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"Rotten Dozen": Greave

By Kakenshu - MEMBER - June 03, 2013, 19:49:09
In the last episode of Rotten Dozen

To those without cooperative eyeballs, this is the second class among twelve where each is more disgusting than the last until eventually everyone is vomiting all over each other. The previous and first of this egg carton is Gaunt. Most of these classes involve at least one new mechanic which does not currently exist which applies to the class where the general mechanic is posted and likely at least a few other classes in the future.

Unlike Gaunt, Greave has many general features which need explanation:

“Move fails”

This characteristic behaves very similarly to critical failures, but with attempted movement paths. Say you want to move X spaces to Y location, but you have move fails applied and when you attempt to move to Y the amount of move fails applied take effect and successfully ruin the moment: the movement path is cancelled and all MP that would have been spent moving to Y is lost, but you have not moved from your original location. Attempting to move more or less spaces at a time does not affect the chance for move fails to take effect, but each time you stop and begin a new movement path the characteristic rolls for another chance to annoy you. Fortunately for most of us Greave is not capable of inflicting this characteristic, but negates it for allies.

“{effect} lasts for the rest of the battle”

With Gaunt I made it clear that all effects, penalties, buffs, statuses, and changes of underwear last only one turn. With Greave I will be introducing “permanent” effects, but since “permanent” can be misleading (permanent = applies forever = stays after the battle ends and continues to stay in effect for future battles = something like Compulsion for Iop) I use the long but more fitting phrase above.

“Knockback/push and pull resistance”

Pull resistance is not part of Greave but would behave almost identically to push resistance, except for being pulled. These resistances decrease the travel distance applied by a percentage: Intimidation pushes 2 spaces, but with 50% knockback resistance you would only be pushed one space. Attraction can pull a target seven spaces closer to the Sacrier, but with 70% pull resistance you would only be pulled 2.1 spaces which rounds down to 2. Whether these two are combined into one characteristic is up to debate. These characteristics apply based on the travel distance defined in the spell which attempts to push/pull the user, so if a spell says it pulls/pushes X spaces the resistance applies based on whatever X is.

“Teleport resistance”

Unlike push/pull resistance, teleport resistance does not reduce the distance traveled and instead is a chance to completely negate attempts to teleport you. Whether this characteristic applies to teleport attempts on yourself or by your summons to your character is up to debate, though if it does it would make the characteristic a tradeoff for people who want to resist being teleported by enemies but teleport themselves to get around the map.


As an infant Greave was abandoned in the massive desert wasteland. A traveling caravan accompanied by a few retired mercenaries found him half buried in the sand who taught the child their newfound ways after having been betrayed by clients and other mercenaries countless times: to help those unable to fight flee from the fray, and attacking in large areas of effect to conquer massive groups of aggressors. Greave became a mobile powerhouse and finds greater use in combat assisting ranged allies or chasing fleeing enemies than having either side of the conflict crash together in a massive cluster of fists and feet. The caravan became his family as he never knew of anyone before them.

The caravan assigned Greave to scout ahead for bandits, though too few of them could fight for themselves let alone others. If Greave found a trap ahead he would either dispatch the outlaws on his own by powerful strikes with his legs or sprint back to the caravan as though his feet were winged as the sands struggled to get out of his way. As he grew to adulthood he became stronger and faster, a single kick rumored to shred through flesh as a burning talon.

One afternoon the caravan came through a town and picked up a few mercenaries after receiving several warnings of outlaws in their path ahead, but little did they know these rumors were spread by the outlaws in disguise. Fortunately this particular town had the same mercenary bar as any other town which made finding them very simple; the only difficulty was deciding which mercenaries seemed strong enough to protect them yet weak enough to not double cross. Greave was tasked to assisting a few members of the caravan set up a temporary shop while they were there and a few of their customers recognized him, unfortunately scaring away many customers. After being sent to check on the rest of the caravan Greave found a heavily clothed mercenary dragging a large cage with someone inside of it by a chain over their shoulder, which made Greave curious. The mercenary stopped after ignoring many questions and withdrew a wanted poster from inside his scaled cloak with a rough sketch of the man inside the cage with a large bounty to bring him in alive. While the mercenary held the rough paper a brief gust passed by, pushing up the brim of his hat to reveal two emotionless brows, a vibrant green left eye, a metal patch bolted over his right eye, and the top of his nose down covered by a dark and worn cloth which frayed along his leathered cheeks. Once the wind subsided the mercenary turned away from Greave and continued on his way.

