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Chaos' Embrace

By Ouronii March 01, 2013, 07:19:41
Nothing much else to say except that I'm a pretty dreadful artist, so your imagination might come in use here. Also, there is the possibility that my knowledge of Wakfu lore is...inaccurate at best, so I am hoping my class' background story and abilities make some form of sense at least. Anyway,

Background: There are few people left in the World of 12 who know exactly how it happened, but fewer still remain alive that can tell you when it had all began…

It all began when an unwitting Iop lost a duel to a sinister Xelor. Both of their names are now unimportant (and long forgotten anyway), but what *is* important was that the Iop found himself bound and restrained to a table in some decrepit, featureless dungeon upon awakening from the particularly nasty Temporal Burn that had knocked him out. If he had half a brain, he would go on to wish that he hadn’t woken up…

It turns out that the Xelor that had kidnapped him was insane…to an extent that could only be rivaled by Nox himself. This was made worse in that, rather than having an infatuation with wakfu, this particular Xelor was obsessed with stasis and its effect on living creatures instead. As the Iop would quickly find out, he himself constituted as a ‘living creature’ and thus became a guinea pig in the maddened Xelor’s experiments.

The first experiment was the least painful to the Iop (though that’s not saying much…), where the Xelor embedded hundreds of crystals of pure destructive stasis all along his captive’s arms. Within seconds, the Iop’s arms blackened and shriveled. By a minute, the Iop’s newfound physical strength allowed him to shatter his bonds and turn on the Xelor with devastating earth attacks – though the insane Xelor barely manages to suppress his captive. After a few days, if one stared at the stasified Iop for long enough they would swear they could see his form flicker to resemble terrifying creatures like Stalaguars and Cracklers…and even that of Ogrest himself.

A few weeks after this first experiment, the Xelor was spurred on by his ‘overwhelming successes’ and decided it was time for another trial on his tortured captive. This time, he aimed the ray of crystallized stasis at the Iop’s head, causing it to warp into an unrecognizable horror. It was only his inherent stupidity and the intense agony felt by the Iop that protected the Xelor from the Iop’s newfound mental powers…powers that would later complement his devastating physical ones.

The third experiment of the insane Xelor happened two weeks later. It would also be his last. As the needles of crystallized stasis pierced his victim’s chest – right beside the Iop’s heart – all the emotions felt by the Iop in his imprisonment…all the fear, despair and hate manifested itself into a terrible fire that would vaporize the Xelor and every last trace of the atrocities he had committed on the spot. The Iop was now free, with a terrible mastery of the physical (earth), mental (air) and emotional (fire). Whilst not quite on a level with the gods, the experience had twisted him completely and from then, he no longer saw himself as an Iop, but the first of the Chaos’ Embrace to emerge.

EARTH (Physical) Abilities:

[Element mechanic: Stasili Stalagmite – An inanimate object similar to the Foggernaut’s Blockades that have 8% of your health and 0 resists. Max of 10 at once; does not use the ‘Mechanics’ stat. Once 10 stalagmites are active, new ones replace older ones.]

01. Upheaval
(3 AP, 1 MP)
1 – 1 RA (Non-Adjustable, Linear AoE 4 tiles long)

Effect: Sunders the earth in a line with a massive shockwave, inflicting earth damage and draining 1(3) MP from anyone in its path. This spell will unearth a Stasili Stalagmite on the tile behind any enemies struck to block their escape.

Damage: 4(36)
02. Maw of the Crackler (4 AP, 1 MP)
1 – 1 RA (Non-Adjustable)

Effect: A strike so powerful it gouges a mark into its victim, causing earth damage and inflicting the Devouring Earth (State).

[Devouring Earth (State): The next time the afflicted target uses MP to move, a Stasili Stalagmite will erupt on the tile in front of it after it has moved 1 tile. This state stacks in charges.]

Damage: 5(52)
03. Dust to Dust (2 AP, 1 MP)
1 – 7 RA (Adjustable, Non-LoS)

Effect: Explosively detonates all Stasili Stalagmites in a 5-tile across diamond AoE, causing them to inflict damage in a 5-tile across diamond AoE centered on each destroyed stalagmite. If a target is hit by 2 stalagmite explosions from a single cast of this spell they each deal 125% damage, whilst anyone struck by 3 or more explosions in a single cast suffer 175% damage from each.

Damage: 4(34) per exploding stalagmite.
04. Stalaguar’s Vise (4 AP, All MP)
1 – 1 RA (Non-Adjustable)

Effect: Inflicts earth damage to your target and repels it 3 tiles backwards. If the target collides with a Stasili Stalagmite, up to three more Stasili Stalagmites will erupt on the 3 other tiles adjacent to your unfortunate victim (if those tiles are free), trapping it completely.

