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"Rotten Dozen": Siege

By Kakenshu - MEMBER - September 06, 2013, 22:33:10
A turtle with personal space issues

Today we have yet another unnecessary characteristic: modifying the damage for attacks which 'move towards' or 'approach' the target. The Iop spells Super Iop Punch and Charge (and Flatten, but since that does no damage and is a specialty will be excluded from this example and left in the corner) are approaching spells as they move the caster towards the target. Flaming Claw for Rogue is not considered an approaching attack because its approaching effect only occurs when targeting their allies or bombs, meaning no damage is dealt; unless they happen to be targeting a bomb at the feet of a target.

Another new characteristic which might be brought to Gaunt and Greave is push force, which modifies the distance something is pushed. If an action attempts to push a target by 2 spaces and the attacker has +50% push force, the target will be pushed for 3 spaces.

From this point on the classes will be more obviously ripped from/based on classes that already exist. Most of the spells are intended to have original effects but the benefits the class has to offer are going to be very similar to what the class was based on. Siege is a repeat of- I mean, based on, Feca: having high defense and giving defense to your allies. But unlike Feca Siege can also debuff certain characteristics and repel enemies from you and your allies while grouped together. Also unlike Feca, Siege does not have the ability to create glyphs to give buffs or damage in areas of effect. Overall this class is not intended to be a replacement for Siege, but an alternative defense class designed more for defense and repulsion than counterattacking and buffing.


Once Halberd and his apprentice left a town of mercenaries behind after the apprentice having fought for their lives in an arena and gained a massive shield. During their travels they encountered groups of bandits, lone mercenaries, refugees, and the occasional town to stop for supplies and rest. Siege would often leave the large shield on his mount and carry the shield his parents gave him unless Halberd said otherwise.

The two ventured from town to town stopping at every mercenary rathole they could find. Siege knew every pit stop desperate manhunters would be buried after Halberd is through with them, as his crusade brought him to the top few mercenaries who unjustly brought innocent people to their death for a few coins. Siege rarely joined in the search or execution of these cruel outlaws as he knew Halberd was more than willing to bring them to justice, but growing up alongside a murderer of murderers his view on the world around him twisted against the average people while the likes of Halberd are of greater value. Halberd learned of this development within Siege when the two had a perpetrator cornered when he asked the young warrior to explain to the amateur mercenary why they were going to punish him. Against expectations Halberd listened in disgust as Siege poured his resentment onto the young mercenary. Halberd took Siege aside and took care of the mercenary on his own, leaving Siege to his thoughts. After taking the mercenary to the local prison Halberd and Siege discussed the morality of their expedition on their way to the next town.

During this discussion which carried over several days interrupted only by sleep and meals. Halberd knew that if his apprentice were to learn the wrong ideals from his actions the neglect would allow the opposite to develop from what he intended, an heir to his place in their military so future warriors have someone to learn from when his own life ends. Siege had been raised in luxury with his loving parents and obedient servants catering to their whims, but after years alongside someone who had always struggled to survive.

Once Siege reached adulthood and was allowed to venture independently of Halberd, he kept traces of hatred towards mercenaries in spite of attempts by Halberd to clarify his intentions during their travels together. Halberd had only delivered justice to the outlaws when he had enough information to prove they deserve it, but as Siege wandered the sands his focus was to catch mercenaries in the act and take them down regardless of any reason for hunting the victim.

Once Halberd returned to the base he was raised and trained at, news of the persecution crusade by his apprentice was immediately brought to him. Bounties were placed on Siege for unjustly executing mercenaries who were hunting thieves and murderers to bring them in alive, but even larger bounties were placed on Halberd for allegedly creating a corrupt executioner.

After a couple years Siege learned of the bounties placed on himself and his mentor. He decided to return to his former teacher to ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately the organization which Halberd had raised Siege to pride himself by being part of decided the two were poisoning their presence in the world and decided to expel them from their ranks, not hesitating to announce the dishonorable discharges for all to hear.