Greave eventually found the bar where the retired mercenaries of the caravan sought assistance for their travels and entered the bartering half of the building. Once Greave found his old friends he noticed their hands were tied behind their backs and another mercenary lazily held a gun in one hand aimed towards their general direction, helpless to resist and unwilling to call for help as it would attract attention of other mercenaries. Before the gunman could notice, Greave rushed him and the gun fell to the floor. Once the unarmed gunman regained his senses he kicked at Greave, knocking the young adult on his back, then retrieved his gun and pointed it down to Greave. One of the restrained retired mercenaries struggled to stand and threw himself at the gunman. The struggle had become noticeable enough for the other patrons to draw their own weapons and the lazy afternoon had become a free for all of guns and blades, aside from a shadow in a distant corner Greave spotted by a sliver of reflected light lashing at his eye from a cage which their feet were resting on. Once the brawl eventually died down and the corpses were kicked aside to be swept out later, the original gunman withdrew several dusty wanted posters with rough sketches of the same mercenaries Greave had been raised by. The three still living retirees put up a fight but were quickly subdued once the gunman called them out and promised to share the bounty with whoever helped him. Once the three were brought outside, their arms tied behind their backs again, the gunman made it clear that their bounties were worth more dead than alive; so he preemptively satisfied the customer with three consecutive shots. When Greave tried to assault the gunman he was pushed down by behemoths persuaded by coin and were on their way with the gunman and a wooden cart with several familiar bodies piled into the wealthier corner of the town. After his participation in the previous chaos his body was too exhausted to stay conscious and Greave blacked out.

The following morning Greave woke in the same bar, but instead of being outside the front door where he passed out he was in the same corner where the mercenary and his cage rested yesterday. The bar was empty and the light of dawn was beginning its ascent with the tired sun. Greave exited the bar and sought the remainder of the caravan only to find their stall destroyed and a couple mangled corpses lying around. None of the carts were still there nor any cargo they carried. Greave wandered the streets until the warmth of day awoke the rest of the town. His wandering eventually brought him back to the bar, still empty of patrons. The bartender shared no words until Greave asked where the gunman went. As Greave exited the bar knowing that the mercenary was taking a portion of supplies from a raided caravan through a nearby canyon on his way home, a frayed stetson shadowed the face of a familiar stranger who leaned idle against the bar a few steps away from its doorway, as if awaiting someone. Greave stared at the stranger for a few moments then turned away towards the canyon.

Fortunately for Greave the mercenary only had a cheap and weak dragoturkey to haul his spoils through the low grounds of the canyon. With speed greater than any vengeful wind, Greave flew on his feet towards the gunman and crashed both of them into stone. One of the brutes from town appeared from the shadows, having anticipated an ambush, and grabbed Greave by the throat to restrain him. Before the gunman could get back to his feet the brute suddenly became distracted by something at his back and released his grip. Greave noticed countless tiny insects crawling all over the brute which appeared to be coming from behind him. Once the brute turned around in his struggle Greave saw an arrow with what seemed to have been an egg sack where the insects came from. Greave heard the gunman shout at the brute to quit his whining but the insects were already eating away at the behemoth until little more than the skeleton remained. In the direction where the arrow appeared to have come from a lone figure appeared atop higher ground, a sliver of light reflecting off their right eye. Greave took the opportunity of distraction to apprehend the gunman who put up a struggle. Greave could feel his emotions pouring into his actions and before he knew it the gunman had both arms and legs broken with several loud splintering snaps. The sound startled the dragoturkey who thrashed free of its shoddy binds and fled. Greave dropped the gunman and backed away. The gunman had fallen on his back and lay immobile, squirming with his torso and screaming threats to Greave. Greave looked up to where the archer had been but nothing was there. Greave looked back down to the gunman then walked to the cart. Food, water, and a few impractical valuables. Greave brought the trinkets from the cart and dropped them by the gunman. As Greave began guiding the cart to begin his own travels he saw the gunman struggling to move towards his treasures though his limbs were limp and useless.

The food and water lasted for many days as Greave walked endlessly through the canyon. When there was little enough to carry on his own he left the cart behind. Eventually he had nothing left, until he came upon what appeared to be a camp composed of a simple fire pit and a large pile of furs where a strange creature stared back at him.

