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[New Class] - Legna's Wings

By OM3GA-Z3R0 October 23, 2012, 00:01:57

Right-oh this is my 1st Custom Class idea so I hope this will be unique and interesting to your liking, bring out as much constructive criticism as you like. Anyway I have been playing Wakfu so awhile now and all the classes are awesome but to me it seems to be lacking more main healers, an Eniripsa is the only class with a healing duty so I decided that I should think up a new support/healer, so sit back and enjoy reading my idea. TY smile


High up in the sky there was a young woman resting on the clouds that float over the World of Twelve. A woman with majestic white wings billowing out from her back with eyes as blue as the ocean. That womans name was Legna, she sat on the clouds gazing down at the World of Twelve wondering to herself:

"Why do they hurt one another?"
"Why do they fight?"
"Why do they find it necessary to bring sadness to others?"

Not knowing the answer to those questions, Legna flew down to the World of Twelve and witnessed the world up close, seeing Iops beating each other, Cras shooting one another and Sacriers laughing at the joy of battle. While Legna was watching, she noticed a young injured child; the child was in tears saying to himself he doesn't want to die over and over again, Legna went close to his ear and whispered: "Do not fear, I will not let you die, I will be your guardian, I will be your wings, just believe in me for I am Legna." Legna uses her Wakfu to miraculously heal the boy and to that day the boy lived and spread the word of the miracle that Legna granted him and for that day forth Legna was loved and worshiped as their Goddess of the Sky.


Legna's Wings is a peaceful religion that will save those that are in need for a second chance in life, they are not fond of violence but will do so to fight back for what they believe is worth saving. The main description of a Legna is their wings on their backs, they can grow or shrink to whatever size they want them to be. they are capable of flying but it tends to tire them out if they stayed airborne for too long. They are a support/healing class that makes a useful healing partner for the Eniripsa when there are too many injured allies.

Speed Bonus = 1 Wakfu Point

Water Branch

Legna's Water Branch is the classes main healing branch which contains basic healing and heal over time abilities, every time Legna casts a water spell he/she will be granted a buff called Divinity.

Divinity State (Buff)
Increases the % of Legna's heals and heal over time with Regenerating Touch
(Lvl.1) +1% Heal - (Lvl.100) +50% Heal and +50% Heal over time

Soothing Heal

Legna's basic healing spell, simple and effective for healing any wounds.
3 AP, 0-4 Range (Modifiable)
(Lvl.0) 4HP - (Lvl.100) 32HP (Divinity (+2 Lvl.))
(Lvl.0) 6HP - (Lvl.100) 44HP (Divinity (+4 Lvl.))

Regenerating Touch
Legna's touch is a invigorating feeling, not only it will moderately heal the target but it will grant the Regeneration State which will heal overtime.
4 AP, 0-4 Range (Modifiable)
(Condition= 1 use per target)
(Condition= Is not in the Regeneration State, Stepping Recovery State or Action Recovery State (target))
(Lvl.0) 1HP - (Lvl.100) 26HP (Divinity (+2 Lvl.))
(Lvl.0) 3HP - (Lvl.100) 37HP (Divinity (+3 Lvl))
Regeneration State
Heals the effected target corresponding to the level of Divinity and the max health the spell that was casted for 3 turns. (E.G. Divinity State Lvl.10 = 5% regen heals/heals, Regenerating Touch spell healed 100HP, Regeneration State = 100HP / 5%= 10HP heal for 5 turns.)

Stepping Recovery
A healing spell that will heal a target every step they take in the battlefield, useful for those that need to run around alot.
2 AP, 1 MP, 0-5 Range (Modifiable)
(Condition= 1 use per target)
(Condition= Is not in the Regeneration State, Stepping Recovery State or Action Recovery State (target))
(Lvl.0) 2HP - (Lvl.100) 15HP (Divinity (+1 Lvl.))
(Lvl.0) 4HP - (Lvl.100) 21HP (Divinity (+2 Lvl.))
Stepping Recovery State
Heals the effected target for every Movement point spent for 1 turn (Target)
Stepping Recovery State - ((Lvl.1) 1HP - (Lvl.100) 10HP)
Stepping Recovery State - ((Lvl.1) 3HP - (Lvl.100) 15HP)

