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Obirah's Candy Cane

By PidgeonX - MEMBER - March 21, 2013, 10:41:12
The class is not entirely done yet, but since the lack of time and because I have this lying around for a while I figured I'd share it. Maybe you can help me balance and think of the last passive & active support spells. Hope you like it. Here goes:

Obirah’s Candy Cane


Obirah is a huge fan of sweets and renowned for incredible smartness. As no other she knows the risks of too much candy and also how to turn sugar into a weapon. Some say the living Gummy Bear that accompanies Obirahs is originally a love child of a cute Fecette and a Foggernaut.

(art drawn by Rayne (LadyRinsun on the forum), finished version may be update later, as well as a male version. I should add it was drawn long ago)


Water – Based on bounce damage and reflect heals.

Air – Distributes Sugar Rush for buffs or debuffs

Earth – Candy Cane Specialist


Do Androids Dream of Sugary Sweets? Well, since the first Obirah came to be they do. The first Obirah was Jerrine, originally a young Fecette who loved two things, a Foggernaut (Ben) and sweets. Because Jerrine couldn’t share her love for sweets with her beloved Ben, the two brainiacs stuck together and developed a Foggernaut App that made them able to taste real food. Ever since the love of the Foggernaut goes through the stomach. Ben & Jerrine loved eachother sincerely though, and when the Goddess Feca saw their happiness she helped nature a little and made Jerrine conceive. The first full-blood Obirah was to be born, out of love, for sweets, for apps, for knowledge.

When the other technophile / candophile Feca’s heard this story they were eager to join the Obirah order. And who wouldn't want to? I mean, they have cookies!


Based on bounce damage and reflect heals.

Slush Shot – 2-24 dmg. Bounces when used on Gummy Bear. When used on Gummy Bear does additional damage of 1-8 water. 2AP, 1MP (max 2 uses/turn). 1-5 range, linear. //imagine a bluish Stasis Shot animation.

Sticky Pool – 5-49 dmg. 30% chance of -1 MP. Heals Gummy Bear. 4AP. 2-4 range. Cross 1 AoE (like Magpie) //imagine avalanche animation

Ice Scream – 3-40 dmg, Bounces when used on Gummy Bear, does additional damage of 3-28 water , 5 AP, 1-6 range. Linear, no LoS. //Boohowl animation, with some snow whirling arround

Tug of Straw – 4-48 dmg, Steals 1-10 Block, attracts by 1 cell. Heals Gummy Bear, gives it +1AP, Heals bounce off to allies. 3 AP, 1MP (once per enemy) 1-4 range. Point. Must have target. //I was thinking of a line between the target and the caster

Gummy Bludgeon – 6-60 dmg, Bounces when used on Gummy Bear, does additional damage of 3-30 water. 6AP. 1 range. Point. //Hit with giant object? tongue

Air spells do no damage to allies. They only give the Sugar Rush state to either buff or debuff, however, Lollipop does steal lock.

Cookie Disc – 2-32 air damage, +1-6 on Sugar Rush, 3AP. 1-3 range, modifiable. //Boomerang Dagger animation, but with a brownish disc?

You Jelly – 3-43 air damage, +3-8 on Sugar Rush. No LoS. 4AP. 1-4 range, modifiable. //Feca's bubble animation in a random color & flavour?

Lollipop – 2-25 air damage, +1-4 on Sugar Rush, steals 5-15 lock. 2AP, 1MP. (twice per target) 1-2 range, not modifiable.

Sugarfree – 5-60 air damage. Steals 1-10 Block. 4AP, 1MP. 2-3 range, modifiable.

Liquorication – 6-85 air damage, +10-15 on Sugar Rush. AoE, Diamond x2. 5AP, 1MP, 1WP. 3-4 range, modifiable. No LoS.

Sugar Rush is a state that gives +% dmg, -dodge, -lock, +Block, +MP, and an MP use-poison, depending on the level. When the Sugar Rush state reaches 100, the target is Stunned and Sugar Rush is restored to level 0. At the end of every turn, Sugar Rush decreases by 10 levels. It’s a Radio-active state spin-off, on low levels it seems a buff, but the higher the state level the more dangerous it becomes. (Max +40 Sugar Rush per turn, except when Refill (passive spell) is used)

Candy Cane Specialist, reliable AoE damage.

Candy Cane – 3-49 Earth damage, 4 AP. Linear. Staff AoE (It's like Feca's Staff Spell, but with the actual Staff AoE). 3 range (not modifiable)

Liquorice Cane – 4-51 Earth damage, 3AP, 2MP. Extended staff AoE (5 tiles, horizontally) 1 range.

Cinnamon Cane – 4-70 Earth damage, 4AP, 1MP. Linear AoE, 3 tiles. 1 range.

Chocolate Cane – 7-75 Earth damage, 3AP, 1MP,1WP (once per turn). U-form AoE, 7 tiles (like a forward staff attack + two sideward staff attacks). 1 range.

Cane Vault – 3-53 Earth damage, moves to edge of area of effect. 1-4 range. Non-linear. 4AP, 1MP. Linear AoE, 2 tiles (like a hand (weapon)). Must have target.

