girl to take care of him for a moment, while I decided to meet the rest.

I met Sarah not so far away, telling me everything’s fine.

- Though, I’d say you gotta talk with our knight. I’m sure you can now give away that armor.

Wow, is it completely destroyed? I made some steps forward. Sam was sitting there, behind the bushes, with the helmet only left, in the clothes that I guess were under the armor (though those were a bit damaged too).

- I guess you have no choice now, do you? - I heard when I came closer - you give me that nice gear, and everyone’s happy, huh? - the knight took of the helmet, and then I noticed brown, pointy ears.. and blond, long hair? This wasn’t true, was it?

She noticed that, and, still using calm voice, said:

- Name’s Samantha, Sam for short. Mother was a Cra, father - an Ecaflip. He was a gambler, lost our all money, left us. We were in quite big trouble, with all his debts, mother was treated like nothing. I wanted to help the weaker when I grow up, but people would laugh at me. Then I met Trainer Matt, who helped me a lot.

- A lot of people would leave me if they knew who I really am - she continued - that’s why I didn’t want to change the armor; I would be uncovered. I should be ashamed; thinking that I could do anything. People sent me back to Academy as quickly as they noticed - she stood up, her voice didn’t change for a second - I guess you’re going to do the same, sir.

I was kinda shocked. But then, I felt a little bit of sympathy.

- Oh, you’re that weak, then?

Was already going, but she turned around.

- What?

- You think you’re that weak so you must go back to Academy to train more? - I hit the right stop. I hoped so.

- You, sir, are talking to propably most experienced warrior you’ve ever met.

- Then why are you leaving? I want a good companion, not somebody sad just because took of her helmet. You surely want to leave?

No way she won’t react, I thought. And she did. She came closer, I didn’t know what to do, she didn’t look very happy. And yet, she hugged me.

- Thank you, sir.

- Okay, okay. But you need some new gear, I suppose.


- So, are we leaving now?

Sarah liked that place, but was looking forward to see more. Sam had her armor changed; the appearance was a litle changed, mostly because of those dumb horns. Old man was looking pretty well, so I thanked for the food, and said we’re going.

Bellaphone, however, decided to stay.

- Thank you for the inviting me, but adventures are propably not my thing. Also, someone needs to help him.

- Alright then - I understood her - see you next time then.

That was an interesting adventure. I still wonder what would my guildmates say…

Nevermind. It’s so beautiful day, why would anyone be worried…

Chapter 10 (exclusive mention - Vladinir, the Osamodas)

- Looks like some sort of a parasite.

Sam was examining the bellaphone tuft. It was pretty cool, indeed moved like a tail, doing exactly what I wanted to.

- A parasite? - I retracted it, hearing this made me kinda worried.

- I would call it so, but it’s a ‘positive’ one, if such one could exist. - she put her helmet back on. I still couldn’t believe that. But well, lately I have many surprises, I should get used to it. - Think of it as some sort of magical rope. You will feel the pain if it’s torn apart, I think, but it should be okay.

Very cheering, I thought. I have a ‘magical rope’ that I can’t get off my arm. Well, at least I can imbue it with my magic, and the effects are worth it. Maybe I could use it to train a little…

And what’s that? While travelling (you can’t just be sittin’ in one place, you know) I found a little abandoned sack. It wasn’t any sort of trap (Sarah came up with that idea), and it contained cards and dices.

- Those are Ecaflips’, that’s sure - Sam confirmed my thoughts after taking a look. She was an Ecaflip, after all - I suggest we leave it here. If someone wanted to get rid of them, he surely had a reason.

- Maybe, but I think I’ll keep ‘em. - I put the sack in my pocket. Lately, random stuff was saving my ass, so why not? Sam was surely not happy about that, maybe because she dislikes gambling, but she was hiding it well.

- If you want to - she responded - Anyways, the city should be close.

And it was. Big enough to have a town hall, public baths, and many other goodies big cities usually have, though in not such big quantities and sizes. When we arrived, we could hear loud female scream, and then it surely sounded like a chase. And it was moving in our direction.

What’s worse, I recognised the chased man.

Red skin, leather mask, gray coat. Darn.

We had some time to walk away like we hadn’t seen the chase. But I was just standing there, like petrified, staring at them, hoping it’s not true. Sam decided to stop him, but he managed to escape anyways. (She didn’t expect a jump THAT high) He lost the chase, eventually. As expected from him. He must’ve recognised me, because he came back.

- Mihnik! Long time no see!

- Oh… hi, Vlad! How are you?

- Alright. Though, those folks are not cooperating.