Action Recovery
The perfect healing spell for all those high action targets, they will heal every time they use a weapon or skill.
5 AP, 0-5 Range (Modifiable)
(Condition= 1 use per target)
(Condition= Is not in the Regeneration State, Stepping Recovery State or Action Recovery State (target))
(Lvl.0) 3HP - (Lvl.100) 30HP (Divinity (+1 Lvl.))
(Lvl.0) 4HP - (Lvl.100) 40HP (Divinity (+2 Lvl.))
Action Recovery State
Heals the effected target for every Action Point spent for 1 turn (Target)
Action Recovery State - ((Lvl.1) 1HP - (Lvl.100) 12HP)
Action Recovery State - ((Lvl.1) 2HP - (Lvl.100) 17HP)

Legna's Absorption
This is Legna's only offensive water spell, it drains health from a target enemy and the health is split to all the allies and yourself, also it gives off a Regeneration state. Powerful and effective.
6 AP, 1 WP 2-6 Range (Modifiable)
(Lvl.0) -7HP - (Lvl.100) -75HP (Divinity (+3 Lvl.))
(Lvl.0) -11HP - (Lvl.100) -90HP (Divinity (+5 Lvl.))
(60% of the health is drained and is split by the number of allies and yourself in the battle.)

Air Branch

Air Branch is a effective way to get the enemies off of you or to get from one place to another, the damage is low but the maneuver ability is excellent, with this the enemy will have to do a bit of running to get to you.

Winged Gust
When Legna flaps his/her wings it creates a forceful wind current, pushing anything in front of you away but bringing things closer to you from behind (The one thats attracted doesn't receive damage.)
3AP, 1-2 Range
(Lvl.0) -2HP - (Lvl.100) -35HP
(Lvl.0) -4HP - (Lvl.100) -52HP
Pushes back by 2 cells from the front.
Attracts by 2 cells from behind.

Soaring Flight
Legna grows his/her wings and takes off into the sky damaging all that are near him/her, then he/she lands safely on a different place.
2AP, 1MP, 2 Range (Line of Sight not needed)
(Lvl.0) -3HP - (Lvl.100) -28HP
(Lvl.0) -4HP - (Lvl.100) -42 HP
Damage Formation=Cross

Gusting Vaccuum
This attack lets Legna flap his/her wings to create a tornado vacuum causing damage and will suck anyone that's near it.
5AP, 1MP, 3-5 Range (Line of Sight not needed)
(Lvl.0) -5HP - (Lvl.100) -38HP
(Lvl.0) -7HP - (Lvl.100) -65HP
Attracts all targets in the area of the effect to the center of the spells radius
Damage Formation=Large Diamond

Aerial Blade
A quick flap of the wings creates a powerful gust that the air itself is as sharp as a blade.
2AP 2-6 Range (Modifiable)
(Condition= 2 uses per target)
(Lvl.0) - 1HP - (Lvl.100) - 20HP
Push back 1 cell if target is 2 cells closer to you
(Lvl.0) - 2HP - (Lvl.100) - 35HP
Push back 1 cell if target is 3 cells closer to you

Hurricane Burst
The Legna grows his/her wings to the maximum size and lets out a extremely powerful gust of wind all around him/her blowing everything away from him/her.
4AP, 2MP, 0 Range
(Lvl.0) -6HP - (Lvl.100) -41HP
Pushes back by 2 cells
(Lvl.0) -9HP - (Lvl.100) -60HP
Pushes back by 3 cells
Damage Formation=Square

Earth Branch

Earth is a supportive branch that benefits when you have allies with you, the more allies you have with you the more effective this branch becomes, this branch gives off a aura called Terrah.