"Oppressor" branch (fire) fire

Bouncer- Siege keeps the club safe from freaks by throwing them back into the streets they came from.
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • up to three uses per target per turn
  • must be used on a target
  • pushes one space
  • if the target has pulled an ally of the Siege, pushes 1 space
  • if the target has pulled the Siege, pushes 1 space
  • for every collision: -20% push resist
  • lv0 2damage
    • lv0 crit: 3damage
  • lv100 27damage
    • lv100 crit: 42damage
  • lv200 52damage
    • lv200 crit: 78damage

Repress- What has the size and weight to keep someone pinned on their back, which can also be used as a defensive tool to hide behind? If you guessed an Iop, go sit in the corner.
  • 6AP, all MP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • chance to stabilize the target per MP spent
  • upon successfully stabilizing the target, the target becomes immune to stabilization for their next turn
  • lv0 3damage, 1% chance to stabilize the target per MP
    • lv0 crit: 5damage, 2% chance to stabilize the target per MP
  • lv100 28damage, 6% chance to stabilize the target per MP
    • lv100 crit:45damage, 9% chance to stabilize the target per MP
  • lv200 53damage, 11% chance to stabilize the target per MP
    • lv200 crit: 80damage, 17% chance to stabilize the target per MP

Chain Gang- Two unlikely enemies are chained together to entertain everyone nearby, until Siege sneaks up behind the audience and starts chaining people together. Whether they were friends or foes before becoming attached, their newfound bond will undoubtedly unearth angst they have for one another.
  • 5AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • inflicts lv1 "Chain Gang" state:
    • maximum of lv3
    • the afflicted gains another level for every collision received (when something is pushed into them)
    • lasts until the afflicted teleports/is teleported
    • the afflicted will becoming bound to a target who is also afflicted with Chain Gang upon collision (being pushed into them)
    • afflicted targets may only be bound to their enemy (you may only bind an enemy with one of your allies; you may not bind two enemies together nor two allies together)
    • only one target may become bound per target
    • targets afflicted with Chain Gang will not lock or be locked by the target they are bound to
  • lv0 5damage
    • lv0 crit: 7damage
  • lv100 50damage
    • lv100 crit: 75damage
  • lv200 95damage
    • lv200 143damage

Targe Dash- You may not be as big or heavy as Gaunt, but your shield definitely is. Use it to keep Gaunt down before he tries to rip your arms off.
  • 6AP1WP
  • 2-3 range, linear
  • one use per turn
  • must be used on an enemy
  • charges to the target
  • pushes the target 1 space on impact
  • inflicts a damage penalty for approaching attacks
  • lv0 8damage, -10% damage for approaching attacks
    • lv0 crit: 12damage, -15% damage for approaching attacks
  • lv100 71damage, -95% damage for approaching attacks
    • lv100 crit: 106damage, -143% damage for approaching attacks
  • lv200 134damage, -180% damage for approaching attacks
"Guardian" branch (water) water

Throwing Buckler- Siege flings a small buckler because he confused Starved for a stray Boowolf cub to play fetch with, an unconscious attempt to relive a lost childhood.
  • 2AP
  • 1-2 range, modifiable range
  • on an enemy: inflicts damage and 'Shell Shocked' state:
    • stackable to 100
    • lasts one turn
    • reduces resist gain applied to the afflicted by 1% proportionally per level
    • at lv100: the afflicted may not gain resists
  • on an ally: does not inflict damage, inflicts 'Hive Plating' state:
    • stackable to 100
    • lasts one turn
    • deflects resist loss by 1% proportionally per level
    • at lv100: the afflicted may not lose resists
  • if an ally afflicted with Shell Shocked receives levels of Hive Plating, the states will cancel each other out per level (ex: lv10 Shell Shocked and lv8 Hive Plating will cancel out to lv2 Shell Shocked and no levels of Hive Plating)
  • spell level increases the levels of Shell Shocked or Hive Plating inflicted
  • lv0 1damage, +1lv
    • lv0 crit: 2damage, +2lv
  • lv100 11damage, +8lv
    • lv100 crit: 15damage, +12lv
  • lv200 21damage, +15lv
    • lv200 crit: 32damage, +23lv

Buckled Knee- Siege bashes his shield onto the knees of the target, reducing their attack power.
  • 3AP1MP
  • 1-2 range, linear
  • up to two uses per turn
  • inflicts a damage penalty to the target (all elements)
  • lv0 4damage, -2% damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -3% damage
  • lv100 30damage, -21% damage
    • lv100 crit: 45damage, -32% damage
  • lv200 56damage, -40% damage
    • lv200 crit: 84damage, -60% damage

