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New class Idea: Metronome's tempo

By blookyboo - MEMBER - March 06, 2019, 01:26:56

First I want to say this is just an idea I dont expect it to get into the game but it would be cool if it does also if you want to make a class with me I am open to that! biggrin now lets get onto the class

info: these dancing fighters follow the gods Xelor  and Iop to maintain rhythm and endurance.  They move about the battle field as if they are dancing to an unheard song to entrance and lure their enemies to their doom. Much like the Xelors and Iops they can position themselves and allies to various places  and sometimes even buff their attacks or give them move points. 

elements: Water, Air, Earth. The Metronomes main damage element is earth as they use it to deal damage as well as hinder movement or boost the movement of their allies. They use water to hinder the actions of their target or boost the actions of their allies. Air they use to hop around the battle field and position others.

I know this one is shorter than my others but it is kinda in the moment if their is anything I  should change please do tell me I am open to suggestions 

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This is basically a third iop, a third xelor, and a third masqueraider?

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I wanted to make a dance oriented class so it is like those cuz they use the gods xelor and iop but I didnt think it would be like masq either way I tryed and I hope you enjoy the idea

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Firstly, there is a "Fan Class" section already (Community/Fan media/Fan class)

Secondly, masquaraider is already themed around dancing, especially the air branch (they even have a spell called the dance of death)

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oh didnt know and hey its just an idea biggrin

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