Terrah Aura State (Buff)
Increases allies Willpower
(Lvl.1) +1 Willpower - (Lvl.100) +50 Willpower

The ability to levitate a rock is impressive but it's more impressive when you hurl it towards an enemy at Mach-5.
4AP, 2-4 Range (Modifiable)
(Lvl.0) -4HP - (Lvl.100) -64HP (Terrah (+2 Lvl.))
Stunned: (Lvl.1) 1% - (Lvl.100) 5%
(Lvl.0) -7HP - (Lvl.100) -85HP (Terrah (+3 Lvl.))
Stunned: (Lvl.1) 2% - (Lvl.100) 10%

The thought of having a ally right next to you wants you to show him you can give it your all, this ability strengthens when a ally is standing right next to you.
3AP, 1-5 Range (Modifiable)
(Lvl.0) -2HP - (Lvl.100) -31HP (Terrah (+2 Lvl.))
When a ally is next to you: (Lvl.1) -3HP - (Lvl.100) -40HP
(Lvl0) -3HP - (Lvl.100) -40HP (Terrah (+4 Lvl.))
When a ally is next to you: (Lvl.1) -4HP - (Lvl.100) -48HP

The Legna can channel energy from his/her ally of his/her choosing and the energy surges out of the ally dealing damage to enemies adjacent to him/her.
4AP, 1MP 0-63 Range (Line of Site not needed)
(Condition= target is required)
(Lvl.0) -3HP - (Lvl.100) -52HP (Terrah (+3 Lvl.))
(Lvl.0) -5HP - (Lvl.100) -67HP (Terrah (+5Lvl.))

When a ally stands next to a enemy and this spell is cast it will deal additional damage by the number of allies standing next to the enemy.
1MP 1-4 Range (Modifiable) (Line of Site not needed)
(Condition= 2 uses per target)
(Lvl.0) -2HP - (Lvl100) -20HP (Terrah (+1 Lvl.))
Additional damage when ally is next to target: (Lvl1) -1HP - (Lvl100) -18HP
(Lvl.0) -5HP - (Lvl.100) -42HP (Terrah (+2 Lvl.))
Additional damage when ally is adjacent to target: (Lvl.1) -3HP - (Lvl100) -27HP

Legna combines everyones Wakfu energy together and creates a almighty energy bomb, truly this is one of Legna's most powerful spells, however the Legna will gain the Curse State for using too much unstable energy.
6AP, 2WP, 2-6 Range (Modifiable)
(Lvl.0) -6HP - (Lvl100) -78HP (Terrah (+5 Lvl.)) (Curse (Lvl. 50) (Self))
When there's 4 allies or more: (Lvl1) -9HP - (Lvl100) -100HP
(Lvl.0) -10HP - (Lvl1.00) -85HP (Terrah (+7 Lvl.)) (Curse (Lvl. 25) (Self))
When there's 4 allies or more: (Lvl.1) -13HP - (Lvl.100) -120HP

Damage Formation=Medium Diamond
Cannot be used when Influenced by Curse State.
1 use per turn

Curse State
(Lvl.1) -1% Resist - (Lvl.100) -100% Resist
Lasts 1 turn

Legna Specialties (Passives)

The Legna's are pure to the souls of others, they have the capability to heal the wounded more effectively than others.
(Lvl.1) +1% Heals - (Lvl.20) +20% Heals
(Lvl.10) +1 to increase in Divinity - (Lvl.20) +2 to increase in Divinity

Even though Legna's are beings of the sky it does not mean they are not connected to the earth, their Terrah effect acts more effectively for Legna's allies as well as grant the Legna more Dodge.
(Lvl.1) +3 Dodge - (Lvl. 20) +30 Dodge
(Lvl.10) +1 to increase in Terrah - (Lvl.20) +2 to increase in Terrah

Winged Swiftness
With the wings as graceful as a Legna's they are pretty difficult to catch but when something does catch them, Legna's tend to get more agile.
(Lvl.1) +1 Dodge once locked by an enemy - (Lvl.20) +20 Dodge and +1MP once locked by an enemy.
Lasts for 1 turn

Legna wishes to embrace those that are needed to have their wounds tended so when allies are adjacent to the Legna, they lose healing resistance.
(Lvl.1) -2% Heal Resist - (Lvl.20) -40% Heal Resist.
(Maximum= 50%)

Spirit of Legna
"I will be your guardian" says Legna and what she says is true, the Goddess Legna is always within you, giving you a chance to heal another ally at random when casting a water spell.
(Lvl.1) 1% chance to automatically heal the lowest health % ally. - (Lvl.20) 20% chance to automatically heal the lowest health % ally.[/b]
[b](Uses Soothing Heals
Legna Specialties (Skills)

Take Flight
The Legna grows his/her wings and hovers in the air making it impossible to lock him/her, unfortunately the longer the Legna stays in the air the weaker his/her spells become.
(Lvl.1) 4AP, 0 Range - (Lvl. 9) 1AP, 0 Range
Unable to be locked
Can hover over obstacles = Select a Cell behind a obstruction to move to that cell (requires 1 Extra MP to go over the obstruction)
-10% Heals and Damage every MP used.
Last 1 turn.

