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"Rotten Dozen": Predator

By Kakenshu - MEMBER - August 05, 2013, 20:22:06
The hunted becomes the hunter

Before you skip the backstory I ought to explain a couple things.

With elemental spell levels being scaled to 200 I went through all the classes in this set and made link indexes updating all elemental spells to also scale to 200, using what seems to be the pattern in use for the classes in the game: lv100 damage doubled minus lv0 damage. Secondary effects like states are a different story.

This next one is going to upset Sram users: this class involves perception and temporarily invisible traps. Before you start throwing knives, I know that Sram has a trap specialty, and I have posted a suggestion for revamping it to become the anti-trap here. I also know that Sram in Dofus has trap glyphs, which is what the traps in this class are heavily based on and/or shamelessly ripped off of.


As a child Predator was abandoned by his parents for being too weak to fend for himself at a tender age. The parents had to see to their own interests, but the mother was merciful enough to leave the child in an fertile foothill with enough trees for shade and fruit producing plants to keep him alive for a couple years. Fortunately the child grew from searching for his parents near the oasis after awakening in a pile of leaves, seeking new means of satisfying his hunger as his constant exercise required protein to develop muscles as they were torn with every step too many taken. By the age when he was unable to shed tears for the pain in his body he realized he would never find his family and his only chance of survival was to become a hunter.

Occasionally lone travelers would enter the oasis seeking water, which Predator would steal from while the traveler tied their mount to a tree to wander on foot. One particularly interesting traveler kept a bow on their back at all times next to a quiver with an extra quiver and small bag of spare arrowheads on their mount. When Predator began to approach the large pointed ears of the traveler perked and the two began sneaking around each other until their positions were switched. When the archer continued on their way Predator ransacked their mount for their spare archery tools and left when the archer made an obvious return.

Predator managed to create a bow with some string found in a bag next to the arrowheads he grabbed and uses thin branches to form the bow frame and arrow shafts, imitating those of the archer from before. Not long after Predator completed this project and was sniping small animals for food the archer returned with a few friends, all of which drew their weapons and fanned out to search the area. Predator used his newfound stealth from hunting animals with sensitive ears and eyes to keep out of sight and earshot of the hunters.

The day was drawing to sunset when the hunters set up camp in a clearing. The archer seemed upset by their failure to find what they were looking for while the others seemed to question their reason for hunting something in this area when there was fruit to take. Predator watched the hunters at their camp, unwittingly approaching the campfire, until everyone heard the twig crunching beneath his foot. Predator had ventured too far from the shadows and was openly visible in the light of flame. The hunters were horrified. They armed themselves and charged toward him, Predator having been caught off guard and stumbling over an easily noticeable knot. The hunters held him at blade point until the archer approached. They ordered Predator to his feet and said they would hunt him down after a few seconds, giving him a head start. Predator took this opportunity to flee; though no matter how far he went, arrows would fly past his ear or over his head often. The chase continued until Predator was cornered and they were circling him. He was pinned to the ground while the archer approached, withdrawing a single arrow. Predator could only watch as the archer slowly brought the arrowhead to his right eye. He tried to shut the eye in a pitiful attempt to protect it but the archer ordered one of the behemoths holding him down to hold it open with a disgusting pair of thick fingers.

Little is known of what happened after losing his right eye, though rumor has it Predator grew quickly so he could reap vengeance by dismembering the hunters that tortured and crippled him, then pulled out their eyes individually and left them in the middle of nowhere to rot. Whether all of the hunters have received his wrath yet is unknown, but Blademaster says the archer who gave him identity has yet to receive payback.

"Hunter" branch (air) :wind:

Scoped Stalker- Regardless of time or location, Predator keeps his eye on the prize before other mercenaries know about the bounty.
  • 3AP
  • 3-5 range, modifiable range, no line of sight restriction
  • lv0 3damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage
  • lv100 33damage
    • lv100 crit: 50damage
  • lv200 63damage
    • lv200 crit: 95damage

Aerial Strike- Remember when Eniripsas used to hide behind Sacriers? Did you think they became extinct on their own?
  • 5AP
  • 4-7 range, linear, modifiable range
  • inflicts "Air Raid":
    • level inflicted = spell level
    • does not stack
    • if the Predator or their allies target AoE attacks on the afflicted (the center/targeting space), the attack gains +1% damage per spell level (does not increase on crit)
  • lv0 5damage
    • lv0 crit: 7damage
  • lv100 68damage
    • lv100 crit: 102damage
  • lv200 131damage
    • lv200 crit: 197damage

