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"Rotten Dozen": Blademaster

By Kakenshu - MEMBER - June 25, 2013, 00:29:32
Two swords are better than one but three is too many

Fortunately this class only has one general feature to explore which is already in the game, reflect/counterattack damage. This type of damage can be dealt from earth Feca armors, Makabrakfire rings, a passive for Feca which reflects damage, and probably other spells and/or equipment to be. Basically reflect damage happens when something hits you and the attacker is hit back during their turn. With the reflect ring and Feca spell the reflected damage is based on the amount of damage received while the earth Feca armors counterattack per attack received and the damage is based on the level of whatever spell the armor was created by and your earth damage bonus as the wearer.


The earliest memories of Blademaster are running with the big dogs, taking wanted posters off a wall in bars covered with them for jobs and bringing in the criminals and refugees to pay for bread. Blademaster was raised by different people as the mercenaries would come and go, but over time he learned to continue the same lifestyle as his constantly changing caretakers. Rarely would any single guardian for the child resemble another in personality, sound, age; there was an equal inconsistency with how long they would keep him. The only reason Blademaster was carried around by the most brutal bounty hunters of the deserts was his will to grow into the business under whoever parented him and having been capable of combat at such a young age. By his teens he had already brought in nearly a dozen bounties on frail refugees, by adulthood having hundreds of completed bounties and only occasional beheadings delivered by the twin blades he inherited from deceased caretakers passed: a longsword and a broadsword. Both weapons were heavy enough to condition his arms to be strong enough to wield them and have contributed to the creation of a versatile manhunter.

After clearing bounties from town to town, Blademaster eventually traveled to an area where a strange creature was rumored to haunt one of the nearby canyons which hunted beast and human alike; the latter not having happened as far as people knew as no one had the bravery to approach it. Blademaster noted the creature was to be his last job before moving onto the next town while on his way to the bar in the usual sort of area where the wall of posters would normally be, not stopping to ask for directions from the frightened civilians hiding behind doors and windows. When he found the bar and a familiar anti-mercenary with what appeared to be his apprentice preparing to leave, the adult holding an arrow and a small shred of cloth with two green lines painted on before storing it in one of the pouches on his mount. Blademaster knew better than to approach the warrior as many of his past jobs have been less than legal, but what was the point of enforcing law if there was no government to say what the law is? Were they making up their own rules and making everyone else follow them?

Before Blademaster was aware enough to stop himself, he was standing in front of the two mounts while two impatient riders stared down at him. Blademaster moved out of their way and they continued into the endless sands. Relieved he had not made the same mistake as braver mercenaries currently rotting, he entered the bar to browse the posters. Only a few patrons populated the bar, most having their drinks alone; though one mercenary in the corner appeared to be asleep with their stetson lowered to cover their face while their legs were resting atop a large cage. Blademaster recognized the mercenary, an archer and manhunter who lives to treat human bounties as animals as they had done to him in his savage youth. Whether any demons of his past still roamed free was none of his business, though the last time their paths crossed Blademaster was bringing in a refugee whom the other mercenary had a bone to pick; pulled from beneath their skin until the coward was crying to be taken in. Blademaster captured the bounty but decided it would be best to share the bounty to help his new friend come closer to closure with his past.

Among a few mercenaries huddled from their seats around a single table Blademaster heard them talking about a brawl and close encounter with the infamous mercenary killer, Halberd. Blademaster took his drink from the bartender and took a table near the conversation, his back to them. He noticed the mercenaries quiet down as he took his seat, then after a couple swigs heard them turn away from staring at his back to continue their discussion. Halberd and his apprentice came through town looking for a place to stay for a night and all mercenaries in the town were on edge, so they had a meeting in this bar and decided if they brought down Halberd and his future prospect they would be free of the oppressors forever. Unfortunately a certain unnamed archer interfered by giving him a chance to fight for his life, which the rest of the crowd decided would be in their own rules: the kid was to duel an old shieldsman. Regardless of who won the crowd was supposed to take down Halberd, but the one mercenary no one dared to challenge stopped them. Before the seated mercenaries allowed themselves to grow too angry against the archer, Blademaster noticed the stetson revealed a sharp green pupil glaring over his shoulder at one of the disgruntled mercenaries behind him. They stopped talking immediately and continued with their drinks in silence. The archer bowed his head again.

