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Upgrading rune slots when already runed...

By apsius - MEMBER - October 23, 2019, 21:16:03


I want to know something regarding the new enchantment system. 

Let's say I have a cape with 3 rune slots, so I use them and fully upgrade my item. Now I want this cape to have 4 slots so I sacrifice a few other capes... when I finally succeed, do I keep my 3 fully upgraded runes or does the item reset itself to show 4 rune slots but no runes at all (just like when you upgrade an item's rarity)??


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You keep them
If the slots you have shards on them
You can still:
-Change their order
-Change their number
-Change the effect in that slot without re-using shards
You cannot:
-Change their color
-Change the order if you have sublimated the item

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