Injection Arrow- Under no circumstances should you try injecting yourself with this arrow, nor inject anyone you want to stay alive. Coincidentally both Gaunt and Starved are sleeping, and you happen to have a couple doses ready to use.
  • 5AP
  • 4-6 range, linear and diagonal only, modifiable range
  • one use per target per turn
  • inflicts a damage penalty per AP the target has
  • inflicts a resist penalty per MP the target has
    • based on current AP/MP, not base values
  • the damage and/or resist penalty apply after this spell damages
  • lv0 4damage, -1% damage per AP, -1% resist per MP
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -2% damage per AP, -2% resist per MP
  • lv100 40damage, -8% damage per AP, -8% resist per MP
    • lv100 crit: 60damage, -12% damage per AP, -12% resist per MP
  • lv200 76damage, -15% damage per AP, -15% resist per MP
    • lv200 crit: 114damage, -23% damage per AP, -23% resist per MP

Nailed to the Bow- When there is no society to disagree based on their own morals, Predator is free to hunt while Halberd struggles to justify fighting the mercenary when the victims are criminals who deserve execution anyway.
  • 4AP
  • 2-4 range, modifiable range
  • up to two uses per target per turn
  • deals increased damage if the target has buffed on of their allies (+damage, +crits, etc.; glyph effects, bonuses given from either active/passive specialties, etc.) since their last turn
  • lv0 4damage or 6damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage or 9damage
  • lv100 40damage or 64damage
    • lv100 crit: 60damage or 96damage
  • lv200 76damage or 122damage
    • lv200 crit: 114damage or 183damage

Splinter Bolt- This arrow loses most of its shaft upon impact and stabs into the foot of the target, damaging them for moving, but the wakfu encased in the arrowhead increases the pain if the target tries to run away.
  • 3AP1WP
  • 4-6 range, modifiable range
  • one use per turn
  • inflicts "Blue Blooded":
    • does not stack
    • damages the target every time they move (moving with MP and move away/toward spell effects damage for every space moved, teleports only count for moving once regardless of distance)
    • the damage increases by 1 (base damage) for every movement away from the Predator
    • the damage decreases by 1 for every movement towards the Predatory
    • lv1 1damage per movement, lv100 13damage per movement, lv200 25damage per movement
    • does not increase on crit
  • lv0 1damage
    • lv0 crit: 2damage
  • lv100 10damage
    • lv100 crit: 15damage
  • lv200 19damage
    • lv200 crit: 29damage

"Smoke" branch (fire) fire

The fire branch involves traps which behave like glyphs and are destroyed upon ‘activation’, when an enemy enters the area of effect. The traps will only activate when an enemy character or summon enters, teleports, or is summoned in the area of effect. Traps will damage anything in the area of effect, ally and enemy alike, but only an enemy will cause it to activate. All of the trap creating spells of Predator in the fire branch have a small cross area of effect (the space the trap is summoned on and the four spaces adjacent to it) and may not be placed where an enemy would be in its area of effect. Traps may have overlapping areas of effect but may not have their centers on the same space. The traps are removed from battle once activated and do not start with more perception when critically summoned.

Traps also use an invisibility system, starting with an amount of perception which decays by a predetermined amount at the start of your turn every turn. As far as I know every 1 perception is 1% chance to stay invisible and reveal an invisible object/character, the characteristic caps at 500, and it decays when enemies are closer to the invisible object/character.

Kindling- On the rare occasion Predator happens to be fighting alongside Desperado, he knows to deliver a deceptive attack which inflicts vulnerability to mechanical damage to their common foes.
  • 2AP
  • 1-2 range, modifiable range
  • up to two uses per target per turn
  • inflicts resist loss for damage received from CMC (summons)
  • lv0 1damage, -2% resist to CMC
    • lv0 crit: 2damage, -3% resist to CMC
  • lv100 12damage, -30% resist to CMC
    • lv100 crit: 18damage, -45% resist to CMC
  • lv200 23damage, -58% resist to CMC
    • lv200 crit: 35damage, -87% resist to CMC