"Talon" branch (fire) fire

The fire element damages in areas of effect while gaining the state "Crazy Legs"; before you find a caterer for my crucifixion, here are the effects of the state:

  • stackable to 100
  • must gain at least 1 level per turn or one level is lost for every MP spent until a level is gained
  • +0.5 lock per level
  • +0.5 dodge per level
  • +0.2% MP loss resist per level
  • +1MP at lv100
  • at lv100, full effects: +50 lock, +50 dodge, +20% MP loss resist, +1MP

No direct damage or resists, I promise. What do you mean, show you the hand behind my back? We have more important things to go through right now:

Sweeping Kick- Greave would make an excellent janitor, saving money on cleaning supplies while getting the job done without a single complaint.
  • 3AP
  • 1 range
  • attacks an adjacent target and the spaces to their left and right (staff area of effect)
  • +2 Crazy Legs per hit
    • +3 Crazy Legs on crit
  • lv0 2damage
    • lv0 crit: 3damage
  • lv100 36damage
    • lv100 crit: 54damage
  • lv200 49damage
    • lv200 crit: 74damage

Windmill- Spin to win! Try not to get nauseous. Seriously, we just cleaned these floors.
  • 4AP
  • 0 range
  • attacks all adjacent targets
  • +2 Crazy Legs state per hit
    • +3 Crazy Legs on crit
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 44damage
    • lv100 crit: 66damage
  • lv200 84damage
    • lv200 crit: 126damage

Dropkick- Leap right into your enemies and show them why your feet are to be feared! And take a foot bath or start changing your socks more regularly.
  • 5AP
  • 1 range
  • attacks an adjacent target and the space behind them (shovel area of effect)
  • moves the Greave and the two attacked targets in the direction of the attack by one space
  • +2 Crazy Legs state per hit
    • +3 Crazy Legs on crit
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 55damage
    • lv100 crit: 83damage
  • lv200 106damage
    • lv200 crit: 159damage

Metal Meltdown- Greave occasionally falls prey to his own power, melting into the craze of stomping down the enemies surrounding him.
  • 6AP
  • 0 range
  • damages in square area of effect around the Greave
  • +1 Crazy Legs state per hit
    • +2 Crazy Legs on crit
  • lv0 6damage
    • lv0 crit: 9damage
  • lv100 76damage
    • lv100 crit: 114damage
  • lv200 146damage
    • lv200 crit: 219damage

Hurriflame- The largest area of effect attack known to the World of Twelve, Greave unleashes a hurricane of flames as his legs create the spiraling force which obliterates all within a massive range. Unfortunately Greave becomes too exhausted upon executing this attack to continue on with his own turn, but comes back kicking the next.
  • 6AP2MP
  • 0 range
  • damages in a circle area of effect in a three space radius
  • ends your turn
  • +1 Crazy Legs state per hit
    • +2 Crazy Legs on crit
  • lv0 7damage
    • lv0 crit: 11damage
  • lv100 75damage
    • lv100 crit: 113damage
  • lv200 143damage
    • lv200 crit: 215damage

"Feather" branch (air) :wind:

The air branch focuses on mobility of Greave and does not involve a stackable state for once. We can all die happily now.

Cartwheel- First you learn to crawl. Then you learn to walk. Then you learn to sprint at ridiculous speeds which rips the hair off spectator scalps to form a hairy rainbow chasing you. No one said Greave had it easy.
  • 3AP1MP
  • 2-3 range, linear
  • must be cast on a target
  • moves two spaces in the target direction
  • does not damage allies
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 41damage
    • lv100 crit: 62damage
  • lv200 78damage
    • lv200 crit: 117damage

Stampede- Greave once jogged past a group of shacks sitting in the middle of nowhere. Before arriving he heard people shouting "stampede" and frantically fleeing with their belongings in hand, scattering everywhere in the afternoon glow. Fortunately the buildings were still there when Greave passed and turned around to check.
  • 3AP2MP
  • 1 range
  • the target is pushed one space
  • moves allies adjacent to the Greave one space in the target direction
  • moves the Greave one space in the target direction
  • does not damage allies
  • lv0 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 6damage
  • lv100 40damage
    • lv100 crit: 60damage
  • lv200 76damage
    • lv200 crit: 114damage