Redemptious Strike- He may have screwed up all the time in training and at the side of Halberd, but with his own journey Siege plans on redeeming his past by armoring the allies of his future.
  • 6AP
  • 0 range
  • attacks all adjacent spaces
  • to allies in the area of effect:
  • does not damage the ally
  • inflicts a resist bonus to the ally
  • lv0 3damage, +2% resist
    • lv0 crit: 5damage, +3% resist
  • lv100 44damage, +21% resist
    • lv100 crit: 66damage, +32% resist
  • lv200 85damage, +40% resist
    • lv200 crit: 128damage, +60% resist

Overprotective- Halberd never let Siege watch local fights but it beats having your mother follow you around with an electrical leash ready to shock you for thinking about fun outside the house.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range, modifiable range
  • one use per target per turn
  • inflicts 'Guidance' state:
  • approaching actions used by the afflicted will move them towards the Siege
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 52damage
    • lv100 crit: 78damage
  • lv200 100damage
    • lv200 crit: 150damage

Tortoisium- Siege holds his massive shield over his head, granting defense against long range attacks. This metal umbrella also protects anyone close enough to take cover, friend and foe alike.
  • 6AP1WP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • ends your turn
  • affects a square area of effect around the caster
  • does not damage allies in the area of effect
  • creates a glyph in a square area of effect around the caster:
    • long range resist bonus
    • reflects knockback (push attempts made are redirected to the attacker)
    • nothing can teleport into the glyph (includes switching places with a target in the glyph)
  • lv0 7damage, +5% LR resist
    • lv0 crit: 10damage, +7% LR resist
  • lv100 65damage, +50% LR resist
    • lv100 crit: 97damage, +75% LR resist
  • lv200 123damage, +95% LR resist
    • lv200 crit: 185damage, +143% LR resist

"Shorthanded" branch (earth) earth
Unlike the normal elemental abilities of Siege, the earth branch may only be used while the Siege is in 'Shorthanded' state; see the first active specialty for details. Supplies are limited. Order now and receive double the offer.

Stubby Sword- What are you going to do with that tiny thing, stab Gaunt in the foot?
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • inflicts lock loss
  • lv0 4damage, -5lock
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -7lock
  • lv100 42damage, -30lock
    • lv100 crit: 63damage, -45lock
  • lv200 80damage, -53lock
    • lv200 crit: 120damage, -80lock

Shortstop- You may not have the biggest role, but you still contribute to the team.
  • 3AP
  • 2 range, diagonal only
  • up to two uses per target per turn
  • inflicts levels of "Shortstopped":
    • stacks up to lv7
    • lasts one turn
    • if the afflicted gains MP, 100% chance for both the afflicted and the Siege suffer -1MP per attempt to gain MP
    • removes 1 level of the state per shared MP loss
    • the MP loss is dodgable
  • lv0 3damage, lv1 Shortstopped
    • lv0 crit: 5damage, lv2 Shortstopped
  • lv100 35damage, lv3 Shortstopped
    • lv100 crit: 52damage, lv5 Shortstopped
  • lv200 67damage, lv5 Shortstopped
    • lv200 crit: 101damage, lv7 Shortstopped

Shincrack- May as well use your lack of height to your advantage, reducing the block of your target by fracturing their shins.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • inflicts block loss
  • lv0 4damage, -1 block
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -2 block
  • lv100 42damage, -7 block
    • lv100 crit: 63damage, -11 block
  • lv200 80damage, -13 block
    • lv200 crit: 120damage, -20 block

Rusting Blade- Even Starved is laughing at your tiny sword through his rotten teeth and foul breath. Give that scavenger a stab to reduce their ability to critically strike.
  • 2AP1MP
  • 1 range
  • up to two uses per target per turn
  • inflicts crit loss
  • lv0 2damage, -1 crit
    • lv0 crit: 3damage, -2 crit
  • lv100 18damage, -6 crit
    • lv100 crit: 27damage, -9 crit
  • lv200 34damage, -11 crit
    • lv200 crit: 51damage, -17 crit

Short Tempered- Getting mad at your inability to reach the cookie jar? Or that the cookie jar is completely empty? Thrash the whole cabinet off the wall to show Starved what you think of his thievery.
  • all AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • ends your turn
  • decreases the base damage per AP spent by 1 per AP
    • the base damage decrease effect occurs before the spell damages
    • ex: spending 12AP at lv200 will decrease the base damage from 33 per AP to 21 per AP
  • lv0 1damage per AP
    • lv0 crit: 2damage per AP
  • lv100 17damage per AP
    • lv100 crit: 26damage per AP
  • lv200 33damage per AP
    • lv200 crit: 50damage per AP