A smile on the face, like he couldn’t care less. Vladinir isn’t a criminal. This Osamodas wouldn’t be able to do big things like epic robberies you read in newstellers; he’s to lazy for that. If I am right, he was ‘visiting’ the baths, and ‘by accident’ entered the female part. No wonder why some call him ‘Red Masked Pervert’.

- So, how about visiting a tavern? You and your… - he looked at Sam for a moment. I was sure he would be happy to take a peek under that armor. - companion are pretty tired and hungry.

The food was pretty good there. I told a bit of what happened in the last days to Vlad. He listened to my story, and when I finished, asked me:

- Wow, you’re pretty strong then. But could you hand me your gun then for a moment?

I gave him the pistol, but when I realized what he intended, it was too late. If there was anything that could be called a ‘gun molesting’, then it was exactly what I was looking at. Sarah exploded with rage and, what’s more important, small fiery ball, snatched out of his hands.

- You… perverted freak! Do it once more, I dare you!

Wow, I thought, ol’ Vlad defeated by a gun. It’s gettin’ more and more interesting.

But then, something happened. A group of Rogues entered the tavern, everyone pretty well armed. One of them, noticeably the smartest, took his hat off and started speaking.

- Ladies and gents, please stay where you are. It’s just a robbery, so we expect high donations per capita, or we would be forced to do some decapita.

The rest of the pack was already between the tables, gathering coins and jewelery to their bags. One of them came to ours.

- All you have, right here. - He was tough. However, Vlad got rid of many tough ones. He punched the Rogue, and it surely was not like in duke von Fantailler’s rules. The bandit bended, also receiving a kick in the face. The rest was found on the town’s square outside.

- Congratulations! But I don’t think you will fight with such an ease against more foes! - I had to react. Sam was already in the middle of the square, crossing swords with one of those bandits.

- Looks like it’s the time, again. - I said to Sarah.

- Oh… alright. But this isn’t the best feeling I’ve had. - she was right, but fight isn’t about feeling pleasant. Poof, and this strange energy flowing through my insides, followed by…. actually, nothing special. Well, there was one reaction. Vlad, like Johny, was pretty disappointed about not a single change suggesting increased strenght. However, that was not the thing. One of them was coming at me. Fear Word was more than enough to stop him for a second, and Sadist Mark did perfectly well to pin him down. Gunfire was replied with powerful spells. I took a look at Vlad. He was securing the crowd, mostly ladies. Of course. And when I was thinking about all that, I got hit with a club. Pretty powerful blow, made me fell. Damn my concentration. This one was looking tough, too. I tried to cover my face, but I felt Sarah was trying to do something. Suddenly, the tuft hit the Rogue, so he lost consciouness and landed on the ground.

- Wow - I gasped. What I thought was just some sort of magic wire, is actually bloody useful, not only as a leash. It was still, harder than a steel. When I stood up, it shrank, but covered my whole hand, not just my forearm. Like a big glove, or a bondage. Or an armor part. Maybe…

- It cannot retract more when I help you - I heard suddenly - but I think it can harden even when you try it.

Sarah was right, but I am pretty bad with Earth magic… well… Water is pretty easy, and ice is a water too, right?

- Well, we won’t know unless we try - I said and then the tuft extended again, forming some sort of a blade. I grabbed it (with left hand; you never know when you have to use some magic) and started dealing with the rest of the pack.

Suddenly, loud explosion, and a flash of light. Damn Rogues, used a flash-bang. They got me and Sam, and the situation wasn’t good at all, when (FINALLY) Vlad decided to throw away his cape. An amazing picture (for those who could see, that is). Some ladies gasped.

- Look! - they were talking to each other - It’s the Sexy Red Dragon!

Vlad wasn’t having big muscles, but was two meters tall and was some were describing him as ‘skinny’. With the fact that he uses this weird form of Symbiosis that gives him dragon wings, and his mastery in Earth skills makes him look so badass sometimes. Many girls are crazy when they look at this “manly dragon, oh he’s so handsome, I want to marry him…”, yadda yadda. That doesn’t change the fact he’s bloody powerful.

He sent some Rogues flying with a simple blow.Next ones were hit with fist-shaped stones.

It was raining Rogues. And he wasn’t even sweating.

Sometimes I wonder why he wasn’t the guild leader anymore.

As always, the answer comes pretty quickly. When the fight was over, and we were already standing, pretty big crowd of females surrounded him. He was standing there, showing his “muscles”, but I could see it in his eyes.

Ptfff, what a pervert, I thought.
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