Toe Stomp- Excuse you, that was my foot! Now I have to get a peg leg. What next, an eyepatch?
  • 2MP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target per turn
  • inflicts lock loss to the target
  • lv0 1damage, -2lock
    • lv0 crit: 2damage, -3lock
  • lv100 10damage, -30lock
    • lv100 crit: 15damage, -45lock
  • lv200 19damage, -58lock
    • lv200 crit: 29damage, -87lock

Propulsion- Greave shares the joys of flight at a short height above the ground with his friends while propelling enemies right into the ground.
  • 1AP1MP
  • 1-2 range, linear
  • up to three uses per target per turn
  • on an ally:
    • inflicts no damage to the ally
    • inflicts one level of "Propulsion" state:
    • when the Greave gives the afflicted MP, chance to give an extra MP (per MP received, chance based on spell level)
    • removes one level of the state per bonus MP gain
  • on an enemy:
    • damages the enemy
    • inflicts MP loss resist loss
  • lv0 2damage, 0% chance bonus MP gain or -0% MP loss resist
    • lv0 crit: 3damage, 1% chance bonus MP gain or -1% MP loss resist
  • lv100 22damage, 50% chance bonus MP gain or -20% MP loss resist
    • lv100 crit: 33damage, 75% chance bonus MP gain or -30% MP loss resist
  • lv200 42damage, 100% chance bonus MP gain or -40% MP loss resist
    • lv200 crit: 63damage, 100% chance bonus MP gain or -60% MP loss resist

Frolic- If anyone asks, you had the sudden urge when you entered a field of flowers. Invite your friends, enemies, and despised rival to join in so you can "accidentally" trip them into some rose bushes.
  • 2AP
  • 1-2 range, linear
  • up to three uses per turn
  • if used on a target, pushes both the target and caster one space in the direction cast
  • if used on an open space, chance to gain +1MP next turn (the 2AP becomes 1MP)
  • 1% chance to gain 1MP next turn per spell level (lv0 0%, lv50 50%, lv100 100%, etc.)
  • lv0 2damage, 1% chance to gain 1MP next turn
    • lv0 crit: 3damage, 2% chance +1MP next turn
  • lv100 24damage, 80% chance +1MP next turn
    • lv100 crit: 36, 100% chance +1MP next turn
  • lv120 28damage, 100% chance +1MP next turn, 1% chance +1MP next turn
    • lv120 crit: 42damage, 100% chance +1MP next turn, 2% chance +1MP next turn
  • lv200 46damage, 100% chance +1MP next turn, 80% chance +1MP next turn
    • lv200 crit: 69damage, 100% chance +1MP next turn, 100% chance +1MP next turn

Pushing Limits- Once you pass the point of no return, your legs become an explosion of wind strong enough to cut through any metal. Be wary when passing your friends as your new wind-legs slice indiscriminately through steel and flesh alike.
  • 6AP1WP
  • 1-2 range, linear
  • one use per turn
  • must be cast on an enemy
  • teleports through all characters aligned to the target direction and ends up behind the furthest target
  • stopped by impassable and indestructable objects (walls, Foggernaut blockades; things that are impossible to move and have no health/charges/a means of getting rid of during your turn)
  • gains a damage bonus with every target hit while traveling, bonus damage applies to targets damaged consecutively (first target damaged causes +X%damage, next target is damaged with the first +X% applied, third target is damaged with +2X%, etc.; the bonus builds with every hit so the last target is damaged the most)
  • lv0 8damage, +2% damage per target hit
    • lv0 crit: 12damage, +3% damage per target hit
  • lv100 70damage, +20% damage per target hit
    • lv100 crit: 105damage, +30% damage per target hit
  • lv200 132damage, +38% damage per target hit
    • lv200 crit: 198damage, +57% damage per target hit

"Pillar" branch (earth) earth
Unlike the normal elemental abilities of Greave, these earth spells may only be used if the Greave has not gained MP or dodge for the current turn. Once gain of either occurs all earth spells are disallowed from use until the next turn at the earliest.

Pillar is somewhat similar to Talon in that it damages in areas of effect, but instead of making Greave more powerful with a stackable state, it involves causing MP and dodge loss for enemies while increasing your own lock.

