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Waheguru's Servant

By Demodude August 08, 2010, 22:50:15
New Class
I am currently still typing up all the info but this is what I have so far!

Class Name ~ Waheguru's Servant

Story/Background ~ Waheguru means "God". Waheguru's Servant was known as the "Grim Reaper".
The Waheguru people are not sociable people. These warriors are wonderful farmers due to their farming heritage.
Farming is a second nature to them. A Waheguru's prefers to hold a scythe in their hands at all time. Also, they are very swift
on their feet, but one of their downfalls are that they are over confident beings.

Fun Facts ~

- Wahegurus are born in flat plains, with fertile fields. Most Wahegurus do not know what mountains or snow look like
- Wahegurus are unable to equiped shields due their use of Scythes
- Young Wahegurus are placed with an animal of their choice that will serve their master for life (which means the use of other pets in N/A)

Characteristic Explainations:

Strength Builds (Damage Build) ~ Relies on str weapons (mostly Scythes). Is able to use the strength spells to make
their enemies more vunerable to damage, and or Ap/Mp reduction.

Intelligence Builds (Damage Over Time) ~ Is able to cast a spell that will "Dehydrate" the enemy, which is like posion but increases damage over time.
Also, the inteligence characters are able to slightly heal. But, the only drawback is the healing slightly heals a random enemy too.

Chance Builds (Support Build) ~ Only has one spell. The one chance spell the Waheguru has is a healing spell. This spell is an AoE healing spell that will heal enemies and allies.
This is not a build that would survive pure chance.

Agility Builds (Pesticide Build) ~ This build is meant to be a "runner", the Waheguru is made to run into a mob of enemies, then safely return to his allies. And while the Waheguru runs into the mob, he is also posioning them. The drawback to this build is that the Waheguru has a chance of infecting himself/teammates with the posion, if the spells backfire.

Spells ~

Name........................Level.........................Short description.....................

Solar Eclipse................Class Spell............"Solar Eclipse" - All states are cured. Disabled for "x" amount of turns
Bucket of Water...................1....................."Bucket of Water" - This spell is used to cure the "dehydration" state on any player. This spell also heals yourself slightly, but heals a random enemy.
Drought......................1....................."Drought" - Fire Damage - This spell is used to put the "dehydration" state on an player. When a player is in the "dehydration" state they lose hp at the end of the turn. but as the state ends. The damage of dehydration continues to harm the player more and more. The state "dehydration" ends when the player you cast the spell, casts another spell.
Roots..........................1......................"Roots" - Str Spell - This spell cause the caster to lose all their mp. The caster is still able to attack/cast other spells. While the state of "roots" is on the caster, the caster gains x% of damage (until x% cap) for x turns.
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Congrats on failing to realise Wakfu works on completely different stats.
Score : 1068
I need to edit it for wakfu... don't get your panties in a bunch
*There are still int, str, cha, and agi in wakfu...
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Meh GFG you beat me to it :/
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Demodude|2010-08-08 21:52:00
*There are still int, str, cha, and agi in wakfu...

Score : 1068
GoldfishGod|2010-08-08 23:04:00

Not wrong... Look at the spells, Int, Str, Cha, Agi.
You may not have the characteristics, but they still use it
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For each class, their spells are matched to 3 elements (of the 4), and support.

so Iops have Fire/Earth/Air/Support, Ecaflip have Air/Earth/Water/Support.

You cannot have 4 elements in a single class. They are not referred to by Dofus' int/agi/str/cha (in fact there is no mention of those 4 words anywhere in Wakfu relevant to this). Even in Dofus, element type and stat are not exactly the same thing. Wakfu equipment provides +damage% or +resist% to fire, or water, etc. Mastery is "fire mastery" or "earth mastery" etc.

Only support spells are unlocked by class level. Each element has 5 spells (at 0, 2, 4, 7, & 10 of associated elemental level), and support has 10 spells(2 unlocked every level, starting with 2 at class level 1). There are no class spells like Felinition, etc.

Elemental spells are mostly attack or heal spells. Support spells are indirect bonuses/penalties, such as +Crits, +MP, -Ini... they're very rarely damage-producing or absolute-value healing effects.

Wakfu did use the Dofus stats, but they have long since been dropped.
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Ok, well I am sorry GFG, i need to edit it for wakfu I know...
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