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"Rotten Dozen": Halberd

By Kakenshu - MEMBER - June 11, 2013, 20:16:43
It goes downhill from here

Gaunt and Greave may have been simple, or at least simple compared to the other ten including this one, but from this point on are two large general features:

"The attack type triangle"

This spectrum defines all elemental spells as long range (LR), close combat (CC), or area of effect (AoE) under the following rules:

  • may attack >2 enemies from a single use of the spell
  • mechanical traps and glyphs created by elemental spells which cover >2 spaces
  • may have modifiable range

  • may be cast on an enemy who is >1 spaces away from the caster
    • includes spells with 1-X range if X > 1
  • attacks a target who is 2 or more spaces away from the caster and damages up to two spaces (the two spaces must be adjacent)
  • may have modifiable range

  • used to target an enemy who is adjacent to the caster (1 range)
  • targets an adjacent space and has a maximum of two spaces damaged per use of the spell
    • the target space and one space adjacent to it, etc.
  • may not have modifiable range

These rules are liable to be added to as weirder spells are created.

Similar to how elemental spell levels increase damage and resistance to that element, spell levels for different types of spells grant damage and resists but as a tradeoff for losing damage or resistance to the other two types:

For every 10 levels of AoE spells:
  • +1% AoE damage
  • +1% AoE resist
  • -1% CC resist
  • -1% LR damage

For every 10 levels of LR spells:
  • +1% LR damage
  • +1% LR resist
  • -1% AoE resist
  • -1% CC damage

For every 10 levels of CC spells:
  • +1% CC damage
  • +1% CC resist
  • -1% LR resist
  • -1% AoE damage

These bonuses and penalties function the same as normal +/- damage and +/- resist, but only affect spells in their respective categories; AoE resist does not affect how much CC damage you take from an enemy attack, LR damage does not affect your AoE spells, et cetera. These bonuses do not affect damage dealt/taken from non-elemental attacks but they do affect damage dealt by attacking with an equipped weapon. These bonuses also do not affect damage from states (Scalding, Hemorrhage, etc.).

"Proportional effects"

Proportional effects are better known as ‘final damage’, such as using earth spells through Boombot as Rogue or the damage penalty from using Guile as Sram. These effects apply based on percentages, but unlike damage and resist values are not additive; -20% damage proportionately and -20% damage are not the same when applied to an attack which deals exactly 1000 damage: -20% damage proportionately of 1000 would become 800, whereas -20% damage would simply be reduced from the previously existing damage bonus which can be around +500% and would have a very minor impact compared to the proportionate penalty. But for Halberd and many abominations to come, ‘proportionately’ is not exclusively a damage or resist modifier.


Halberd was raised by a group of elite warriors who each specialized in use of a certain weapon. These warriors were often targets for bribes as mercenaries but never accepted bounties. As a child Halberd received a small branch and used it as a sword, though as his arms grew stronger from sharing manual labor with the adults he shared meals with he constructed a weapon of his own from leftover materials: his first spear. This weapon was composed of a wooden shaft taller than himself and topped with a smooth steel spear head, held into place by metal rods driven through the side. Though he was considered too young to join the adults in battle against aggressive bounty hunters and mercenaries with posters of them, he would occasionally join the fray without their permission and proved to be a warrior worth respecting to the disrespectful outlaws. As the already graying adults retired their weapons, two in particular passed down their weapons of choice to the young prospect: a single bladed axe and a polearm. Halberd combined the two weapons with his own spear head to construct a full halberd: the metal polearm served as the shaft, the axe became the sweeping slice, and the original pike continues its duties.

Halberd spent his youth from that point on leading in the place of his predecessors, the polearmsman and axeman, though among the soldiers they eventually selected two new leaders to replace the deceased and Halberd returned to his previous rank with no one to lead. His pride may have been diminished but Halberd knew it was more important to have the two new leaders selected, both being older and more experienced than himself, so he would have more time to gain his own experience before leading armies.

