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new class idea: Songwriter's Melody

By blookyboo - MEMBER - March 16, 2019, 20:53:46

Before we get started on the class I would like to thank those that have commented on my previous class ideas and those that like my ideas or just told me ways of improving them. also please try to be constructive if this is like other classes too much tell me how to fix it instead of just saying its too much like the other classes now lets get onto it!

info: followers of Eniripsa  and Sacrier the Songwriters use their songs to inspire joy or pain in those that hear them. They use a flute(air),lute(fire), and harp(water) to play out their songs on the battle field. Weither friend or foe their songs could be your new beginning or your final end.

elements: (this is not final if you have better ideas for elements please tell me) Water,fire,air.
the song writers use fire to deal AoE damage to their foes while boosting their allies performance. They use water to sooth the wounds of their allies and hinder their enemies AP. they use the element of air to give buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies. they can string together spells (melodies) to have other effects like: Song of Endurance(fire), Song of Suffrage(water), melody of the lost(air) ups their elemental resist and gives them armor

thank you Bluhen for helping make this class more interesting and for you I want you to continue making ideas and helping me out as you do or not its up to you smile 
hope you enjoy this and as all ways stay awesome biggrin    

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What about if each branch specializes on an instrument: Flute (air), Water (harp) and Fire (Drum or lute)

For the Core Mechanic of the class I imagine something like this:

Spells are melodies which you can play in an specific order to create a Song which unleashes a strong attack or a Strong buff/debuff once it is completed (a musical combo). This way they can have a "high moment" which they have to prepare and motivate players to mix branches.

Songs can vary, maybe a Requiem would inflict a strong debuff while a Lullaby would heal the ally or put an enemy to sleep (something that Enis had in previous Betas). Maybe even induce a Berserker status on the enemy monster which would make them attack allies and enemies randomly (with a strong limitation, 1 per fight or every 5 turns). This would be more oriented to Eniripsa.

As for their Sacrier side, maybe the fire and air branches would create Songs that let them become Tanks-off tanks, encourage themselves to take hits and absorb them or redistribute them with their allies. Maybe have somethin similar to that Treacherose spell that increases the chances of being attacked by the enemy.

A Song needs focus to be played and in this topic, a Feca's spell from the Beta comes to my mind where they could create a Glyph around them which increased they resistances but once they moved it was destroyed and had to stack it again. Maybe Ankama would bring something like this back and add it to the class (allies inside the glyph can't be debuffed (?)).

Similar to what happens with Hypolyre, maybe they would be able to replicate certain things using their allies, like some sort of Echoe.

Some ideas haha. I'd love a bard class in the game and an hybrid between Eniripsa and Sacrier sounds really cool.


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wow that is really good and thanks I will try to add your suggestion (and credit you) when I can but I never do specific spells in case they do end up getting added I want ankama to make their own spells and be surprised by it. I love the combo stuff though it really fits the whole theme :3  and the only reason sac is in there is because songs can invoke suffering as well as joy but good idea Ill try to add that to

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Also as a fun fact, I also wrote a music based class 3 years ago, it seems like a popular theme
Not sure why you went with Sacrier for the class though? Sure Eniripsa makes sense since they have word-based powers, but a lot of gods would make more sense then sacrier.
Osamodas: Their god artifact is an ocarina and instruments are said to charm animals.
Enutrof: Ruel is Enutrof's favorite disciple and he was a rock star.
Xelor: They have good rhythm.
Iop: They like to show off.
Cra: You play a violin with a bow (yeah it's a bit of a stretch)
Rogue: Lots of their spells use tools and gadgets.
Sadida: They already have masqueraiders focused on dance, so songs wouldn't be far off
PS: Just noticed i forgot to add the spells to my class, so I updated them
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I did sacrier because songs can remind a person of a time of suffering (which sacrier is the god of) as well as inspire joy

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I myself reimagined the sacrier to be the patron of the bard class. I see sacrier as shouting berserkers and as such I made them be the shouting rockstar. I also prefer that second disciples are stasis inclined so I made them zombies.


What would be more gruesome that sacrificing blood?... Sacrificing flesh.
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ok Im going to ask something: why are you 3 the firsts to comment on most of my class ideas sence trickster XD

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I'm just very active on the forums and thought you should know the correct place to post class ideas.
Also I like fan class ideas, they highlight empty spots in potential class design.

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You got some wonderful ideas blookyboo, however cody5 is correct about where to post these ideas.

So I will move these ideas to the fan class section. wink

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oh ok thank you I did not know about the fan section untill I already posted most of my ideas so I ended up desiding to roll with it but now that they have been moved I will try and post my ideas to the correct forum section

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blookyboo|2019-03-18 19:34:08
wow.........way to go with making my ideas seem like mimicry.  is that the only reason you read these is to make me feel bad about my ideas and where I put them?

I didn't mean to say your idea is unoriginal, just that a music based class seems to be a popular idea, especially with the release of hippolyre.

If you want my opinion of your class idea:
-I like the idea of spells having combos, like air iop spells, it really fits the theme of the class
-an instrument for each element is a good idea and fits the design of other classes
-eniripsa would fit as their god, but not sacrier (I'd recomend sadida, since he's the god of bilbiza)
-needs more backstory and the name could be better (the melody part is ok, but songwriter is a bit odd (but then again amakna did go with Masqueraider for zobal's english name which isn't much better))
-air-fire-water is a good set for a music based class, earth could also work with drums or something
-the class needs some kind of central mechanic, the song combos are ok but not really something to build a whole class upon (maybe something simple as inspiration or multi-turn songs)
-needs more puns, this is wakfu after all
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as I stated several times the reason I picked Sacier is because she is the goddess of suffering and music can be a way of dealing with it as well as a way to show you are suffering. The central mechanics of it are primaraly support as both the air and water spells are healing or buff based. Fire on the other hand is more iopish in the sence they need to be close to allies. so they must stay close to allies or if they solo keep away from oponants. as for puns....I dont really know. and I selected songwriter because where does a song come from? thats right the one who writes it

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How about creating elemental theme to the music/melodies?

Earth Bard (Percussion: Drum) = Rock and Roll - specialize in short range AoE attacks.
Fire Bard (String: Lute)= Rythmn and Blues - Specialize in long range single DPS.
Wind Bard (Woodwind: Flute)= Classical, Opera - Specialize in Buff and Debuff.
Water Bard (Brass: Trumpet) = Jazz - Specialize in Healing and Support.

By itself, a bard class suggestion is mediocre. Whenever I make suggestions, I try to make an idea that would make a class idea unique from what is already in the game. Unfortunately, I have no idea what is already available in Wakfu. So I can only try to add something that is not available in Dofus.

Medley Spell Mechanics
These spells are spells that gives small effect, but will be active for the whole fight.
Water Rondo
Once the bard cast this spell, all non-water based spells will be disabled (except for other medley spell).
This spell will increase healing power of all allies and heals all allies at the start of the caster's turn.
The heal and heal power increase will slowly increase each turn so the longer the fight last, the powerful this spell will be.
This spell will be active for the whole fight, until the fight ends or until the bard (or another teammate bard) cast another medley.
While this spell has the potential to be powerful as the fight drags on, it has a drawback that under this spell, all bards on the team cannot use any other element aside form water spells. 


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its seeems like a useful thing but buffs like that in wakfu have turn limits and ontop of that classes in wakfu are limited to only 3 elements (besides huppermage) plus speacialty spells (spells that have non-damage effects usualy)

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