Ram It Down- When a damaged enemy tries to gain MP to flee from Greave, ram their hopes of survival into the dirt with a powerful stomp; straight through the heart of this town.
  • 4AP1MP
  • 0 range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • attacks in a square area of effect around the Greave
  • inflicts level(s) of "Rammed Down":
    • maximum of lv 14
    • 80% chance to turn MP gain into loss
    • the MP loss is dodgable
    • once 1MP gain is turned into loss, removes one level of the state
  • lv0 5damage, lv1 "Rammed Down"
    • lv0 crit: 7damage, lv2 "Rammed Down"
  • lv100 56damage, lv5 "Rammed Down"
    • lv100 crit: 84damage, lv7 "Rammed Down"
  • lv200 107damage, lv9 "Rammed Down"
    • lv200 crit: 161damage, lv14 "Rammed Down"

Lackluster- No need to polish those greaves. We like you for your personality, not your odd choice in weaponry.
  • 3AP
  • 0 range
  • attacks all adjacent targets
  • deals higher damage to targets who have a beneficial stackable state active (Power, etc.) which gives its user +damage or +crits
  • lv0 3damage or 4damage
    • lv0 crit: 5damage or 6damage
  • lv100 27damage or 50damage
    • lv100 crit: 41damage or 75damage
  • lv200 51damage or 94damage
    • lv200 crit: 77damage or 142damage

Just For Kicks- Nothing amuses quite like punting your enemies through a solid stone wall. If you were as bloodthirsty as Gaunt you would also comment on the satisfying sound of splintering bones on the impact, but that would be too weird.
  • 6AP
  • 1 range
  • one use per turn
  • pushes the target 2 spaces away
  • inflicts "Kicked Can" state:
    • dodge gained by the target is halved
    • the lost half becomes lock and is stolen by the Greave
  • lv0 6damage, 1% chance to inflict "Kicked Can"
    • lv0 crit: 9damage, 2% chance to inflict "Kicked Can"
  • lv100 64damage, 40% chance to inflict "Kicked Can"
    • lv100 crit: 96damage, 60% chance to inflict "Kicked Can"
  • lv200 122damage, 80% chance to inflict "Kicked Can"
    • lv200 crit: 183damage, inflicts "Kicked Can"

Stand Firm- The answer is no, you may not go to the prom, and nothing is going to change my mind. The same answer applies to wanting a puppy, going to slumber parties, and going to that wretched concert.
  • 3AP2MP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • attacks all adjacent targets
  • the Greave gains push and pull resistance per target damaged
  • lv0 4damage, +1% push and pull resist per hit
    • lv0 crit: 6damage, +2% push and pull resist per hit
  • lv100 44damage, +10% push and pull resist per hit
    • lv100 crit: 66damage, +15% push and pull resist per hit
  • lv200 84damage, +19% push and pull resist per hit
    • lv200 crit: 126damage, +29% push and pull resist per hit

Die With Your Greaves On- Not even death can stop Greave from slowing down enemies and accelerating allies.
  • 3AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • one use per target (per battle)
  • if cast on an ally:
    • deals no damage to the target ally
    • inflicts "Second Wind": if the ally is defeated, all of their allies receive +1MP until they are removed from battle (while the ally is 'disembodied'/their KO timer is counting down)
  • if cast on an enemy:
    • damages the target enemy
    • inflicts "Dead Weight": if the enemy is defeated, all enemies suffer -1MP until they are removed from battle
  • Second Wind and Dead Weight states last until the target is KO; they may be unbewitched (Appeasement, Eniraiser) but will otherwise not be removed from duration limits
  • lv0 3damage;
    • lv0 crit: 5damage;
  • lv100 30damage;
    • lv100 crit: 45damage;
  • lv200 57damage,
    • lv200 crit: 86damage,

Active specialties neutral

Both Feet In- You put your right foot in, you put your left foot in... How are you still standing?
  • 0-1 range
  • costs 2MP
  • one use per target per turn
  • must be cast on an ally (or yourself)
  • used at 0 range, gives the Greave a dodge bonus
  • used at 1 range, gives an ally a MP bonus
0. +5dodge or +1MP
  1. +10dodge or +1MP
  2. +15dodge or +1MP
  3. +20dodge or +1MP
  4. +25dodge or +1MP
  5. +30dodge or +2MP
  6. +35dodge or +2MP
  7. +40dodge or +2MP
  8. +45dodger or +2MP
  9. +50dodge or +3MP