The two leaders received invitation to a meeting among other leaders from all sorts of factions: ally, enemy, neutral. The meeting was to decide whether peace could be agreed between enemies while persuading the neutral to join your own cause. No blood was spilt during the discussions but overnight heads would occasionally roll. None dared to point to anyone else out of fear if their enemies were numerous and allies scarce. The opposite felt they had too little to gain by stoking the flames of conflict as the true perpetrator would resist and attempt to reverse the blame. When the two leaders returned Halberd was already prepared with flurries of questions, though he was quickly silenced when what appeared to be a teenager appeared from behind them. The two leaders told Halberd the child was of noble blood and was assigned to become a shield bearing hero by royalty, but since neither were nearly as experienced in defensive combat as Halberd they tasked the young adult to mentor the adolescent.

When the two leaders left Halberd and the teen to meet it was clear that neither wanted anything to do with the other. Halberd was only interested in experiencing the grit of war while the teen showed no interest in anything other than going home to luxury. While Halberd was struggling to teach the teen how to take a sturdy stance in preparation for a strong attack a message arrived, informing Halberd of a strange creature which inhabited a canyon a few days worth of travel through the sands. This creature has the strength to crush a human skull in one hand and has done so on multiple witnessed occasions. It appears to be human itself but is covered with pelts taken from its prey, which happen to be massive predators which once dominated the canyon. Halberd saw this message as an opportunity to shake his whining miscreant of his angst and show him what good he could do if he accepted the teachings, as well as a means of gaining combat experience for both of them. Once the high ranked warriors were notified of his mission Halberd and the teen had their supplies and rode to what Halberd hoped would be the turning point of their lives.

Once the two found the canyon they were disappointed. They managed to find where it was settled but they were unable to find the beast itself. Halberd decided to ask in the nearest town where it may have gone, but once the two arrived they found a few mercenaries burying corpses a short walk from town in the sands. Halberd caught their attention and began asking but they ignored him. He drew his weapon from his mount and approached the mercenaries, the teen holding their mounts at a safe distance. Once the mercenaries saw the massive weapon they moved away in fear. Halberd was confused by their reaction as his reputation of eliminating mercenaries only involved unjustified bounties being hunted and thieves, so he followed the fleeing mercenaries into the town and eventually into what appeared to be a bar. As he entered he noticed out of the corner of his eye someone in the corner with a dark gray stetson tilted to cover their face as they leaned the back of their head against the wall. The sleeping mercenary had a large cage where his feet rest atop. In front of him was an emptied glass. When Halberd walked up to the bar he noticed the stranger reach up to push the brim of his hat up, the green pupil piercing his calm nature. Halberd asked the bartender where the group of mercenaries went and received no response. Halberd asked the bartender if there was anywhere for two travelers to stop for the night.

Halberd met the teen and their mounts once he exited the bar. The two continued to an old inn which was hopefully still standing on the opposite side of town. As the two rode slowly Halberd noticed familiar faces peeking at them from distant windows and alleyways. Halberd felt too uneasy to leave their mounts at the front of the inn so they tied them at the back. Once the two were in and settled Halberd still felt too uneasy to sleep and stared at the ceiling most of the night. Eventually exhaustion caught up to him and his eyes drooped, his last sight a vague face appearing at his side while the sound of approach from a few others came behind them.

