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By KHfan22#2194 - MEMBER - February 27, 2013, 01:39:07

A Work in Progress: my character's background story when I first created
Skai the Earth Cra
Alyna the Fire Sacrier

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This looks good! Can't wait to see it!

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Skai's PoV
"Don't be such a baby!" She laughs at me as I step away from the cliff.

Curse my luck for meeting a crazy woman who happens to destroy my supply of rare ores that can only be found... On the other side of the cliff... She may be cute and all but she must be as daft as-

"Don't you have some kind of arrow hooked to a string so you can swing your way over?" She placed her blood tattooed hands on her hips with her eye brows raised in such a cute manner. In the name of Lady Cra, Skai! Stop it!

"Do I look like I have a bucket of arrows on my back?" I snapped at her and turned around. "Forget it, It's just a few hundred kamas I'll loose. No big deal." I muttered but oh how my soul cries in pain...

"Come here you." She pulls me back to her with her blood tattoos wrapped around my waist and I only had time to see the blood tattoos on her other hand embed itself in the cave ceiling before I was screaming as we jumped off the cliff. I hugged Alyna for my dear life as we swung to the ledge on the other side. She landed on the ledge with no problem but I was embarrassed as I fell straight onto my wobbly knees.

"Y-you're crazy!" I said holding down my lunch.

She helped me to my knees and pointed at the rocks in front of us. "Well I got you to your precious ores." She said. "It's the least I can do after what I did back at your farm. And don't get any ideas! I'm just repaying a debt."

I watched her look away and I couldn't help but smile. "Thank you, Student of Sacrier, Alyna. You are very kind." Maybe crazy's not so bad...

(A short of Skai realizing his appreciation of Alyna who happened to crash into his life... literally. A short of Alyna realizing her appreciation of Skai coming soon!)
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That was awesome, love it! I love the story and the background to the characters, can't wait to see more!

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Alyna’s PoV

The nerve this Cra had to pull me away from battle! It would be better to kill that overgrown pile of rocks but noooo! Skai the wimpy archer had to do what he does best: Distance ourselves from the enemy.

“Aly…” Skai called struggling to keep up in the bramble thick forest.

I ignored him stomping my way through the forest. Now we have an angry crackler hunting us down ready to smash our heads against the ground. Well that doesn’t’ sound so bad but I don’t think Brunette back there can survive such a thing.

“Alyna…. ouch!” Skai called behind me and it sounded like he scratched himself against a bramble in haste of catching my attention.

But why would I care? He’s just the most annoying, weak and scrawny cra, who drives me nuts. I don’t think I would bat an eyelash when I see him knocked out or-

“Alyna, stop.” Skai grabbed my shoulder and turned me around staring down at me with his green eyes. He sat me down next to a Redwood Tree and began to fish something from his bags.

I looked down at myself seeing my body covered in bleeding cuts and bruises from our crackler fight and frowned. I should have healed by now. Why am I still bleeding?

Skai covered the gashes with ointment and used large wet leaves tying them with string to keep it steady. “I don’t understand how you went through 30 miles through this forest and not notice the blood trail you’ve been leaving behind. I’ve been trying to stop you but you’re just too busy being angry.” He snapped at me while treating my wounds.

I glared at him. “I’m a Sacrier, I don’t feel pain. Besides I could have easily killed that monster but you pulled me away from fight. You’re such a coward.” I snapped back.

“I’m sorry, Princess but I can’t really treat a dead person,” The archer said. “I know when you’re at a disadvantage and I can’t stand seeing you all bloodied up after a fight.” He spoke with shaky hands. His words were full of venom and they were distant with sadness and pain. He worked in silence but I could feel he was angry at something. It wasn’t me but something from his past.

I bit my lip as he worked on my arms. Maybe something in that fight reminded him of his past, something dark. He wanted to protect me that’s why he pulled me away from the fight. Why would he do such a thing? What am I to this man for him to go through lengths to keep me alive? No one cares about me. I gave him a scoff. “Don’t ever call me princess again. It’s disgusting.” I muttered.

He looked up at me in confusion and gave a smirk I never knew he could do. “Little girls these days like to be called Princess. Don’t you like it?” He asked rubbing ointment on his arm to stop the bleeding he got from the bramble tree earlier.

Before I could answer he pulled me on his back in a piggy-back ride, shocking me. “Put me down Skai, or I’ll kick you!” I yelled in his ear.

He winced. “Princess, you know how to hurt someone’s ears. Sit tight and let me walk. You've gotten yourself lost too much for my liking.”

I pouted at him but I relaxed. I’ll let him have his fun for now.
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Yay! A new one! ^^ All I can that I ship it. XD Great work ^^

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Skai's Story (Part 1 - The Family)

Long ago when I was a little boy, I had a nice and healthy family. We lived in a little hut in Astrub learning the ways of resource collecting.

My father was a strong man able to haul stacks of wheat straws and work under the glare of the sun. He was stern, never making room for mistakes, but he was a man with a booming laugh. "My good son! One day you'll be able to grow strong to support our family. I have much faith in you and I know you won't let us down! Har Har Har!" His voice thundered, shaking the house as he looked down on my small, form. And then he give me pats on the back making me tumble to the ground... :wacko:

My mother, I don't think I can find another woman as beautiful as she is. Small compared to my father, she deceives us by being able to haul baskets of fruit and flowers on her shoulders. After all how will she feed us during the coldest winter nights without a good and sturdy food supply? Her touch and voice is as gentle as the northern wind caressing a delicate flower. Be careful my friends. Once you sit on the table, be wary of becoming a stuffed Blibli!

I had two young sisters. All of us are 4 years apart.

My oldest sister, Flare, always has her mind in the clouds. I always find her daydreaming and staring at the sky as if she wanted to live there or fly. I asked my parents why did her name resemble the element fire when she's such an airy person and my parents told me that when she was born her brown hair had a bright color and reminded them of flames. "And the first time I carried her she didn't like being away from her moths so she punched me and I swore I nearly passed out right there." My father said. Oh yeah... I totally believe that.<_<

My youngest sister is named Terra. She has a fiery temper and always threw small tantrums. If you try to tease her, she'll just throw pots and pans at you with a scream. There's not much to say about my baby sister. I never got to know her as much as Flare...

Starting out with Skai's Family that I created. Knowing that Skai is an Earth Cra with a name that relates to the element: Air, I decided to have a little fun, naming his younger sisters the ironic elements of the Cra class that do not match their personality. It is not mentioned here but Skai is a down to earth character who takes things slow and is more in tune with nature than his sisters can be.

Here is my blog on Tumblr: Skai-is-Reading

However, since this is a story and Tumblr posts from Newest to Oldest, For your convenience use this link: Skai-is-Reading Chrono
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