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[New Class] - Budanni, Nobles

By Franchoise - MEMBER - September 26, 2012, 22:13:56
• Class Intro

Budannis are nobles who secretly failed, losing all. Composed by bourgeois and princes, high class ladies and gentlemens, Budannis uses the only thing that rested to them in the battle field: the class. Budannis are able to seduce and use their precious stones against you, and perfume their allies.

• The Fire Branch Resume

The fire branch is specialized in seduction. With their looks and loving gestures, the Nobles can give a lot of stacks of "Seduction" to the enemies, which would make them lose damage and give them a chance to heal instead of attack.
1 level of Seduction: -1% damage, +1% chance to heal enemies instead of damaging them. Stacks removed when damage is converted as heal.

• The Air Branch Resume

The air branch would use perfumes to damage enemies and perfume allies around it. Fragant allies would be healed at the start of each turn and also gain resistances against negative states.
1 level of Fragant: heals 0.5% of HP at the start of each turn, gains 1% states resistance.

• The Earth Branch Resume

Budannis lost all their money and palace, but not their jewelry. The earth branch would use them to support the Air and Fire branch, and also damage enemies.

NM = not modifiable range
NLS = No Line of Sight, doesn't require line of sight to be casted.

Passive Support Spells

1. Fiery Heart
When Budanni lost all, his anger was extreme. They lived with this feeling for a while, but after, they learned to use it as a advantage.
→ +1.5 intelligence per level;
→ +0.15% lifesteal for fire spells per intelligence point at level 0, 0.25% at level 10 and 0.35% at level 20.
For who doesn't know: lifesteal returns a percentage of your damage as heal to yourself.

2. Dangerous Gaze
Budanni penetrates the target's gaze and intimidates it, making it refuse helps.
→ If you're face-to-face to an enemy, at any distance:
• +2% resistance to heals per level;
• +1% chance to ignore a buff per level.

3. Expensive Fragance
This spell gives the access to Budanni to better perfumes, improving "Fragant".
→ +1 range per 35 levels of Fragant (the Fragant level needed to add 1 range decreases by 1 for each Expensive Fragance level);
→ +1 dodge per 10 levels of Fragance, increasing by 1 bonus dodge for each Expensive Fragance level.

4. Vaunt
This spells enables Budanni to vaunt when healed, damaging nearby enemies.
→ Adds 1% of healed amount as damage to enemies in your left, right, front and back per level.

5. Seducing Gestures
Budanni's gestures are naturally sexy, even when they are fighting. It could make anyone fall in love for them just by watching.
→ Elementary spells haves 1% chance (+1% per level) to:
• attract enemies by 1 cell at level 1, 2 cells at level 10, and 3 cells at level 20;
• add 4 levels of Seduction

Active Support Spells

1. Enthrall Heart
Budanni completely owns a enemy's heart, making his steps yours.
→ Reaching the enemy turn, Budanni controls his PMs;
→ -12% resistances to the enemy, +(-1)% per level.
Cost: 6AP, 2WP. -1AP at level 3, 6 and 9.
Range: 1-2, +1 range at level 3, 6 and 9.

2. Holy Crown
Budanni gives his crown to an ally, protecting it for the next attack. 1 use per turn.
→ When attacked:
• heal adjacents allies by 12% +2% per level of damage taken by the target;
• gains 1WP at level 0, 2WPs at level 9.
Cost: 4AP, -1 at level 6 and 9.
Range: 0-4 NM, NLS

3. Flame Heart
Budanni are able to convert their lifesteal into damage, and also fortify their seduction.
→ Removes your lifesteal and adds 100% of the value as damage, increasing by 10% per level;
→ Fire spells adds 1 extra level of seduction, increasing by in level 3, 6, and 9.
Cost: 1AP at level 0, 0AP at level 9. 2WP, 1WP at level 6.

4. Royal Slime
This cute monster will help Budanni alot, by adding levels of Fragant and Seduction.
→ 10% of Budanni's maximum HP, +2% per level;
→ Adds +1 level of Fragant to allies and +1 level of Seduction to enemies in a 1-3 range (increases by +1 level at level 1, 3, 6, and 9).
Cost: 3AP, 1WP
Range: 1-3, 1-4 at level 6 and 1-5 at level 9

5. Fragance Absorption
Budanni steals the target ally's fragance, benefiting himself.
→ Removes the target's levels of fragance, healing Budanni for 20% (increases by 20% per level) of the value that wold heal your ally in the next turn;
→ Returns 1 level (+1 level at level 6 and 9) of Seduction to attacker or Fragance to healer.
Cost: 3AP
Range: 1-4, 1-5 at level 9. Doesn't requires line of sight at level 9.

Fire Branch Spells
1 - Envy: steals hp from the target and adds 1 level of Seduction. 3AP, 1-2 range.

2 - Blink: adds 2 levels of Seduction and damages the target. 4AP, 1-3 range

3 - Sweet Assault: jumps near the enemy, damages it and adds 1 level of Seduction. 4AP, 1-3 range

4 - Mass Seduction: damages and adds 2 levels of Seduction to enemies at a 0-1 x 0-1 area and increases Budanni's lock. 5AP 1-5 range NM

5 - Devastating Lips: kisses the target. Damage increases for each level of Seduction. Adds 3 levels of Seduction. 6AP, 0-1 range

Air Branch Spells
1 - Spray: sprays perfume at an ally, healing it and adding 1 level of Fragant. 3AP 1-4 range

2 - Meters Spray: strongly sprays perfume at a line, damaging enemies and adding 1 level of Fragant to allies. 4AP 1-4 range NM

3 - Flask with Cracks: damages in the center cell and adds 1 level of Fragant to allies in a 1-2 x 1-2 area. 5AP 1-5 range

4 - Fragant Wind: heals allies in a 1-3 x 1-3 area and adds 1 level of Fragant. 5AP

5 - Empty Flask: empty the perfum flask at a enemy's head, damaging it and adding 2 levels of Fragant to enemies in a 1-2 x 1-2 range around him. NM

Earth Branch Spells
1 - Diamond Explosion: explodes diamond at a target, damaging it. 3AP, 1-3 range

2 - Ruby's Fervor: damages the target and removes fire resistance per Seduction level for 2 turns. 5AP, 1-4 range

3 - Sapphire's Bright: damages an enemy and makes his attacks add 1 level of Fragant. 4AP, 1-4 range

4 - Error on Track: collides a wagon of precious stone to a target, damaging it and making it more vunerable to states. 5AP, 1-4 range

5 - Crystallize: reduces the target's MP to 1 and damages it. The next attack cast in the target will damage it too. 6AP, 1-5 range. Can use 1 time in the same enemy every 3 turns. NM
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This is a cool idea! I was thinking that you could also say that these guys were devoted to an aspect of enutrof (like rouge is to SRAM, masks to sadida and foggs to osamodas) but instead of greedy, stingy misers they preferred to celebrate use their wealth and celebrate the finer things in life instead of hoard it away like classic enutrofs. They fell From grace in the wakfu era due to the invention of the democratic system, but in the dofus era were a royal ruling class.

but it's you're class, and these are just things i thought of. So great idea, I really like it!
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