Halberd awoke in a sitting position and quickly found his arms tied behind his back along with someone else in the same but opposite position to his back. By the weight from trying to stand on his own and size he guessed it was the teen. Halberd shook and yelled until both were fully awake. Once the two were yelling and struggling for long enough a lantern was lit and they two found themselves in a sort of underground bunker where dozens of mercenaries surrounded them. Once the two quieted down their spectators began their own shouts, nearly all of them directed to Halberd for his actions against their mercenary brethren. The only comments not directed to Halberd were to kill the child with him in case he grows vengeful and finds them again. What finally broke the unintelligable shouts of threats was a familiar character who parted the sea of angry mercenaries, who flicked the brim of his worn stetson to reveal a green eye which glared down at the two while the other was covered by a piece of metal. Aside from the eyes, the rest of his face was covered by a worn rag which was just as old and worn as his hat. The stranger was holding a familiar weapon in one hand which everyone was staring at in awe: the infamous halberd whose blade has tasted more dishonorable blood than any of the mercenaries have caused to spill. Halberd noticed a strange bow slung around the back of the stranger holding his weapon who seemed to notice. The bowman tossed the weapon down to Halberd and all the other mercenaries backed away. No one dared to move or speak until Halberd eventually used the weapon to cut himself and his friend free. Halberd stood and stared at the bowman for a few seconds before asking for an exit. The bowman pointed to a hatch and the mercenaries standing in the way immediately moved out of the way. As Halberd reached for the handle he was halted by a large rectangular shield. Behind it stood a skinny man who looked too weak to move let alone carry the massive object. The shieldsman challenged the teen to a duel for both of their freedom, the victor deciding whether the two live to leave. Halberd was unsure of his pupil, but once the two entered the dueling ring above ground Halberd noticed the bowman disappearing into the shadows as the two struggled to push the massive shield onto the other in the center of the crowd. Halberd followed the boman discreetly, using the roaring crowd as cover, and eventually found himself a few steps behind the archer atop a building looking down on the duel. Once the archer reached to his back Halberd rushed him, knocking both onto their faces. Halberd pinned the archer down who put up no resistance. Once a trail of water began puddling from his back, the bowman pushed Halberd off and drew a broken canteen from his back. Halberd immediately apologized and offered to replace the canteen but the archer turned away from him and sat on the edge of the building to watch the show. Halberd joined him. The two sat in silence, neither looking towards the other, until youth eventually trumped greed and the crowd was getting grabby. Before anyone could lay a hand on the youth the archer stood, grabbed his bow, and pulled back an arrow from his quiver in a swift motion; a normal arrow pierced the hand closest to the youth and the crowd was silent. Everyone looked up to the building and stared back at Halberd and the archer. After a few moments of silence the archer returned his bow to his back and was on his way off the roof followed by the crowd dispersing.

Halberd decided against following the archer again, not that he could find him after getting off the roof, and found the teen raising the shield off the splattered and defeated. The two wandered the town in search of their mounts and found themselves back at the bar where the two dragoturkeys were tied to an arrow pierced into the front wall with what appeared to be a scrap of leather crudely cut from its original owner, two green lines vertically painted on the piece which waved gently with every faint wind passing by.

"Impale" branch (earth) earth

Jabbing Strike- With his feet steady and arms sturdy, Halberd stabs at thee.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • three spaces in a line area of effect
  • lv0 5damage
    • lv0 crit: 7damage
  • lv100 60damage
    • lv100 crit: 90damage
  • lv200 115damage
    • lv200 crit: 173damage

Skewer- Blibli kabobs over an open fire for everyone!
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • two spaces in a line area of effect
  • pushes the further target one space
  • pushes the closer target one space
  • moves the Halberd 1 space in the attacked direction
  • lv0 3damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage
  • lv100 39damage
    • lv100 crit: 59damage
  • lv200 75damage
    • lv200 crit: 113damage

Heartpiercer- With his history of heroism and valor, Halberd breaks lovesick hearts regularly by piercing their affections with a metal spear- right through their resistances gained during battle. All is fair in love and war, especially both at once.
  • 5AP1MP
  • 1 range
  • three spaces in a line area of effect
  • ignores resists gained during battle (resists which would not be in effect for the target if they were not in battle: Feca water armors, Motherfogger for Foggernaut, etc.)
  • lv0 6damage
    • lv0 crit: 9damage
  • lv100 75damage
    • lv100 crit: 113damage
  • lv200 144damage
    • lv200 crit: 216damage

Anti-Cavalry- Halberd braces for impact against unsuspecting Iops flinging their fists towards him.
  • 2MP
  • 0-1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • must be used on a target
  • if cast at 1 range, directly damages the target
  • if cast at 0 range, will deal higher damage to anything which uses approaching (move towards) attacks which also damages the Halberd
    • no limit to how many approaching attacks are counterattacked per turn
  • lv0 2damage or 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 3damage or 6damage
  • lv100 20damage or 40damage
    • lv100 crit: 30damage or 60damage
  • lv200 38damage or 76damage
    • lv200 crit: 57damage or 114damage

Merciless Pike- If life seems jolly rotten, there is something forgotten; to laugh and smile and dance and sing. Except laughing would be excruciatingly painful as your lung has been impaled through, dancing is impossible as the spear has you pinned on your back, singing is as difficult as laughing, and smiling is out of the question when all your other merriments are inconvenienced.
  • 6AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • may not be used on a target who is carrying or being carried
  • stabilizes the target
  • the Halberd becomes bound to the target
  • ends your turn
  • one use per target per two turns (may not be used on the same target every turn)
  • lv0 9damage
    • lv0 crit: 12damage
  • lv100 105damage
    • lv100 crit: 158damage
  • lv200 201damage
    • lv200 crit: 302damage

