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My 8th Class Suggestion: Zombie Rockstar

By Gunnerwolfang#2406 - MEMBER - February 09, 2016, 16:51:08

First of all, this is one of my class suggestion in the Dofus forum , I am posting it here to share it with the Wakfu community. The class format is based on Dofus mechanics ofcourse, but hopefully you'll get the idea.


"Sacrier uses shout and blood sacrifice, but this new breed of disciples uses screaming songs and flesh sacrifice".

Sacriers Flesh: Macabre Rythmn
Zombie Rockstar (parody on Lord Raptor of Darkstalker saga)

Rockstar Mode

A long time ago, Owzy a very talented rocker rises in fame. Utilizing his natural shouting ability as a sacrier, he was able to synchronize shouting into musical masterpieces. He was soon worshiped by thousand of adoring fans to the point where some of them considered him as a "Rock God"...

But Owzy hides a dark secret. He was seduced by the demon lord Rushu, who promise him immortality and a place in the pantheon. Rushu gave him a book (Necronomicon) which holds the secret to eternal life (or in this case... eternal death.... which is close enough to eternal life). Owzy studied the book and soon discovered a way to perform the ultimate curse which will grant him eternal death... The preparation was a long process, which he methodically performed in the form of "Albums". He releases 6 albums, with 6 tracks over an interval of 6 years each... There were rumors that some fans committed suicide after hearing his albums.

On his final concert, he performed the final curse passage from the book, in a song entitled "Death Sacrifice", which suck dry the blood of 666 fans (who died with the look of happiness in their faces). This instantly turned Owzy into a rotting pile of dead meat. Everyone thought that Owzy died.

Soon after their burial, Owzy and the 666 fans who died, was dug up and hidden in a secret location as a undead legion under the control of Rushu. Rushu plans to use them in his future plans of becoming one of the god of twelve... But Owzy manage to break Rushu's control and escape his imprisonment along with his followers. He seek salvation in the hands of his rightful patron, the god Sacrier. The goddess Sacrier forgave and take them back as her disciples.

Thus, the zombie rockstar class emerges.

Zombie Mode
Fighting Style:
Rockstar Skills: Utilizes "Bard" technique. Uses songs to cast enchantment or curse.
Zombie Skills: Undead abilities. Sacrifices his body to inflict damage, high survivability skills to tank.
Suicide Skills: This are the abilities of zombies that are equivalent to the sacriers "Punishments" buff. Zombies grow stronger the more they attempt to kill themselves.

Level 1: Zombie Rights removes his right arm to fight for him.
Level 1: Headbanger removes his head to auto-swap at start of next turn.
Level 1: Cannibalism: Takes a bite off his victim. Earth steal attack
Level 3: Harakiri: Earth buff suicide
Level 6: MoonWalker/Zombiewalk: Sacrifice his turn's MP to give it to himself next turn or to give it to an ally.
Level 9: Thriller: A dance song which transforms the performer into a master zombie.
Level 13: Chest Suction: Pulls the target towards the caster while stealing their breath. Air steal attack + Attraction
Level 17: Lethal Gas: Air buff suicide.
Level 21: The World is My Stage: Death teleportation.
Level 26: Regurgitate: Spit out stomach acid. Medium range water attack.
Level 31: Drown: Water buff suicide
Level 36: "Eyes On Me": A solemn song which makes those who listen to it cries, blurring their visions and the caster also steals their vision.
Level 42: Standing Ovation: Kills self to buff allies.
Level 48: Encore: Allows the caster to return back after dying.
Level 54: Detonation Human Bomb: Detonate himself, but later recompose back together. Fire AoE attack but loses HP.
Level 60: Burn: Fire buff suicide.
Level 70: Self-Cannibalism: Loses HP to increase maximum HP up to 150%
Level 80: Elvis Impersonators: Sacrifice self to call forth kamikaze zombie.
Level 90: Last Breath: State of unkillable rage but causes death after the state expires.
Level 100: Final Requiem: A devastating song that sends a wave of death energy around the singer. Will summon a zombie for everyone (ally/enemy/monsters/summons) who dies due to this spell.
Level 200: Zombie Rockstar Dopple
Class Spell: Doom Box Summon a static boombox that amplifies the spell's range and AoE.

Suggested spells:
Rockstar Skill: "Eyes On Me"
A 2 tile AoE spell that steals the range of everyone within the AoE.
Self cast range.
AoE/Range modifiable

Rockstar Skill: "Thriller" (Undead Aura)
Switches the character into "Zombie Mode".
Gains 5-20% HP at the start of each turn.
Cannot be healed. Healing will damage the character instead.
AP Cost: 4/4/4/3/3/2
Duration: 3/3/4/5/6/7
Cooldown: 10/10/9/9/8/8
HP gains at the start of turn: 5%/8%/11%/14%/17%/20%

Rockstar Skill: Harmony (courtesy of SniperViper)
Changes all elements to support the element of next attack, at a 2 for 1 ratio (for hybrids to temporarily change to a strong one element build).
E.g, if the next attack is strength and you have 300 agi and 300 intel, they convert to a 300 strength (600/2), for 3-4 turns ... effect also cancels if you use a different elemental attack.

