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new class

By TheSlayer May 08, 2011, 16:22:46
Ive came up with a new class, a witch-based one

NAME: The name is up for discussion, didnt come up with one.

Here are some spells that i believe are appropriate for a "witch":

Fire-based attack which makes the "witch" shoot out a fireball at a single target dealing moderate damage. Medium range.

Upgrading this spell increase damage, range and in the higher levels (4-6),reduce ap cost (low-level spell)

Transform single target into a frog for a small amount of turns (1-3 depending on lvl of the spell), the transformed unit cannot use ap, but can run using mp.
Very long cooldown (maybe 20) and high ap cost so the spell won't get too op. (low-medium-level spell)

Summon Crow:
Basically a summon skill that summons a crow. The crow acts like a tofu, it hits and runs, and can be used as a distraction, but has a bit higher hp and damage. (high-lvl spell)
Leveling this skill results in the crow having higher damage, mp and hp. (exactly how much bigger is up to the developers to decide to make sure it wont get too much or too little)
(High-level spell)

Summons a huge, resistant and immobile pumpkin that is used for blocking. Increasing level causes the pumpkin to have more hp, and decreases cooldown of summoning it.
In higher levels (5-6) decrease ap cost. (mid-level spell)

Long-range spell that makes the target being unable to get healed. Lasts around 3-5 turns at the first level. Pretty long cooldown.
Leveling the spell will increase the turns the spell lasts OR decrease cooldown. (mid-level spell)

Chemical Potion:
Throw a potion-flask with acidic chemicals at a target area creating an AoE glyph (pool) from the splat . If you step on the glyph, you will get acid on yourself, that will act like a poison that makes you lose an amount of hp each turn (earth damage). (even when you stepped out of the glyph) Standing in the glyph makes you suffer full damage, while stepping out of the glyph makes your damage taken each turn get reduced by 60%. Leveling the spell makes the damage bigger, and perhaps even bigger AoE in the levels of 5-6. (mid-high-level spell)

Smash: Damage a target in melee-range with earth-damage by swinging your broom at it. 1-2 range, increasing the level of this spell increases the damage, and in later levels, decreases ap cost. (low-level spell)

Fly: Teleportation skill, by flying on the broom. Long cooldown and long distance. Increasing level in this skill/spell increases range and decreases the ap needed. (high-level skill)

I'll come up with some more spells later.
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You need to work on it more and understand some of the concepts in Wakfu.

Spell Range: What's a "medium range"? It varies from class to class, Medium range for a cra could be 5RA, but for Enis, it's 2RA.

AP Cost: Spell conditions such as AP cost in Wakfu doesn't scale with level except for class support spell, and even then, some spells are fixed because they are low cost to begin with, or would be too overpowered if modified.

Spell Level: What do you mean Low/Medium/High spell level, Spells in Wakfu are unlocked quicky through the use of basic spells, how high level it becomes depend entirely upon you, so there is really no "high level skill"

Spell: Frog: Just turned into a frog, that's it? No unbewitchment upon attacked? This is very OP, 1-3 turn depending on spell? 1 turn would be ok, but anything more than 1 turn would be making all other state effect spells in Wakfu seem like rubbish because they all last 1 turn.

Summoning Crow: Crow shouldn't be like tofu, because if you want something like tofu, JUST GET A TOFU. Crows in Dofus have an unbewitchment effect, it would be fairly logical to give it a similar ability. And the crow shouldn't be too strong either. A witch should be a supporting/spell cast class, not a summoning class.

Pumpkin: Wakfu doesn't really use the Cooldown system so the idea isn't really useful.

Curse: Again, what is long range? And the idea of this spell is pretty much like stealing it from Eni's Counter Nature. Effects shouldn't last more than 1 turn. No cooldown system for player spells. Spell levels won't change anything except stats like base damage.

Chemical Potion: Stealing ideas from Eni's Air spells and Feca's glyph spells? No.

Smash: Increasing the level of this spell increase damage? Duh?! It's how the spell system works... Yet again, spell levels doesn't affect AP cost.

Fly: Cooldown? There is no cooldown system. What is long system? "High level skill" doesn't make sense because there aren't any in Wakfu. This seems to be more like a support spell leveled by characteristic points instead of passive use, so the AP cost could be changed.


You really need to understand Wakfu's concepts because you are pretty much just dumping everything in your head on a thread without organising and weeding bits that doesn't work.
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I think he's talking about dofus.
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And yet this is a Wakfu forum.
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That is seriously such a cool concept. I would love a class like that in The World of Twelve, maybe if you develop it more you could probably pitch the idea to Ankama!! BTW: I love the the idea of the spell 'Pumpkin' it would be so handy in combat.
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