"Javelin" branch (fire) fire

Distance- What better to keep cooties and Starved away than a pole with a pointed end?
  • 4AP1MP
  • 1-2 range, linear
  • pushes the target 1 space away
  • lv0 5damage
    • lv0 crit: 7damage
  • lv100 56damage
    • lv100 crit: 84damage
  • lv200 107damage
    • lv200 crit: 161damage

Curve Pike- Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded...better throw a spear to brutally murder the batter before the umpire comes back from talking to the coach.
  • 5AP1WP
  • 2-3 range, linear, range modifiable
  • one use per turn
  • attacks the target and one space behind them
  • lv0 7damage
    • lv0 crit: 11damage
  • lv100 86damage
    • lv100 crit: 129damage
  • lv200 165damage
    • lv200 crit: 248damage

Lob- Be careful not to throw it directly over yourself.
  • 5AP2MP
  • 3-4 range, range modifiable, linear
  • lv0 6damage
    • lv0 crit: 9damage
  • lv100 81damage
    • lv100 crit: 122damage
  • lv200 156damage
    • lv200 crit: 234damage

Hectic Hail- This is the sharpest, most confused hail anyone has ever seen; how is it hailing in a desert in the afternoon with no clouds in the sky?
  • 2AP
  • 2-3 range, range modifiable
  • damages the spaces adjacent to the target
    • deals reduced damage to the spaces adjacent to the target
  • lv0 2damage, 1damage
    • lv0 crit: 3damage, 2damage
  • lv100 20damage, 15damage
    • lv100 crit: 30damage, 23damage
  • lv200 38damage, 29damage
    • lv200 crit: 57damage, 44damage

Infernal Harpoon- Instead of hunting whales in the non-existent oceans, stay home with your family and tell them what you would have done if you fought a whale.
  • 6AP
  • 3-5 range, linear
  • one use per turn
  • must be used on an enemy
  • applies "Hooked" state:
    • once the target moves from the space where the Halberd used this spell on them, the target will be pulled one space towards that space once they end their turn
    • the space is marked by a harpoon stuck in the ground
    • the state is removed if an ally of the afflicted walks onto the same space to unstake it and remove this state (the ally does not have to do anything more than occupy the same space a the harpoon to unstake it)
    • if the harpoon is not removed by an ally of the afflicted this state lasts for the rest of the battle
    • only one target may be afflicted with this state at a time by the Halberd
    • if a second target is afflicted with this state, the previous target is no longer afflicted and the new target is
  • lv0 6damage
    • lv0 crit: 9damage
  • lv100 80damage
    • lv100 crit: 120damage
  • lv200 154damage
    • lv200 crit: 231damage

"Bardiche" branch (water) water
Unlike the normal elemental abilities of Halberd, the water branch may only be used if the Halberd has used an AoE spell which damaged more than one target in the previous turn. Using an AoE spell which only damages one target will not satisfy the requirement. Using a spell multiple times to attack two or more targets will also not satisfy the requirement.

The water branch involves gaining yet another stackable buff state:

  • stackable to 100
  • no duration limit
  • loses 1 level for every AP spent on actions which damage only one target
  • +1% AoE damage per level
  • +1% pull resist per level
  • at lv100: +100% AoE damage, +100% pull resist
And now for something completely relevant:

Outstretched Slice- Watch where you swing that thing, you might take a head off! That should be your plan all along.
  • 4AP
  • 1 range
  • attacks an adjacent space, the space behind it, and the spaces to the left and right of the second space (T area of effect)
  • +1 Pikeman state per enemy damaged
    • +2 Pikeman on crit
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 50damage
    • lv100 crit: 75damage
  • lv200 96damage
    • lv200 crit: 144damage

Drop the Axe- Halberd has had enough of Desperado making fun of him and has finally decided to slaughter the pest; the trouble is delivering the execution since the slippery bandit constantly gets away.
  • 5AP
  • 1 range
  • four spaces in a line area of effect
  • +1 Pikeman state per enemy damaged
    • +2 Pikeman on crit
  • lv0 5damage
    • lv0 crit: 7damage
  • lv100 68damage
    • lv100 crit: 102damage
  • lv200 102damage
    • lv200 crit: 153damage

