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[FAN CLASS] Carn's Fang

By June 18, 2009, 01:38:57
Please don't take this too seriously, this is being made up more-or-less on the spot and I'm just doing this because it's fun. Also, I'm well aware that this is somewhat similar to the Iop, Sac, and Osa.

Carn's Fang

In progress, I need to collate my thoughts.)

Carns have a tendency to wear ripped up old clothes and never brush their hair. (I'll write up something more detailed later.)

Key Info
Role: Assaulter
Strike Power: Medium-low. Low level Carns don't have much in the way of powerful spells. Many of their spells deal low damage but have a low cost.
Flexibility: Medium. Carns are generally constrained to being a melee class with a few exceptions. Although most of the Carns' spells have special effects, they are often only on criticals. Their three forms allow them a bit more flexibility.
Cooperation: Medium-low. Carns are good at distracting and locking enemies but don't have many spells that directly help allies.
Place In Combat: Front-line placement allows a Carn to make the most of their close range skills.
Suitable Targets: Slow foes that the Carn can easily run circles around. They also have an advantage against enemies with low hp.
Unsuitable Targets: Faster foes, large groups, or enemies with lots of hp.

Practical Tips
*Eat raw meat! It's the healthiest kind.
*Although it can be tempting, please try to restrain from "marking your territory".
*People are animals too!

Claw: Bladed gauntlet-type weapons. They don't do too much damage but don't use much AP either.


Focuses mainly on dealing heavy damage. This is the way to go if you want a purely offensive Carn.

Lv. 0: Grey Claw: "Slash the opponent with your mighty claws. Preferable for use against Piwis, Kittens, and infants." Slashing attack. Must have Claw equipped. RA: 1 square, adjacent to the Carn. Damage: -3 HP, Critical: -5 HP. AP: 2. Cooldown: 1 (Cooldown is removed at lv. 5

Has a more varied selection of spells. Has a few ranged attacks and self-buffs. This also contains their three forms, which are the real meat of the Carns.

Lv. 0: Snake Strike: "While most people are afraid of the snake, Carns are their best friends." Attack spell, an image of a snake coils around the Carn's arm and lashes at the opponent. RA: 2 square, any direction. Damage: -2 HP, Critical: -4 HP, Immolation. AP: 3.

Lv. 5: Feral Mind: "A bit of a introduction for Carns who aren't ready to transform." Self-buff. RA: Self. Effect: +2 damage, 10% higher chance of critical, -1 MP, 60% chance of Immolation on critical, lasts for 2 turns, Critical: +3 damage, 15% higher chance of critical, 60% chance of Hemorrhage on critical, lasts for 3 turns. AP: 6 Cooldown: 4

Lv. 5: Rock Throw: "You must always be prepared to use the environment to gain an advantage. For example, that giant boulder conveniently placed near you." Throws a large rock at an opponent. RA: 3 square, linear. Damage: -6 HP, 20% chance of stun, Critical: -9 HP, Stun. AP: 4

Probably the Carn's weakest branch. Has some useful spells but most of them are so-so. Many movement-related abilities.

Lv. 0: Frog Leap: "Frog Leap is an ancient game invented by the followers of Carn as a combat tactic." Can only be used if there is an opponent adjacent to you, jumps over the enemy and lands on the square behind them. AP: 4

Contains a few self-healing spells as well as some buffs and a couple more unique abilities.

Lv. 0: Blind Courage: "Ah, to have the courage of an Iop. To be able to charge at Crackler without any fear of death... Even after you've lost a limb or two." Buff. RA: 2 square, any direction. +1 damage, -25% Dodge, -25% Tackle lasts for 2 turns, -1 to all non-attack spells, Critical: +2 damage, +1 Critical, -15% Dodge, -10% Tackle, lasts for 3 turns. AP: 5. Cooldown: 4


Lv. 0: Weapon Use: "Attack the enemy with whatever you happen to have on hand at the time." Passive, is needed to equip stronger weapons.

Lv. 5: Claw Specialization: "In order for a Carn to become formidable, they need to be a master of their feral fighting style." Passive, double damage bonus for Claws, also adds to your total weapon-use level.

Lv. 5: Feral Slash: "Generally, animals aren't know for holding back." AP: 1 more than the equipped weapon. Damage: 2 more than equipped weapon, 20% higher chance of missing, Critical: 4 more than equipped weapon, 10% higher chance of missing, 10% chance of causing Hemorrhage.

I'll add more later. smile
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