Trick Landmine- Though the name may imply otherwise, this trap specializes in inflicting loss of lock and resistance to MP loss.
  • 3AP
  • 1-2 range, modifiable range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • requires 1 control
    • invisible to enemies
    • activates when an enemy or enemy object moves onto a space within the glyph
  • the trap is destroyed upon activation
  • lv0 2damage, -5lock, -5% MP loss resist
    • lv0 crit: 3damge, -7lock, -7% MP loss resist
  • lv100 20damage, -30lock, -60% MP loss resist
    • lv100 crit: 30damage, -45lock, -90% MP loss resist
  • lv200 38damage, -55lock, -115% MP loss resist
    • lv200 crit: 57damage, -83lock, -173% MP loss resist

Sticky Situation- The only things worth catching which are stupid enough to wlak into this trap are Starved and Gaunt after going a while without any meals. Once they enter the sticky trap they may lose MP so the Predator can get the jump on them.
  • 3AP1MP
  • 1-2 range, modifiable range
  • one use per turn
  • requires 1 control
    • invisible to enemies
    • activates when an enemy or enemy object moves onto a space within the glyph
  • the trap is destroyed upon activation
  • lv0 4damage, 2% chance -1MP
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, 3% chance -1MP
  • lv100 35damage, 80% chance -1MP, 5% chance -1MP
    • lv100 crit: 52damage 120% chance -1MP, 7% chance -1MP
  • lv200 65damage, 80% chance -1MP, 80% chance -1MP
    • lv200 crit: 98damage, 120% chance -1MP, 120% chance -1MP

Sandstorm- Using the brief sandstorm to his advantage, Predator switches two traps before the enemy has clear vision to takes a trap from beneath their feet, since enemy Iops are likely to chase after the mercenary and jump into their own demise.
  • 3AP
  • 1-2 range, modifiable range
  • one user per target per turn
  • switches traps placed on the targeted and occupied spaces
    • if a trap is beneath the Predator but not on the target space, moves the trap to the target space (may not move traps where an enemy would be in its area of effect, same restriction as while summoning traps)
    • if a trap is on the target space but not beneath the Predator, moves the trap beneath the Predator
  • lv0 3damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage
  • lv100 33damage
    • lv100 crit: 50damage
  • lv200 63damage
    • lv200 crit: 95damage

Unfriendly Fire- This rather unpleasant device inflicts a penalty to mechanical damage, crippling Desperado as he tosses bombs around your feet by turning an explosion that would blast your legs off into a toy firecracker.
  • 4AP
  • 1-3 range, modifiable range
  • one use per turn
    • invisible to enemies
  • activates when an enemy or enemy object moves onto a space within the glyph
  • the trap is destroyed upon activation
  • lv0 4damage, steal 2% CMC
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, steal 3% CMC
  • lv100 50damage, steal 31% CMC
    • lv100 crit: 75damage, steal 46% CMC
  • lv200 96damage, steal 60% CMC
    • lv200 crit: 144damage, steal 90% CMC

"Artillery" branch (earth) earth
Unlike the normal elemental abilities of Predator, the earth branch may only be used while the Predator is in 'Crossbow' state.; see the first active specialty.

Retrieval Arrow- Apparently in the distant past Cras used a special magic arrow to repel enemies for their own escape. Why? Were they late for a tea party with the coward politicians hiding behind legions of Iops too stupid to realize their leaders are using them for their own personal gain?
  • 2AP1MP
  • 2-5 range, linear
  • pulls the target 2 spaces closer
  • if used on the cage:
    • will not remove charges from the cage
    • pulls the cage to be adjacent to the Predator
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 43damage
    • lv100 crit: 65damage
  • lv200 82damage
    • lv200 crit: 123damage

Mortarrow- Not just any bow can imitate a complex ballistic device; it takes a lot of skill and no sobriety to make this possible, so just enjoy the moment.
  • 6AP
  • 4-6 range, modifiable range
  • small cross AoE (the target space and the four spaces adjacent to it)
  • inflicts push resist loss
  • lv0 5damage, -10% push resist
    • lv0 crit: 7damage, -15% push resist
  • lv100 50damage, -50% push resist
    • lv100 crit: 75damage, -75% push resist
  • lv200 95damage, -90% push resist
    • lv200 crit: 143damage, -135% push resist

Aggressive Arbalest- Predator bashes the prey with his crossbow, weakening it against long range attacks. It also helps the mercenary relieve stress from competing with Desperado for a bounty, only for the lazy outlaw to give up for a few drinks.
  • 4AP
  • 1-2 range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • inflicts long range resist loss
  • lv0 4damage, -2% LR resist
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -3% LR resist
  • lv100 50damage, -30% LR resist
    • lv100 crit: 75damge, -45% LR resist
  • lv200 95damage, -58% LR resist
    • lv200 crit: 143damage, -87% LR resist