After collecting posters Blademaster made his way into the canyon where the beast was. A short while of walking found a few maggots crawling into the shadows after cleaning a skeleton. Blademaster recognized the handy work of an old friend and knew if he had been in the canyon already the bounty must have been completed before Blademaster even came to town. The bones must have been competition for the bounty. With nothing left worth hunting in the area, Blademaster continued through the canyon. If Predator was in the canyon and in the town to his back, going in the opposite direction would be his best bet on taking fresh bounties.

"Broadsword" branch (earth) earth

Thick Slash- There is no doubt in your mind this is going to leave more than a mark. Like a flesh wound.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • inflicts close combat damage loss
  • lv0 4damage, -2% CC damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -3% CC damage
  • lv100 60damage, -25% CC damage
    • lv100 crit: 90damage, -38% CC damage
  • lv200 116damage, -48% CC damage
    • lv200 crit: 174damage, -72% CC damage

Side Slap- Broadswords are useful for more than slashing. Blademaster turns the sword blade to reflect some of the damage received in close combat back to the attacker.
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • inflicts backstab damage loss
  • lv0 3damage, -10% backstab damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage, -15% backstab damage
  • lv100 33damage, -30% backstab damage
    • lv100 crit: 50damage, -45% backstab damage
  • lv200 63damage, -50% backstab damage
    • lv200 crit: 95damage, -75% backstab damage

Hilt Bump- Cutting your enemies into pieces will only solve most problems throughout life. Butchering a captured bounty means lost profit.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • up to two uses per target per turn
  • inflicts crit damage loss
  • lv0 4damage, -10% crit damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -15% crit damage
  • lv100 50damage, -30% crit damage
    • lv100 crit: 75damage, -45% crit damage
  • lv200 96damage, -50% crit damage
    • lv200 crit: 144damage, -75% crit damage

Denial- You know when a performer is swinging something around like a cane or double ended torch? What if you ran up to them and punched them in the stomach while they and everyone else watch whatever they were twirling after being thrown in the air before bonking you on the head?
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • must be used on an enemy
  • inflicts level(s) of "Denial of Entry":
    • lv8 maximum
    • does not stack
    • if the afflicted goes to the back of the Blademaster (whether by teleporting, dodging, etc.) pushes them one space away as soon as they occupy the space to your back
    • one level is removed every time the afflicted is repelled from the back of the Blademaster
    • the afflicted is only repelled from the back of the Blademaster during their turn
  • lv0 3damage, lv1 Denial of Entry
  • lv0 crit: 5damage, lv2 Denial of Entry
  • lv100 40damage, lv3 Denial of Entry
    • lv100 crit: 60damage, lv6 Denial of Entry
  • lv200 57damage, lv5 Denial of Entry
    • lv200 crit: 86damage, lv8 Denial of Entry

Divine Broadsword- Blademaster tosses his broadsword into the sky, then strikes with tremendous force onto the target space whether the original target is still there or not.
  • 2AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • for the turn used:
    • does not deal damage
    • prevents the target from teleporting itself
    • the Blademaster is immune to AP gain
    • marks the target space for the delayed attack
    • ends your turn
  • next turn:
    • -6AP to the Blademaster at the beginning of your turn
    • damages the target space
  • lv0 10damage
    • lv0 crit: 15damage
  • lv100 176damage
    • lv100 crit: 264damage
  • lv200 264damage
    • lv200 crit: 396damage
"Longsword" branch (air) :wind:

The air spells inflict a state which debuffs close combat resistance of the afflicted while damaging them, similarly as Hemorrhage for fire Sram does:

"Blade Wound":
  • stackable to 100
  • the target must receive at least 1 level per turn or the state will expire
  • 0.2 air damage per level (the damage is inflicted at the start of their turn, every turn while in effect)
  • -0.5% CC resist per level
  • at lv100: 20 air damage, -50% CC resist

Note that damage caused by states are not affected by resistance or damage bonuses/penalties of the attack type triangle (CC, LR, AoE).

Slim Swipe- A slim, modest blade to create a smooth slit in the neck of your opponent; which quickly begins to profusely bleed all over the recently cleaned floor.
  • 2AP
  • 1 range
  • attacks an adjacent space and the space to the left
  • inflicts +2 Blade Wound state per hit
    • +3 Blade Wound on crit
  • lv0 2damage
    • lv0 crit: 3damage
  • lv100 22damage
    • lv100 crit: 33damage
  • lv200 42damage
    • lv200 crit: 63damage