Rockstar Skilll: Doom Box
Summons a "Kamikazeoke" (a boom box with a mic and stand)
A static summon.
The summon have an automatical glyph on all 4 adjacent tiles (similar to the glyph of cawwot summon).
The glyph steals 1-2 hp everytime it is activated.
Activates by standing on the glyph and casting a spell.
Effect: Increases the range and AoE of the spell (principle of spell amplification).
Level / casting cost / +Range / +AoE
Level 1 / 5AP / +1 Range / +1 AoE
Level 2 / 5AP / +2 Range / +1 AoE
Level 3 / 4AP / +3 Range / +2 AoE
Level 4 / 4AP / +4 Range / +2 AoE
Level 5 / 3AP / +5 Range / +3 AoE
Level 6 / 3AP / +6 Range / +3 AoE

Zombie Skill: Encore ("I'll Be Back")
This spell will allow the caster to return to life after dying.
When the caster die while still in the effect of this spell, he will fall on the ground into a heap of pulsating blob of flesh.
He will then spring back to life after the 1-3 turn cooldown.
Needs to be in "Zombie Mode" to cast this.
Effect: Places the caster in "Returnee State".
While in this state, if the zombie loses all his HP, he will crumble to the ground and become a pile of flesh and bone (with 10-60% HP depending on the spell level). The pile of remains will spring back to life 1-3 turn after dying (turn depends on spell level).
Duration of "Returnee State": 1/1/2/2/3/3
Cooldown: 8/8/8/7/7/6
HP returned to pile of remains: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60%
Turn to return back to life: 3/3/3/2/2/1

Zombie Skill: Final Requiem
Modifiable AoE
The character releases a death energy that causes moderate damage to everyone within range.
Whenever somebody died due to this spell, they will become a zombie summon.
Zombiefied character cannot be resurrected by the osa's Spiritual Leash.
To revive an ally, the zombiefied ally have to be directly targeted by the leash spell.
Zombified enemy will receive 10-60% life damage when hit by Spiritual Leash.
Zombie summons cannot be healed and receive damage when healed.
Zombie summons do not require +summonables.
Zombie summons have vitality equal to a gobbal summon, 1-3MP, a 1AoE poison glyph and attack using "Bite" (equal to gobbal bite attack).

Zombie Skill: Self-Cannibalism
Eats himself losing 20% HP but increases 5-20% maximum HP.
Used to counter erosion damage.
Must be in "Zombie Mode" to cast his spell
Casting cost: 2-3 AP
Can be cast once every turn with a 1 turn duration. A zombie must continually cast this spell to accumulate his vitality buff. Useless against enemy that can unbewitch.
Max HP buff is capped at 150% of the original maximum HP.

Example: A Zombie with 6,000 HP uses a level 6 of this spell.
He will lose 1,200 HP but gains 1,200 maximum HP. He will end up with 4,800/7,200 HP.
The zombie gains 1,200 max HP buff (can be unbewitch since it only have 1 turn duration).
On the start of his next turn he will gain 1,440 HP (Zombie mode 20% regeneration). He will end up with 6,240/7,200 HP.
Max HP will not go higher than 9,000 max HP (150% of 6,000 HP - the original max HP).

This technique is tricky because zombie mode cannot be healed, thus it will only rely on his HP steal and HP regeneration to regain lost HP.
This spell still needs to be tweaked I must admit. I was thinking this spell will not be too OP considering that the zombie mode have a duration so when the zombie mode eventually run out then the max HP buff will be automatically removed since the spell can only be cast while in zombie mode. If the player is running on buff max HP, he will suddenly drop down to minimum max HP as soon as the player is unable to cast the spell. I have to finalized the zombie mode spell first.

Zombie Skill:Follow (courtesy of SniperViper)
Undodgable mp steal from a target for 2 turns. Can only deal damage to that target for 4 turns.
(cons: maybe a little unfair in 1 v 1 pvp)

Zombie Skill: Moonwalker/Zombie Walk
When cast on an another target, it will remove all the casters remaining MP and transfer it to his target.
When self-casted, it will remove the caster's remaining MP and next turn the removed MP will be added to the caster.
Duration: 1 turn

Spell lvl / Casting cost / Range / Cooldown
Level 1 / 3 AP / 0-1 tiles / 7 turns
Level 2 / 3 AP / 0-2 tiles / 6 turns
Level 3 / 3 AP / 0-3 tiles / 5 turns
Level 4 / 2 AP / 0-4 tiles / 4 turns
Level 5 / 2 AP / 0-5 tiles / 3 turns
Level 6 / 1 AP / 0-6 tiles / 2 turns

This is a situational spell that you can use to be able to escape next turn or give your MP to your ally but it will leave you totally defenseless on the turn that you use it. A tanker support buff to ally.