Take A Knee- Greave imitates Gaunt by increasing his locking prowess at the expense of dodge, since Greave has better things to do than flee from the fray.
  • 0 range
  • costs 2MP
  • may not be used while under the effects of Sky Legs
  • stabilizes the Greave
  • your dodge value may not be increased by bonuses, states, etc.
  • attempted dodge gain becomes lock gain instead (the transformation occurs before the dodge gain occurs, so using this specialty then gaining dodge through a spell or state will not disable your earth spells)
  • the rate of dodge gain transformed into lock gain is increased with rank (dodge gain not transformed into lock is lost)
0. 5% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  1. 10% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  2. 15% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  3. 20% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  4. 30% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  5. 40% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  6. 50% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  7. 60% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  8. 70% of dodge gain becomes lock gain
  9. 80% of dodge gain becomes lock gain

Sky Legs- When beautiful oceans used to cover most of the World of Twelve, sailors adapted to the boat shaking by developing "sea legs". Greave has modernized the idea to suit his needs.
  • costs 1MP1WP
  • 0 range
  • one use per turn
  • may not be used while under the effects of Take A Knee
  • may not be used while under the effects of On The Run
  • transforms lock into dodge
    • after the lock to dodge transformation occurs, remaining lock is removed from the Greave
  • transforms MP loss resist into max MP
    • after the MP loss resist to max MP transformation occurs, remaining MP loss resist is removed from the Greave
  • removes all levels of Crazy Legs state active on the Greave and prevents the Greave from gaining levels of Crazy Legs for the current and next turns
  • the Greave becomes unable to gain lock or MP loss resist for the current turn
0. every 10 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 100% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  1. every 9 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 90% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  2. every 8 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 80% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  3. every 7 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 70% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  4. every 6 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 60% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  5. every 5 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 50% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  6. every 4 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 40% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  7. every 3 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 30% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  8. every 2 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 20% MP loss resist becomes +1MP
  9. every 1 lock becomes 1 dodge, every 10% MP loss resist becomes +1MP

Preened Ankles- If you see Greave nibbling at his ankles try not to be too disturbed; he was dropped a few too many times as a child.
  • 0 range
  • costs 2AP1WP
  • one use per turn
  • consumes all levels of Crazy Legs
  • gains MP based on the amount of Crazy Legs state consumed
0. gains +1MP every 50 levels of Crazy Legs
  1. gains +1MP every 48 levels of Crazy Legs
  2. gains +1MP every 46 levels of Crazy Legs
  3. gains +1MP every 44 levels of Crazy Legs
  4. gains +1MP every 41 levels of Crazy Legs
  5. gains +1MP every 38 levels of Crazy Legs
  6. gains +1MP every 35 levels of Crazy Legs
  7. gains +1MP every 30 levels of Crazy Legs
  8. gains +1MP every 25 levels of Crazy Legs
  9. gains +1MP every 20 levels of Crazy Legs

On The Run- Greave is no coward, but by converting his AP into MP and becoming increasingly resistant to MP loss the further he travels so not even Desperado can escape is far more helpful to his allies than hiding behind Siege.
  • 0 range
  • costs 1WP
  • may not be used while under the effects of Sky Legs
  • must have at least 1AP to use
  • the Greave transforms all remaining AP into MP (1:1 ratio)
  • the Greave gains MP loss resistance per space moved
  • the Greave gains dodge per space moved
  • +1lv Crazy Legs for every space the Greave moves
0. +1% MP loss resist and +1 dodge per space moved
  1. +2% MP loss resist and +2 dodge per space moved
  2. +3% MP loss resist and +3 dodge per space moved
  3. +4% MP loss resist and +4 dodge per space moved
  4. +5% MP loss resist and +5 dodge per space moved
  5. +6% MP loss resist and +6 dodge per space moved
  6. +7% MP loss resist and +7 dodge per space moved
  7. +8% MP loss resist and +8 dodge per space moved
  8. +9% MP loss resist and +9 dodge per space moved
  9. +10% MP loss resist and +10 dodge per space moved

Passive specialties neutral

Foot Soldiers- Greave gains levels of the Crazy Legs state when allies contribute to the battle or the Greave gives them MP.
  • the Greave gains Crazy Legs when an ally:
    • defeats an enemy
    • inflicts a status
    • critically hits
    • reduces damage taken with block
    • helps an ally escape the lock zone of an enemy by pushing/pulling/teleporting the ally
    • receives +MP from the Greave (for every 1MP)
  • lv1-4: +1 Crazy Legs
  • lv5-9: +2 Crazy Legs
  • lv10-14: +3 Crazy Legs
  • lv15-19: +4 Crazy Legs
  • lv20: +5 Crazy Legs