Deadbug Nest- Deadbugs contained in a capsule attached to an arrow to fire at your target so the little creepy-crawlies can bite the poorl fool to spite their pain from the arrow through their chest. No matter how many of the little creatures are frantically brushed off and stepped on, they never surrender their vicious assault.
  • 6AP1WP
  • 4-5 range, modifiable range
  • one use per turn
  • inflicts "Sleep Tight":
    • maximum lv20
    • does not stack
    • per level: 1 earth damage
    • gains one level for every action targeting the afflicted
    • damages when a level is gained
  • inflicts lv1 Sleep Tight (initial attack)
  • spell level determines the maximum level of Sleep Tight which may be inflicted
Using this spell at lv100 will inflict the initial damage from the spell and 1 earth damage (modified by your earth damage bonus) for the state coming into existence on the target. Once that same target is attacked again the state will become lv2 and will deal 2 earth damage. A third attack will cause the state to become lv3 and inflict 3 earth damage. This may continue up to lv13 if the initial attack was not a critical hit meaning the state itself has dealt 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 damage, 91 earth damage, before taking into account your earth damage bonus. This 91 base damage is caused by twelve (since the first level is free) attacks after using this spell on the same target without reducing the damage of those twelve attacks.
  • lv0 6damage, up to lv1 Sleep Tight
    • lv0 crit: 9damage, up to lv2 Sleep Tight
  • lv100 44damage, up to lv7 Sleep Tight
    • lv100 crit: 66damage, up to lv10 Sleep Tight
  • lv200 82damage, up to lv13 Sleep Tight
    • lv200 crit: 123damage, up to lv20 Sleep Tight

Barbed Body- You know what would look great on your armor? Spikes. It helps a lot against Starved trying to gnaw your arms off or Forgotten trying to give you a hug.
  • all AP, 1WP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • deals counterattack damage against close combat attacks based on AP and MP spent by the attacker
  • will only counterattack CC attacks
  • has charges which are removed per hit taken
    • starts with 1 charge
    • +1 charge per 2AP used for this spell
  • once all charges are removed the effect of this spell is removed (until your next turn when you can use it again)
  • lv0 1damage per AP and MP
    • lv0 crit: 2damage per AP and MP
  • lv100 8damage per AP and MP
    • lv100 crit: 12damage per AP and MP
  • lv200 15damage per AP and MP
    • lv200 crit: 23damage per AP and MP

Active specialties neutral

Metal Twist- Predator flicks the switch on his mechanical bow to transform it into a crossbow. The mercenary plans on eventually creating a third transformation for the weapon to become a small robot that shoots arrows for him so he can bury traps while the enemy is distracted.
  • costs 1WP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • the Predator enters "Crossbow" state:
    • range penalty
    • long range damage penalty
    • close combat resist bonus
    • area of effect damage bonus
    • lasts until this specialty is used again
  • using this specialty while in Crossbow state has no cost and removes the state
0. -4 range, -10% LR damage, +5% CC resist
  1. -4 range, -10% LR damage, +10% CC resist
  2. -4 range, -10% LR damage, +15% CC resist
  3. -4 range, -20% LR damage, +15% CC resist
  4. -3 range, -20% LR damage, +20% CC resist, +5% AoE damage
  5. -3 range, -20% LR damage, +20% CC resist, +10% AoE damage
  6. -3 range, -20% LR damage, +25% CC resist, +15% AoE damage
  7. -3 range, -20% LR damage, +30% CC resist, +20% AoE damage
  8. -3 range, -20% LR damage, +35% CC resist, +25% AoE damage
  9. -2 range, -20% LR damage, +40% CC resist, +30% AoE damage

Dunekick- As long as you get away before they see you no one can hold this against you. Fortunately for Blademaster and your other allies, kicking them around gives them no penalties or dust in their eyes.
  • costs 1AP1MP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • pushes the target 1 space away
  • max uses per turn increases by spell level
  • inflicts lock loss to the target
0. 1 use per turn, -4lock
  1. 1 use per turn, -8lock
  2. 1 use per turn, -12lock
  3. 2 uses per turn, -16lock
  4. 2 uses per turn, -20lock
  5. 2 uses per turn, -24lock
  6. 3 uses per turn, -28lock
  7. 3 uses per turn, -32lock
  8. 3 uses per turn, -36lock
  9. 4 uses per turn, -40lock

