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Class Idea: Skraith's Core

By SorinXII - MEMBER - September 19, 2020, 00:13:46

(I'm not listing spells, since I'm kinda new to Wakfu and Dofus', and am confused by the spell thing, and their several damage types. I'm just putting their info and abilities)

Name: Skraith's Core

Roles: Damage, Control.

Specialty: Skraiths are very versatile beings, being able to modify themselves using the environment around them.

Info: Skraiths are mechanical creatures that are not powered by Wakfu, nor Stasis, but a strange yellow Crystal called Frale. They usually keep to themselves, so most of the other Classes do not know of their existence. The Class as a whole has a strange fondness for Eliatropes.

Abilities: Skraiths have the unique ability to completely change their moveset by swapping their limbs and Cores. They can pull off their current helmets, arms, and legs (And whatever breastplate they may have on) to use the world around them to create new, stronger limbs and weapons. They could have cannon arms made from wood, if they so chose to. Or they could pull a season 3 Dally and have giant punching arms made of stone. But they prefer to use metal more than anything else, because they don't need to waste Fralent Energy making it strong. They are also characterized by their ability to steal Wakfu or Stasis using beams or spears of Fralent Energy. Like a few other Classes, they can also Teleport. 

Physical Appearance: These beings look like skeletons when they are created, but that can change very quickly. Each could look different from the last, but a few things always stays the same: They have hollow eye sockets, and glowing yellow orbs for eyes. They also don't have mouths. 

Clothing: They don't tend to wear clothing, but the few that do usually wear "puffy" pants and a Cloak that resembles wings to some extent. The cloak could allow them to glide (And sometimes fly) if their current form is light enough.

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 Do they look like these?

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I kinda agree to this idea. But the thing is, it needs to have weaknesses to balance it in the fight, Like Bow meows (duh, because Bow Meows are cats in real life) against water.  Perhaps remove teleporting, reminds me of xelors and some moves. And I guess remove other characteristics and give them unique ones! Like example, They can use a move that can attack every single opponent, but with a long cooldown. I'm not demanding, just suggesting. I can't even think of that wink

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