Resilience- This attack is more powerful if the Halberd has WP to spare, but does not cost WP to cast.
  • all AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • attacks an adjacent space and the three spaces adjacent to it (hammer area of effect)
  • the Halberd gains a damage bonus per WP remaining before this spell damages
  • +20%damage for this attack per WP remaining
  • the Halberd loses 1WP after this spell damages
    • the WP cost is not included with the casting cost so this spell may be used while the Halberd has 0WP but will not receive the damage bonus
  • +2 Pikeman state per enemy damaged
    • +3 Pikeman on crit
  • lv0 1damage per AP
    • lv0 crit: 2damage per AP
  • lv100 11damage per AP
    • lv100 crit: 17damage per AP
  • lv200 21damage per AP
    • lv200 crit: 32damage per AP

Double Edged Spear- To prevent an enemy from critically damaging the Halberd or his allies, get a little too up close and personal with them so they feel too awkward to continue fighting. Unfortunately you also feel awkward, but as soon as you get over those silly emotions we can move on.
  • 3AP2MP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • damages the target, the space behind them, and the space to the back of the Halberd
  • both the target (at 1 range) and the Halberd suffer -crits
  • the two targets behind the target and the Halberd do not receive -crits
  • +2 Pikeman state per enemy damaged
  • +3 Pikeman on crit
  • lv0 4damage, -2crits
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, -3crits
  • lv100 50damage, -20crits
    • lv100 crit: 75damage, -30crits
  • lv200 96damage, -38crits
    • lv200 crit: 144damage, -57crits

Ring of Halberds- I fell into a bladed pit of halberds. I fell down, down, down, and the pikes stabbed higher.
  • 6AP2MP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • creates a two space radius circle glyph around the Halberd which damages enemies if they start or end their turn standing in it
  • enemies in the glyph may not teleport
  • enemies who start and end their turn in the glyph will be damaged for both
  • allies and the Halberd are not damaged by the glyph
  • +1 Pikeman state per target damaged by the glyph
    • +2 Pikeman on crit
  • lv0 4damage if an enemy begins or ends their turn in the glyph
    • lv0 crit: 6damage if an enemy begins or ends their turn in the glyph
  • lv100 40damage if an enemy begins or ends their turn in the glyph
    • lv100 crit: 60damage if an enemy begins or ends their turn in the glyph
  • lv200 76damage if an enemy begins or ends their turn in the glyph
    • lv200 crit: 114damage if an enemy begins or ends their turn in the glyph

Active specialties neutral

Minutemen- Everyone else is unprepared for this kind of emergency so you better help them by handing out all the weapons you have. None of them may know how to raise or lower a spear, but when someone dies in battle at least you can take a weapon back and show them how to do it.
  • 0 range
  • costs 1WP
  • one use per turn
  • takes a proportion of damage bonus and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies (including summons)
  • ex:
  • the Halberd has +200%damage for all four elements and 100lock
    • the Halberd has five allies
    • the Halberd has this specialty at max level
    • the Halberd loses +40%damage and 20lock, the Halberd now has +160%damage and 80lock
    • all five allies receive +40%damage and +20lock
0. takes 1% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  1. takes 2% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  2. takes 3% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  3. takes 5% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  4. takes 7% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  5. takes 9% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  6. takes 11% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  7. takes 14% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  8. takes 17% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies
  9. takes 20% proportion damage and lock from the Halberd and gives it to allies

Raising the Stakes- When faced with adversity, Halberd can remove resistance from everyone; if there are more enemies than allies the overall effect should help more than harm his cause.
  • costs 1WP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • inflicts resist loss to both teams per character and living summon on their side
    • excludes mechanical summons
    • no limit to accumulated resist loss from this spell
    • if characters/living summons are added or removed from play after this spell has been used, the resist penalty is not affected
0. -1% resist per combatant
  1. -2% resist per combatant
  2. -3% resist per combatant
  3. -4% resist per combatant
  4. -5% resist per combatant
  5. -6% resist per combatant
  6. -7% resist per combatant
  7. -8% resist per combatant
  8. -9% resist per combatant
  9. -10% resist per combatant