Active support spells:

Gummy Bear – Summons a Gummy Bear with 10-30% of the Obirah’s HP, 2MP, 4AP. 50% resist to all elements, and the Obirah’s level x1,5 as %damage bonus. The Gummy Bear has as specialty that a certain amount of the damage he gets is reflected, to allies as heals and to enemies as damage. At level 1. Reflects 1% of enemies attacks, reflects 5% of allies attacks as heals. 1 range. 6AP, 2WP At level 9, Reflects 10% of enemies attacks, reflects 50% of allies attacks as heals. 3AP, 1WP.

Gummy Bear has 3 spells and is controlled by the player.
Stretch: 1-16 fire. Comes closer by 2 cells. 7 range, linear. 3AP. Must have target.

Come eat me, bro: Attracts 2 cells, 4 range, linear. 2AP. Once per target.

Gummy Pool: 2-24 fire, -1MP. AoE, square. 0 range. 3AP, 1MP.

Obirah's Cane: 3-40 Earth, -10-100% Earth Resistance (this spell only). 2AP, 1MP, 1 range. Staff AoE. Must be in Last Dessert state to cast.

When Bouncing Water spells are used on the Gummy Bear (damage will be dealt normally, causing heals to the Obirah, but quite possibly killing the Gummy Bear), the damage bounces to enemy targets within three tiles, compare Invigorating Word, Blazing Fire or Piercing Arrow. Note however that the first (and thus highest damage) is dealt to the Gummy Bear (summon). The decreasing of the bounced damage/heals depends on the passive spell Gummiconfections. NOTE that the Gummy Bears reflection effect is useful to all elements, only the Bounce effects is for the Water Branch only.

Candy Crush – Summons a Candy Totem in front of every ally, to block LoS. Totem disappears at the start of the adjacent allies’ turn. If an Enemy is on the designated totem square: +20 Sugar Rush, -2MP. Totems have 1-5 charges. Enemies gain +5/some Sugar Rush for each attack on the Totem.

Refill – On Enemy/Ally: Doubles Sugar Rush gotten during the last turn. On Self: Regains 33%-66% of MP used. On Gummy Bear: Restores 10%-100% HP of the Gummy Bear. (I wonder if this is too powerful on the Gummy Bear. Note that the Bear will only have like 600HP, and heals only 50% of that. So a full HP Bear can heal only 300 HP and bounce 480 damage to the closest target, when 600 damage is dealt to it.) 1WP.

Cane Mastery - +0-40% damages to the Earth Branch and to 1-handed and 2-handed Staff (weapon) damages, until the end of the next turn. 6-2AP. (can't be recast until the effect wears off)

Toothpaste – Removes bewitchments (including Sugar Rush). Costs 3AP more when cast on enemies. 6-3AP

Passive support spells:

Gummiconfections –Bounce of Gummy Bear level 1 -80%, level 20 -20%. In addition: When a WP is used, x1,5/doubles the reflection effects of Gummy Bear making reflect of enemy attacks a total of 20% at max level, and heals 100% of damage (only when a WP is used during the turn, maybe only once in two turns, like Masq's Burst of Wakfu).

Kids and grownups love it so
– +1-10 increases in Sugar Rush (compare Sacrier's Tatoed Blood), +10 Block

Feca’s Blessings – 10-100% Block as damage bonus.

Power of Coffee - +0-10% Stun resistance, +0-10% Sleep resistance, +0-20 Initiative.

Stressed Desserts - When Obirah dies, 0-100% chance of summoning a Gummy Bear (if Gummy Bear is not yet in play). 0-100% chance of Gummy Bear entering Last Dessert state (If Gummy Bear was summoned by effect of Stressed Desserts, it will have a 100% chance of entering the Last Dessert state). As long as Obirah is not yet disembodied, the Gummy Bear lives on in this state. If Obirah does disembody, Gummy Bear dies too. If Obirah is brought back to life by means of Eniraser or other, the Last Dessert state disappears.

Under Last Dessert state 0-100% of Obirah's Earth Damage is transfered as Earth Damage to the Gummy Bear. 0-100% of Air damage is transfered as Fire damage, to the Gummy Bear. Gummy Bear gains +2AP, +1MP, and the Obirah's level x1,5-2 as Resistance Bonus.
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What a cute idea and artwork. {3
I guess this class would have a nice friendship with enis, because they're both so sweet and lovely. xD
Score : 86
I'm really impressed. Good work there, Blant. Androids and sweets, interesting combination. *thumbs up*

Obirah looks pretty useful. If I were to make one, I would probably go to water or earth.

Gummy Bear looks badass. Maybe it 'Come eat me,bro' could have a small chance to apply Bind on the target if he came in contact with the Gummy Bear. Dunno, about 5%. You know, to prevent the target from escaping.

I notice that the Earth Branch consumes a lot of AP and MP. 3 spells have a cost of 4 AP. Perhaps one of them could have a cost of 3 AP instead.