Metal Parade- You never knew your father or have ever seen a marching band before, but who says you need either of those experiences to wave a baton?
  • when the Greave causes MP gain or moves an ally, both the Greave and the ally receive MP loss resist
  • +0.5% MP loss resist per space the Greave moves an ally for both the Greave and the pushed ally per level (+10% MP loss resist per pushed space at max rank)
  • +1.5% MP loss resist per MP the Greave gives an ally per level (+30% MP loss resist per MP given to allies at max rank)

Feet of a Feather- Who needs birds, the tiny and feeble featherballs? A giant metal bird that spies on people and relays information to the government, on the other foot...
  • gives allies within two spaces of the Greave -1 move fail and +1% MP loss resist per level (-20 move fail, +20% MP loss resist at max rank; this bonus is not received by the Greave)
  • if allies within two spaces of the Greave suffer MP loss, it may instead be applied to the Greave
    • 5% chance to transfer MP loss from nearby allies to the Greave per level (100% at max rank)

Heavy On Your Feet- Greave has to be both light and sturdy. There are times to flee and times to stand your ground. Make a decision. Preferably the one that involves kicking people in the face. With this specialty the Greave can give and take harder hits based on its lock and dodge, allowing the Greave to be more versatile in battle while enjoying the powers of locking fleeing foes and running circles around them.
  • the Greave gains damage with higher dodge
  • the Greave gains resistance with higher lock
  • 0.5% dodge as damage bonus per level (+70%damage maximum, 10% of dodge as damage bonus at max rank)
  • 0.5% lock as resist bonus per level (+70%resist maximum, 10% of lock as resist bonus at max rank)

Putting Your Foot Down- Sometimes you need to be assertive. Tell your mother you want to go to that party and that is final! Or convince Gaunt that whenever you talk to Surgeon about possible brain surgery you were only asking for the time, which you know he wants you to ask Forgotten about since the only time Surgeon knows is dissection time.
  • gives allies within two spaces of the Greave resistance to being teleported and pushed which increases every turn
  • allies within two spaces of the Greave receive levels of "Armored Legs" state at the start of their turn:
    • stacks up to lv100
    • 2turn duration
    • +0.5% knockback and teleport resistance per level
    • at lv100: +50% knockback resist, +50% teleport resistance
  • +1 level "Armored Legs" state per level to the Greave and nearby allies (+20 levels "Armored Legs" at max rank)

As usual all feedback, ritualistic curses, and freshly baked goods are welcomed. The third bad egg to be is Halberd which functions similarly to both Gaunt and Greave, but also Sacrier. Fortunately for everyone Halberd is the last Iop-Sacrier bastard child.

If for whatever reason you want to read more about what a crazy person thinks:

August 9, 2013

Changed the decay of Crazy Legs state to remove ten levels if not reapplied every turn instead of being completely removed.

Rammed Down state has been changed to have levels which decay as MP gain is turned into loss and the method of affliction has been changed from a percent chance to guaranteeing affliction with the amount of levels of the state scaling by spell level.

August 26, 2013

Crazy Legs state gets its decay effect changed again, this time to be more unique: if the Greave does not gain at least one level of the state per turn, you lose one level for every MP spent by spells and moving around the map until you finally gain the state.

Feet of a Feather now gives +1lv Crazy Legs for every MP spent to move around the map. This excludes MP spent to cast spells and MP spent to cast spells which involve moving towards, moving away, pushing, pulling, teleporting, pinching, and sneezing.

The air spell Toe Stomp has been crossed out and replaced with Propulsion, a spell designed to accelerate allies or decelerate enemies, because Toe Stomp was a stupid copy of Gutting Gust/Stomp with lock loss.

August 28, 2013

On The Run now gives one level of Crazy Legs and some dodge for every space moved.

February 25, 2014

Die With Your Greaves On gives or takes MP differently to make it more useful and will no longer give/take dodge.

Armored Legs state for Putting Your Foot Down now lasts for two turns instead of one. If the state only lasted one turn your allies would have to be able to gain the state during your own turn to retain it. By making it last two turns all the Greave has to do to keep applying the state to allies is keep up with them as they move around the battlefield.
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