Javelin of Faith- By having faith in his weapon, Halberd can improve his range based on how far away enemies are and how many enemies dare oppose him.
  • costs 1WP
  • 0 range
  • may not be used while being carried
  • may not be used while the effects of this spell are in effect (to prevent stacking)
  • for every space between the Halberd and the closest enemy (excluding summons), the Halberd receives +1 range
  • the duration of the range bonus increases by 1 turn for every enemy (including summons)
0. maximum of +1 range and 1turn duration
  1. maximum of +2 range and 2turns duration
  2. maximum of +3 range and 3turns duration
  3. maximum of +4 range and 4turns duration
  4. maximum of +5 range and 5turns duration
  5. maximum of +6 range and 6turns duration
  6. maximum of +7 range and 7turns duration
  7. maximum of +8 range and 8turns duration
  8. maximum of +9 range and 9turns duration
  9. maximum of +10 range and 10turns duration

Halting Knee- By taking a knee and using his weapon to brace for impact, Halberd becomes more resistant to long range and area of effect attacks as well as increasing the amount of Pikeman state the Halberd will gain by using water spells next turn.
  • costs 2MP
  • 0 range
  • ends your turn
  • for every AP and MP spent to inflict damage to the Halberd (while this spell is in effect):
    • +1lv Pikeman state
    • +AoE resist
  • spell level increases maximum amount of Pikeman state gainable per use and AoE resist gained
0. up to +2lv Pikeman, +1% AoE resist
  1. up to +4lv Pikeman, +2% AoE resist
  2. up to +6lv Pikeman, +3% AoE resist
  3. up to +8lv Pikeman, +4% AoE resist
  4. up to +10lv Pikeman, +5% AoE resist
  5. up to +12lv Pikeman, +6% AoE resist
  6. up to +14lv Pikeman, +7% AoE resist
  7. up to +16lv Pikeman, +8% AoE resist
  8. up to +18lv Pikeman, +9% AoE resist
  9. up to +20lv Pikeman, +10% AoE resist

Sentinel- Halberd had sworn to avenge the dying bodies whose blood was spilled by those who tempt the blade. Sometimes he thinks he can hear a bell ringing before taking down any awaiting challengers.
  • costs 2AP1MP
  • modifiable range
  • if used on an ally:
  • causes CC attacks received by the ally to be considered AoE attacks (the attacker will still use their CC damage and relevant elemental damage bonuses, but the attacked ally will resist the attack using their AoE resist and relevant elemental resistance)
  • if used on yourself:
  • causes LR attacks received to be considered AoE attacks (the attacker will still use their LR and relevant elemental damage bonuses, but you will resist the attack using your AoE and relevant elemental resistances)
  • spell level increases max range and max uses per turn
0. 1 use per turn, 0 range
  1. 1 use per turn, 0-1 range
  2. 2 uses per turn, 0-1 range
  3. 2 uses per turn, 0-1 range
  4. 2 uses per turn, 0-2 range
  5. 3 uses per turn, 0-2 range
  6. 3 uses per turn, 0-2 range
  7. 3 uses per turn, 0-2 range
  8. 3 uses per turn, 0-3 range
  9. 4 uses per turn, 0-3 range

Passive specialties

Vanguard- Your ability to stand perfectly still and do nothing is unmatched by all except a rock. Not just any rock, it was a big rock.
  • for every level of Pikeman, +1% AoE resist
  • spell level increases the max amount of +AoE resist by 5 per level
  • at max rank: up to +100% AoE resist from the Halberd having lv100 Pikeman

Faithful Defender- Rob Halberd leads the most resilient of heart to spread metallic justice throughout the world.
  • +1% max health per rank (+20% health at max rank)
  • +0.5% AoE resist per level per ally
    • +10% AoE resist per ally at max rank
  • -0.5% CC resist per level per ally
    • -10% CC resist per ally at max rank

Militia- They may not be the same bold warriors you trained with since childhood, but they will have to do.
  • when there are more enemies than allies (including the Halberd), the Halberd and their allies gain +0.5% resist per level (+10%resist at max rank) for every excess enemy
    • does not apply if the Halberd has no allies
    • maximum of +80%resist
  • when there are more allies than enemies, the Halberd and their allies gain +0.5%damage per level (+10%damage at max rank) for every excess ally
    • maximum of +80%damage
  • either effect will apply based on the amount of allies/enemies, including summons, and changes during battle as allies/enemies are defeated and summons are brought into play
  • if there is more than one Halberd in your team with this passive, only effects from the one with the highest level of this passive will take effect