Slash and Flash- With this flourish of steel, Blademaster shows off his skill in swordplay against Gaunt armed with a metal toothpick against the two meat tenderizers Gaunt calls hands.
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • on the target:
  • deals low damage
    • inflicts +2 Blade Wound state (+3 on crit)
    • pushes 1 space
  • on the two linear spaces in the opposite direction cast:
    • deals higher damage
    • inflicts +3 Blade Wound state (+5 on crit)
  • lv0 1damage, 2damage
    • lv0 crit: 2damage, 3damage
  • lv100 15damage, 35damage
    • lv100 crit: 23damage, 53damage
  • lv200 29damage, 68damage
    • lv200 crit: 44damage, 102damage

Faux Swing- You may want to see a doctor about those arms and how they manage to deliver this attack. Not Surgeon, a real doctor without an agenda against a certain mercenary who constantly butchers potential involuntary donors.
  • 5AP1MP
  • 1 range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • two spaces in a line area of effect starting at 2 spaces away (the space ahead of the targeted space and the space beyond that)
  • inflicts +3 Blade Wound state to all targets within the area of effect
    • +5 Blade Wound on crit
  • lv0 6damage
    • lv0 crit: 9damage
  • lv100 80damage
    • lv100 crit: 120damage
  • lv200 154damage
    • lv200 crit: 231damage

Chivalry- Blademaster always holds doors open for the other survivors until Desperado tries to sneak in, before which he would slam the door shut.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • must be used on a target
  • the Blademaster moves 1 space away from the target
  • inflicts +5 Blade Wound state
    • +7 Blade Wound on crit
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 50damage
    • lv100 crit: 75damage
  • lv200 96damage
    • lv200 crit: 144damage

Wind Shredder- A slash so powerful it cuts the very molecular structure of the air. Desperado has already made the joke you are about to say.
  • 6AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • must be used on an enemy
  • triggers Blade Wound for 0.5 air damage and steals 1 dodge per level
  • lv0 8damage
    • lv0 crit: 12damage
  • lv100 90damage
    • lv100 crit: 135damage
  • lv200 172damage
    • lv200 crit: 258damage

"Ambidextrous" branch (fire) fire
Unlike the normal elemental abilities of Blademaster, the fire spells may only be used while the Blademaster has both earth and air branches usable/enabled.

The restriction will make sense when we get to specialties.

Thunder- Blademaster clashes his longsword onto his broadsword to unleash a thunderous crash which echoes in the heads of your enemies.
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • attacks the target space and one space further (shovel AoE)
  • inflicts "Thunder" state:
    • no effects unless the target is/becomes afflicted with "Lightning" state
    • -0.5% CC resist per spell level
    • does not stack
  • lv0 3damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage
  • lv100 38damage
    • lv100 crit: 57damage
  • lv200 73damage
    • lv200 crit: 110damage

Lightning- Blademaster strikes his broadsword onto his longsword to unleash a sharp shriek which startles even the most focused foes.
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • up to two uses per turn
  • inflicts "Lightning" state:
    • no effects unless the target is/becomes afflicted with "Thunder" state
    • -0.5% CC damage per spell level
    • does not stack
  • lv0 3damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage
  • lv100 44damage
    • lv100 crit: 66damage
  • lv200 85damage
    • lv200 128damage

Nightmare of Mirrors- What happens when you place two mirrors facing each other in an empty room? Blademaster stabs through both of them, the shards flying to alert the imminent bad luck to flee while it can before it gets stuck with the swordsman.
  • 2AP1MP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • if the Blademaster has used this spell on the target in the previous turn, inflicts CC resist loss
  • lv0 4damage, -5% CC resist
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -7% CC resist
  • lv100 40damage, -20% CC resist
    • lv100 crit: 60damage, -30% CC resist
  • lv200 76damage, -35% CC resist
    • lv200 crit: 114damage, -53% Cc resist

Quadruple Edged- Blademaster connects his broadsword and longsword at the very tips of their hilts so the handles become one and the new weapon can be used to attack with wider and quicker consecutive swings.
  • 5AP
  • 1 range
  • must be used on a target
  • one use per target per turn
  • applies "Double Edged" to the target and the Blademaster:
    • if the target gains AP, an equal amount of MP may be lost next turn
    • if the target gains MP, an equal amount of AP may be lost next turn
    • AP and MP loss effects are both 100% chance per AP/MP loss
    • if the target gains range, an equal amount of max range is lost next turn
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 44damage
    • lv100 crit: 66damage
  • lv200 84damage
    • lv200 crit: 126damage

Scissor Guillotine- Just a little off the top; starting at the neck.
  • 4AP2MP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • must be cast on an enemy
  • if the target is defeated, the Blademaster gains +CC damage for the rest of the battle
    • maximum of +100% CC damage
  • lv0 7damage, +10% CC damage
    • lv0 crit: 10damage, +15% CC damage
  • lv100 77damage, +50% CC damage
    • lv100 crit: 112damage, +75% CC damage
  • lv200 147damage, +90% CC damage
    • lv200 crit: 221damage, +135% CC damage