Dragonhide Cloak- This humble cape was once the skin of a dragon. Its complete lack of luster and dull color means it was a mangy one you probably caught during its sleep or sickness.
  • 0 range
  • costs 2MP
  • one use per turn
  • ends your turn
  • the Predator gains levels of Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  • the Predator loses 5 levels of Hyperaction and Hypermovement per space moved while this spell is in effect
0. +5lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  1. +10lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  2. +15lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  3. +20lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  4. +25lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  5. +30lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  6. +35lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  7. +40lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  8. +45lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement
  9. +50lv Hyperaction and Hypermovement

Destruction Deconstruction- Get rid of the evidence before anyone finds out what caused that bridge to collapse. Tell the town it had something to do with Desperado so you can finally have the satisfaction of hunting the outlaw on a bounty instead of personal hatred.
  • destroys a trap placed by the Predator (does not activate the trap)
  • the Predator receives the remaining perception on the destroyed trap
  • if used on the cage, destroys it (freeing the captured enemy)
0. 3AP, 1 range
  1. 3AP, 1 range
  2. 2AP, 1 range
  3. 2AP, 1-2 range
  4. 2AP, 1-2 range
  5. 2AP, 1-3 range
  6. 2AP, 1-3 range
  7. 1AP, 1-4 range
  8. 1AP, 1-5 range
  9. 0AP, 1-5 range, no line of sight restriction

Rust Stained Cage- Predator does two things better than any of the other survivors: hunting bounties and almost never talking.
  • costs 2AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • must be cast on an enemy combatant (no summons)
  • marks the target with "Warrant for Capture"
    • not removable
    • no duration limit
    • if the target becomes KO puts them in a cage
  • only 1 target may be caged at a time
  • when put in the cage the target will automatically skip their turns, they can be moved with pushing/pulling/teleporting effects, and the caged target is immune to effects (healing, buffing, debuffing, smelling within uncomfortable proximity)
  • the cage has 5 charges
  • the cage only loses charges when enemy attacks hit the cage by 1 charge per attack
  • if the charges are depleted the caged target returns to battle with 1HP and "Refugee" state
  • Refugee state: if the target becomes KO they are immediately removed from battle
  • spell level increases push and pull resistance for the cage
0. +5% push and pull resist
  1. +10% push and pull resist
  2. +15% push and pull resist
  3. +20% push and pull resist
  4. +25% push and pull resist
  5. +30% push and pull resist
  6. +35% push and pull resist
  7. +40% push and pull resist
  8. +45% push and pull resist
  9. +50% push and pull resist

Passive specialties neutral

Rationed Quiver- Who do you think you are, a Cra? Using infinite magic arrows? Magic only goes so far these days.
  • +2% damage per level for the first two LR attacks used per turn (+40% damage at max rank)
  • +1% crit damage per level for the first LR attack used per turn (+20% crit damage at max rank)

Leather Rebellion- Predator hates being led into a trap by his prey and uses this frustration to empower his revenge.
  • when the Predator is damaged by a summon, +AoE damage to the Predator
    • +0.5% AoE damage per level (+10% AoE damage at max rank)
    • maximum of +80% AoE damage per turn
  • when the Predator is damaged by a LR attack, +LR damage to the Predator
    • +0.5% LR attack per level (+10% LR damage at max rank)
    • maximum of +80% LR damage per turn

Professionalism- Unlike Blademaster, Predator brings in bounties alive; until they struggle and scream enough to get on his nerves. Even the second go-to option is usually to either gag them or rip off one of their fingers to shut them up, since Predator is usually given bounties to bring in alive.
  • at the start of the battle, the enemy furthest from their allies is inflicted with "Wanted: Alive"
  • when the enemy afflicted with Wanted: Alive is removed from battle, inflicts the state to the next enemy furthest from their allies
  • if no enemy is notably further from other enemies, inflicts the state to the enemy furthest from the Predator
  • the level and effects of Wanted: Alive are based on spell level:
    • +2.5% teleport resist per level
    • -2.5 dodge per level
    • -5% pull resist per level
    • when targeted by approaching attacks (move towards), increases the travel distance of the attacker by 5% per level
    • at max rank (lv20): +50% teleport resist, -50 dodge, -100% pull resist, doubles travel distance of approaching attacks targeting the afflicted
    • will not apply to summons
  • while the enemy afflicted with Wanted: Alive is caged by the Predator:
    • +0.05 range per level (+2 at max rank)
    • +5% resistance to range loss per level (+100% at max rank)