Active specialties neutral

Central Defense- Siege places the massive shield like a surfboard for others to behold, granting nearby allies defensive bonuses while repelling upset desertgoers who wish to complain about your shield blocking their endeavors to sunbathe. You could at least move a little ways away from everyone else.
  • costs 4AP1WP
  • the Siege receives 'Shorthanded' state while the Siege is separate from their shield
  • may not be used on an occupied space or where it would block the way (see Cra beacons, Foggernaut blockades)
  • the placed shield blocks line of sight and the movement path
  • the shield creates a 2 space radius glyph around itself which:
    • gives resists to allies (including the Siege and friendly summons)
    • repels enemies entering the glyph (by using MP to move or move towards actions)
    • prevents anything from teleporting out of the glyph
  • spell level increases how many times the shield may push approaching enemies per turn
  • using this specialty again on the shield will retrieve it for no cost
0. +5% resists, 1 push
  1. +10% resists, 2 pushes
  2. +15% resists, 3 pushes
  3. +20% resists, 4 pushes
  4. +25% resists, 5 pushes
  5. +30% resists, 6 pushes
  6. +35% resists, 7 pushes
  7. +40% resists, 8 pushes
  8. +45% resists, 9 pushes
  9. +50% resists, 10 pushes

Vital Armor- For his less sturdy allies, Siege transfers a portion of his own health to a better cause. The shieldsman has more than enough defense to keep himself alive so he may as well help tender allies survive.
  • costs 2AP1WP
  • 1-2 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • up to two uses per target (per battle)
  • must be cast on an ally
  • transfers max health from the Siege to the target ally for one turn
  • the new max health is not replenished/healed
  • the duration extends by one turn by consuming one level of 'Vital Importance' state
  • the max HP is returned to the Siege upon expiration
0. 1% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  1. 2% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  2. 3% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  3. 4% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  4. 5% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  5. 6% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  6. 7% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  7. 8% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  8. 9% max HP of the Siege is transferred
  9. 10% max HP of the Siege is transferred

Outpost- Siege constructs a tower for range based allies to be better fortified against enemy ranged attacks, gain immunity to being pulled, and reducing the travel distance for enemies approaching.
  • 5AP1WP
  • 1 range, modifiable range
  • may not block the way
  • summons an outpost tower which friendly characters may enter for a bonus to LR resist and immunity to being pulled
  • the outpost is a 1x1 mechanical summon which does not block the movement path for allies, blocks the movement path for enemies, blocks line of sight for enemies (while unoccupied), may not be moved, and has charges which decrease for every attack received (does not lose charges over time)
  • enemies may not occupy the outpost
0. +5% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 1 space, 2 charges
  1. +10% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 1 space, 3 charges
  2. +15% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 2 spaces, 3 charges
  3. +20% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 2 spaces, 3 charges
  4. +25% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 3 spaces, 4 charges
  5. +30% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 3 spaces, 4 charges
  6. +35% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 4 spaces, 4 charges
  7. +40% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 4 spaces, 5 charges
  8. +45% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 5 spaces, 5 charges
  9. +50% LR resist, reduces enemy approach distance by 6 spaces, 6 charges

Fight and Flight- Help your allies get through a river of mud or a birthday party with Forgotten by piling up AP and MP loss resistance per AP and MP the target ally has.
  • costs 3AP2MP
  • 1 range, modifiable range
  • one use per target per two turns
  • may only be cast on allies
  • gives AP loss resist per AP the target ally has
  • gives MP loss resist per MP the target ally has
0. +1%
  1. +2%
  2. +3%
  3. +4%
  4. +5%
  5. +6%
  6. +7%
  7. +8%
  8. +9%
  9. +10%

Guardian Angel- Siege shields many allies from penalties while sharing any bonuses received with nearby allies.
  • costs 4AP1WP
  • 0 range
  • may not be used at the start of your turn
  • circle AoE, 2 space radius glyph around the user (see Bravery Standard; except since this spell does not stabilize the user, moving the Siege will also move this glyph)
  • for the Siege while this spell is in effect:
    • the Siege is immune to healing
    • any buffs received by the Siege are redirected to allies in the glyph (ex: if the Siege receives +10lv Power, all allies in the AoE receive +10lv Power and the Siege gets nothing)
    • no limit to buffs shared
  • for all allies in the AoE (excluding yourself, including summons):
    • redirects debuffs/penalties targeting allies in the glyph to the Siege
    • spell level increases max amount of debuff/penalty applications redirected (each action which inflicts debuffs/penalties counts as one application)
0. redirects up to 1 penalty
  1. redirects up to 2 penalties
  2. redirects up to 3 penalties
  3. redirects up to 4 penalties
  4. redirects up to 5 penalties
  5. redirects up to 6 penalties
  6. redirects up to 7 penalties
  7. redirects up to 8 penalties
  8. redirects up to 9 penalties
  9. redirects up to 10 penalties