Active specialties neutral

Tighter Grip- Relax your fingers a little, but keep a firm grasp of the hilt. You should also be calm and stressed at the same time. How is this advice treating you?
  • costs 1AP2MP
  • 0-1 range
  • one use per turn
  • creates "Tighter Grip" glyph:
  • circle area of effect with 2 space radius
  • allies (including the Blademaster) within the glyph may not have their faced direction changed by enemies
  • allies within the glyph receive +crits and -crit fails
0. +1 crit, -2 crit fail
  1. +2 crit, -4 crit fail
  2. +3 crit, -6 crit fail
  3. +4 crit, -8 crit fail
  4. +5 crit, -10 crit fail
  5. +6 crit, -12 crit fail
  6. +7 crit, -14 crit fail
  7. +8 crit, -16 crit fail
  8. +9 crit, -18 crit fail
  9. +10 crit, -20 crit fail

Retrieval- What were you thinking, throwing aside either of your precious swords? Both of those weapons have kept you and your predecessors alive long after countless assassination attempts by hired thugs, other mercenaries, and stray animals looking for a bite.
  • costs 0AP
  • up to two uses per turn
  • linear
  • if used at 1 range:
    • must be used on your placed sword
    • retrieves the target sword and re-enables its elemental spells
    • the Blademaster regains 1WP
  • if used at >1 range:
    • may be used on your placed swords and allies
    • moves to be adjacent to the placed sword or ally
    • requires and consumes 1AP for every space traveled (ex: with 4AP your maximum travel distance is 4)
0. 1 range
  1. 1 range
  2. 1 range
  3. 1-2 range
  4. 1-2 range
  5. 1-2 range, modifiable range
  6. 1-3 range, modifiable range
  7. 1-3 range, modifiable range
  8. 1-3 range, modifiable range
  9. 1-4 range, modifiable range

Refraction- There are far more uses that broadsword than we care to tell you. Some of them are illegal. Not that it matters anymore, government has existed for quite some time nor does anyone who witnesses those uses live to tell the tale.
  • costs 2WP
  • 1-3 range, linear
  • one use per turn
  • disables your earth spells
  • stakes the broadsword on the target space (does not block line of sight, blocks movement, stabilized)
  • does not block the way (see Cra beacons, Foggernaut blockades)
  • if a long ranged attack damages the Blademaster and the placed broadsword is within one space of the line of sight of the attack, some of the damage will be reflected back to the attacker
    • long range attacks include LR spells and weapons (bows, hands/needles, cards, wands)
  • may not be used while the air branch is disabled
0. reflects 5% LR damage
  1. reflects 10% LR damage
  2. reflect 15% LR damage
  3. reflects 20% LR damage
  4. reflects 25% LR damage
  5. reflects 30% LR damage
  6. reflects 35% LR damage
  7. reflects 40% LR damage
  8. reflects 45% LR damage
  9. reflects 50% LR damage

Cross of Blades- Ever heard of a coat of arms? This is like that, but not similar at all whatsoever. It bears absolutely no symbolism for your heritage or what you represent other than two swords; not that you ever had anything else.
  • one use per turn
  • modifiable range
  • disables your air spells
  • stakes the longsword on the target space (does not block line of sight or movement, stabilized)
  • affects enemies afflicted with Blade Wound state within a two space radius of the longsword:
    • procs the damaging effect of Blade Wound state
  • may not be used while your earth spells are disabled
0. costs 3AP2WP, 1 range
  1. costs 3AP2WP, 1 range
  2. costs 3AP2WP, 1 range
  3. costs 2AP2WP, 1 range
  4. costs 2AP2WP, 1-2 range
  5. costs 2AP2WP, 1-2 range
  6. costs 1AP2WP, 1-2 range
  7. costs 1AP2WP, 1-2 range
  8. costs 2WP, 1-2 range
  9. costs 2WP, 1-3 range