Practical Problems- You can solve them easily, but when it comes to a question like 'what is beauty' you get an arrow through the forehead for asking something so inane.
  • +2.5% range loss resist per level (+50% at max rank)
  • +0.25 charges to the cage per rank (+5 at max rank)
  • +0.1 control per level (+2 at max rank)
  • when the Predator suffers range loss, +0.25 willpower per level per range loss (+5 willpower per range loss at max rank)

Predatory Instincts- Any decent bounty hunter can notice a simplistic prey using the same strategy over and over again, but only the most experienced mercenaries develop the ability to sense attacks from behind before a knife enters their back.
  • when an enemy uses the same spell more than once in the same turn, -0.5% damage to the enemy per level for every repeated use after the first (-10% damage per repeat at max rank)
    • first use has no penalty, second use -10% damage, third use -20% damage, fourth use -30% damage, etc.
    • the damage penalty applies per repeated spell, meaning to use certain spell(s) multiple times in one turn may cause multiple stacks of damage to pile up: an air Iop taht uses Jabs five times and Gust twice will receive -40% damage for the five uses of Jabs and -10% damage for the second Gust, resulting in -50% damage
  • when a close combat attack is used to the back of the Predator, 1.5% chance per level to turn and face the attacker before the attack damages (30% chance at max rank)

I can feel the disappointment of all the Srams from both Wakfu and Dofus, but the next of the Rotten Dozen will make Fecas disappointed with Siege: the little buddy of Halberd whose giant shield makes people think he might be compensating for something.

Siege is taking a while to be posted because I have been rerereviewing the spells for it, the two classes after it, and the classes already posted which need a couple tweaks. Siege should be posted by the first week of September.

If for whatever reason you want to read more from me:

August 29, 2013

Hunter Instincts is now named Professionalism, no changes to its effects.

Rotting Repetition has been changed to Predatory Instincts, keeping its ability to inflict a damage penalty for being attacked by repeated spell(s) and gaining the chance to face towards an attacker who uses a close combat attack from the back of the Predator.

April 14, 2014

Air Raid state, applied by Aerial Strike, inflicts levels equal to spell level. There was no explanation of how many levels were applied before because I forgot. Or was too sleep deprived to notice something was wrong.

Kindling will inflict resist loss to CMC (summons in general), since organic and mechanical summons have been combined into a single category. This debuff causes the target to take more damage from all summons instead of exclusively mechanical summons, as it used to.

Trick Landmine, Sticky Situation, and Unfriendly Fire require 1 control instead of 1 mechanic. Leather Rebellion will give +CMC when the Predator is attacked by any summon that follows control rules instead of exclusively mechanical summons. Practical Problems will give control instead of mechanisms.

Trick Landmine, Sticky Situation, and Unfriendly Fire no longer use the perception system. Instead all Predator glyph traps will activate when something moves onto a space in its area of effect; if an enemy starts its turn in the glyph and does not move onto a space which is part of the glyph, the trap will not activate and the target will walk away as if there was never a trap to begin with. These three spells have also gained the restriction "may not be used on an occupied space" to prevent traps from being layered on the same area and players from placing traps directly beneath enemies. We already have Sandstorm for that.

Unfriendly Fire will no longer inflict -mech resist. It will instead steal CMC from enemies in the glyph AoE.

Dunekick, Dragonhide Cloak,and Rust Stained Cage will be overhauled soon™. Just kidding, I should have it up by tomorrow.

April 18, 2014: Not Tomorrow

Dunekick has been changed to have a consistent cost, but its max uses per turn will increase with spell level and the lock loss inflicted has been increased.

Dragonhide Cloak no longer absorbs penalty states received or any of that bland nonsense. This spell will instead give you levels of Hyperaction and Hypermovement (which will use the in-game system of decaying by 10 levels if you do not suffer AP/MP loss) but you will lose levels of both states for every space the Predator is moved. This includes movement caused by allies and enemies alike.

Rust Stained Cage has been revamped to be slightly less stupid. The spell no longer summons a cage into battle, applies a state that causes the target to be imprisoned upon becoming KO instead of for having low HP, the cage has a static amount of charges, and the caged target skips their turns as if they were KO instead of suffering penalties.
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