Empowerment- A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer, unless you accidentally slam the end of your weapon on your own foot; in that case it would be a morning of awkwardly limping to Surgeon.
  • when any enemies (including enemy summons) gain a damage bonus, the Halberd receives +1lv Power per +1% damage (regardless of how many elements their bonus applies to)
  • once the Halberd receives the maximum amount of Power gainable per turn from this spell, allies of the Halberd (summons excluded) will gian levels of Power instead
    • the maximum amount of Power gainable from this spell applies to this effect
  • spell level increases the maximum level of Power gainable per turn by 5
    • up to +100lv Power at max rank

Lionhearted- As the world around Halberd continues its relentless assaults, piling penalty states until his shoulders begin to ache, his heart roars in vengeance and bursts through weary muscles to obliterate the penalty states. Afterwards the Halberd reduces the willpower of those who kicked him while he was down.
  • when the Halberd is inflicted with a stackable penalty state they have a chance to remove the state at the beginning of their turn
    • the success rate is based on the current versus maximum level of the state(s): if a state stacks up to lv5 and 2 levels are currently applied to the Halberd, up to 40% chance to remove the state
    • the success rate cap increases by 5% per rank of this passive (100% at max rank)
    • stackable penalty states are states which reduce characteristics or inflict damage to the afflicted
  • upon successful removal of a stackable penalty state, +1lv Pikeman state to the Halberd per AP and MP spent by the combatant who inflicted the state which activated this spell during their most recent turn

You know the drill about feedback and chocolate chip muffins. The next abomination is Blademaster, a swordsman who knows more ways to use his two swords than are legal in most countries yet has one of the least creative names.

If you need something more inane and painful to do than punching yourself in the face:

August 27, 2013

Merciless Pike has lost its AoE damage penalty and range loss for the turn after its use and gained a restriction preventing players from using the spell on the same target more than once every two turns.

January 8, 2014

Pikeman state has been changed from requiring the user to gain at least one level of the state per turn to maintain it and giving +0.8% AoE damage and pull resist per level to losing one level per AP spent on actions which damage only one target and +1% AoE damage and pull resist per level.
The AoE resist bonus and CC resist penalty from Faithful Defender have been changed to apply based on the amount of allies in your party.

Lending an Arm has been replaced with the spell "Javelin of Faith", which gives a range bonus based on how far the closest enemy is while the duration is increased for how many enemies there are.

Since willpower is no longer a feature, Sentinel no longer causes willpower gain to the Halberd. This spell has become linear restricted but its range has become modifiable. This spell will also give one level of Pikeman state per space traveled. This spell no longer requires the target to have healed or moved an ally of the Halberd to be used on a target.

Since Pikeman state no longer expires, Vanguard has been revamped to give +AoE resist based on levels of Pikeman the Halberd is afflicted with. This spell will no longer give passive bonuses to pull or AoE resistances. Vanguard also gives levels of Pikeman state per AP spent on LR attacks which damage the Halberd.

Since willpower is no longer a feature, Militia will no longer give willpower for your party outnumbering the enemy party.

Empowerment has been greatly simplified.

Since willpower is no longer a feature, Lionhearted will no longer inflict willpower loss. The passive will instead give the Halberd levels of Pikeman state based on AP and MP spent by the attacker who activated the effects of this passive during their most recent turn.

February 25, 2014

Raising the Stakes will inflict resist loss to everything in combat including the user and all summons. The resist penalty has been changed to apply based on how many 'living' entities are on either side; 'living' entities include characters and 'organic' summons (they have their own turn, their own health bar, their own stats, etc.). 'Mechanical' summons (do not have a health bar, do not have their own turn, do not use their own spells, etc.) are not included in this effect.

Javelin of Faith costs 1WP at all levels instead of 1MP at lv9. Spell level increases the maximum range bonus and duration of the range bonus receivable.

Halting Knee has been overhauled. Instead of giving +AoE resist and +LR resist for the turn used then increasing how many levels of Pikeman gained per action next turn, this specialty will now give levels of Pikeman and +AoE resist per AP and MP spent on actions which inflict damage to the Halberd.

Sentinel has been reworked to change what resistance either you or an ally uses to resist against long range or close combat attacks received, respectively.

Vangaurd no longer gives levels of Pikeman per AP spent by attackers on LR attacks targeting the Halberd.
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