Passive specialties neutral
Centurion- Among his bloodline, the ancestor Siege has heard the most about was an infamous shieldsman named Centurion who carried two shields, a thick buckler and a massive tower shield, alternating between having them on his back and arm.
  • all allies within two spaces of the Siege gain +1.5 backstab resist per level (+30% at max rank)
  • reduces backstab damage taken by the Siege by 0.5% final damage per level (-10% at max rank)
  • while an ally has their back to the Siege, converts 5% of their backstab resist into generic resist per level (100% conversion at max rank)

Assertion- Siege may be small, but he makes up for this by pushing Gaunt down and hiding behind his shield from the inevitable rampage.
  • +2.5% push force per level (+50% at max rank)
  • +1% final resistance against approaching attacks per level for all allies (including yourself, +20% at max rank)

The Last Word- You might not get revenge by beating your enemies to death, but at least when you go your enemies have something haunting them along with Forgotten.
  • when the Siege is defeated, decreases AP gain for the enemies who contributed to your demise by 5% per level (prevents AP gain for the rest of the battle at max rank)
  • when an ally of the Siege is defeated, all enemies suffer -3% damage per level (-60% at max rank)
  • when an ally who has received resists from the Siege is defeated, 5% of the resist bonus is divided and delegated among the Siege and remaining allies per level (100% at max rank)

Wall of Pride- Forgotten needs a lot of string to keep Siege tied to his shield. Fortunately your allies will stand by your side until the bitter end. You should ask them to throw Forgotten down a well and untie you, but hanging around is good enough.
  • for the Siege and their allies who are adjacent to each other, each adjacent ally gains +2% AoE resist per level (+40% at max rank)
    • allies only need to be adjacent to allies receiving the bonus, as long as the chain of adjacent characters eventually traces back to the Siege
  • the Siege deflects 2.5% the levels of damaging stackable penalty states received per level (halves levels of damage states received at max rank)
    • examples of damaging states: Hemorrhage, Sadida poisons, Motion Sickness by Sacrier; only states which inflict a specific amount of damage of a specific element; excludes states which inflict health loss based on the max health of the afflicted

Castle Constructor- As Siege improves the resistance of allies, his own resistance increases to fortify the indestructable fortress of people who are standing uncomfortably close together.
  • 1% of resists given to allies is also gained by the Siege per level (20% at max rank)
  • ex: giving a total of +100% resist among your allies will cause the Siege to receive +20% resist
  • when an ally receives any defensive characteristics from the Siege, the ally receives one level of 'Vital Importance' (no effects, no duration limit) per action which gives defenses
    • spell level increases the maximum amount of Vital Importance state an ally may accumulate by 0.5 per level (up to lv10 Vital Importance per ally at max rank)
    • defensive buffs that will cause the ally to gain Vital Importance state: resists for any element, block, crit resist, MP loss resist, AP loss resist
  • improves the damage reduction effect for block for the Siege by 0.5% per level (block reduces damage taken by 40% final damage at max rank)

Whenever you decide to come out from your shell the next malfunction of life is Surgeon: the distant half cousin of Eniripsa with an obsession for cutting off and reattaching body parts, rushing allies around on a cart, and keeping bags of blood in the fridge next to the milk carton.

Surgeon and the class that was supposed to come after it, Greed, will be excluded from the 'dozen' for being too similar to Eniripsa and Enutrof respectively. We will instead skip to Desperado which was originally going to be my ideas for revamping the Rogue class and still retains many Rogue spells followed by a class designed to cause brain damage trying to figure it out. The two gaps will be filled with two class ideas which have recently plagued my nightmares, hopefully growing into unique and interesting sets of spells.
If you want to re-experience what you had for lunch:

March 12, 2014

Armored Forearms has been replaced with Guardian Angel, which causes the Siege to absorb penalties in an area of effect while sharing buffs.

Assertion no longer gives a tiny bit of resistance against approaching attacks or push force for allies. It will instead reduce damage taken by the Siege and all allies for approaching attacks by a percentage of final damage.
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