Damage: 5(56)
05. Ogrest's Reckoning (6 AP, All MP, 1 WP)
1 – 4 RA (Non-Adjustable, Non-LoS)

Effect: Leaps high into the air, crashing down onto the targeted free tile and inflicting massive earth damage to anyone on tiles adjacent to your destination. The force of your leap shatters all existing Stasili Stalagmites and creates new ones on every free tile in a 2 – 2 range diamond ring AoE around the tile you land on.

Damage: 7(80) on leap. Damage of shattered stalagmites = 4(34) in a 5-tile across diamond AoE centered on an exploding stalagmite.
AIR (Mental) Abilities:

01. Attenuation (3 AP)
1 – 4 RA (Linear, Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Mentally channels a sphere of pure energy in a line to a targeted tile, inflicting air damage to enemies in its path. When the sphere reaches its target, you pull the orb back towards you (damaging enemies on the way back) until it returns to the tile you’re on, then propel it forwards in the original direction again (doing even more damage). The orb travels 5(8) tiles before dissipating.

Damage: 1(13) damage each time the sphere strikes an enemy.
02. Synapse Shock (2 AP)
3 – 6 RA (1/target/turn, Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Steadily overrides the target’s brain functions with your superior mental capabilities, inflicting air damage and 1 stack of Synapse Shock (State).

[Synapse Shock (State): 2(22) lock loss for 9 turns. This effect stacks, and instead of applying a 5th stack, all stacks are consumed when the target is hit by Synapse Shock (Ability) and it suffers Lead Legs for 1 turn instead.]

Damage: 2(17)
03. Stasis Oubliette (3 AP, 2 WP)
0 RA (Non-Adjustable)

Effect: Creates a 1-tile glyph beneath you that seethes with stasis energy. When your turn ends the glyph evolves into a 3-tile across diamond, and on the end of your next turn it evolves again to cover a 5-tile across diamond, maxing out as a 7-tile across diamond at the end of your 3rd turn. Enemies starting their turn in the glyph suffer air damage and at its peak size, you gain 3 range. You must remain within the glyph to stabilize it; leaving your Stasis Oubliette will cause it to disperse!

Damage: 3(42)
04. Collapse (3 AP, 1 MP, 1 WP)
1 – 6 RA (2/turn, Non-Adjustable, Non-LoS)

Effect: Unleashes a column of crushing force upon the targeted tile, dealing intense air damage to anything on it. The blast is so powerful that it partially diffracts to adjacent tiles, dealing lesser air damage to their occupants and repelling them 1 tile outwards from the primary (target) tile.

Damage: 5(60) on primary tile, half damage to adjacent ones.
05. Total Annihilation (6 AP, 1 MP)
2 – 2 RA (1/turn, Non-Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Creates a 5 tile-across diamond glyph that drains 1(3) MP from anyone starting their turn on it. The glyph expires at the end of 2 turns after it is cast, where a huge meteor of crystallized stasis mentally pulled from the krosmoz will crash at its location, inflicting incredible air damage and reducing the air resistance of anyone on it for 1 turn. If the meteor hits a target when it lands some wakfu is forcibly ripped from its victim(s) body, energizing you with 1 WP.

Damage: 8(123) damage, air resistance of victims reduced by 1(100)% for 1 turn.
FIRE (Emotional) Abilities:

01. Spark of Anxiety (2 AP)
1 – 4 RA (2/target/turn, Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Inflicts minor fire damage to a target and causes Anxiety (State). If used on the same target twice Anxiety (State) evolves into Dread, which can evolve a second time into Terror. These states last for 3 turns and have no inherent effects, but are consumed to empower other fire spells.

Damage: 2(19)
02. Fear of Suffering (3 AP)
2 – 4 RA (Non-Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Amplifies the target’s fear of pain before setting it alight, inflicting moderate fire damage and a possible additional damaging effect based on whether it is suffering from Anxiety, Dread or Terror.

Anxiety: Consumed to increase final damage by 75%
Dread: Consumed to increase final damage by 120%, half damage dealt in a 5-tile across diamond AoE.
Terror: Consumed to inflict Condemnation (State) to target.

[Condemnation (State): The victim suffers 450% of Fear of Suffering’s normal damage at the end of its next turn.]

Damage: 4(36)
03. Radiant Euphoria (4 AP 1 WP)
0 – 3 RA (LoS)

Effect: Empowers an ally (or yourself) with such an intense surge of Euphoria that he/she causes additional fire damage equal to 8% of all damage he/she inflicts to enemies. Lasts for 10 turns or until a specific amount of bonus damage from this state is inflicted. Euphoria (State) does not stack.