Zombie Skill: Headbanger
Telportation/additional healing.
The zombie rockstar removes his head and throws it 1-6 tiles away (boostable).
The head and body will have 50% of the original HP/Max HP. Example, if the zombie rockstar have 3000/6000 HP, the head and body will both have 1500/3000 HP.
At the start of the next turn, both the head and body will receive the zombie regeneration healing. Then the body will crumble to the ground and burst out of the head's ground and reattach itsef to each other.
If the head is killed, the body will regenerate a new head next turn, the head will regenerate a new body next turn if it is the the body that dies.
Note: The body can still act and move after throwing his head.

Zombie Skill: Zombie Rights (Pseudo-summon)
The zombie rockstar throws his right arm as a projectile 2-6 tiles away (linear, LoS) doing 5-10 neutral damage, then lands on the adjacent tile of the target tile.
The right arm will have 50% of the zombie rockstar's HP/Max HP, 6AP and 3MP.
The zombie rockstar will lose 3 maxAP and 25% maxHP while the right arm is in play.
The right arm is controlled by AI and will deal CC attack/damage.
The right arm have a global cooldown per character, only one can be in play, casting another will remove the first one.
The right arm also have regenerative healing.
Unlike zombie rockstar, the right arm can be damaged by healing spells and leash (Damaged by 60% by level 6 Animal Leash)

Zombie Spell: Infestation
Using this spell, the zombie rockstar will merge his body into the target (ally or enemy) for a few turn.
Once merge, you and the host will share the same body.
During your coming turn, your body will be show, after your turn (the host body will be the next to move), the host's body will be shown.
Since you share the same body, both you and your host will receive damage when attack.

This spell is useful in manipulating the enemy's position. You can merge with an enemy and walk to a specific tile. You can merge with an ally in order to move him away from danger. you can merge with an enemy who do not have a way to inflict self damage or to discourage your enemy from attacking you since if they do, your host will also be damaged.

Suicide Skill: Burn
Dowse himself with kerosene and light up a cigarette.
Sacrifice 10% of vitality to increase 200% Fire.
Can be cast on self up to 2 times per turn.
Duration: 3 Turn

Suicide Skill: Drown
The zombie is engulf in a bubble of water.
Sacrifice 10% of vitality to increase 200% Water.
Can be cast on self up to 2 times per turn.
Duration: 3 Turn

Suicide Skill: Lethal Gas
Breaks a vial of deadly gas and proceed to inhale all the fumes.
Sacrifice 10% of vitality to increase 200% Air.
Can be cast on self up to 2 times per turn.
Duration: 3 Turn

Suicide Skill: Harakiri (Impalement)
Trust a blade into his stomach and leaves it there.
Sacrifice 10% of vitality to increase 200% Earth.
Can be cast on self up to 2 times per turn.
Duration: 3 Turn

Suicide Skill: Last breath (courtesy of SniperViper)
Immunity (cannot be killed) for 2-3 turns, but death right after. (cannot be lifted/ doesn't work with coming back) .

Electricotter's version of suicide spells.
Detonation: You build up your Necrotic energies to go out with a bang!
Enter state: Final Performance 3 turns.
After the state ends you explode in a 2 AoE circular (3 AoE at lvl 6)
Similar to Pulsar, the damage dealt is based off of the AP you have when cast.
High Neutral damage in the AoE.
You Die.
You revive in 2 turns : unhealable state for 2 turns. Increased Erosion.

The World is my Stage: The world is your stage and the concert was a massacre!
Teleportation spell.
You Die. On your next turn your corpse bursts forth from the ground on the targeted cell.
AoE1 (2 at lvl 6) Earth damage. Unhealable state for 1 turn. Increased Erosion.

Standing Ovation: You have made the crowd very happy!
You let your necrotic energy loose over a large radius empowering your allies.
You Die. AoE 5 circular. Buff to Power, MP, AP, with a short duration.
You rez next turn, unhealable state 3 turns. Increased Erosion.

Elvis Impersonators: You have so many fans...that are DYING to be like you!
You Die.
You Summon 4 Impersonators.
Melee based tanky summons.
In 3 turns they all explode dealing Neutral damage in an AoE1 circular. You then get revived, unhealable state 2 turns, increased Erosion.

Definition of Die:
You become a tombstone in your current square (maybe just a pile of body parts/bones?
You are invulnerable, immovable, in the gravity state, unhealable, heavy.
Monsters will be highly attracted to you in this state, you have increased lock.
(This is a new, unique form of tanking)

More spells to come... maybe later.
BRB. Oh. I got most of the materials in the Darkstalker Wikia under the character "Lord Raptor".