Cannot be Carried

The Legna is able to surround him/herself with his/her wings, using it to protect him/herself increasing Resist% for a number of hits.
(Lvl.1) 5AP, 0 Range - (Lvl.9) 2AP, 0 Range
(Lvl.1) Cancels after 1 attack - (Lvl.9) Cancels after 5 attacks
+200% Resist when activated
Ends the Turn
Cannot be Carried

Wakfu Transfer
When others have used up all their Wakfu, Legna can bless them with his/her Wakfu by transferring it to them.
(Lvl.1) 2WP, 1 Range - (Lvl.9) 1WP, 1-3 Range (Line of Sight not needed)
(Lvl.1) Gives 1 WP to ally - (Lvl.9) Gives 1WP to ally and has
10% chance to not lose the 1WP

A Legna can release a portion of Wakfu to empower his/her elements for a little while, however once that Wakfu is gone, the Curse State will take its place.
(Lvl.1) 1WP, 0 Range - (Lvl.9) 1WP, 0 Range
(Lvl.1) +20% Heals and Damage - (Lvl.9) +100% Heals and Damage (When Activated)
Lasts for 1 turn.
(Lvl.1) Curse (Lvl.100) - (Lvl.9) Curse (Lvl.20)
1 use per turn.
Cannot be used when Influenced by Curse State.

Curse State
(Lvl.1) -1% Resist - (Lvl.100) -100% Resist
Lasts 1 turn

Legna's Sanctuary
When a Legna uses this ability the target will be influenced by the Sanctuary State, giving the target a 2nd chance right after they have fallen in battle.
(Lvl.1) 6AP, 1WP, 1 Range - (Lvl.9) 1WP, 1-4 Range
(Lvl.1) Once defeated, will be instantly brought back to life with 5% health - (Lvl.9) Once defeated, will be instantly brought back to life with 30% health and cannot be targeted for 1 turn.
1 use per target
Is not in the Sanctuary State (target).
Becomes influenced by In Recovery state (Lvl.10) once Legna's Sanctuary Activates

Phew took me a whole day to post this forum and I do seem pretty proud of myself, so please rate on my idea, really wanna know what you guys/girls think, oh yeah and if there is something that seems to be abit OP let me know, I would make some modifications if it's really needed. tongue
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Sounds wonderful, i love the background story happy

~ Tali
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Thanks, I'm trying to post a picture of a Legna but no dice so far, also waiting on Everspace to come out of a dark corner to enlighten me with his expertise about fanclasses tongue
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Quite interesting. This could be a good class.
Score : 4091
Thanks tongue if there is anything that seems a lil off to you or OP let me know and I will re-evaluate it.
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So, I'm probably the worst person to ask about these sorts of things, but have my two cents worth anyway. wink

First up: interesting back story for them- good work making this support class distinct from eni's.

As for the water spells, I like the idea of the divinity buff being active over time. The links to MP were a great idea for the highly mobile classes...

Air branch interests me for its ability to change the places of players on the battlefield- always useful.

Most innovative is the ally-bonus from earth branch, though. Great for a support class and very original. No idea if it will be OP or not (like I said, I have no idea about this sort of thing), but at least it's interesting. wink

Just reading through, they may possibly be a little OP (especially with some of the healing spells/passives), but I think you did a great job at balancing them in terms of support/defence/maneuverability skills, which makes them highly versatile (the versatile ones are the most fun to play, in my opinion) with many opportunities for strategy.

So yeah, possibly tweak spells/stats, but good concept and skill set. smile
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Thanks for the 2 cents biggrin, although I would like some people to point out what is a little OP and give a solid reason, if I cannot defend it and agree to the reason I will make tweaks with it, but if the reason isn't good enough and my idea towards it is over ruled then I will keep it as it is, but thanks for giving me the self confidence to keep me from making this Fan Class more balanced(even though Ankama won't agree to making a Fan Class as a Wakfu race but meh, we can dream tongue)
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Hey Iza,

Well, looking at your class. Here’s what came to mind.