Scaling: Maximum bonus damage caused by Euphoria before it fades = 6(76), affected by fire damage.
04. Fear of Failure (2 AP 2 MP)
1 – 2 RA (Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Amplifies the target’s fear of failure, causing minor fire damage and a possible additional debilitating effect based on whether it is suffering from Anxiety, Dread or Terror.

Anxiety: Consumed to drain 1 AP.
Dread: Consumed to afflict target with Impotence (State) for 1 turn, preventing it from critically striking.
Terror: Consumed to drain 2 AP and afflict target with Futility (State) for 1 turn, causing them to return to the cell they start their next turn on when they end that turn. (Bosses are immune.)

Damage: 1(12)
05. Scathing Hatred (5 AP 1 WP)
1 – 2 RA (Linear, Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Unleashes the full brunt of your emotional wrath upon the targeted tile, causing massive fire damage. If the target is affected by Anxiety, Dread or Terror this spell becomes even more devastating to the target and other nearby enemies.

Anxiety: Spreads the Anxiety (State) to enemies in a 5-tile across diamond AoE.
Dread: Spreads the Dread (State) to enemies in a 5-tile across diamond AoE.
Terror: Spreads the Dread (State) to enemies in a 7-tile across diamond AoE. Enemies in this area also suffer half the damage inflicted to Scathing Hate’s primary target.

Damage: 6(70)
ACTIVES: (Warning: Lots of reading ahead...)

01. Shatterer of Reality (6(2) AP)
0 RA (Non-Adjustable)

Effect: Allows all 3 elements of this class to harness the mentally-focused air spells to some extent. Casting this once on yourself grants you Shatterer (State), whilst casting this with Shatterer (State) active removes it.

[Shatterer (State): Reduces final damage you cause by 90(70)% in exchange for the following effects:
Attenuation: If a single cast strikes the same target 3 times, the target loses 1(2) MP.
Synapse Shock: AP Cost removed.
Stasis Oubilette: Damage removed, drains 1 MP when triggered instead. Each point of MP drained this way grants you 1 AP.
Collapse: WP cost removed, you have a 3(30)% chance to gain 1 WP instead. -1 to AP cost and cast/turn restriction removed.
Total Annihilation: Additional 2(40)% penalty to all resists for enemy (i.e. not friendly) targets struck by the meteor.]
02. Invoker of the Second Chaos (6(2) AP 2 WP)
0 RA (Non-Adjustable)

Effect: Allows all 3 elements of this class to harness the emotionally-focused fire spells to some extent. Your emotions become so potent they warp the surrounding weather for 1 turn. The change is based on the fire spell you have cast most in battle thus far, with a random effect occurring if 2 or more spells have been cast equally.

If Fear of Suffering
was used most, everyone is affected by Miasma, causing 30% of the damage they take to be dealt over 3 turns instead of at once.
For Radiant Euphoria, all allies fall under the influence of Parhelion of Hope, regaining health equal to 2(20)% of damage they suffer over their next 2 turns.
For Fear of Failure, everyone falls under the influence of Consuming Eclipse, reducing range by 2 on allies and 2(5) on enemies.
For Scathing Hatred, everyone falls under the influence of Haze of Rushu, reducing healing received by 20% on allies and 20(40)% on enemies.
03. Incarnation of Might (6(2) AP)
1 – 7 RA (Non-Adjustable, LoS from level 0 – 8, Non-LoS at 9)

Effect: Allows all 3 elements of this class to harness the physically-focused earth spells to some extent. Summons an Incarnation of Might on an empty tile with 10(50)% of the caster’s HP and resists. The incarnation itself does not act, but its presence pools the caster’s fire, water, air and earth damages and averages them evenly across the four stats. The incarnation is maintained for as long as you successfully hit enemies with 3(2) or more earth spells each turn, but may also be dispelled by casting this spell onto it.

Note: Like Sram’s double, max of 1 incarnation per player active at any time.
04. Raining Stasis (4 AP 1 WP)
1 – 2(5) RA (Adjustable, LoS)

Effect: Empowers an ally (or yourself) with a destructive shower of stasis, increasing range by 2(5) and disabling the LoS requirement for all spells for 1 turn at the cost of 30(15)% of the target’s max HP. As your own body has already built a resistance to the harmful effects of stasis exposure, this spell lasts twice as long and only has half the HP cost when cast on yourself.
05. Diffusion (6 AP 2(0) MP)
0 RA (1/turn, Non-Adjustable)

Effect: Creates a 5-tile across diamond glyph that lasts until the start of your next turn. Friendly fighters under the glyph’s influence gain 4(40)% to all resists. More importantly, the glyph splits any damage taken by a friendly fighter within equally across all allies under the glyph’s influence.