Check out also my other class suggestions:
NOTE: Images are not mine, I just grabbed them from internet search, I just used them to give viewers a general concept of the class appearances. Credit goes to the artists.

1st: Magical Engineer ( Xelor's Gears) Time displaced rebels who created their own mechanical god to destroy the 12 gods. Now under the watchful eye of the god Xelor, who some suspects plans to use the engineers technology for his own agenda.

2nd: Cowboy Class (Cra's Legacy, Cravalry) Mounted Gunslinger. Former follower of Cra who allied themselves with the magical engineers. Learned to use "Riding Skills" and "Magic Gun Skills".

3rd: Druid Class (Eniripsa's Sadida's Potions) Followers of Otomai who combines science and magic. Former nature loving followers of Eniripsa Sadida who followed the path of higher knowledge.

4th: Gemini Class (Pandawa Twin) What happens when 4 pandawa tribes inter-mingle? You will get a 4 element hybrid "Last Airbender" class. (actually each twin controls only 2 elements but together they control 4). 

5th: Monster Class: Gobball (Feca's Herd) Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a monster? Here is your chance. The goddess Feca have been also known as the herder god, which is why all the gobballs consider her as their protector and patron.

6th: Shadow Mimic (Osamoda's Beastman) Former Osamodas followers who were seduced by the demon god "Rushu". The highest evolution of the dopple race. Uses the power of shadow magic and mimicry.

7th: Feng Shui TarotS (Ecaflip's Karma) The lucky cat persona of the god Ecaflip. Uses secret arts that increases luck like Feng Shui and Geomancy.

9th: Icarus Wings (Iop's Wings) "Why jump, when you can fly?" A new order of the Iop's disciples who rediscovered the lost secret of the ancient magical artifacts, the "Angry Wrath Birds"

10th: Jester's Franks (Eniripsa's Jokes) Laughter is the best medicine.

11th: Croissants: The Gingerbread Man Class Product of the god of cooking.
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Very original but weird as fk

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it's not april fools day yet dude, even the trucker class has a higher chance of becoming reality

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stop being rude. ok? this fits the game better then your big head

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@ Fleisch
That is exactly what everybody initially said when I made my first class suggestion, the magical engineer.

"Dofus is a magical world, class based on guns, bombs, turrets and robots will never ever become reality"

Two years after I made my suggestion, Ankama release gun/bomb class (Rogues), 1 years after rogue, they release turret/mechanical class (Foggernauts). And yes, 2 years ago, I'm the one who kept saying the new class will be eliatrope, when everyone says it will never ever happens.By now, I am already accustomed to the sayings that "it will never ever happens", and quiet frankly I don't expect any of my suggestion to get implemented..

Anyway, the point of this fan class section is to post fan made class, not to decide what gets implemented and what's not. Ankama gets to decide all of that.All we can do is make a fan class suggestion on this fan class section.

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WOW WHAT A WAY TO TAKE BARD!!! I like how you made it focus on the more dark and depressing music styles without taking away that it can still buff and support and ontop of that it can be a tank! but is it a stance changing class(needs a state to cast some spells or spells  change effect while under that state) cuz I dont understand the suicide zombie and music skill stuff are they just differant themes?

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@ blookyboo
Sorry for the late reply.

I guess this class is a stance changing class.
In musician (default Rockstar mode), it can buff and support team using songs and performance arts.

When they change stance and transform to a Zombie mode, they can tank and debuff enemy team using cursed songs and undead arts. 
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Raptor? I'm tempted to counter this with pics of Felicia, but none of them have room in Wakfu. Better to keep squeezing your brains for a different idea. Your juicy braaaaains...

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Felicia is already in Wakfu.... 

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

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Rockstar Skill: "Eyes On Me"
A 2 tile AoE spell that steals the range of everyone within the AoE.
Self cast range.
AoE/Range modifiable

Alternative spell idea:
Rockstar Skill: "Eyes On Me" (Tanking Version)

A 2 tile AoE spell that makes everyone invisible to the affected opponent. The victim can only see the zombie rockstar.
Debuff that last 1-3 turn
Self cast range.
AoE/Range modifiable

Instead of a range steal mechanism. this spell will make everyone invisible to the target (both allies and enemy) and only see the zombie rockstar who cast this spell. This spell is a enchanting song that will mesmerize the victim and will make them ignore everyone and turn their attention on the zombie rockstar.

This new mechanic will serve as a primary tanker spell that will technically force the victim to attack the caster because he can no longer see other character in the battle. It will be a spell that zombie rockstar cast to protect their ally from getting targeted (it could also be useful in some degree in preventing enemy from healing or buffing each other).
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