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Zeralds shadehugers

By August 07, 2011, 11:13:36
Class description:
Zerald was an anciet Enripsa, and one of the first. Sensing dark times were ahead for the healers of the land of 12, he trained hard to become the greatest Eni ever know. When the elderlearned of his power they sent him on horibble quest that nearly destroyed his mind. Upon learning of the elders plot he started to train in reverse so he could steal life instead of giving it. Of the hundreds to hide during ogras quest, Zerald lived in one of the underground bunkers training his dark arts and gaining desciples. during a freak training process one of the desciples made a spell that erases memory unfortunatly removing the memory of evryone. Now they must train, for thats all they know, that they were training, and will train untill they are as powerfull as possible.

Looks: Imagine the basics of the Eni (Enripsa) but darker shade, they dont see mutch light in that dark bunker of theirs. the removed their wings to display their power, for they still float (not very high) they ware mostly dark robes and a black leather coat.

Spells: Air
Drain- removes health from one enemy. The first spell that Zerald learned of, it does low damage but can heal the caster at the same time. if masterd than it could wreak havoc
Ball and Chain- removes health from enemys in a row. While learning how to master his new ability (in prison) he discoverd a metal that could channel his dark powers. No Shade huger should be caught without his chain of the acuresd.
Displace- switches the amount of life from any two allies (this includes you). Hey, not all of his powers were for revenge, a father aproched him asking for the former enripsa to save his sun, in the process it killed the father. the kid was okay though.
Inner Circle- For one turn, any damage done to the Shadehuger will be converted into health. Reshaping the bond that Eni use to heal, he managed to change the way he heals.(note: enemys will not know if youve done this.)
Zerald's Hand- Ant to enter in the A.O.E. will not be able to heal or be healed. When Zerald lost his memory at the age of 80, realising he may not be around for ever, in each Chain of the Acused he placed part of his energy so that he could still help train his deciples.

Spells: water
any ideas.

Spells: earth.
Zeral had to go very far to reach his destinations, along the way he learned things from other travelers.
Block wall- simple, it bushes up a wall of two in front of the Shade hugger. lasts two turns.
Pinacle- raises a block or earth that can either defend the target from atacks, or stun an enamy.(note: any one on the pinacle can niether be atacked or atack.)
Idol- a statue of zerald (or how they remember him) raises from the ground bosting performence of those around it.
Stone hamer-stuns an oponent. A hamer of rock and earth shoots out of the ground.
Zerald's trap- The memory of zerald manifests itself to amp up the stakes of healing. Heals have a chance of doing critical damage to the enemy as well as critical heal plus 10%

Note: if theres anything you would like to add to this class i will ad. (if not stupid) 
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