01. Wakfu Reaper

Effect: You have a 5(100)% chance to blast your opponent with a surge of concentrated stasis energy on Synapse Shock, Fear of Suffering or Maw of the Crackler critical strikes. This tears a fragment of wakfu from their body that lands on a random free tile within a 7-tile across AoE centered on the victim. You can move on the tile to absorb this wakfu, giving you 1 WP; though if anyone else steps on it the fragment is destroyed.
02. Equilibrium

Effect: Harnesses your wakfu to stabilize the destructive stasis energy coursing through your body. Whilst you have more than 2 WP your resists are increased by 1(20)%; whilst you have more than 4 they are increased by an additional 1(20)%.

Continued later because thats the post limit (Any comments are still welcome at this stage)...
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Wow okay... OP much? AP removal, MP removal, Lead Legs, Glyph, Wakfu recovery, states that last 9 or 10 turns? that is WAAAAY OP, not only that this class steals the niche of Xelor, Feca, Enutrof and some others, not only that a Air spell that deals 123 base damage, Iop's Wrath doesn't even have that base damage on max level, not trying to be mean here but you need to re-evaluate other classes and their niches before you make a proper class, be original create a new niche so that others can be: "OMG how did I not think of that before?", I made a Fan Class last year and it was a support race and it's main niche was Heal Per Turn class with Water, Willpower ally effectient Earth and Enemy repel/Escape Air, I did alot of tweaks to it because I am being honest here, there were some things that were OP and still doing some tweaks, so if you really want to make your class awesome make more tweaks and think carefully on the base damage and effects.
Score : 43
Thanks for the constructive comment I guess...

Most of the mechanics of the class might seem overpowered at first but really follows the philosophy "seems OP to use but really isn't..."

For Total Annihilation, the spell with 123 base damage, it is arguably 10x more difficult to use than Iop's Wrath. An enemy actually has 2 full turns to escape the rather small stationary AoE glyph before the meteor lands (Which is the same AoE as Wrath), whereas Wrath is, as far as most situations are concerned...unavoidable as the damage is instantly dealt. And for all the extra effort, the spell only does 30% more damage than Wrath and about identical damage if Wrath's explosion triggers. Oh yea, and if you cast this spell and 2 turns down the road you have to kite an enemy through it/you get pushed into eat the full 123 damage, which does not happen with Wrath!

The 9 turn effect of Synapse's Shock's debuff caps at 4 stacks before 1 turn of lead legs is applied. This is a max of 88 lock loss overall (and since your 3rd spell fails completely if you leave the area no one really cares if you dodge roll them anyway)...which is then sacrificed for a turn of immobilization. The overall set up takes 5 turns to ramp up...with the spell dealing mediocre (tied with Bwork Trump as the most terrible damage/AP spell ever) damage and having awkward (3 - 6) range otherwise. (For the #003 air spell you are confined to your glyph and basically forfeit either that or this spell.)

As far as class niche is concerned, my class has 2 unique unstated features...Dynamic WP and hybrid potential...

It has 3 ways to regain WP at a steady rate (Hitting something with Total Annihilation...which is difficult, chance when Shatterer (-70% all damage done) is active on a 2 AP, 1 MP spell and chance on Wakfu Reaper when you crit with your weakest elemental spell.

Almost half the class' spells also use WP, sometimes even 2. This makes it so that WP is a resource that actually matters for the whole fight.

The first 3 passive spells encourages the class to dabble in 2 or even 3 elements as well unlike every other class in game, by granting utility whilst sacrificing damage. For all the 'AP removal, MP removal, Lead Legs, Glyph, Wakfu recovery, states that last 9 or 10 turns', the class is only doing 70% reduced damage half the time (Shatterer of Reality), hitting with off elemental fire spells (Invoker of the Second Chaos - also costs 2 WP) or having part of their stats reduced and redirected to the other three elements so their main element suffers (Incarnation of Might). Additionally, the passive Wakfu Reaper and one later on are designed to scale with crit, maxing a full crit build completely viable to an elemental one.

Overall though, my class has almost every option seen in game available to it and even more fantastic just can only choose to specialize in about 40% of its toolkit during a fight. Thats on top of all the other unique mechanics (a glyph that grows in size if you stay in it - Stasis Oubilette, a spell that travels back and forth a set number of tiles and thus hits enemies more times the shorter you project it - Attenuation, a spell that creates a cage of stalagmites around enemies - Stalaguar's Vice, Ogrest's Reckoning, a spell that enchants an allies' attack - Radiant Euphoria, LoS disabling - Raining Stasis, Damage taken staggered over turns - Miasma, Damage split under a glyph - Diffusion etc...)
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