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Kitsunko's Elegance

By May 20, 2010, 12:10:07
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~Name: Kitsunko's Elegance

~Image: [Coming Soon, Fox/Kitsune Japanese Race]

~ Bio: Kitsunko's Elegance are a race that prides itself in it's a dual weilding katanas. They live on an island to the east of Pandala that is littered
with exotic rarities. They are a mildly peaceful race but constant assult by monsters, mercenaries, and bandits forces them into a path of a warrior.
Children of a young age are sent to Dojo's to learn the ancient art of bushido. Their inability to ward off their enemies they opened an invitation to
the outside for the other races to help.

~ Spells:

Zukura Storm - A mid-range ability that swallows the enemy in a storm of razor sharp Zukura blossoms.

Zukura Twinblade - A barrage attack with your dual katanas strikes the enemy three times with moderate damage.

Zakura Chargeslash - A strong attack that focuses your mental power into a strong slash.

Zukura Ambush - Causes a storm of Zukura blossoms to hide the player for a series of time, if a monster/enemy steps too close to the area he/she is hiding, the user will re-appear with a deadly blade ambush. [Trap]

~ Different spells.

Sonic-step - Allows the Kitsunko to sidestep.

Dirge of Death - Casts an effect of fear on an enemy unit when near death. Fear sometimes causes the enemies. Uses flute.

Defensive Stance - A defensive block and sturdy stance to block enemy attacks and lower the damage you take.

Flash Charge - Takes three times to fully charge, the more it's charged the more damage it does.

~ Weapons: Dual Katanas
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The French created a fan-class much like yours, maybe you'll like the artwork.
La Ruse de Goupil (The Trick of the Fox)

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