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[Fan Class] - Jitaya's Jig

By vixenine November 08, 2011, 06:50:22
I've been a fan of final fantasy tactics and Ragnarok so i may have a little bit hangover... But I must say when wakfu appeared I went like: "Finally an online tactical rpg".

Anyway, I among those classes i really like in those tactical games is the dancer/gypsy class. I mean they do some really cool tricks for eye candy, if not a good damage dealer. Since games mentioned above are among the ones i usually play I might use this as a soft basis. However, unlike being the damage dealer i'm kinda wanting to make this class that focuses mainly on push back and debuffs/status effects sort of class. Like say for instance he/she can use the smile skill of the juggler class from ff tactics when not dancing and can inflict status effects when they are. I can't say something for the melee damage aspect yet.

Well that's all i have to say for now... Will be continuing this if i had the time. Been working on the media. (abusing piwi and tofu feathers)

The rest: [Coming Soon] 
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