Refill – On Enemy/Ally: Doubles Sugar Rush gotten during the last turn. On Self: Regains 33%-66% of MP used. On Gummy Bear: Restores 10%-100% HP of the Gummy Bear. (I wonder if this is too powerful on the Gummy Bear. Note that the Bear will only have like 600HP, and heals only 50% of that. So a full HP Bear can heal only 300 HP and bounce 480 damage to the closest target, when 600 damage is dealt to it.) 1WP.

Since Gummy Bear's HP is not so high and 1 WP is consumed to use this spell, I don't think is too overpowered. The MP recovering is a blessing. tongue


Nice name and great spell. XD
It would be awesome another spell to remove debuffs besides Eni Raizer. But like Eni's spell it would be limited for 1 use per turn?

Power of Coffee could add Stun and Sleep resistance (Not so high) alongside with other effect this passive can offer.

I think some passive suport spell to earth branch could come in handy. But I can't think of any right now.

Well, hope I could help you. Your idea is fantastic and I can't wait to see it fully completed.

PS: The artwork is pretty cool. smile

- Niele =P
Score : 1494
Thanks you guys!

I love your idea on the Power of Coffee, might add that! And yes, I probably should think of a passive or active support that helps the earth branch a bit more.

On the AP heavy Earth Obi, I think you're right. But since all the spells have AoE I was afraid of making it too cheap. Maybe the Licorice Cane could cost 3AP and 1 or 2MP. It will be pretty MP heavy then ofc, but Refill does Refill the MP of the Obi. I should add that Refill can only be used once per turn (I think).

On your question about Toothpaste. I didn't plan on making it once per turn, that why I kept the AP cost (even at max level) higher then Eni Raizer's, but obviously it should only be useable once per target, per turn.

Do you think the damages are balanced enough, in comparisson to other classes?

EDIT: How about adding Dofus' Staff Skill as the last active skills, for 6-2AP, increasing Staff (weapon) and Cane damages by 40-60%? untill the end of the next turn? (once per 2 turns?)
Score : 86
I'm glad that you liked my idea. smile

Yeah, maybe Licorice Cane could cost 3 AP and 2 MP, it will be better for making combos I guess. I agree with the limitation of Refill to once per turn.

Oh see, since it's costs more AP it's reasonable not to used once per turn. And there's the fact that costs 6 AP if cast on a enemy.

Dofus' Staff Skill sounds pretty interesting. As I can see thar earth is a heavy AOE damage branch, this skill would be really helpful.

In my opinion, the damage balance of the skills is fine. You did a good job balancing it.

- Niele =P
Score : 1494
Changed Spell Goldbear's name to Cookie Disc.
Changed Spell Cane Stamp's name to Cane Vault.
Modified Spell Tug of Straw, added condition: must have target.
Modified Spell Cane Vault range, +1. Added condition: must have target.
Modified Spell Liquorice Cane's damages and AP cost. The MP heaviness of the Earth Obirah can be balanced with Refill and Cane Vault (because of its teleporting effect)
Modified Power of Coffee. It now gives Stun and Sleep resistance, as well as a small Initiative bonus.
Modified Feca's Blessings, lowered the minimum Block statistic as Damage Bonus, clarified description.
Clarified description of Spell Sticky Pool.
Clarified Gummy Bears description as well as added a new spell to the Gummy Bear Obirah's Cane
Modified Gummy Bears spell Stretch, added conditions: Linear, and must have target.
Modified Gummy Bears spell Come eat me, bro, added condition: linear.
Modified Gummy Bears spell Gummy Pool, now costs 1 MP less to cast.
Added Active Support Spell. Cane Mastery
Added Passive Support Spell. Stressed Desserts
Score : 2452
I designed the lookz, Blantuise designed the spells and specialties. It's starting to look like a real class now o 3 o Here's my contribution, as requested, the first sketches ever of Obirah's Candy Cane, including the male candy dude. Please bear with me, these drawings are at least 4 years old and the male counterpart is still in it's early stages, pretty shoddy. Blah blah blah here it is!

I hope I can find the time to finish it soon... I still have to work on our guild drawing and our Government drawing and and and...

-Xx a very busy, eye-twitching Rayne
Score : 86
I approve the changes and the last spells.
And yeah, better 'Come eat me, bro' be a linear spell.

The usage of AP on the earth branch is ok now, the MP cost may be a little high but it's where Refill comes in hand.

It's starting to look like a real class now o 3 o

Cause Obirah rocks!

I liked the male version, Ray-Ray. He looks so badass with that lollipop in his mouth. Now I'm in doubt if I would make a male or female Obirah. They all look cool.
Your drawings are pretty good, I like them. And I can see other of your works as backgrounds on this picture. XD

I hope I can find the time to finish it soon... I still have to work on our guild drawing and our Government drawing and and and...

You have to show me when you finish those! biggrin

- Niele =P
Score : 1494
While enjoying the new jelly content on Wakfu, i really felt like bumping this. The Jellith Dimension really reminded me of this little class :3
Score : 86
So let me help ya with the bumping. biggrin

Yeah, it reminds of Obira. Too much sugar everywhere and all.
Those jellies makes me think of Gummy Bear and also leads to a simple question.
What's Gummy Bear's flavor? This is really important. u_u
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