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The Witchcraft Class

By Ginko13 November 04, 2011, 20:59:41
Hi, i think making a new class is rly dificult, here im just giving a sugestion, if you people like it, we could ask for making it real. Im talking about a new themed class, witches and warlocks .The name could be Sabathians,kornians,actually i dont though about a name.Its simbol could be "the sabathians broom(or besom)" or "cauldron",or "beehive". Their clothes are witches and warlocks costumes with pointy hats and black capes, or ritualistic coverings, with brooms when in battle stance(like cra's bows when thei are equipping nothing), and could have a new long distance weapon, the broomstick, when attack it flyes and strikes the target, and the brooms would give +1move point.
The description will be like this,"Sabathians(i use this name while i dont think in a better name) they love the nature like an mother,and living peacefully like normal families,harvensting, crafting, without hurt the nature.Theyre kind, but dont make them angry, an angry sabathian will poison your crops,make you sick with a plague, and make you lose everything you love. They are powerfull when in groups.In these 1000 years they have lived underground,but it all changed when the disrespect with nature made eternal night of underground impossible to live anymore, then they came to the light".
Now to the spells, well the sabathians skills have huge circle shaped area of effect(it can hit far enemys in a huge AoE) spells.Theyre 3 elements Earth,wind and fire.Earth spells have AoE and DoT damage, with nature and magic herbs theme.The fire spells are the same of earth, but it has less range but have more power and the DoT got more turns of duration, and it theme is "witch instruments" like halloween pumpkins,cauldron,potions,pentacle,staff,sword,goblet and candles.The wind spells are broom flying skills with a enormous range and great damage, using low AP.The Special passive skills are like"Witches hive : when more than one sabathian i in group they get more power" , and male skills diferent than female skills, like "The warlock:when have 1 male sabathian and 1 or more female sabathian the male gets more power" and "sun devotion"for male and "moon devotion"for female, and vice versa.The passive are to get more power and range.The active special skills are like"bow meow transformation: it turns into a bow meow, turing AP and WP into MP.".And some luck skills like:"The seasons wheel, it have 8 possibilities :The winter borning: the group is healed or one member is ressurected.The fire queen: fire damage gets x% bonus till the end of time.The spring queen:earth damage get x% bonus untill the end of the fight.The first harvest:the debuffs and weakness are healed(removed).The maximun power:the group(even the other classes) get a huge % of damage bonus.Mercy God:The moribund (with less than 15% of HP) cant be atacked for 3 enemy's turns.The pole: i summons a pole with ribbons, the sabathians are holding the ribbonsand they get bonuses llike more damage or healings, this pole lasts 5 turns, the sabathians move 1 cell in clockwise direction(i dont though about it so this idea is a little hard to understand, search Beltane to understand).And then the Sacrifice for a greater good:the sabathian choose if he sacrifice itself(get with 1 point of HP) to ressurect 1 to 5 members in the fight, they dont lose anything and dont go back to respawn point , they back to the place they were before the fight starts(where it start stalking the target to begin the fight), or they can choose to get with 50% of their HP and all their AP to ressurect 1 target , this one will have 50% of HP but +6 AP.".The specialized skills use only WP.
Well this was my idea , i like witches and wakfu , then i spent times of doing nothing thinking about a new race for wakfu.If u dont like its your business.
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Your idea is rather interesting. I found the whole concept of whitchcraftry indredibly aluring, I wish the dev's read and think about it.

On a downside, though, I found your post rather confusing to read. Proper punctuation and line separation would make it much clearer, easier and more pleasant to read. Especially considering this is such a big proposition, I suppose the better it is to understand it, the easier the idea would spread.
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Nice idea. I like the story line of the class, That they came from under the ground because the people in wakfu dont treat the nature so good. But the skills can be more witchy like hex or something that will have a % to turn the target into a mob like:
  • 40% bow meow. with a weak skill and +mp movement
  • 30% gobbal with average skill and +ap
  • 20% plant or something. with a average skill and +mp
  • 8% drheller with a strong skill and +mp
  • 2% for a random strong mob,so you need to be carefull with using the skill.
you can use this skill on ally's or on enemy's, But when you get get "hexed" you cant use your normal class skills.

The price of this skill can be 1W+5ap to cast skill and 1w for each turn. And a 1ap skill to deactivate the skill so you dont get a W point lost anymore and everybody in your team wil get a element bonus like 5% air bonus for a bow meow and a higher bonus for a stronger mob.

By lvling this W skill you can get a higher % of turning your enemy into a weak mob and your ally into a
stronger mob.
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Good idea
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