I really like your history and backstory on the class. The benevolent is a class that we still miss. I am not sure if I see the class as you describe it fit in between the Wakfu characters. The Legna seem too clean and serious perhaps, while all the Wakfu classes have something silly and cartoony; maybe its just me picturing the class too serious tongue

I’ll comment on all the branches.

The water branch has in its basic something very similar to Enirispa, Divinity vs. Hygiene. That’s not bad, I think stealing and uniquely combinding familiar aspects is a good way to form your character. The heal over time is an interesting principle, what is kind of a pity is that how well the Water Legna is does no longer depend on the Legna, but the character that he places Recovery States on has to know exactly what to do in order to benefit of Legna’s skills.

On a more Nitpicky level on your individual spells: Regenerating Touch, lasts 5 turns, maybe a bit to long? I would nodge it down a little, 3 turns, for starters. Or, when looking at Eni’s regeneration, as long as the target does not attack or is not attacked, the healing state remains, but as long as it move offensively or is targeted, the heals wear of. Also, with the spell lasting 5 turns, how does it work with the states? Does the state’s level decrease with 1 level per turn? Do multiple Regenerating touches add up in power or levels? A lot of spells in this branch can’t be used when a state is already applied to a target. Does this mean all these spells, for the rest of the turn(s) are useless on that target?

The Action recovery, is just like the Stepping one, very cool. It may need some balancing (I think the Action Recovery is too strong. I mean, imagine this if you have 40 divinity. The 40 base heals at a max crit heals a few hundred, that means that during the next turn, for every AP used the character heals 100-150 (maybe more), there are 10AP builds out there…. That seems too strong. If you want to keep the base heals of this spell as high as they are, I suggest you activate the state for every 2AP used, maybe 3.), but a very nice concept. Here again I’m left wondering about what I said before, you say that the recovery states can’t be applied when other recovery states are applied already? So, when one char has a certain spell used on him/her he can no longer be healed by the means of other spells? Don’t they overwrite eachother or something? And again, do the states add up, wear out or do the levels increase based on multiple uses? (or only based on Divinity?).

The air branch is okay. I know this was thought up way before Masq, I think your Air Branch isn’t really unique. It’s okay, but it didn’t surprise me or appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love field manipulation, but we have it nowadays.

I like the looks of your earth branch, the additional ally damage is nicely used. I don’t understand why you combine the Terrah state though. It seems unnecessary to me since this branch already has a nice niche, besides, Willpower isn’t that useful to most classes. Unless you might change the mechanics somehow to make your adjacent allies willpower effect the damage of your Earth spells. Then I see more use for it. I was also wondering how this branch thinks to work when used solo? Lastly about Terabond: does the Cursed state wear off after so many turns?

The passive spells you describe seem fine to me, though nothing very appealing. Just average, which I don’t mean bad. I mean, new classes should be average (since, average is well, average), because if they were over-epic or overly strong, they would be used by everyone. The Embrace is especially cool since the introduction of the current heal resist build. Does this mean, however, that when a character is surrounded by 4 maxed Embrace Legna’s, a character gets 160% additional heals? Maybe have a max effect here? (I suggest 50%) Spirit of Legna is cool, the needs need to be specified, ofc.

The active support spells are more appealing to me. Take Flight is very interesting, but I do not fully understand. With “hover over” do you mean you can cross over an enemy? Does this also work with rocks/trees or other static environment objects? Or is it just “can’t be locked” like your description says?

On Empower, I feel its too weak for its costs. 2 WP for a mere 100% bonus? That could be higher, or actually, the same for 1WP. Since this spell causes a Curse state you don’t have to state that it can only be used once per turn, and because of the Cursed state, it wouldn’t be OP when it would cost only 1 WP, but here again I wonder how and when a Curse state can wear off.

Legna’s Sanctuary on the other hand seems too strong for its costs. Regaining 50% of the health of a human player, phew! That’s something! Correct me if I read it wrong, but as I see it, this spell is cast on a living target, who enters the Sanctuary State and when he is killed in this state he is brought back to life again with some heals? Does this work when an ally kills him under the effect of Sanctuary? If so, it is definitely OP. I think 20% is comes closer to it, or since it’s a healer class, perhaps 30% (they should give a bit more then Osamodas’ Phoenix Spirit).

