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class idea: Bravery's shattering

By blookyboo - MEMBER - March 18, 2019, 20:17:31

I would like to say first this is inspired  and based off of abuse victims (before you go nagging on me about being offensive I made this as I feel that it would be a good nega-sacrier or inverse tank) so lets get to it shall we oh and if you want to make the art send it to me on discord or post it in the comments my discord name is Weeabomb#3493 if you can, private message me so that we can keep it private.

Info: Disciples of the goddess Sacrier these compassionate, yet untrusting  child like twelvians are said to be the ones nearly left behind or the ones that took to much of a beating in incarnam and before birth. some say that they were not born until a not fully incarnated iop went from being as brave as they come to cowering before their own shadow for reasons unknown. They do not have a lust for power or fame in their quest to stop ogrest but merely wish to stop the worlds suffrage. They specialize in distance and drawing attacks away from themselves as well as maintaining mobile. just like the iops they can empower their allies as they attack  but unlike the iops they can give their damage to another ally. 

elements: fire,air, earth. Fire is how these twelvians unleash their wrath on those that harm them with spells such as "stop it" which damage and hinder ap. air they use to keep opponents at a distance so they cannot be harmed with spells such as "get back" that push while dealing light damage. earth they use to protect themselves from damage with spells like "Im rubber your glue" that reflect some of the damage as earth element.

I dont usualy make spells but if yall want to go ahead and that would be a big help I wish to do this with others as much as possable so I hope to see you all soon and as always stay awesome biggrin

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and hopfully I can see you all in the colab:

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