Grindstone- Back in my day grindstones were made of our own knees since no one could afford rocks. Blademaster can summon a grindstone to enhance the rate of Blade Wound inflicted by using air spells as well as removing any scratches on his blades.
  • costs 3AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • summons a grindstone on the battlefield (mechanic, does not block line of sight or movement)
  • when a friendly Blademaster (not exclusively yourself) stands on the grindstone:
    • improves the amount of Blade Wound state inflicted by air spells for one turn
    • all penalties to CC damage are removed
    • a Blademaster may only activate a friendly grindstone once per turn
  • the grindstone has charges
    • loses 1 charge when the grindstone is activated
    • loses 1 charge when attacked
    • does not lose charges over time
  • grindstones are stabilized
0. 1 charge, +1 Blade Wound
  1. 1 charge, +1 Blade Wound
  2. 2 charges, +1 Blade Wound
  3. 2 charges, +2 Blade Wound
  4. 3 charges, +2 Blade Wound
  5. 3 charges, +3 Blade Wound
  6. 4 charges, +3 Blade Wound
  7. 4 charges, +4 Blade Wound
  8. 5 charges, +4 Blade Wound
  9. 6 charges, +5 Blade Wound

Passive specialties neutral

Twin Takeover- Two blades are better than one. Not that you plan on giving up either even for a friend, they should have their own weapons.
  • when an ally is adjacent to the Blademaster, both receive a bonus to CC damage
  • the Blademaster will only share +CC damage with one ally
  • if more than one ally is adjacent to the Blademaster:
    • first priority to an ally to the back of the Blademaster
    • second priority to the adjacent ally with the most CC spell levels
  • the shared CC damage bonus increases by +2.5% per level (+50% CC damage at max rank)

Deadly Gentleman- Blademaster always offers the enemy a chance to live, but since Predator is going to show up at any second has has to give incentive for the mto decide whether to be taken in dead or alive.
  • +0.5% max health per level (+10% max health at max rank)
  • +1% CC resist per level (+20% CC resist at max rank)

Parallel Priorities- Blademaster has better things to do than play with puppies when there are scavenging Boowolves to behead for bread money.
  • at the start of the battle, the enemy with the most max health is inflicted with "Wanted: Dead" (no effects, no expiration timer)
  • when the Blademaster or their allies are adjacent to the enemy inflicted with "Wanted: Dead", +2 lock per level (+40 lock at max rank) and +1.5% CC damage (+30% CC damage at max rank)
  • when the enemy inflicted with "Wanted: Dead" is removed from battle, the state is applied to the next enemy with the most max health until only one enemy remains who will not receive the state
  • "Wanted: Dead" will not be applied to summons

Knight of the Twin Tables- Gaunt has the greatest appetite anyone has ever seen so Blademaster set up a table for him alone while everyone else enjoys the feast at the other.
  • for every AP the Blademaster uses for CC spells to damage an enemy, the Blademaster receives one level of "Dual Duelist"
  • after the Blademaster gains "Dual Duelist" state, the first ally to use a CC spell on the same target (which the Blademaster attacked to gain the state) gains one level of "Dual Duelist" per AP spent using CC spells on the same target
    • only one ally may share gaining "Dual Duelist" state with the Blademaster per turn
  • after an ally gains "Dual Duelist" state, the levels of the state gained by the ally and the Blademaster are averaged (the Blademaster gains lvX of the state, the ally gains lvY of the state, at the start of the next turn for the Blademaster both the Blademaster and ally will have [X+Y]/2 levels of Dual Duelist)
  • "Dual Duelist" state:
    • stackable*
    • the state will expire if it is not gained at least once per turn
    • lasts one turn
    • one level is gained per AP spent using CC spells
    • when the state expires, the user receives a bonus to CC damage per level of the state
    • +5% CC damage per level of the state which expires
  • * the maximum level of "Dual Duelist" state the Blademaster and an ally may have is increased by 1 per level (maximum of lv20 Dual Duelist state at max rank)

King of Blades- If anyone asks, your crown is at the cleaners getting polished. If anyone doubts you challenge them to a duel; whoever loses the least limbs is the winner.
  • +0.5% CC damage per level for allies of the Blademaster (+10% CC damge at max rank, does not apply to the Blademaster)
  • when the Blademaster is damaged by reflect/counterattack damage, 5% of the reflect/counterattack damage received is negated per level (the Blademaster does not receive reflect/counterattack damage at max rank)

Feedback, food eaten through the back, and former food which comes from behind you are welcomed. The next of the Rotten Dozen is Forgotten, a disturbing combination of necrophilia and knitting.

If you noticed this introductory sentence to the index keeps changing:

February 26, 2014

Side Slap inflicts backstab damage bonus loss instead of causing some damage received to be reflected. The cost has been scaled down but the damage to points used has increased.

Hilt Bump inflicts crit damage bonus loss instead of push and pull resistance losses.

Wind Shredder no longer has increased secondary effects on critical hit.
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