Well, so far my feedback. I hope it can help you a little. Overall a very nice idea and an ingame role that we miss still. It could use some tweaking here and there, but that’ll work itself out I think, when more people add their suggestions and, like Meier, throws in their few cents tongue

- Blantuise
Score : 4091
PigeonX uses Critical Criticisim
Omega loses -10 self confidence
it was super effective

Haha joke joke but yes your comment has definately giving me some pointers that do need some attention BUT I will explain some of your questions that you are still confused about.

Water Branches questions

About Divinity
I was so blind about it I should've explain thoroughly on what exactly the effects give
Divinity effects Lvl 1 = 1% heals and 1% heal over time effect
Lvl 100 = 50% heals and 50% heal over time effect
About Regenerating Touch
I looked into it and noticed yes it is very long for 5 turns, so I agree with you that it should be nerfed to 3 turns instead. the explaination of the Regenrating Touch effect was all wrong a Divinity Lvl 10 shouldn't give off 10% regen from max heal per turn should give 5%.

About the add up in power, if a Water Legna casts Regenerating Touch on someone with a 5% heal over time effect divinity then that person will only get 5% until the Regeneration State wears off it will not increase in power everytime the Water Legna gains more Divinity, hope this answers that quesiton

Also yes it may seem that the spells end up being useless when members obtain a recovery state but bare in mind that Water Legna's don't have AoE spells like a Eniripsa so they can cast a recovery state on an ally and then heal with Soothing Heal if all the healing per turn doesn't heal much.

About Action and Stepping Recovery
the Action and Stepping Recovery state examples show that they have a standalone heal over time effect that does not effect Divinity, if I made it that Stepping Recovery State Divinity Lvl 100 (50% heal over time) on a lets say Earth Enu, Imagine all that MP they have in their Drhelzherker, instant max health right there just by moving around and attacking, I am also aware of the 10 AP players for the Action Recovery State and that too is a Standalone heal over time that does not take effect on the Divinity, only Regenerating Touch was explained that had the use of Divinity Heal over time.

About Overwriting Recovery States
If the Recovery States could be overwritten then that means players can abuse that and just "refresh" the Recovery States Duration (Sure Action and Movement has a 1 turn duration) but Regenerating Touch has/will have a 3 turn duration, Soothing Heal is there to heal moderately and to build up Divinity while your states heal your allies.

Anymore criticism is welcome for that, please correct me if you think this is all unclear or still abit overpowered.

Air Branch Questions

Yeah damn the Masques, Ankama screwed me over tongue jokes jokes
But yea usually most field manipulation has already been taken and such so no one will be entirely surprised about it, but these are needed for when enemies are ganking the Air Legna to avoid him/her to heal his/her allies.

Earth Branch Questions

About Niche with Terrah
It's more of a choice to give a player, "Should I go water healer so I can stack the Divinity state or should I go earth support to stack up the Terrah state?" you can't be both or else you gonna struggle stacking both of them up. Also on the contrary Willpower is a nice supportive buff, not only it increases the chance to apply and resist AP&MP loss, BUT it also increases the resistance and applying states, take this as an example: who is super sick of Excarnus and his multitude of stuns to everyone at almost 100%? With Terrah Willpower it might give people a little fighting chance and not getting Stun every 2nd turn of the battle... I mean seriously... Recommended level for Excarnus level 75 of every party member seems a little far-fetched, Level 100's and over struggle with Excarnus if they keep receiving stuns all because of "Bad Luck". So Willpower is pretty nice for all classes PvE and PvP wise

About Solo Earth Branch
It is possible to solo but you won't gain its full potential, still does a nice moderate amount of damage while solo but when you with a party it will be much more effective

About Curse State
It lasts for 1 turn... nuff said tongue

About Embrace
You have a good point about that, I guess I should put a Maximum effect on that, thanks for pointing that out.

About Spirit of Legna
needs of what needs? What exactly are you trying to point out? XD

About Take Flight
Well I admit that wasn't properly explained, I lemme try and explain it like this.
L = Legna
E= Enemy
O= Obstruction

------E-------- if Legna is surrounded and uses Take Flight she can "hover over obstacles" enemies
----ELE------ also apply, so Legna uses Take Flight, he/she can now select the destination thats on
------O-------- the other side of the obstruction, you cannot select on the obstruction.

