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new class idea: powder's snuff

By blookyboo#6911 - MEMBER - June 24, 2019, 10:26:30
the name is up for debate….but its inspired by the Kajiit race in the elder scrolls series. anyway lets get down to this 

These disciples of Sacrier and Pandawa never let the party die....until they run out of Star sugar (name is up for debate again XD) their movement is more sluggish then but they hit harder  while they are Hopped up (or sugar rushed I should say)they move faster and have more energy to dish out attacks. their elements being fire earth and air while their roles would be front line position and specialty (they trade things out every action is a sacrifice). Fire would be their damage element where they throw acids or flaming kicks at their opponents. they use earth to apply the "spacey"    debuff which lowers range and move points. air they use to bounce around (if sugar rushed) or (if not) push away others. I know this is short but let me know what you think of it. If I should make any changes or if I should just scrap it all together as this was a little last minute
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Honestly, it feels like a copy of pandawa just with sugar instead of bamboo milk, but with enutrof's spells
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New class has already been confirmed 
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