------E-------- To hover over a obstacle it takes a MP and a extra to get to point B, think of it like Iop
----E--E----- max level jump if you will but just a more casual moving way if this made sense or if you
------O------- want to put it this was he/she is "walking through them"
Legna trollface

About Empower
Yeah it being 2 WP does seem alot for a mere 100% heal and damage bonus, but I have to state that it can be cast only once per turn for this reason, Curse State only comes at the next turn, so even with the Cannot be used when Influenced by Curse State. It not there when you have casted Empower, so people can stack up Empower like a Iop Increase skill fashion and again, Curse State only lasts for 1 turn so it works like this

Legna casts Empower
Legna is influenced in the Empower State (100% heals, 100% damage)
Ends turn
Turn starts
Legna is no longer influenced in the Empower State
Legna is influenced in the Cursed State
Ends turn
Turn starts
Legna is no longer influenced in the Cursed State

Understand? :3

About Sanctuary
Now that I thought about it and evaluated the Osamodas' Pheonix Spirit you are right this is too OP not to mention on max level the ally that died and got resurrected by Sanctuary cannot be targeted for that turn he got resurrected so yes lowering the % will indeed be a good thing, thanks for pointing that one out.

Anything else you want to point out please go ahead :3
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Ah, I understand it better now. Seems like I was sleeping a little when writing my reply. I should've noticed Take Flight being a spells, I was thinking about it in terms of movement, as if it where a passive or something, silly me.

I also missed the last part on your Action and Stepping recovery, I should've seen that. In my head I was applying the Regenerating Touch mechanics on these two spells *facepalm*. I'm still kind of disappointed that either of these spells render 3 of this branches' spells useless for that target, unless you move to other allies. It might need some playtesting... I'm not sure if I still think Action Recovery is OP. The heals are still pretty high, 10hp self heals additional to the effects of the spell cast. These heals are based of Legna's +% heals and +% water damage I assume. It could use some calculation of what the actual amount of heals will turn out.

It was useless to ask about the overwriting, you stated that clearly, but I felt an emptiness with this mechanic spells, because 3/5 spells are useless when 1 of the recovery states is applied. True, in big groups it doesn't really matter, but solo or in groups of 2 or 3.... Legna might become a bit passive, except for the usage of soothing heal, most of the time for the building of divinity only. -- as you might see, I'm kind of a loner. I think it's okay a class is better when in teams, but it shouldn't undermine its useless/fulness when fighting alone or in a duo. Legna might do that a little too much... not sure ._.

Sure, I understand the usefulness of the air branch. It's needed, but no longer surprising.

I was wrong again on your earth branch. I was only thinking about Willpower in terms of applying, but totally forgot about the resisting ability. That is nice. However, like I said Earth already has a niche, couldn't you add the Terrah Bonus to the Air branch, under the name of Divine Wind or something like that? (a painful suggestion, I understand, since it would change the role and backstory on your class. Sorry for this suggestion)

Good to know how the Curse state works, but another question then, what is the difference between a level 20 curse state and a level 100 curse state? Terrabond says it causes this state in different levels on different levels. Does it last 1 turn in all its levels? Does it have additional debuffs, or just blocks the use of certain spells?

On Spirit of Legna, i misstyped there, the first "need" should be "heals", so the heals of this spell need to be specified.

The rest is understood. Also, you shouldn't lose any confidence, I think this class is still one of the best in this forum topic!
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Fixes and Modifications
  • Divinity State has a explanation on what it gives at what level
  • Regenerating Touch's effect duration has been nerfed from 5 turns to 3 turns
  • Terrah State has a explanation on what it gives at what level
  • Terakinesis' stun effect has been nerfed
  • Curse State has a explanation on what it gives at what level
  • Embrace has a Maximum -Heal Resist
  • Spirit of Legna now tells what spell it casts to heal the lowest %HP ally
  • Take Flight has been explained properly
  • Empower's WP cost has gone down from 2 to 1
  • Sanctuary (Lvl.9) has been nerfed from reviving with 50% HP to 30% HP and In Recovery has been added into Sanctuary.
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